Urartian-Armenian Parallel Words (Vocabulary) by Sargis Ayvazyan

The summarizing list below includes the Armenian-Urartian parallel words and roots both recorded by the different scholars to present (I pick only illustrations with more reliable correspondences) and the examples of common words proposed by me - nearly 160 words. I represent both narrow and phonetic transcriptions of the Urartian forms ( he phonetic transcriptions t reconstructed on the base of Armenian parallels). For convenience, the narrow transcription of Urartian words/morphemes is done taking into account the Armenian equivalent of the respective form. For example, ip(u)- (syllabically - i-pu-) - Arm. µto plaster, to cement¶ is given in ep(u)- (syllabically - e-pu-) µhighly, many, transcription, and tara (syllabically - tar-a) µpowerful, many, great, senior, etc.¶ - Arm. mighty, etc.¶ in ira (syllabically - ír-a) form. I included the Indo-European pre-forms of all Armenian native word roots, morphemes and particles (throughout this glossary, I have operated with a traditional reconstruction of Indo-European phonology done by the Neogrammarians). The meanings of those words for which I suggest new translations or make partial meaning clarification, are represented in italics.
Urartian Narrow Transcr. abeliPhonetic Transcr. aweliSignificance ³to add, to join´ Armenian P.-I.-E. *obhel



y-awel-em v. ³to add (up), to increase, to augment; to join, etc´, aweli a./adv. ³exceeding; more, above, beyond´ ³to look(?), to take care(?), ...´ h-ay-im, n-ay-im (dial. ay-el) ³to look, to see, to observe, to take care, etc´ ³to wait (?), to look (?)´ n-ay-im (see prev.), fig. ³to wait´ ³boundary´


ale/u ale/u=ka/e ale al=e alzena/i anand=ane(?) apti=ne arar=ni(u)= e ar=nuar=(a)ni, ar= e ardi= e an=i=ardu-

ayle/o ayle/o=ka/ayl/ a =e arjena/i anand=an a ti=n aa =ni(w)=s ar=nua =( )ni,

arg-el-(k ) ³hinderance, obstacle, obstruction, pri- *ark son, etc´, dial. bk -arg ³hindered by snowstorm´ pron. ³whoever, other, another´ ayl, -oy pron. ³another, other; some, etc´ *al- o (a version of ayle/o) ayl-ak- (a version of ayl), cf. ayl-(ak)-a-ban-em ³to allegorize´, etc. -³conj. ³but, and, then, now, ...´, adv. ³too, again, still, ...´ ³to tell, to talk, to anounce, to cry´ ³rock, stone, column, (rock) ins ription, ...´ ³un-, no´ ³field, fallow´(?) ³side, ashore, shore, brink´ ³to give, to bring´ ³deeds´ ³to join, to attach, to add´ ³masculine´ ayl/ conj. ³still however; but; now, then, etc´, adv. ³besides, more´, a. ³the rest, others´, etc a -a -ak-em (dial. a -a -em) ³to cry, to make aloud noise, to shout; to make an exclamation´ arjan, i-a ³big stone, column; statue, idol; (rock) inscription, etc´ an- ³un-´ and ³field, fallow´ ap n, -in ³shore, bank, brink, coast´ a , a -n-owm ³to receive, to take, to gather, to bring, etc´ -³*al-ale * *ar-nu- ³to distribute, to allot´

a(y)r=s ³man, youth´ ardi=s ³order, rule´ an=y=ardu- ³unjust, guilty, disorder´

a -n-em ³to make, to do, to form, to execute´, a - *ar-nea -k /s ³acts, actions, facts, deeds´ y-ar-em ³to join, to attach´, y-ar-n- -im ³to *ar relate or belong to, to regard´ a n- (gen. of ayr, see next) in compound words * (n)rmeans ³male, masculine´ ayr (gen. a -n , nom./acc. pl. ar-k /s), ³man; husband; youth, young man´ ard, -i/ow ³form, order´ *ar-ti/tu an- ³un-³ + y-ard, -ow ³structure, form, orna-³-

Urartian Narrow Transcr. Phonetic Transcr. Significance Armenian P.-I.-E.


a =beri- / ar(i) beriarmo= i as-

armu=zi a -

z=a =a a /t=a z=ad- (?)

z=ash=asa h=a z=a -

a =qana=ne a =qana=n a =qanaauei i=ne baba=ni/e ba=u= e bad=use bad=ga =qanaawei i=n baba=n(i) ba=w=s pa =o pa -

ment, order´, cf. v. - - ³to fit up, to arrange, to adjust, to put in order, etc´, (see also prev.) ³to come up, to come in a -ber-em ³to bring, to carry; to present, to offer´ between, ...´ or y-ar ber-e/im ³to draw/bring closer, to come near´ ³family, clan, descent´ z-arm, -oy ³family, house, race´ intr. ³to come, to enter, to h-as-an-em ³to come, to arrive at, to attain, to arrive, «´, tr. ³to bring, «´ reach; to understand, etc´, h-as-owc -an-em ³to cause to arrive, reach or attain; to bring, etc´ ³to pursue(?), to follow(?)´ z- (prefix) + (h)-as- (see prev.) ³to hear, to know, to be h-as- (see a -) ³..., to know, to get, to understand, informed´ (dial.) to hear´ ³to eat, to end, to consume, «´ h-at-an-em ³to cut (off), to break, to end, to consume, etc´ -³-³³to pick out, to choose (road)´ z-at-(an)-em ³to separate, to divide, to distract, to or ³to open way´ scatter, to disjoin, to pick, etc´, z-at-owc -an-em ³..., to consecrate, to offer´, cf. h-at-an-em ³(see prev.), to open way´ ³donative, offering´ h-at-owc -ow-mn ³restitution; payment; compensation, gift, offering, etc´, ³to consecrate (?), to celebrate (?), to donate (?), ...´ ³good news, notification, tidings´ ³mount´ word, order, thing

*bher *ari+*bher *or-mo * (n)k´

-³-³Hittite . (?)



h-at-owc -an-em ³to render, to compensate, to give back; to pay, discharge, etc´ (see also prev.) - ³ aw ti-s/k ³good news, notification of good news´ *aueid *bh Akkadian / Sumerian -³-

ba qi/ebedi

pa ki/eei

babay ³hill, mound´ ba-n ³speech, word, term, dictate; thing, etc´, bay ³verb; word, speech´, etc. ³wall (around building), pat ³wall; turn, round´, pat-em ³to surround, to surrounding, environment, ...´ enclose, to fence; etc´, etc. ³to besiege, to surround´ pat-em ³to surround, to enclose, to fence, to envelop; to spread abroad, to circulate; etc´ (see also prev.) ³to establish´ patk-en-al ³to confirm, to set up, to found, etc´ ³side(?); behind, with, near,«´ yet ³after, since, afterwards´, adv. ³behind, backward´, het ³trace; footstep; way, path´, adv./pr. ³after, behind; near; together´, yet-s adv. ³behind, backward´ etc. -³- ³ - , (cf. aysu-het-ew ³henceforth, henceforward, hereafter, for the future; now, then´, yet aysorik ³after that, since that time, then, since, afterwards, after´, etc.) barj, -ow/i, ³high, great´ + diw- (?) ³divinity, god´ bowrgn, -an ³pyramid; tower´ han-derj, -i/o, han-derj-an ³clothes, form; arrangement, preparatives; trim, etc´ ti-, t - ³great, big´ tow, ta-m, e-t ³to give, to offer; to present, to


bedbedu=ia= e

³to return, to come back, «´ ee o/u=ya=s ³in returning, henceforth´


barzu/i= dibi-

barju/i= diw- (?)

