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OMR Sheet No. : ...............................................
(To be filled by the Candidate)

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Roll No.

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Time : 1 /4 hours]

[Maximum Marks : 100

Number of Pages in this Booklet : 12

Number of Questions in this Booklet : 50

¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖÙ£ÖµÖÖë êú ׻֋ ×­Ö¤ìü¿Ö

Instructions for the Candidates
1. Write your roll number in the space provided on the top of
this page.
2. This paper consists of fifty multiple-choice type of questions.
3. At the commencement of examination, the question booklet
will be given to you. In the first 5 minutes, you are requested
to open the booklet and compulsorily examine it as below :
(i) To have access to the Question Booklet, tear off the paper
seal on the edge of this cover page. Do not accept a booklet
without sticker-seal and do not accept an open booklet.
(ii) Tally the number of pages and number of questions in
the booklet with the information printed on the cover
page. Faulty booklets due to pages/questions missing
or duplicate or not in serial order or any other
discrepancy should be got replaced immediately by a
correct booklet from the invigilator within the period
of 5 minutes. Afterwards, neither the Question Booklet
will be replaced nor any extra time will be given.
(iii) After this verification is over, the OMR Sheet Number
should be entered on this Test Booklet.
4. Each item has four alternative responses marked (A), (B), (C)
and (D). You have to darken the oval as indicated below on the
correct response against each item.
Example :
where (C) is the correct response.
5. Your responses to the items are to be indicated in the Answer
Sheet given inside the Paper I Booklet only. If you mark at
any place other than in the ovals in the Answer Sheet, it will
not be evaluated.
6. Read instructions given inside carefully.
7. Rough Work is to be done in the end of this booklet.
8. If you write your name or put any mark on any part of the test
booklet, except for the space allotted for the relevant entries,
which may disclose your identity, you will render yourself
liable to disqualification.
9. You have to return the test question booklet and OMR Answer
sheet to the invigilators at the end of the examination
compulsorily and must not carry it with you outside the
Examination Hall.
10. Use only Blue/Black Ball point pen.
11. Use of any calculator or log table etc., is prohibited.
12. There is no negative marks for incorrect answers.


1. ¯ÖÆü»Öê ¯Öéšü êú ‰ú¯Ö¸ü ×­ÖµÖŸÖ Ã£ÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü †¯Ö­ÖÖ ¸üÖê»Ö ­Ö´²Ö¸ü ×»Ö׏֋ …
2. ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯Ö¡Ö ´Öë ¯Ö“ÖÖÃÖ ²ÖÆãü׾֍ú»¯ÖßµÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö Æïü …
3. ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ¯ÖÏÖ¸ü´³Ö ÆüÖê­Öê ¯Ö¸ü, ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¤êü ¤üß •ÖÖµÖêÖß … ¯ÖÆü»Öê ¯ÖÖѓÖ
״֭֙ü †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ÖÖê»Ö­Öê ŸÖ£ÖÖ ˆÃ֍úß ×­Ö´­Ö×»Ö×ÖŸÖ •ÖÖÑ“Ö êú
׻֋ פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê, וÖÃ֍úß •ÖÖÑ“Ö †Ö¯ÖúÖê †¾Ö¿µÖ ú¸ü­Öß Æîü :
(i) ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ÖÖê»Ö­Öê êú ׻֋ ˆÃ֍êú ú¾Ö¸ü ¯Öê•Ö ¯Ö¸ü »ÖÖß úÖÖ•Ö úß
ÃÖᯙ úÖê ±ú֛Íü »Öë … Öã»Öß Æãü‡Ô µÖÖ ×²Ö­ÖÖ Ã™üߍú¸ü-ÃÖᯙ úß ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ
þÖߍúÖ¸ü ­Ö ú¸ëü …
(ii) ú¾Ö¸ü ¯Öéšü ¯Ö¸ü ”û¯Öê ×­Ö¤ìü¿ÖÖ­ÖãÃÖÖ¸ü ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ êú ¯Öéšü ŸÖ£ÖÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­ÖÖë
úß ÃÖӏµÖÖ úÖê †“”ûß ŸÖ¸üÆü “Öîú ú¸ü »Öë ׍ú µÖê ¯Öæ¸êü Æïü … ¤üÖêÂÖ¯ÖæÖÔ
¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ×•Ö­Ö´Öë ¯Öéšü/¯ÖÏ¿­Ö ú´Ö ÆüÖë µÖÖ ¤ãü²ÖÖ¸üÖ †Ö ÖµÖê ÆüÖë µÖÖ ÃÖß׸üµÖ»Ö
´Öë ­Ö ÆüÖë †£ÖÖÔŸÖ ×úÃÖß ³Öß ¯ÖύúÖ¸ü úß ¡Öãיü¯ÖæÖÔ ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ Ã¾ÖߍúÖ¸ü ­Ö
ú¸ëü ŸÖ£ÖÖ ˆÃÖß ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ˆÃÖê »ÖÖî™ü֍ú¸ü ˆÃ֍êú ãÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü ¤æüÃÖ¸üß ÃÖÆüß
¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ »Öê »Öë … ‡Ã֍êú ׻֋ †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯ÖÖÑ“Ö ×´Ö­Ö™ü פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê …
ˆÃ֍êú ²ÖÖ¤ü ­Ö ŸÖÖê †Ö¯Öúß ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¾ÖÖ¯ÖÃÖ »Öß •ÖÖµÖêÖß †Öî¸ü ­Ö
Æüß †Ö¯ÖúÖê †×ŸÖ׸üŒŸÖ ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ×¤üµÖÖ •ÖÖµÖêÖÖ …
(iii) ‡ÃÖ •ÖÖÑ“Ö êú ²ÖÖ¤ü OMR ¯Ö¡Öú úß Îú´Ö ÃÖӏµÖÖ ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¯Ö¸ü
†Ó׍úŸÖ ú¸ü ¤ëü …
4. ¯ÖϟµÖêú ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö êú ׻֋ “ÖÖ¸ü ˆ¢Ö¸ü ׾֍ú»¯Ö (A), (B), (C) ŸÖ£ÖÖ (D) פüµÖê ÖµÖê
Æïü … †Ö¯ÖúÖê ÃÖÆüß ˆ¢Ö¸ü êú ¤üߑÖÔ¾Öé¢Ö úÖê ¯Öê­Ö ÃÖê ³Ö¸üú¸ü úÖ»ÖÖ ú¸ü­ÖÖ Æîü •ÖîÃÖÖ
׍ú ­ÖߓÖê פüÖÖµÖÖ ÖµÖÖ Æîü …
ˆ¤üÖÆü¸üÖ :
•Ö²Ö׍ú (C) ÃÖÆüß ˆ¢Ö¸ü Æîü …
5. ¯ÖÏ¿­ÖÖë êú ˆ¢Ö¸ü êú¾Ö»Ö ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö ¯Ö¡Ö I êú †­¤ü¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯Ö¡Öú ¯Ö¸ü Æüß †Ó׍úŸÖ
ú¸ü­Öê Æïü … µÖפü †Ö¯Ö ˆ¢Ö¸ü ¯Ö¡Öú ¯Ö¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ¤üߑÖÔ¾Öé¢Ö êú †»ÖÖ¾ÖÖ ×úÃÖß †­µÖ
ãÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü ˆ¢Ö¸ü דÖÅ­ÖÖÓ׍úŸÖ ú¸ŸÖê Æïü, ŸÖÖê ˆÃ֍úÖ ´Ö滵ÖÖӍú­Ö ­ÖÆüà Æü֐ê ÖÖ …
6. †­¤ü¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ×­Ö¤ìü¿ÖÖë úÖê ¬µÖÖ­Ö¯Öæ¾Öԍú ¯ÖœÍëü …
7. ú““ÖÖ úÖ´Ö (Rough Work) ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ êú †Û­ŸÖ´Ö ¯Öéšü ¯Ö¸ü ú¸ëü …
8. µÖפü †Ö¯Ö ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¯Ö¸ü †¯Ö­ÖÖ ­ÖÖ´Ö µÖÖ ‹êÃÖÖ úÖê‡Ô ³Öß ×­Ö¿ÖÖ­Ö ×•ÖÃÖÃÖê
†Ö¯Öúß ¯ÖÆü“ÖÖ­Ö ÆüÖê Ã֍êú, ׍úÃÖß ³Öß ³ÖÖÖ ¯Ö¸ü ¤ü¿ÖÖԟÖê µÖÖ †Ó׍úŸÖ ú¸üŸÖê Æïü ŸÖÖê
¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ êú ×»ÖµÖê †µÖÖêµÖ ‘ÖÖê×ÂÖŸÖ ú¸ü פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê …
9. †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ÃÖ´ÖÖ¯ŸÖ ÆüÖê­Öê ¯Ö¸ü ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ‹¾ÖÓ OMR ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯Ö¡Öú
×­Ö¸ü߁֍ú ´ÖÆüÖê¤üµÖ úÖê »ÖÖî™üÖ­ÖÖ †Ö¾Ö¿µÖú Æîü †Öî¸ü ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ÃÖ´ÖÖÛ¯ŸÖ êú ²ÖÖ¤ü ˆÃÖê
†¯Ö­Öê ÃÖÖ£Ö ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ³Ö¾Ö­Ö ÃÖê ²ÖÖÆü¸ü ­Ö »Öêú¸ü •ÖÖµÖë …
10. êú¾Ö»Ö ­Öß»Öê/úÖ»Öê ²ÖÖ»Ö ¯¾Öևՙü ¯Öê­Ö úÖ Æüß ‡ÃŸÖê´ÖÖ»Ö ú¸ëü …
11. ׍úÃÖß ³Öß ¯ÖύúÖ¸ü úÖ ÃÖӐ֝֍ú (îú»Öãú»Öê™ü¸ü) µÖÖ »ÖÖÖ ™êü²Ö»Ö †Öפü úÖ
¯ÖϵÖÖêÖ ¾ÖÙ•ÖŸÖ Æîü …
12. Ö»ÖŸÖ ˆ¢Ö¸üÖë êú ׻֋ úÖê‡Ô †Óú ú֙êü ­ÖÆüà •Ö֋ѐÖê …


(C) It is having decreasing costs. Communication can be (A) Oral (B) Written (C) Oral and Written (D) None of the above D-17-10 . 2. employees and the Government. (D) None of the above Paper-II 2 6. (B) Exert more effort to accomplish the individual goals. A firm is having increasing returns to scale means (A) It is having increasing costs. (D) Exert more effort to accomplish the desired goals of the employer. each question carrying two (2) marks. If there is a single buyer. Motivation implies that the employees in an organisation (A) Exert more effort to accomplish the desired goals of the organisation.MANAGEMENT Paper – II Note : This paper contains fifty (50) objective type questions. (C) Exert more effort to accomplish the common goals of employees. Under perfect competition in the long run (A) All firms earn normal profits (B) Few firms earn super normal profits (C) All firms are at break even (D) None of the above National Income at market prices is equal to (A) Gross national product at market prices (B) Gross domestic product at market prices (C) Net national product at factor cost (D) None of the above 3. (B) It is having constant costs. Production can be measured in terms of which of the following ? (A) Total productivity (B) Marginal productivity (C) Average productivity (D) All of the above 7. 9. Attempt all the questions. Which of the following is an objective of human resource management ? (A) Productivity (B) Quality of work life (C) Organisational change (D) All the above 8. it is called (A) Monopoly (B) Oligopoly (C) Monopsony (D) None of the above 4. 1. Under which of the following method the time value of money is not considered ? (A) Net present value method (B) Internal rate of return method (C) Pay back period method (D) All of the above 5.

·° “ ·Ž  ·Ž · ·° Ž·  Ž··‚· – II Ž····ËËzÝ i¤··° Ž··‚·•·Ì·t····¤¤··  .


“·§ÄݸŸ·oۜ·À–··° Ž·§ÐÝg·°€–·Ëoې·° Ž·oËÛ……Ý·Ë .

¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· moÛ jˆËÝ –· •··Ž·Ÿ· ¤·´¤···Ž··°“·Ž·Ž·oÛ·§ÏÝ" (A) j€··…Ýoۀ·· (B) oÛ·–·µv·ÀŸ·Ž·oÛÀq·Ä~·Ÿ·ƒ·· (C) ¤·´q·{ݎ··€•·oې·¸™ÝŸ·€·µŽ· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 8. j€··…ÝŽ·o۷˸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì¤·Ë¸oÛ¤·›ß·•·Ì•···· v··¤·oۀ··§ÏÝ" (A) ¤·oۜ·j€··…Ýoۀ·· (B) ¤·À•··´€·j€··…Ýoۀ·· (C) h·Ï¤·€·j€··…Ýoۀ·· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 7. …ÝÀr·µoÛ·œ·•·Ì·Ç~·µ¤···µoËÛhŽ€·q·µ€· (A) ¤·”·À’Û•·µ¤··•··Ž–·œ··”·oە··€·À§ÐÝg (B) oÄÛuÜ’Û•·µh¸·¤··•··Ž–·œ··”·oە··€·À§ÐÝg (C) ¤·”·À’Û•·µ¤·Ž€·Äœ·Ž·¤€·™Ý·™Ý§Ý·Ë€·À§ÐÝg (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁg 2. –·¸…Ý ¸oÛ¤·À’Û•·µ oÛÀ·Ï•··Ž·Ë oÛÀ·¸™Ýœ·¼“·Ÿ··µ•··Ž· §ÏÝ€··Ëi¤·oÛ·€··€·–·µ§ÏÝ (A) i¤·oÛÀœ··q·€·ÌŸ··µ•··Ž·§ÐÝg (B) i¤·oÛÀœ··q·€·Ì¼¤„·™Ý§ÐÝg (C) i¤·oÛÀœ··q·€·Ì©Ý·¤·•··Ž·§ÐÝg (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁg D-17-10 3 6. “··v··™ÝoÛÀ•·€··Ì·™Ý™Ý·£z³ÝÀ–·h·–·“·™Ý·“·™Ý§Ý·Ë€·À§ÏÝ (A) “··v··™Ý oÛÀ•·€··Ì ·™Ý ¤·oۜ·™Ý·£z³ÝÀ–·j€··…Ý oËÛ (B) “··v··™ÝoÛÀ•·€··Ì·™Ý¤·oۜ·r·™Ëݜ·Çj€··…ÝoËÛ (C) j··…Ý·Ž·œ··q·€··™Ý ¸Ž·Ÿ·œ·™Ý·£z³ÝÀ–·j€··…Ý oËÛ (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁ 3. ¤·•·°Ë£·~·§Ý·Ë¤·oۀ··§ÏÝ (A) •··Ï¸p·oÛ (B) ¸œ·¸p·€· (C) •··Ï¸p·oÛmŸ·´¸œ·¸p·€· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁ Paper-II . h¸”··°Ë™Ý~··oÛ·h„·µ§ÏݸoÛoە·µt··™ÝÀ¤·´q·{ݎ·•·Ì (A) ¤·´q·{ݎ· oËÛ Ÿ··´¸u܀· œ·c–··Ì oÛÀ ·°·¼€· oËÛ ¸œ·mh¸·oې·°–··¤·oۙ݀··§ÏÝg (B) Ÿ·Ï–·¼n€·oÛ œ·c–··Ì oÛÀ ·°·¼€· oËÛ ¸œ·m h¸·oې·°–··¤·oۙ݀··§ÏÝg (C) oە·µt··¸™Ý–··Ì oËÛ¤··•·Ç¸§ÝoÛœ·c–··Ì oÛÀ·°·¼€· oËÛ¸œ·mh¸·oې·°–··¤·oۙ݀··§ÏÝg (D) ¸Ž·–··Ën€·· oە·µt··¸™Ý–··Ì €·„·· ¤·™ÝoÛ·™Ý oËÛ Ÿ··´¸u܀·œ·c–··Ì oÛÀ·°·¼€·oËÛ¸œ·mh¸·oÛ ·°–··¤·oۙ݀··§Ïg 9. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì ¤·Ë ¸oÛ¤·¸Ÿ·¸·oËÛhŽ€·q·µ€·•·Ä‡Ý· oËÛ¤·•·–·•·Çœ–·oÛÀ·¸™Ýq·~·Ž··Ž·§ÝÁoÛÀv··€·À§ÏÝ" (A) ¸Ž·Ÿ·œ·Ÿ·€·µ•··Ž·•·Çœ–·¸Ÿ·¸· (B) h·Ž€·¸™Ýoې·°¸€·’Ûœ·…ݙݸŸ·¸· (C) ¸Ž·Ÿ·Ë ·Ÿ···¤·ÀhŸ·¸· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 5. –·¸…ÝmoÛ§ÝÀo¯Ëۀ··§Ý·Ë€··Ëi¤·Ëoۧݷv··–·Ëq·· (A) moÛ·¸·oÛ·™Ý (B) hœ··¸·oÛ·™Ý (C) moÛo¯Ëۀ··h¸·oÛ·™Ý (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁ 4.h´oÛ§ÐÝg¤¤·”·À·À·° Ž··ÌoËÛjƒ·™Ý…ÌÝg 1.

What are the operative functions of HRM ? (A) job D-17-10 . Cost of Debt III. (C) Employee leadership style.10. II & III are correct. (C) III & IV are correct. Labour Welfare facilities were incorporated in which legislation ? (A) MRTP Act (B) Essential Commodities Act (C) Consumer Protection Act (D) Factories Act 16. (B) Society oriented leadership style. Weighted Average Cost of Capital may contain I. Cost of goods purchased IV. (B) II. Paper-II 4 job job Which one of the following represents number of years required to recover the initial investment ? (A) Accounting rate of return (B) Pay back period (C) Internal rate of return (D) Net present value 18. stocks which are highly liquid command (A) Higher dividend payout ratio (B) Lower dividend payout ratio (C) Higher P/E multiples (D) Lower P/E multiples 19. Other things being equal. III & IV are correct. Cost of initial investment Find the correct combination according to the code : (A) I. (D) 11. Which of the following is not considered as a leadership style ? (A) Task oriented style. 12. (C) Trade Unions (D) Canteen Dept. (B) Personnel Dept. 14. 15. Job analysis involves (A) Job description and specification (B) Job order and description (C) Job specification and order (D) Job satisfaction and description leadership oriented Autocratic leadership style Which of the following method has not been given a statutory form in India ? (A) Conciliation (B) Mediation (C) Voluntary Arbitration (D) Adjudication Organising (B) Directing (C) Controlling (D) All of the above 360° performance appraisal (B) Balanced score card (C) Rank method (D) Interview method Selection of persons in an organisation is the responsibility of (A) Security Dept. 13. Cost of Equity II. (D) I & II are correct Which one is not a performance appraisal method ? (A) job 17.

