James Cuthbert Grant.

(1836 - 1883)
James, “Jimmy,” Cuthbert Grant
was born in the 1830s at Oxor! "ouse, the son o
#i$har! Grant
an! &arah, an O'ibway woman( "e is a ha)-brother to John *( Grant(
+hen #i$har! Grant was transerre! by the ",C to *ort "a)), James an! his mother were
)et behin!( "owe-er, he was brou.ht west at a.e ten to resi!e with his ather at *ort
"a))( "e marrie! /ary Ca!otte at &t( 0eter1s /ission on June 30, 1863, !au.hter o 0eter
Ca!otte an! /ary 2ast 3i))s (,)a$4oot)( &he was born $ir$a 1855 in /ontana, an! !ie!
on 6o-ember %%, 17%6 in ,)a$4eet #eser-ation, G)a$ier, /ontana( 8hey ha! the
o))owin. $hi)!ren9
• Ju)ia, b( 1865, at *ort ,enton(
• /ary, b( 1867
• /a..ie, b( 18:5
• James C(, b( 18:;
• #i$har!, b( 18:6, at ,a!.er #i-er(
• John, b( 18:8, at ,ir$h Cree4(
James was 4i))e! north o Choteau County, /ontana on <u.ust :, 1883, ater a shoot out
that resu)te! rom a $onrontation with his wie1s =aramour( Jimmy was a)so a $att)eman(
>urin. the 18;0s an! ?60s, Jimmy?s ha) brother, Johnny Grant, was hea-i)y in-o)-e! in
the $att)e business( <t )east =art o that time, Jimmy wor4e! with or or Johnny Grant in
the ran$hin. business( <t the time he was shot he was in $har.e o the $att)e her!s o
/a'or +(J( /$Cormi$4 an! Ca=tain C( 0( "i..ins(
James C. Grant Killed Shot Through the Heart by His Wife's Paramour
Special to ndependent
!epuyer" Choteau Co." #ontana" $ugust %" &%%'

James C( Grant, the =ioneer o this -a))ey was 4i))e! )ast ni.ht by the @n!ian =aramour o
his wie( 8he )atter, a ha)-bree!, an! the @n!ian were $omin. rom ,ir$h, an! at a =oint
three mi)es rom >e=uyer ha! .one a short !istan$e rom the roa! to rest( Grant, ha-in.
James Cuthbert Grant was the on)y $hi)! o #i$har! an! &arah Grant( "e was born at or near Oxor!
"ouse, /anitoba( "is ather be$ame ",C Chie 8ra!er in $har.e o the *ort "a)) area( James Cuthbert
Grant was 10 yr( when he re'oine! his ather at *ort "a))(
#i$har! Grant was born at /ontrea), Auebe$, June 1:, 1:76, the son o /ar.uerite 2aframboise and
William Grant (1:53-1810)( <t a.e 17, #i$har! was a member o the %n! ,atta)ion o &e)e$t Bmbo!ie!
/i)itia !urin. the +ar o 181%( #i$har! marrie! /ary <nne ,er)an! $a( 18%5 an! ha! i-e $hi)!ren by
her, #i$har! b( $a( 18%;C Char)es +i))iam b( $a( 18%6C John b( $a( 1833 an! two !au.hters (one !e$ease! in
18%:)( "is wie !ie! in 183; an! he too4 his $hi)!ren to /ontrea) to be raise! by his mother /ar.aret an!
his sister( "is !au.hter !ie! $a( 1856 short)y ater she was marrie! in /ontrea), short)y ater his mother
=asse! away( Grant ha! a son, James, at Oxor! "ouse by a )o$a) woman( Dn!er =ressure rom the
Com=any, #i$har! .a-e u= &arah, his $ountry wie, who was then Emarrie! oE to another ",C em=)oyee,
John &)ater( Grant trie! or many years to ha-e the )a! brou.ht to him at *ort "a))( "e )ater marrie! "e)en
3itson, the wi!ow o +i))iam 3ittson( #i$har! Grant retire! in 18;3 be$ause o rheumatoi! arthritis( "e
sett)e! in Catonment 2orin. near *ort "a)) an! then at "e)).ate, @!aho, where he !ie! on June %1, 186%(
$ome home rom the hay ie)! hear! the situation by one who saw them( "e arme!
himse) with a +in$hester an! six-shooter, an! mountin. a e))e horse, re=aire! to the
s$ene( +hen within ei.ht eet o the @n!ian he o=ene! ire, the bu))et ta4in. ee$t in the
)eshy =art o the man?s breast, an! stri4in. a rib, .)an$e! o( 8he @n!ian returne! the
ire, hittin. Grant in the wrist an! shou)!er( Ba$h ire! twi$e an! the @n!ian?s se$on! shot
=enetrate! Grant?s heart(
< =arty o six $itiFens o >e=uyer starte! this mornin. at !aybrea4, se=aratin. into
three sGua!s, an! s$oute! the a!'a$ent $ountry( 8hey returne! at about nine o?$)o$4 an!
!i! not renew the sear$h(
,y a sGuaw 'ust rom ,ir$h Cree4, the re=ort $omes that the @n!ian #esi!ents in that
-a))ey ha-e a)) )et or the a.en$y or =rote$tionC a)so that the mur!erer was oun!
$om=)ete)y ri!!)e! with bu))ets(
“Jimmy Grant” was a ha) bree! about orty i-e years o)!, a son o Ca=t( Grant, an
o)! "u!son ,ay tra!er, an! a resi!ent o /ontana beore its sett)ement by whites( James
Grant?s brother, “Johnny” was or a )on. time a resi!ent o Cottonwoo!, now >eer 2o!.e
City, an! was Guite wea)thy, but )et with a number o @n!ians or the #e! #i-er o the
6orth in ?6:, when white sett)ers be.an to )o$ate in >eer 2o!.e( Jimmy Grant )i-e! or a
)on. time in >eer 2o!.e where he was hi.h)y re.ar!e! as an honest, in!ustrious an!
sober $itiFen( <t the time o his !eath, he ha! $har.e o +(J( /$Cormi$4 an! Ca=t( C( 0(
"i..ins $att)e( "is many rien!s wi)) be sorry to )earn o his tra.i$ !eath(
New Northwest ( $ugust &)" &%%' *!eer +odge,
&%%- #ontana Census nhabitants of !upuis Cree./
• Grant, James, 55yrs( /arrie!, armer(
• Grant, /ary, 30 yrs(, marrie!, 4ee=s house(
• Grant, Ju)ia, 15 yrs(
• Grant, /ary, 11 yrs(
• Grant, James, 7 yrs(
• Grant, /a..ie, 6 yrs(
• Grant, #i$har!, 5 yrs(
• Grant, John, % yrs(
Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell
Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute