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Introduction to ProChoiceViolence.

If you have any documentation on pro-abortion violence in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, please send it by standard mail or e-mail to the address at the end of this document. We will add your contributions to this list, and will mention your name if you desire. Please be sure to add documentation in the form of copies of newspaper or magazine article clippings or radio show transcripts, etc.

Are Pro-Lifers Violent Fanatics? Just to Complete the Record The National Abortion Federation’s Numbers on “Anti-Choice” Violence What “Pro-Choicers” Think is Violent The Differences Between “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” Violence Pro-Aborts Say: “The Problem Doesn’t Exist!” What about the Convenience Store Clerks? Pro-Life: The Most Peaceful Social Movement of All Time Introduction Violence by Homosexual Activists Violence by Animal Rights and Environmental Activists Violence by Anti-Apartheid Activists Violence by Communists Violence by Unions “Pro-Choice Violence” Good Sources of Information on “Pro-Choice” Violence End Notes

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Are Pro-Lifers “Violent Fanatics?”
Abortion is a bit bloody. So is a root canal. It's a f—ing operation! If you think abortion is gruesome, you should see childbirth; an ordeal that is ten times more dangerous to a woman's health ... The anti choice movement is like self help for them. Too bad there's no "Fanatics Anonymous" to give them the help they need. — SUNY student Michelle Goldberg. 1 "NBC News does not use the term "prolife," which it regards as loaded, but if someone wanted to use "pro-choice," I'd say that was fine." — NBC News Editor Gilbert Millstein.2 Introduction. We hear a lot about "anti-choice violence" and an "organized campaign of terror and intimidation against reproductive health centers." Most Americans, and, indeed, many people from other nations perceive the struggle over abortion in the USA to be a vicious, violent battle — with all or most of the violence being committed by so-called "fanatical anti-choicers." This is entirely due to the indefensible actions of a handful of deranged individuals and the persistent and monolithic bias of the national broadcast, print and entertainment media. Stereotyping by “Pro-Choicers.” The public perception of pro-lifers as violent thugs is partly fueled by the stereotyping perpetrated by virtually all "pro-choice" organizations and the better-known abortionists, including third-trimester abortionist Warren Hern, who makes a living committing the most hideous kind of violence. Hern says that [Pro-lifers] are, with few exceptions, vicious, irrational, absolutely ruthless, unscrupulous, pitiless, and driven by hatred. They are willing to accept any level of violence, not to mention social disruption and imposition of emotional pain to reach their goals. Every anti-abortion demonstrator must now be considered armed, dangerous and a potential assassin until proven otherwise. The anti-abortion movement must be considered the source and spawning ground of a violent, terrorist movement which threatens the social fabric and civil society of laws of the United States. ... The general atmosphere is one of survival. Twenty-five percent of the clinics have been bombed. This is a highly repressive, totalitarian [pro-life] movement, similar to the Brown Shirts who broke windows in Jewish shops in Germany.3 This statement is from a committed pro-abortionist, who considers all kinds of stereotyping to be forms of "hate speech" — except, of course, when it is directed against people he disagrees with. So why do people stereotype others?

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Planned Parenthood stridently demands that pro-lifers refrain from stereotyping others. But pictured above is a pro-lifer, as depicted by Planned Parenthood-Golden Gate in its 2005 cartoon “A Superhero for Choice,” which you can still find online. Pro-lifers are depicted as yellow-eyes zombies incapable of human speech — just meaningless grunts and groans. The heroine of the cartoon, Dianysis, violently drowns, blows up, and decapitates several pro-lifers in this cartoon. Racists stereotype African-Americans in order to exploit them and feel superior to them. Anti-Semites use this weapon to feel superior to Jews and to justify violence against them. And some "pro-choicers" like Hern use hackneyed images so that they may sooth their burning consciences by saying, in effect, "Well, they're just as violent as we are." Perhaps we should not be too surprised: After all, the only acceptable stereotypes in our culture now are used against Christians, especially Catholics. But there is another, more important reason that pro-aborts pigeonhole pro-lifers: every “argument” in favor of abortion is designed to divert attention away from the bloody business of abortion itself. "You can't legislate morality;" "Abortion should be a decision between a woman and her doctor;" "If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?;" "Pro-family, pro-child, pro-choice;" "Every child a wanted child;" and every other empty slogan they use in desperate attempts to get people to think about anything but abortion. When a pro-abortionist insists that pro-lifers are violent fanatics, he is obviously trying to divert attention away from the real violence: The systematic and profitable killing of tens of millions of innocent preborn babies.