12.9¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (C) . hŽ–· “··€·Ì ¤·•··Ž· ™Ý§ÝŽ·Ë ·™Ý v··Ë ¤oێ· h¸·oÛ €·™Ýœ·§Ý·Ë€·Ë§ÐÝŸ·Ë¤·•··…ËÝ ·oۙ݀·Ë§ÐÝ (A) jtt·€·™Ý…݃·™Ý·¸ ·hŽ·Ä··€· (B) ¸Ž·•Ž·€·™Ý…݃·™Ý·¸ ·hŽ·Ä··€· (C) jtt·€·™Ý·Àiµ“·§Äݜ· (D) ¸Ž·•Ž·€·™Ý·Àiµ“·§Äݜ· 19. 14....¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (B) ... ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë ¸oÛ¤·oÛ·Ë Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ·  ·Ïœ·À Ž·§ÝÁ •··Ž··v··€··§ÏÝ" (A) oÛ·–·µh¸”·¸Ÿ·Ž–··¤·Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ· ·Ïœ·À (B) ¤·•··v·h¸”·¸Ÿ·Ž–··¤·Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ· ·Ïœ·À (C) oە·µt··™ÝÀh¸”·¸Ÿ·Ž–··¤·Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ· ·Ïœ·À (D) moۀ·´‚·À–·Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ· ·Ïœ·À ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·À ¸Ÿ·¸· oÛ·Ë ”··™Ý€· •·Ì ¤·´Ÿ·Ï··¸Ž·oÛ•··Ž–·€··Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) ¤·•·x··Ï€·· (B) •·–·¤„·€·· (C) m˼tuÜoې·´t·¸Ž·~·µ–· (D) h¸·¸Ž·~·µ–·Ž· •··Ž·Ÿ· ¤·´¤···Ž· ·°“·Ž· oËÛ oÛ·–·µoÛ·™ÝÀ oÛ·–·µ n–·· §ÐÝ" (A) ¤·´q·¸{݀·oۙݎ··g (B) ¸Ž·…Íݸ ·€·oۙݎ··g (C) ¸Ž·–·´¸‚·€·oۙݎ··g (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·Àg o۷ώ·¤·ÀmoÛ¸Ž·£··…ÝŽ·•·Çœ–··´oێ·¸Ÿ·¸·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) 360°¸Ž·£··…ÝŽ·•·Çœ–··´oێ· (B) ¤·Ž€·Ä¸œ·€··°·€··´oÛoÛ·|µÝ (C) o۷˸zÝo¯Û•·¸Ÿ·¸· (D) ¤··c··€oÛ·™Ý¸Ÿ·¸· moÛ¤·´q·{ݎ·•·Ì Ÿ–·¼n€·–··Ì oËÛt·–·Ž·oÛÀ¸v·••·ËŸ··™ÝÀ §Ý·Ë€·À§ÏÝ (A) ¤·Ä™Ýc··¸Ÿ·”··q·oÛÀ (B) oÛ·º•·oÛ¸Ÿ·”··q·oÛÀ (C) ¢·•·¤·´r·oÛÀ (D) oÐÛ¸zݎ·¸Ÿ·”··q·oÛÀ D-17-10 5 15.Ÿ·.... 11.Ÿ·....10.¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg Paper-II . lÛ~·œ··q·€· ..Ÿ·. ¢·•· oۜ–··~· ¤·Ä¸Ÿ···m² ¸oÛ¤· h¸·¸Ž·–·•· •·Ì ¤·¼••·¸œ·€·oÛÀq·iµ§ÏÝ" (A) m•·h·™ÝzÝÀ·ÀmnzÝ (B) h·Ÿ· –·oÛŸ·¤€·Äh¸·¸Ž·–·•· (C) j·”··Ën€··¤·´™Ýc·~·h¸·¸Ž·–·•· (D) oÛ·™Ýp··Ž··h¸·¸Ž·–·•· 16. ¤·•·€··œ··q·€· . 13. p·™ÝÀ…ËÝ•··œ·oÛÀœ··q·€· .9 ·°·™Ý¼•”·oÛ¸Ÿ·¸Ž·–··Ëq·oÛÀœ··q·€· oÛ·Ë|ÝoËÛhŽ·Ä¤··™Ý¤·§ÝÀ¤·´–··Ëv·Ž·…ÝÀ¸v·m (A) . ·Ç²v·À oÛÀ ”··¸™Ý€· h·Ï¤·€· œ··q·€· •·Ì  ··¸•·œ· §Ý·Ë ¤·oۀ·Ë§ÐÝ .9¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (D) .. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·À ¸Ÿ·¸· ·°·™Ý¼•”·oÛ ¸Ÿ·¸Ž·–··Ëq· Ÿ·¤·Çœ· oۙݎ·Ë •·Ì œ·q·Ž·Ë Ÿ··œ·Ë Ÿ·£··Î oÛÀ ¤·´p–··oÛ··°¸€·¸Ž·¸·€Ÿ·oۙ݀·À§ÏÝ" (A) œ·Ëp···°¸€·’Ûœ·…Ý™Ý (B) ¸Ž·Ÿ·Ë ·Ÿ···¤·ÀhŸ·¸· (C) h·Ž€·¸™Ýoې·°¸€·’Ûœ·…Ý™Ý (D) ¸Ž·Ÿ·œ·Ÿ·€·µ•··Ž·•·Çœ–· 18. oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ· œ·Ë£·~·•·Ìh´€·ºŽ·¸§Ý€·§ÏÝ (A) oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ·Ÿ·™Ý~·mŸ·´oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ·¸ ·¼£zÝ (B) oÛ·–·µh·…ËÝ ·mŸ·´oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ·Ÿ·™Ý~· (C) oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ·¸ ·¼£zÝmŸ·´oÛ·–·µh·…ËÝ · (D) oÛ·–·µ¤·Ž€·Ä¼£zÝmŸ·´oÛ·–·µ¸Ÿ·Ÿ·™Ý~· 17..Ÿ·.

