Positive Parenting

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Shiv Khera a Motivational Speaker Following is the broad content of the talk
Challenges of today s parents (elicited from the audience):       Too much of exposure to negative information Time constraints Single child parenting Single parenting Too much of expectations and comparisons Both parents working DO s and Don ts of Positive Parenting Do s  Spend Qualitative and quantitative time with children  Make the child to learn self discipline from External Discipline by way of making kids to realize

Discipline means way to freedom and act of love.
Stop Unfair comparison of siblings Good to be unkind (sometimes) to be literally kind No EGO clash with children Always appreciate character that got the kid the outcome/result , but not the result / outcome Teach the child Empathy , esp. by showing them not by telling them. An act like sharing, celebrating birth day with orphans or at oldage homes along with their regular way of celebrations.  Build the Self esteem of the child. Don ts  Do not contradict (husband and wife) in front of kids  Do not expect perfection to the extent of Unrealistic levels instead - Acknowledge their efforts and Encourage their performance.  Do not give negative labels such as: lazy, dumb, etc. Always use positive words about the child (whether in front of a kid or in front of others). If required do a constructive criticism/ criticize the behavior in private.     

boss/ colleagues /other family members in front of children. Any behavior (whether good or bad) that is rewarded gets repeated -A HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL PARENTING- . using filthy language in-front of kids. sending a fake leave letter to teacher with the kid for personal reasons etc. Eg: little practices at home that we do by criticizing/abusing . Do not teach wrong values.