Step 1: Choosing Your Sprite A Sprite is an character or object in your game.

Sprites can move and be active or be props that stay still. We will choose a Sprite character that will move about your screen. 1. Open Scratch a. Go to the folder where you copied "Scratch." b. Double click on the Scratch icon. 2. You will see the opening screen.

3. Click on the "Costumes" Tab

4. Click "Import" 5. Select a Folder (Animals, People, Things)

These tiles then fit together like a puzzle to create the insructions. A Sprite's action comes from the scripts in the script window. Choose a Sprite! (Double Click) Step 2: Making Your Sprite Move in 4 directions (Right. You want your Sprite to move to the right.6. Left. Down) Sprites can not do anything by themselves. 7. Click the "Control" Button . These scripts are the instructions for exactly what the sprite will do. You drag these instructions from the Tile pane into the "Scripts" pane. Up. Click on the "Scripts" Tab 8.

9. 10." (We will make Sprite move right) . Click on the word "space" and select "right arrow. Left Click and hold "When 'space' pressed" command and drag to the Scripts window.

12.11. . Click on the "Motion" button and drag "point in direction 90" over to the Scripts window. Connect the "point in direction" tile to the "When 'right arrow' pressed" command.

Press the right arrow on the computer and watch your sprite move to the . Click the "Move 10 steps" tile and drag over to the Scripts window.13. Connect "Move 10 steps" to the "point in direction" tile. 14. 15.

Drag "point in direction 90" over to the Scripts window. 17. Connect to the "When 'space' pressed." tile. 16.right. . Making your sprite go left: Drag the "When 'space' pressed" tile to the scripts window.

' Change the '90' to '-90' to make the sprite face left: 19. . Change the 'space' to 'left arrow.18. Drag the "Move 10 steps" tile to the scripts window and connect to the 'left arrow' script.

20. Now your left arrow will work! Click the "just flip left-right" icon to make your sprite face in the correct directions. .

Change '90' to '180' . "move 10 steps" 22. "point in direction '90'" c. Making your sprite move down: Drag and connect the following tiles: a. Change 'space' to 'down arrow' b.21. Set the direction to down: a. "When 'space' pressed b.

"move 10 steps" . Make your sprite move up: Drag and connect the following tiles: a. Your down arrow should work! 24. "When 'space' pressed b. "point in direction '90'" c.23.

Change 'space' to 'up arrow' b. Set the direction to up: a.25. Change '90' to '0' .

Save your work! Click "Save" and name your file. We will create another sprite that acts as the maze. Scratch Exercise 2: Sense the World Using Conditional Statements Step 1: Draw a Maze We need to create a maze to act as a barrier for our main character. 27.26." 28. Rename your Sprite as "Eater. . Now your Sprite should be able to move in all 4 directions! Test your program by moving your Sprite about the screen.

Use the "zoom out tool" on the drawing program to zoom all the way out. .1. 3. Click on the "Paint New Sprite" icon 2. Click the "Rectangle Outline Tool" and draw a border around the world.

4. Change the name of this new sprite to "Maze" Step 2: Bounce off the Maze . 6. Click "OK" to finish your drawing. 5. Use the "Rectangle Filled Tool" to draw some barriers to create a maze.

. Select "Maze" from drop down list. 3. Drag a "touching" hexagon from the sensing menu. Go back to the "Eater" sprite's scripts. 2.1. Drag a "When Green Flag Clicked" and a " Forever if" into the scripts field.

4. Add a "turn 15 degrees" and change value to "180. ." Add a "Move 10 steps" block.

Scratch Exercise 3: Something to Eat. Variables. Hiding. Select a New Sprite from file. and Sound. Click the green flag and use the arrow keys to direct your sprite into the wall. .5. but you can select or draw anything. 2. I used a tennis ball. Use the "shrink sprite tool" to make the food smaller in relation to the rest of the world. It should bounce and turn around. Test your program. Step 1: Create the food! 1. Conditionals.

Rename the sprite." ." Click "Ok.3. Click on "Variables" and "Make a Variable" and name it "Score.") Step 2: Create the scripts for score and hiding. (I chose "Ball. 1.

. Drag a "When Green Flag Clicked" and a "Forever If" into the Ball's scripts field.2.

b. "Change Score by 1" inside the "forever if." c.3. Set "Score to 0" between the Green Flag and the Fo rever if. Blue Hexagon "touching 'Eater'" inside the forever if. Add the following scripts: a. .

the score should set to zero and the food should show again. Add a "show" and "hide" to the script. 1. Put the "show" underneath the "when Green Flag Clicked" and the "hide" inside the forever scr ipt. . Click the Green Flag again. Click the green flag and run your Eater over the food.4. It should hide and change your score by 1. Step 3: Add a Sound when the Eater touches the ball. 5. Click the "Sounds" tab. Check your program. Make sure you are on the Eater sprite.

.2. Select "Import Sound" and select a sound from the folder list.


. 5. 1. When the Eater touches the Ball you should hear a sound and the score should increase by 1. You can test your sound by clicking the blue play triangle under the sound name. Use the "Stamp" tool to copy your Ball sprite.3. Step 4: Copy objects. Drag a purple "play sound and wait" block into the Ball's script. 4. Click on the Scripts Tab. Once you are satisfied with the Ball sprite and its scripts. click the "Stamp" tool and then click on the sprite you wish to copy. Click the Green Flag and test your program.

Copy and arrange the ball sprites around the maze. .2.

. 2. 5. Drag a "forever" and a "play sound and wait" block and arrange like below. You may add background music to your game.Step 5: Add background music. Scratch will play any . 1.mp3 or . 4.wav files. Click on Sounds and import a sound like Step 3. Drag a "When Green Flag Clicked" into the the Scr ipts pane. Click on the stage icon. 3.

. Click the green flag and test your game.6.

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