The primary role of a production manager is (A) To meet the production target and delivery schedule (B) To produce goods/services of right quality (C) To produce goods/services by right quantity at the predetermined time (D) All of the above 29. Promotion and Price (B) Product. Debentures IV. (C) the continuity of production process is to be maintained. Which of the following is not the element of promotion-mix ? (A) Advertising (B) Place (C) Personal selling (D) Publicity One-level channel of distribution consists of (A) Producer – consumer (B) Producer – dealer – consumer (C) Producer – dealer – retailer – consumer (D) Producer – dealer – wholesaler – retailer – consumer 28. III & IV are correct (C) II & III are correct (D) II & IV are correct Which of the following is in correct order ? (A) Product. Retained earnings II. the merger proposal may be viewed as a (A) Working capital management proposal (B) Capital budgeting proposal (C) Financing decision (D) Dividend decision If a company uses its company name for its entire range of products offered. then it is called (A) Private branding (B) Corporate branding (C) Product-line branding (D) Specific product branding 27. Fixed Position Layout is used when (A) the operation requires heavy tools and equipments. Price. At which stage of the new product development. 22. 21. 25. Preference share capital Find the correct combination according to the code : (A) I. the launching of new product will take place (A) Business Analysis (B) Test Marketing (C) Commercialization (D) Marketing strategy Development 26.20. Promotion. Inter corporate deposits III. Place and Promotion Which of the demographic variables is not used by marketers for demographic segmentation ? (A) Gender (B) Age (C) Occupation (D) Poverty Paper-II 6 D-17-10 . Promotion and Place (D) Product. Place and Price (C) Product. When a firm proposes to acquire another firm. Place. 23. Price. III & IV are correct (B) II. (D) none of the above Long term sources of finance may contain I. (B) the operation requires only hand tools and simple equipments. 24.

9¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (C) . –·¸…Ý moÛ oە·Ž·À h·Ž·Ë Ž··•· oÛ·Ë h·Ž·Ë ¤·”·À ·°¤€··¸Ÿ·€· j€··…Ý·Ì oËÛ ¸œ·–·Ë ·°–··Ëq· oۙ݀·À §ÏÝ €··Ë i¤·Ëoۧݷv··€··§ÏÝ (A) ¸Ž·v·À“·¯·´¹|Ýq· (B) oە·Ž·À“·¯·´¹|Ýq· (C) ·°·Ë|ÝnzÝœ··iŽ·“·¯·´¹|Ýq· (D) ¸Ÿ·¸ ·£zÝj€··…Ý“·¯·´¹|Ýq· 27. …ÝÀr·µoÛ·œ·ÀŽ·¸Ÿ·ƒ·À–·¥··Ë€··Ì•·Ì ··¸•·œ·§Ý·Ë¤·oۀ·Ë§ÐÝ .9 ·°·„·¸•·oÛh´ ··Ç²v·À oÛ·Ë|ÝoËÛhŽ·Ä¤··™Ý¤·§ÝÀ¤·´–··Ëv·Ž·…ÝÀ¸v·m (A) . ··¸™ÝoÛhv·µŽ· .Ÿ·.Ÿ·. lÛ~··‚· .... ¸Ÿ·€·™Ý~·oËÛmoÛ¤€·™ÝÀ–·•··–·•·•·Ì ··¸•·œ·§Ý·Ë€·Ë§ÐÝ (A) j€··…ÝoÛ–j·”··Ën€·· (B) j€··…ÝoÛ–Ÿ–····™ÝÀ–j·”··Ën€·· (C) j€··…ÝoÛ –Ÿ–····™ÝÀ –p·Ä…ݙݷŸ–····™ÝÀ – j·”··Ën€·· (D) j€··…ÝoÛ – Ÿ–····™ÝÀ – „··ËoÛ ¸Ÿ·o¯Ëۀ·· – p·Ä…ݙݷŸ–····™ÝÀ–j·”··Ën€·· 28.¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (D) . ¼¤„·™Ý hŸ·¤„··h¸”·Ž–··¤·j¤·¤·•·–··°–··Ëq·§Ý·Ë€·· §ÏÝv·“· (A) ¤·´¸o¯Û–·· oÛ·Ë ”··™ÝÀ j·oۙÝ~· mŸ·´ j·¤oÛ™Ý t··¸§Ýmg (B) ¤·´¸o¯Û–·· oÛ·Ë oË۟·œ· oÛ{ݷ˙Ý j·oۙÝ~· mŸ·´ ¤····™Ý~·j·¤oۙÝt··¸§Ýmg (C) j€··…ÝŽ··°¸o¯Û–··•·Ì¸Ž·™ÝŽ€·™Ý€··™Ýp·Ž·À§Ý·Ëg (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁg Paper-II .....20. j€··…ÝŽ··°“·Ž·oÛoÛÀ·°·„·¸•·oÛ”·Ç¸•·oÛ·§Ý·Ë€·À§ÏÝ (A) j€··…ÝŽ·œ·c–·mŸ·´ ¤·Ä·Ä…µÝq·ÀhŽ·Ä¤·Ç¸t·oÛÀ j·œ·¼“·g (B) {ÝÀoÛq·Ä~·Ÿ·ƒ··oÛÀŸ·¤€·Äm²¤·ËŸ··m² j€··¸…Ý€· oۙݎ··g (C) ·ÇŸ·µ¸Ž···µ¸™Ý€· ¤·•·–· ·™Ý {ÝÀoÛ •··‚·· •·Ì Ÿ·¤€·Äm²¤·ËŸ··m²j€··¸…Ý€·oۙݎ··g (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·Àg 29..Ÿ·.9¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg (B) . 23. Ž·Ÿ·j€··…ݸŸ·oÛ·¤·oËÛ¸oÛ¤·•·´t··™ÝŽ·Ÿ·j€··…Ý oÛ··°•··Ët·Ž·§Ý·Ë€··§ÏÝ" (A) Ÿ–·Ÿ·¤··–·¸Ÿ· œ·Ë£·~· (B) ·™ÝÀc··¸Ÿ··~·Ž· (C) Ÿ··¸~·v–·ÀoۙÝ~· (D) ¸Ÿ··~·Ž·™Ý~·Ž·À¸€·¸Ÿ·oÛ·¤· 26. 21.. 22. hŽ€·ºŽ·q·•·¸Ž·c·Ë· .9¤·§ÝÀ§ÐÝg v·“·moÛ’Û•·µ…Çݤ·™ÝÀ’Û•·µoÛ·Ëh¸·q·°§Ý~·oۙݎ·ËoÛ· ·°¤€··Ÿ· oۙ݀·À §ÏÝ €··Ë j¤· ¸Ÿ·œ·–·Ž· ·°¤€··Ÿ· oÛ·Ë oۧݷv··¤·oۀ··§ÏÝ (A) oÛ·–·µ ·Àœ··Ç²v·À·°“·Ž·Ž··°¤€··Ÿ· (B) ·Ç²v·À“·v·¹zÝq··°¤€··Ÿ· (C) ¸Ÿ·ƒ·À–·¸Ž·~·µ–· (D) œ··”··´ ·¸Ž·~·µ–· ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· ·°Ÿ·€·µŽ·¸•·¢·~· oÛ· €·ƒŸ·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) ¸Ÿ·w···Ž·oۙݎ·· (B) ¤„··Ž· (C) Ÿ–·¼n€·q·€·¸Ÿ·o¯Û–· (D) ·°t··™Ý ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì¤·Ëo۷ώ·¤··¤·§ÝÀo¯Û•·§ÏÝ" (A) j€··…ݤ„··Ž·h¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸ƒ·Ÿ·oÛÀ•·€· (B) j€··…Ýh¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸ƒ·¤„··Ž·Ÿ·oÛÀ•·€· (C) j€··…ÝoÛÀ•·€·h¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸ƒ·Ÿ·¤„··Ž· (D) j€··…ÝoÛÀ•·€·¤„··Ž·Ÿ·h¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸ƒ· v·Ž··´¸oÛoÛÀ–·p·~|ÝÀoۙÝ~·oËÛ¸œ·m¸Ÿ··~·oÛ·Ì ŒÝ·™Ý· o۷ώ· ¤·· v·Ž··´¸oÛoÛÀ–· ·¸™ÝŸ·€·µ ·°–··Ëq· Ž·§ÝÁ ¸oۖ·· v··€··§ÏÝ" (A) ¹œ·q· (B) h·–·Ä (C) ·Ë ·· (D) q·™ÝÀ“·À D-17-10 7 25.. 24.....Ÿ·.

