Funded by Executing agencies With participation of Project location Duration Budget Sector(s) Belgium Vietnam

People’s Committee of Binh Dinh province and BTC Province, district Binh Dinh province 2nd semester 2009— 2nd semester 2014 (60 months) Belgian contribution: 7,500,000 EURO Vietnamese contribution: 1,450,000 EURO Water & Sanitation / Environment

Vietnam recently experienced fast socio-economic development and rapid urbanization and industrialization, leading to the deterioration of its environment, including the traditional water resources for its inhabitants. Production of domestic and industrial solid waste has also boomed, even in rural areas, while solid waste collection and treatment are still very inefficient. In this context, during the Indicative Cooperation Program for the period 2007-2010, the Belgian Government manifested its interest in supporting some districts in Binh Dinh Province, which are presently facing such difficulties.

The "Water Supply and Sanitation Program in Binh Dinh Province" (WSSP) will improve the quality of life and the environment of the inhabitants from several communes in 6 districts of Binh Dinh Province (Phu Cat, Phu My, Tuy Phuoc, Tay Son, An Nhon, and Hoai Nhon districts). The programme components include cost-efficient infrastructures for irrigation and drinking water supply. At same time, the project will promote efficient collection of domestic solid waste and invest in facilities for its treatment. Furthermore, the program, with the support of some pilot activities, will reinforce the local capacities in planning, management, operation and maintenance of these facilities and develop a long-term strategy for raising the environmental awareness of the population.

The Specific Agreement was signed on 18 December 2007. With the arrival of the International Technical Adviser, the program implementation officially started on 1 August 2009. Shortly thereafter, the Project Management Unit (PMU), in charge of the programme was established. The PMU will lead the project and coordinate the implementation units in the Districts and the other specialized agencies, who are themselves responsible for implementing the project components at the local level.
Contact BTC Representation F7, 14 Thuy Khue Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam T +84-4-3 728.05.71 vietnam@btcctb.org

The first steering committee meeting of the project will be held early December 2009. During this meeting, the PMU will present its philosophy for carrying out the programme and its rules of operation, as well as the first project inception and planning document, with a work plan and budget for 2010. September 2009

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