Johans J.

Ph2 Lot15 Blk9 Seabreeze Homes Subd Cabid-an Sorsogon City

Objective: To obtain a position that enables me to maximize my computer skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.

Obtain Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from the Aemilianum College in this year of 2010. The course was emphasized on Computer Literate and Computer Software. Obtain a license of PCO NC II (Tesda Sorsogon City) from Tesda.

Seminars / Training:
y February 12, 2010 First AUTOMATED ELECTION 2010

Smartmatic TIM The Lewis College Sorsogon City
y December 11, 2009 Latest Innovations in Information Technology ACI Conference Hall Sorsogon City October 19,2009 1st Kasanggayahan Ecotourism Congress Vicenta Hall, Fernando s Hotel


Sorsogon City
y March 31 May 28, 2009 On the Job Training in Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation SLTCFI, Legaspi City January 16, 2009 January 26, 2009 Completed the course in ONLINE WEB MARKETING (100 hours) SLTCFI, Legaspi City April 14 15, 2008 Orientation and Training Seminar on Special Program for Employment of Students Multi purpose Hall, Diversion Road, Cabid-an, East District Sorsogon City



2008 Summer Job on Special Program for Employment Students Multi purpose Hall. 1990 Sorsogon. City Sorsogon Pilot Elementary School Sorsogon. A Preview to the next Technological innovations from Smart Telecommunication Aemilianum College Piot. 2010 Final & Testing of PCOS Machine First AUTOMATED ELECTION 2010 Aemilianum College Piot. Sorsogon Single Male Filipino 57 50 kg English. City y y Educational Background: 2006-2010 : Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Aemilianum College Inc. Diversion Road. Sorsogon City y Experience: y May 9 10. 2009 On the Job Training in Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation SLTCFI. Bicol Roman Catholic . 2008 Smart Talaga and Minds .y March 25. East District Sorsogon. City 2002-2006 : 1996-2002 : Personal Data: Date of Birth Place of Birth Civil Status Sex Nationality Height Weight Language Religion : : : : : : : : : April 25. City Sorsogon State College Sorsogon. 2008 National Certificate II in PC OPERATION Aemilianum College Sorsogon City January 29. Tagalog. Legaspi City April 14. Sorsogon. Sorsogon City March 31 May 28. Cabid-an.

Sorsogon City y y I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Josefina Sarmiento Computer Instructor Aemilianum College Inc. Sorsogon City Mrs. Sorsogon City Mr. Aris Ordoñez IT Head/Instructor Aemilianum College Inc. . Alburo St. Rabulan Housewife Mother s Name: Occupation : Person to be contacted in case of emergency Her Address and Telephone : : Leny M. Lopez Photographer Josefina J. Bonaobra 1331 M. Jude Estrellado Computer Instructor Aemilianum College Inc.Father s Name : Occupation : Peniel M. Salog Sorsogon City 09183548678 Character References: y Mr.

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