(C) It owns responsibility for its own profitability. In a normal distribution. (D) All of the above. mean (m) ± 3σ (3 standard deviation) limits contains approximately (A) 99. Which of the following tests is used to test a hypothesis about the mean of a univariate normal distribution with unknown variance ? (A) Normal test (B) Student’s test (C) Paired t-test (D) Chi-square test 38. then the mean deviation about mean is given by (A) (C) 31.27% of the observations (C) 96% of the observations (D) 95% of the observations Firms choose a focus strategy to serve the needs of which of the following ? (A) Buyers group (B) Different-segment of a product line (C) Different geographical market (D) All of the above Paper-II 8 (B) 2 π (D) 2σ 36. the probability of finding at most 3 incorrect addresses is 3e 8 –1 (A) (B) e 8 3 1 –1 5 –1 (C) e (D) e 6 2 1 2π σ 2π D-17-10 . Which of the following is the characteristic of a strategic business unit ? (A) It serves a homogenous set of markets. Critical Path Method (CPM) is concerned with estimation of (A) Optimistic time (B) Production lead time (C) Pessimistic time (D) None of the above If X is a random variable normally distributed with mean u and variance σ2.30. Out of 200 such letters mailed in a day. Which of the following is not the component of work study ? (A) Work measurement (B) Case study (C) Time study (D) Motion study Half percent of the letters mailed in a city have incorrect addresses.73% of the observations (B) 99. Mean and variance of Binomial Distribution are (A) m and σ2 (B) m and nq (C) m and np (D) np and npq (Where the terms have usual statistical meaning) 39. 35. The level of significance is the probability of committing (A) type I error (B) type II error (C) standard error (D) probable error 37. 34. 33. 32. (B) It serves a unique set of products.

31. (A) (C) moÛ ¤··•··Ž–· ¸Ÿ·€·™Ý~· •·Ì •··–· (m) ± 3σ (3 •··Ž·oÛ¸Ÿ·t·œ·Ž·.30. o¯Û·´¸€·oÛ ·„· ¸Ÿ· œ·Ë£·~· hŽ·Ä•··Ž· œ·q··Ž·Ë ¤·Ë ¤·•“·Ž·™Ýp·€··§ÏÝ (A) h· ··Ÿ··…ÝÀ¤·•·–· (B) j€··…ÝŽ·œ·À|ÝzÝ·i•· (C) ¸Ž·™Ý· ··Ÿ··…ÝÀ¤·•·–· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁ 35.

•·§ÝƒŸ·oÛ·¤€·™ÝŸ·t·Ž·“·‰Ý€··oÛÀ¤·´”··Ÿ–·€··§ÏÝ (A) ·°oÛ·™Ý. h····°¸€· ·€··‚·v··ËŽ·q·™Ý¤·Ë”·Ëv·Ëv··€·Ë§ÐÝjŽ·oËÛ |Ý·oې·€·Ë q·œ·€·§Ý·Ë€·Ë §ÐÝ gmoÛ¸…ÝŽ·•·Ì mˤ·Ë ”·Ëv·Ë q·m·‚··Ì •·Ì ¤·Ë¤·“·¤·Ë h¸·oÛ€·ÀŽ··‚··Ì oÛ· |Ý·oÛ ·€·· q·œ·€· §Ý·Ëq·· jŽ·oÛÀ ¤·´”··Ÿ–·€·· n–·· §Ý·Ë€·À§ÏÝ" (A) (C) D-17-10 3e 8 1 –1 e 6 –·¸…Ýmn¤·(X) –··†Ý¼tuÜoÛ¸Ÿ·t·œ·•··–·–·Ç(u) h·Ï™Ý ¸Ÿ·t·œ·ÝŽ· σ2 oËÛ ¤··„· ¤··•··Ž–·€·–·· ¸Ÿ·€·¸™Ý€·§ÐÝ€·“·•··–·oÛ·•··–·oËې·°¸€·•··–· hŽ€·™ÝoÛ·Ë…Ý ··µ–··v··mq·· 8 –1 e 3 5 –1 (D) e 2 (B) 9 1 2π σ 2π (B) 2 π (D) 2σ 36.t·ÇoÛ (B) ·°oÛ·™Ý.73% (B) h¸”·•·€··ÌoÛ·99..¤·À•··œ·q·”·q·¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· ·°¸€· ·€·h¸”·•·€·§Ý·Ë€·Ë§ÐÝ: (A) h¸”·•·€··ÌoÛ·99. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ·¤·· ‘oÛ·–·µh–·–·Ž·’oÛ· ”··q·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) oÛ·–·µ•···Ž· (B) oËÛ¤·h–·–·Ž· (C) ¤·•·–·h–·–·Ž· (D) q·¸€·h–·–·Ž· 34.27% (C) h¸”·•·€··ÌoÛ·96% (D) h¸”·•·€··ÌoÛ· 95% 32. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· zËݤzÝ hŽ·v··Ž·Ë ¸Ÿ·€·™Ý~·oËÛ¤··„·moې·¸™Ýoۜ·Ž·· §Ý·i··Ë„·Ë¸¤·¤·. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë ¸oÛ¤·oÛÀ h·Ÿ· –·oۀ··h·Ì oÛ·Ë ·Ç™Ý·oۙݎ·Ë oËÛ¸œ·mŸ–··Ÿ·¤··¸–·oÛ¤·´¤„··Ž·oËÛ¼Ž‡Ý€· ™Ý~·Ž·À¸€·oÛ·j·–··Ëq·oۙ݀·Ë§ÐÝ" (A) q·°·§ÝoÛ¤·•·Ä…Ý·–· (B) j€··…Ý¡·Ê´p·œ··oËÛ¸Ÿ·¸”·ŽŽ·p·´|Ý (C) ¸Ÿ·¸”·ŽŽ·”··Ïq··Ë¸œ·oÛ“··v··™Ý (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 33.t·ÇoÛ (C) •··Ž·oÛt·ÇoÛ (D) ¤·´”··¸Ÿ·€·t·ÇoÛ 37.

 v··Ë ¸oÛ h·Ï¤·€· moۜ· ¸Ÿ·t·™Ý~· oËÛ ¤··•··Ž–· ¸Ÿ·€·™Ý~·¤·Ë ¤·•“·¼Ž·€·§ÏÝoÛ·Ë ·°–··Ëq·•·Ì œ··–··v·· ¤·oۀ··§ÏÝ (A) ¤··•··Ž–·zËݤzÝ (B) ¤zÇÝ|ËÝ ~zݬ¤·zËݤzÝ (C) –·Ä¼q•·€·zÝÀ W.

zËݤzÝ (D) oÛ·iµ¤o۟·Ë–·™ÝzËݤzÝ 38. ¸ŒÝ·…Ý“·´zݎ·oËÛ•··–·mŸ·´·°¤·™Ý~·§ÐÝ (A) m Ÿ· σ2 (B) m Ÿ· nq (C) m Ÿ·np (D) np Ÿ·npq v·§Ý·² ·“…Ý·Ì WHUPV.


¤··´p–·oÛÀ–··°~··œ·ÀoËÛhŽ·Ä¤··™Ýj·™Ý·Ën€· ·“…Ý·Ì oÛ··°–··Ëq·¸oۖ··q·–··§ÏÝ.

39. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ·¤··™Ý~·Ž·À¸€·oÛŸ–·Ÿ·¤··–· ioÛ·iµoÛ·œ·c·~·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) –·§Ý “··v··™Ý oËÛ moÛv··€·À–· ¤·•·Ätt·–· oÛÀ h··Çº€·oۙ݀··§ÏÝg (B) –·§Ý j€··…Ý·Ì oËÛ hŽ·Ç{ËÝ ¤·•·Ätt·–· oÛÀ h··Çº€·oۙ݀··§ÏÝg (C) –·§Ý h·Ž·À œ··”·…Ý·¸–·oۀ·· oÛÀ ¸v·••·ËŸ··™ÝÀ œ·Ë€··§ÏÝg (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·Àg Paper-II .

A retrenchment strategy is designed to reduce (A) technical losses (B) financial losses (C) the scale and scope of the business operation (D) all of the above 47. Which of the following is not a tool of corporate governance ? (A) Preparation of financial statements (B) Appointment of independent directors. 49. Which of the following is the cause of sickness of an enterprise ? (A) Lack of adequate capital (B) Lack of demand for the products (C) Lack of raw material (D) All of the above 41. (C) Compulsory audit of financial statements. World Trade Organisation provides (A) Rule based multilateral trading system. Which one of the following is not a generic strategy ? (A) Cost Leadership (B) Product Differentiation (C) Cost focus (D) Group focus 46. (B) for improving their technical skills. Sick enterprise is referred to (A) CII (B) RBI (C) SIDBI (D) BIFR Ethical values are derived from (A) Corporate philosophy (B) Organisational culture (C) Corporate objectives (D) The religious books Which of the following is not related to business ethics ? (A) Social responsibility of business (B) Environmental ethics (C) Ecological consciousness (D) Profiteering Paper-II 10 D-17-10 . (B) Equity and social justice to the people. (D) none of the above 42. The Business Code of Conduct provides guidance to managers and employees (A) when they encounter an ethical dilemma.40. 45. (C) for pursuing their business goals. (D) Time bound promotion of employees. 44. Value driven companies are (A) sure to be successful in the long run. (B) sure to be unsuccessful as they are not maximising profits. (C) Rule based regional trading system (D) All of the above 48. (C) sure to become charitable institutions. Which of the following is not the social responsibility of the business ? (A) Promotion of Markets (B) Promotion of Green Environment (C) Promotion of Education (D) Promotion of Public Health 50. (D) All of the above 43.

u´Üzݎ·À™Ý~·Ž·À¸€·r·zÝ·€·À§ÏÝ (A) €·oێ·ÀoÛÀ§Ý·¸Ž·–··² (B) ¸Ÿ·ƒ·À–·§Ý·¸Ž·–··² (C) Ÿ–··Ÿ·¤··¸–·oÛ¤·´¸o¯Û–··oÛ·hŽ·Ä•···Ÿ·c·Ë‚· (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 42. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· Ÿ–····™Ý oÛ· ¤··•··¸v·oÛjƒ·™Ý…Ý·¸–·€Ÿ·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) “··v··™ÝoÛÀh¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸‰Ýoۙݎ··g (B) §Ý¸™Ý€··–··µŸ·™Ý~·oÛÀh¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸‰Ýoۙݎ··g (C) ¸ ·c··oÛÀh¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸‰Ýoۙݎ··g (D) œ··ËoÛ¤Ÿ··¤„–·oÛÀh¸”·Ÿ·Ê¸‰Ýoۙݎ··g 50. ¸Ÿ· Ÿ·Ÿ–····™Ý¤·´q·{ݎ·…Ë݀·À§ÏÝ (A) ¸Ž·–·•····¸™Ý€·“·§Äݐ·c·À–·Ÿ–····™Ý·°~··œ·À (B) v·Ž·€··o۷ˤ·•·€··mŸ·´¤··•··¸v·oÛŽ–··–· (C) ¸Ž·–·•····¸™Ý€·c·Ë‚·À–·Ÿ–····™Ý·°~··œ·À (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 43. Ÿ–····™Ýh·t··™Ý¤·´¸§Ý€···°“·Ž·oÛ·Ìh·Ï™Ýoە·µt··¸™Ý–··Ì oÛ··„··°…Ý ·µŽ·oۙ݀·À§ÏÝ (A) v·“· jŽ§ÌÝ Ž·Ï¸€·oÛ ŒÝŽŒÝ oÛ· ¤··•·Ž·· §Ý·Ë€·· §ÏÝg (B) h·Ž·À€·oێ·ÀoÛÀoÄÛ ·œ·€·· oÛ·Ë “·}®Ý·Ž·Ë oËÛ ¸œ·mg (C) h·Ž·ËŸ–····¸™ÝoÛœ·c–··ÌoÛÀ·°·¼€·oËÛ¸œ·mg (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·Ë¤·”·Àg Paper-II . ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· ¸Ž·q·•·  ··¤·Ž· oÛ· j·oۙÝ~·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) ¸Ÿ·ƒ·À–·¸Ÿ·Ÿ·™Ý~·€·Ï–··™Ýoۙݎ··g (B) ¤Ÿ·€·Ž‚·¤·´t··œ·oÛ¸Ž·–·Än€·oۙݎ··g (C) ¸Ÿ·ƒ·À–· ¸Ÿ·Ÿ·™Ý~··Ì oÛ· h·Ÿ· –·oÛ h·Ó¸|ÝzÝ oۙݎ··g (D) oە·µt··¸™Ý–··Ì oÛÀ ¤·•·–·“·‰Ý ·…Ý·ËŽŽ·¸€· oۙݎ··g 49. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì j‹·Ëq·oËÛ“·À•··™Ý §Ý·ËŽ·Ë oÛ·oÛ·™Ý~· o۷ώ·¤··§ÏÝ" (A) ·–··µ€··Ç²v·ÀoÛ·h”··Ÿ· (B) j€··…Ý·ÌoËÛ•··²q·oÛ·h”··Ÿ· (C) oÛtt·Ë•··œ·oÛÀoە·À (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·¤·”·À 47.40. 45. ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€·•·Ì¤·Ëo۷ώ·¤·À¤··•··Ž–·™Ý~·Ž·À¸€·Ž·§ÝÁ §ÏÝ" (A) œ··q·€·Ž·Ë€·Ê€Ÿ· (B) j€··…ݸŸ·”·Ë…ÝŽ· (C) œ··q·€·oËÛ¼Ž‡Ý€· (D) ¤·•·Ç§ÝoËÛ¼Ž‡Ý€· 41. •·Çœ–··°Ë¸™Ý€·oە·¸Ž·–··²§Ý·Ë€·À§ÐÝ (A) …ÝÀr·µoÛ·œ·•·Ì¤·’Ûœ·§Ý·ËŽ·Ëo۷˸Ž·¼ t·€·g (B) h¤·’Ûœ· §Ý·ËŽ·Ë oÛ·Ë ¸Ž·¼ t·€· n–··Ì¸oÛ Ÿ·Ë œ··”··ÌoÛ·h¸·oۀ·•·oۙÝ~·Ž·§ÝÁoۙ݀·Àg (C) ·•··µ„·µ¤·´¤„··m²“·Ž·Ž·Ëo۷˸Ž·¼ t·€·g (D) j·™Ý·Ën€·•·Ì¤·ËoÛ·ËiµŽ·§ÝÁg 48. CII SIDBI (B) RBI (D) BIFR Ž·Ï¸€·oÛ•·Çœ–·¸Ž·oÛ·œ·Ëv··€·Ë§ÐÝ (A) o۷Ӑ··Í™ËÝzÝ…Ý ·µŽ·¤·Ë (B) ¤·´q·{ݎ··€•·oÛ¤·´¤oÊÛ¸€·¤·Ë (C) o۷Ӑ··Í™ËÝzÝjˆËÝ –··Ì¤·Ë (D) ··º•·oې·Ä¤€·o۷̤·Ë ¸Ž·•Ž·¸œ·¸p·€· •·Ì ¤·Ë o۷ώ· ¤·· Ÿ–··Ÿ·¤··¸–·oÛ Ž·Ï¸€·oۀ··¤·Ë¤·•“·¼Ž·€·Ž·§ÝÁ§ÏÝ" (A) Ÿ–·Ÿ·¤··–·oÛ·¤··•··¸v·oÛjƒ·™Ý…Ý·¸–·€Ÿ· (B) ·–··µŸ·™Ý~·Ž·Ï¸€·oۀ·· (C) ··¸™Ý¼¤„·¸€·oÛ¤·v·q·€·· (D) •·ÄŽ··’Û·p··Ë™ÝÀ D-17-10 11 46. “·À•··™Ýj‹·Ëq·o۷˸oÛ¤·oËۧݟ··œ·Ë¸oۖ··v··€··§ÏÝ" (A) (C) 44.

Space For Rough Work Paper-II 12 D-17-10 .

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