³name of a building´

burgana=ni/e burgan=an(i) ³tower, pyramid´ delzu= e derju/o=s ³order, arrangements, preparatives (of sacrifice)´ di=ae i=a(æ) ³great, big´ du-, dau, a ³to make, to do, to give (?)´

*bh g´h + *dh s Iranian (?) *dei, *di, *d ,*dæ, *d ³to

Urartian Narrow Transcr. Phonetic Transcr. Significance Armenian grant; to make, to render, to produce, to cause, etc´ za=d(u)duli dudebani z- (augmentative prefix) + tow-/ta-/e-t (see prev.) toli ³vine´ towt-n ³end, fringe´ -awan, -ewan (ending of some Arm. region names) ei=a(=) (?) ei=a(=) ³real´ -akan (?) ³that exists, that is of itself, increate; (ei=ardi= e) essential, substantial´, -owt iwn (?) ³essence, nature; existence; substance; wealth´, etc er ier i³to free, liberate, to deliver, z-erc-owc -an-em ³to deliver, to free, to save, to release, ...´ liberate, to release´ eue, ewe ew ³and´ ew ³and´ euri ewri ³lord´ awri-ord ³noble girl, damsel; young lady, etc´ gari/e=ni/e a i/e=n(i) ³cave, grotto´ a n (?) ³cavern, grotto´ gunu= e uno/u=s ³fight, battle, «´ hama- own- ³destroying, exterminating all´, v. n-( -)em ³to beat, to cudgel´, etc. gunu= i=ne uno/u=si=n ³fighting, fighter (?)´ -³aluli/e xa o (i) ³grape´ xa o ³grape´ arari/e xa a (i) ³peace, prosperity´ xa a a. ³calm, peaceful, undisturbed, quiet´ ar ar( )xarxar(s)³to shake, to destroy, to ruin´ xarxar-em ³to shake, to shatter, to ruin, to destroy´ ubi hovi ³valley´ hovi-t ³valley, vale; plain´ ur=i he xor=isx ³well, reservoir, etc´ xor a. ³deep, hollow, excavated´ uhos³to throw out/ away´ hos-em ³to shed, to spill; to flow, to fall, to drop; to scatter, to disperse; etc´ i (?) i/yi(-) ³a preposition / prefix´ i/y- (preposition/prefix) ib u= e iwsu=s ³pot maker´ hiwsn, -own-k /s ³carpenter, joiner, potter´ ie e yes pron. ³I´ es pron. ³I´ imenimen³basis, foundation´ himn, -an ³basis, foundation´ kaka³to stand, to be´ ka-m ³to be, to exist; to remain, to stand, to stop, to stay; to wait. etc´ -kai -ka=y ³ahead, in place, position´ -ka-y, ka-y ³place posture, position´ ka-y-an, -i ³station, place, post, site; position; ka=i=ani/e ka=y=an(i) ³station, post´ dwelling, residence, etc´ kapi kapi ³dry measure´ kapi- ³a unit of measure´, ³cab, bin´, etc karkar³to subdue, to subjugate´ kar(-)ax-em ³to become brave, strong´ or or or qa ³to pick (up), to extract, to take k´a -em ³to draw, to extract; to pick (up), to take away, to slay/kill´ away; to slay/kill, etc´ kar=be qar=w ³rock, stone´ k´ar, -i ³stone´ ke(i)d=anke(i) =an³to send (troops), to aim at, to k t/ket ³point, aim, goal´, kiti ³battle place or point, to direct´ goal´ kul=(u)kor=(u)³to leave, to throw over, to lose, kor-ows-an-em ³to lose, to miss, to annihilate´, to mislay´ kor-n -im ³to be lost, to disappear; to perish, to decay´ kure=le (pl.) kure=r ³feet´ kr-owkn ³heel´ kurune ko un ³aside, side´ ko n, -own-s ³side, part, flank ´ lakulaqu³to hide´ lak -owc -eal ³hidden´ makmæk³to shoot (arrow), to dart´ mk-ownd ³spear, lance´ zæ= (u)oli uewani -³³vine´ ³boundary-mark´ ³territory, country´ P.-I.-E. give´ -³*dud *es

*serg´ (?) *epi *g hono -³*khal (?) *oui *en *eg´ *s -m (?) *(e)g a-³-³*kæl *kar *geid -

*gu-r *gol -

Urartian Narrow Transcr. manmana(e) me (i=n)e me Phonetic Transcr. mænmana mes(i=n) mesSignificance ³to stay, to be´ ³a measure of weight´ ³part, tribute, share´ ³to distribute, to divide, to share, ...´ Armenian mn-am ³to remain, to stay´ man ³a measure of weight´ masn, -in ³part; bit, piece, morsel; share, portion; lot´ masn-em ³to communicate, to impart; to distribute, to divide, to share; to give´, etc (see also prev.) mi ³no´ nax ³first, prime, before, main´, nax-kin ³first, old; ancient, chief´, etc P.-I.-E. *menIranian (?) *mæ-k´ (?) -³-

mi na -

³no, not, non´ intr. ³to come/ascend (to the throne)´, tr. ³to take/ lead away, to bring, to advance, to guide, ...´ n=ebsi/en=ew i/e³to slaughter, to cut, to kill´ y-aw (-at)-em ³to cut to pieces, to cut up, to tear in pieces, to slaughter, etc´ (with n-/yalternation) n=uldn=ord³to enlarge, to increase´ y-ord-e/im ³to overflow, to expand, to grow, to increase, etc´ (with n-/y- alternation) pa i/a=ne paxi/a=n ³cattle´ paxr , -i ³cattle´ pare a pr. ³till, to, toward(s)´ a pr. ³at; near; with regard to; in, under; against; with; towards; next to; etc´ par ane ay an ³spleen´ p´ayca n, -an < *p´ay can ³spleen´ para³to take/lead away, to drive he -ac´-owc´-an-em ³to remove, to put/set aside, away/off´ to scatter; to avert, to keep off´, he -an-am ³to remove, to go away/far, to leave, to deviate, to depart´, etc. pat=are pa =a / (?) ³town, fortress, settlement´ pat ³wall; turn, round´,(see also bad=use, bad=g-) pile pi ³canal´ pe ³hole, cave´, - ³to hollow, to excavaor te´ or i he ³flood, running water´ pit(i)t³to break (to pieces), to crash, p´t´-owr, p´t-´r-im ³to crumble, to crush, to fall to destroy, to ruin´ to dust, etc´ pul=use or=o ³stele with inscription´ p´or-em ³to dig, to hollow, to excavate, to hollow out; to engrave, to notch´, vim-a- or a. ³hollowed/written in the rock´ ( vim- ³stone, rock´), etc. qap=qar( )- ka =qar( )- ³to seize (?), to capture (?)´ kap-owc -an-em ³to cover, to shut, to close´, kapem ³to cane; to beat, to strike´ qarme i/e karmex(i) ³sacrifice, offering, gift´ kamax, -i ³sacrifice, offering, gift, victim, etc´ qudulkoto ³temple, monument, obelisk´ kot´o , -i ³obelisk, monument´, v. kot´o -em ³to set up, to erect an obelisk´ quldi=ne kordi=n ³desert (?), desolate (?), fruitkord ³rough, untilled, unploughed, wild, waste; less (?)´ fallow´ to crawl, to prostrate sul=u= tso =u=s so -am ³to creep, to crawl on the belly´, so -owmn ³crawling; creeping´ su ug(u) og³to tear away, to unmake, to tog-an-em ³to disband, to pull´ (Voc. Erem.), ³to unjoin´ confound, to mix; to trouble, to (put in) disorder, to embarrass, etc´ (NBHL) are a ³tree, garden´ ca , -oy ³tree´ epe ³to plaster, to cement´ cep -em ³to plaster, to cement´ ep=urde e =ord ³plaster-er´ -³³plaster-ers´ -³ep=ane e =an ³plaster-er´ -³epi=kane e i=kan

mi nax-

*m Iranian (?)


*ordh*pors *(s)phælg´-ni *per

Akkdian (?) *bel *pel *phoro


*g´ -so -

Urartian Narrow Transcr. erab=ae ue ani/e erere uri uk=ure Phonetic Transcr. eraw=a(æ) u ( ov) san(i) se se suri s(u)k=o (ppl.) Significance ³thirsty, dry´ ³sea, lake, pond´ ³caldron, kettle, pot´ ³ancestor (?), forefather (?)´ ³separately(?), independently(?), besides(?)´ ³sword´ ³guarding, vigilant, watchful, taking care of, ...´ Armenian caraw, -o/ow ³thirsty, dry´ cov, -ow ³sea, lake, pond´ san, -i ³kettle, boiler, caldron, saucepan, etc´ se , -i ³kind, species, race, generation´ se n ³clean, pure, clear: true, etc´ sowr, -oy ³sword´ P.-I.-E. *k´er *k´er-no *k´o-ro Hittite (?)

ur=i e(?) tantertar=ani/e tarma=ni/e tar u=ane tepteq-

sor=isx dænderda =an(i) tarma=n(i) darsu=an te teqor tekti=(w)ti=(i)n tuto -

ti=(u)ti=(i)ne tutur-

ira ui(e) ulul=u= tn=ul=u= tulde ule ulgu= e ul u=ne up=ardu= /t=up= ardu=ne ur=ine urur=i e

ira oy uu =u=s n=u =u=s ort ore/ure o o=s u u=n up=ardu= =up= ardu=n ur=in uru =isx

(h)sk-o ppl./a. ³watchful, vigilant´, (h)sk-em ³to watch, to abstain from sleep, fig. to watch over, to guard, to oversee, to take care of, to have an eye upon´, etc. ³stable, stud´ sor-a-kal ³hostler, stableman´ ( > sor- ³stable, stud´) ³to lay, to put´ dn-em ³to lay, to set, to put; to apply, etc´ ³to lay, to put´ dir/der (see prev.) twice (?), again (?) da n-am ³to turn (about), to return, to come/go back again´, darjn ³turn, return, etc´ ³a building´ or ³(water) spring, t arma (?) dial. ³wood garret, attic, high storey in fountain´ church, prop for grapevine, etc´ ³(group of) people´ da(r)s, -ow ³class, order, group of peoples, etc´ ³to throw down, to spill´ t ap -em ³to cast/throw/fling down´, t ap -anc em ³to penetrate, to pass through, etc´ ³to bow, to trample´ t ek -em ³to point, to grind´, fig. ³to bend, to or incline´ or t ak-em ³to beat, to thump´ ³to thump´ ³to speak, to tell´ t iw ³number´, t ow-em ³to tell, to narrate´, etc. ³name´ (see prev.) -³³to destroy, to beat, to break´ t ow-el ³to consume or to beat´ (Voc. Erem.) (?) 1. ³to leave, to cast off (?)´ t o -owm ³to leave, to allow, to cast off, to release, etc´ 2. ³to smash, to ruin, to break, t oy ³weak´, ...´ ³great, powerful, many, senior´ tir ³highly, mighty, many, firm, all, most, etc´ ³no, not´ o- ´ ³no, not´ intr. ³to go´, tr. ³to lead away´ u i ³road , way, journey; passage´, y -em ( < *yu -em) ³to send to, to forward, to dispatch´, etc intr. ³to precede, to lead´ - ³ - (for -u- cf. y -ow-mn < *y-ow -ow-mn) tr. ³to lead, to rule, to drive´ - ³ - (with n-/y- alternation) ³vine´ ort´, -oy ³vine´ ³other´ ori , owri ³other´ ³alive, life´ o , -oy ³alive, life´ camel u t, -ow ³camel´ ³to command (?), to order (?)´ h-owp a. ³near, close´, pr. ³near, close to, by´ + ard, -ow ³order, form, shape´ (see above) ³disorder (?), unlawful (?), un- t- ³un-, in-´ (neg. prefix) + up=ardu= (see prev.) just(?)´ ³territory´ owr ³place, territory´, adv. ³where, in what place´ ³to place (?), to settle (?)´ -³³thing, implements; arm, ow (n) ³sledge-hammer, hammer, nail´

*dh -ne *dh -r *dh -g´h- no *tek *t g *t u ?, *tou ? -³*tol-³*o-k i (?) *ul*ulu-st*ni-ulu-st*or-tho *sol(u)- o(?) Akkadian *sub*dus*k ur -³-

Urartian Narrow Transcr. ur=i =use ur=urdu u a=kune u =ibte uz(=)gi- (?) ware wal=d/tPhonetic Transcr. u =isx=o u =ordos os a=kun os =iwt u (=)giwa wa/æl= Significance weapon´ ³smithy, armoury´ ³blacksmith, gunsmith´ intr. ³to go, to raid, to march´, tr. ³to send, to dispatch´ ³(?)´ ³raid, attack, campaign´ ³power, might´ ³granary, defilade, hidingplace´ ³to win (over), to overcome, to roll, to bend´ Armenian P.-I.-E.

-³-³ost-n-owm ³to leap, to jump, to rush forward, to fall on, etc´, ost-an-im ³to burst forth, to escape from, to go out of, to rush forward´, etc -³-³oy -, ow gin ³strong, great; violent, vehement´ ga -em ³to cover, to hide´

*ozdo-s -³-³Iranian * l


z-, jjayni-

z-, j- ³a prefix´ ³to talk, to say, to call´

gl(-ec´-owc´-an)-em ³to roll; to bend, to incline´, * æl, * l, ³to win over (also - in dispute), to surpass, to excel, etc´, gal- ar-em ³to roll (up); to bend; to shrivel´ (cf. dial. gl-t-or-em ³to roll´), etc. z-, j- (augmentative prefix) *g´h jayn-em ³to cry out, to exclaim; to call, to invite; *g´hu n- i to pronounce, to address, to tell, to express; to name´, jayn ta-l ³to cry out, to exclaim, to shout; to speak´, jayn, -i ³voice, sound, speech, word´, etc. c´e , -i ³tribe, caste, race, etc´ *skel1 ard-em ³to cut/break in pieces, to break, to shatter, to smash, etc´ leard < * iard ³liver´ s-, sa, so- ³demonstrative pronominal stems of Iperson (proximity to speaker)´ sa ³this, that´ (anaphoric) a-y-s ³this´ so-yn ³this, that, self, the same´ n-, na, no- ³demonstrative pronominal stems of III-person (proximity to other)´ na ³he, she: that, it´ (anaphoric) a-y-n ³that, it, the´ no-yn ³him/her/itself; he, she, it´, ³the same´ -n (III-person enclitic definite article) asti adv./a. ³hence, thence; here; this, present´, ast adv. ³here, in this place´ ayd/ti adv. ³thence, from that place´ a-y-s-r adv. ³here, in this place; hither, to this place´, a-y-s-r- n adv. ³back, again´ a-y-d-r(- n) adv. ³just there, in the same place: from the same place, again, anew´ or *a-y-n-r (- n) * ku -t *k´o, *k´e -³*ai- k´o/e *k´o *no, *ne -³*ai-no *no *ne *k´o, *k´e *to *k´o, *k´e *to *no, ne

zel=be zeldzielde e-, a-, u(i)= aai= ei i= une-, na-,nui=naai=nei i=nuini/e e/i tiedii= er= ine i=d/neri= ine

e =w erdierd s -, sa-, so(i)=saay=s i=son -,na-, noi=naay=n i=noin(i) e/is iedii=ser=hin i=d/ner= hin

³seed; descendants´ ³to constrict, to break, to smash, to shatter (the enemies)´ ³liver´ ³demonstrative pronominal stems of proximal objects´ ³this´ ³this one/thing´ ³this (same), the same´ ³demonstrative pronominal stems of distal objects´ ³that´ ³that one/thing´ ³that same, the same´ ³definite article/pronoun´ adv. ³here´ adv. ³there; (right) after; from there´ ³a pronominal adverb´ ³a pronominal adverb´

Many other words can be included into the list of Armenian-Urartian doubtful parallel word forms. The list below includes some of them (about 25 words).
Trans. Phonetic Trans. Significance Armenian P.-I.-E.

Trans. ama=ni/e ar e a e=ni/e (?) bura=ne bura= ti=ne

Phonetic Trans. ama=n(i) ax a e=n(i) bu a=n bu a=s hi=n

Significance ³vessel, pot´ ³family, tribe, goods and chattels´ ³father´ ³slave´ ³to enslave, to subjugate´

Armenian aman ³vase, vessel, pot, etc´ a x ³equipage: goods and chattels´, ³progeny, descendants, family, people, tribe, etc´ dial. atta ³mother´, ato ³old woman´ bow n, -an, ³fist´, b n-em ³to take, to hold, to seize; to entrap, etc´, etc. - ³ -, b n-an-am ³to encroach, to invade, to subject, to tyrannize, to rule, to reign´, etc.

P.-I.-E. *am*atta (?) *bh r-³-



=ar=ani/e iu

y=ar=an(i) yo

kamn=a e mari mu i/e n=ir=be pe(i)

kamn=ax mari mu (i) n=ir=w e(i)

³(for)which (?), therefore (?)´ z-i conj. ³for, because, in order that, to the end that; that; z-i ? adv. ³what?, what thing?, why?, for what reason ?´, (z-)i-n- (dat. hi-m) ³(some) thing; some, a/an, one, certain, single, any´ ³to trouble, to worry´ xow-em (?) ³to deal harshly with, to trouble; to worry, etc´ ³road, raid (?)´ xa -am ³to play, to leap´, fig. ³to move, to walk, to go, to depart; to go away, to march, to start on a journey´ ³pedestal, socle´, ³an y-ar ³attached, joined, adjacent´ extension, outhouse´ ³when, how, if, which´ y-o ³where´, ow-r adv. ³where, whither´, conj. ³while; when, on´, o-r pron. ³who, which, what, that´; etc. ³early, formerly´ ka(n)n-owx adv. ³before the time, prematurely, very early´ ³noble, high government emp- mar ³lord´ loyee´ ³faithful, fair, skilful´ h-mowt, -i ³well versed; expert, skilful, skilled´ (with mut/muc ³come in, entrance´ alternation) ³goods, property´ ³under´ ³armour´ ³kid (?)´ ³to throw, to move´ n(i)- (prefix) + ir, i-a ³thing, affair; substance; reality´ ye-n-em ³to lean upon, on or against´, ye-c -owc an-em ³to lean against the wall´, etc. karka (?) ³heap of stone´ jar ³he-goat´ jg-em(<*jowg-em ?) ³to spread; to throw, to hurl; to shoot; to draw, etc´ or ow-em, og-ay ³to begin a journey, to set out, to go away, to leave, to move. etc´

*k i-


*ar*k u-(ro)

Hayassian (?) *m d *ni-k iro/i *g hu- *k -u/o *k æsti

qarqar=ani/e karka =an(i) sale jar suuijuwior owie ti=ne ses i=n

³strongly, vehemently´

id(i= t)ule

s (i=st)su

³to build´ ³not enough, less (soil, ground)´ ³world, empire´ ³to flow out (?), to overflow (?)´ ³allowance (?), ration (?)´

sast-ik a. ³excessive, extreme; intense, violent, strong; severe, etc´, sast-ik-s adv. ³vehemently, strongly, with all one's force, power or strength; etc´ st-an-am 1) ³to create, to erect´, 2) ³to acquire, to *st -, *sti obtain, to get´, etc. sow , -i ³little; brief, short, concise´ pl. soray-k ³width´ ow x-e/im ³to inundate´, ³to overflow´ pl./abst. goy-k ³existence, goods´ *vóse

ure=le (pl.) sore=r ul u xuu= e wo(y)=s

Source: Sargis Ayvazyan. Urartian±Armenian: lexicon and comparative-historical grammar Chapter III. Yerevan State University Press, 2008, 400 pages. ISBN 978-5-8034-0989-7 (in English ) 2011, 306 pages. ISBN 978-5-8084-1407-5 (in Armenian )

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