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The Role of Media Bias. Most Americans think that the average pro-lifer has a violent streak a mile wide, and that the average "pro-choicer" is a tolerant, mild-mannered, mainstream thinker. To be sure, there is some justification for this public perception. After all, so-called "pro-lifers" have murdered eight people, and have seriously injured ten others. But have you ever heard about a pro-abortionist murdering a pro-lifer? Chances are you haven't, because when it happens, members of the national media consider it beneath their notice. The local media typically reports such incidents fairly, but the national media could not care less. When Harlan Drake murdered pro-lifer Jim Pouillon outside Owosso High School on September 11, 2009, the local media reported extensively on the incident, but it was barely covered in papers such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. The most egregious omission by the "mainstream" press is its continuing neglect of the wholesale murder of women who refuse to have abortions and are killed because of it. There are scores of women murdered each year, but you will never hear a word about such violence in the national press. This database documents more than eighty incidents in which boyfriends and husbands have murdered their pregnant girlfriends and wives because they refuse to have abortions. There are three primary reasons for this bias;

• •

The members of the national press tend to see abortion as a sacred human right, and one that is far more important than all other rights, including the right to life; and Coverage of brutal men murdering pregnant women because they refuse to have abortions would make "pro-choicers" look bad and would undermine the precious "right" to abortion.

When a "pro-lifer" kills an abortionist, it is big news to the media. But when pro-abortionists murder pro-lifers or other people, we never hear a word about it. The people who work for major media outlets are overwhelmingly pro-abortion. They routinely portray pro-lifers as crazy ideologues, and pro-abortionists as calm and gentle rational thinkers; they report only pro-life violence, never pro-abortion violence; they ignore the gruesome details of abortion, while portraying realistically the horrors of mangled bodies during wartime; and they ignore large pro-life events, such as the annual March for Life, while making a media sensation over a dozen NOW people gathered on the steps of a county courthouse. Evidence that the media are pro-abortion has been accumulating for years;

• • • • • •

The Lichter-Rothman studies on media bias, themselves ignored or suppressed by the media, found that motion picture leaders are 95% pro-abortion, television leaders are 97% pro-abortion, and news media leaders are 90% pro-abortion.4 The Media Research Center performed a detailed study of major media coverage of the abortion issue, and documented many ways in which the mainline media displays its pro-abortion bias; half of pro-life groups are labeled "conservative," while less than three percent of pro-abortion groups are labeled "liberal;" in none of 387 news stories on pro-life groups were they referred to by their preferred label of "pro-life," but in all of 682 news stories on pro-abortion groups, reporters labeled them by their preferred description "pro-choice;" the media portray abortion as a divisive issue in the Republican Party, but not in the Democratic Party; reporters ignore altogether the debate over partial-birth abortion, or swallow the lies of pro-abortionists without checking their facts; pro-life protests and other events, no matter how large, are not news, while pro-abortion

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events, no matter how small, are always news; reporters hype "pro-life" violence to the maximum extent possible, and utterly ignore pro-abortion violence; When a pro-lifer gets into trouble, the media take great pains to connect him to the pro-life movement; but when an abortionist murders someone, the media deliberately omit the fact that he or she performs abortions. As one example, John Baxter Hamilton violently murdered his wife. Not a single article in the national press mentioned that he was one of Oklahoma City's most prominent abortionists, although the local press mentioned his occupation many times.5 Dead abortionists are headline news for weeks or months, while women killed by the same abortionists simply do not exist. As far as the media is concerned, they are Untermenschen, non-persons. The Newspaper Guild, the nation's newspaper employee's union (consisting of 200 newspapers and 34,000 employees), adopted a resolution at their 1986 convention favoring unlimited abortion. It reads; [The Newspaper Guild] reaffirms a woman's fundamental constitutional right to make private and confidential decisions regarding reproduction. That right, supported in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision 13 years ago, holds that freedom of choice in abortion decisions is a matter of constitutional right, protected, secured, and guaranteed by the 4th and 14th Amendments. We oppose any re-examination of the court's decision at attempts to restrict these rights by the federal, state or local governments of the United States.6

The health editor of The New York Times has said "If you read their pieces, you can usually figure out what they [reporters] think. ... Anybody who reads The New York Times who doesn't think The New York Times is pro-choice, they are out of their minds. ... we send messages all the time about what we think."7 And, finally, even pro-abortionists have acknowledged what a good friend they have in the media. Susanne Millsaps, executive director of the Utah Chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America, has said that "The media has been our best friend in this fight. They claim objectivity, but I know they're all pro-choice."8

The media has two primary and inflexible objectives regarding abortion: (1) Paint all pro-lifers as violent fanatics, thus turning public opinion against us, blunting our efforts on the streets, and discouraging recruiting; and (2) Do everything it possibly can to divert attention away from the more than 50 million preborn babies who have died brutal and unnecessary deaths in the USA alone. On the other hand, whenever “pro-choicers” kill or beat up pro-lifers or other people, the local media usually reports fairly on the incidents. However, the national and international news services usually consider such incidents beneath their notice. This means that interested parties must dig a little in order to find documented evidence of pro-abortion violence. It also means that almost everyone is astonished when they are told that pro-abortionists have committed more than 300 murders since Roe v. Wade and an incredible 192 murders just since the year 2000 — and this does not include fatal botched abortions! Just a few of these murders are listed below.

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In 2001, Oklahoma City abortionist John Baxter Hamilton strangled his wife, beat her over the head with a heavy blunt object, and then slammed her face repeatedly onto the marble floor of the master bathroom in their home. In 2007, Alfonso Price demanded that his girlfriend Kerria Anderson get an abortion. She refused, because she was looking forward to having her little girl, whom she had already named "Precious." Price waited until Kerria was eight months pregnant, then got two of his friends and savagely attacked her, punching her in the face, knocking her to the ground, and stomping on her stomach in an attempt to kill her preborn child. During the attack, Price screamed at her, calling her names and saying that the reason they attacked her was because of her refusal to get an abortion. Kerria recovered from her injuries but her preborn baby died from a fractured skull as a result of the attack. Price, who already had a long police record, was caught two weeks after the murder and was charged with aggravated murder. In 1995, pro-abortionist Lavern Ward killed Debra Evans, 28, and her daughter, Samantha, 10, then hacked the unborn child out of Debra Evan's body. He then abducted her son, Joshua, 7, and later stabbed him to death. He was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder. In 1996, 29-year-old pro-abortionist Mark Boyd hired a hit man to kill his 15-year-old girlfriend, Kyunia Taylor, as she rode home on a school bus. Kyunia's baby, named Diamond, was delivered three months premature and died 23 days after Kyunia's murder.

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This is a graph showing the comparative numbers of deaths of born people deliberately caused by “pro-choicers” (red and pink) and “pro-lifers” (black). Guess which of these is more heavily publicized by the biased and dishonest “mainstream media?”

• • •

• •

In 1998, Jackson, Mississippi abortionist Malachi Dehenre, primary abortionist at the New Women's Clinic abortion mill, murdered his wife, Nyesha, who worked with him. In 1998, a jury found pro-abortionist Alfred E. Smith guilty of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Deena Moody. Smith killed Deena because she refused to abort their preborn child. In 1994, a jury convicted Los Angeles abortionist Alicia Ruiz Hanna of murder after Angela Sanchez, a 27-year-old mother of four, died at her Santa Ana abortion mill. The abortionist tried to stuff Angela's body into the trunk of her car in full view of her children, who were watching from the abortuary's waiting room. In 1989, a judge sentenced Los Angeles abortionist Milos Klvana to 53 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of murdering eight newborn babies. In 1983, El Paso abortionist Raymond Showery murdered a five-pound viable baby who survived one of his third-trimester abortions, and was later charged with manslaughter after

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botching an abortion that killed Mickey Apodaca. In 1997, 38-year old Kevin Robinson murdered 15-year-old Daphne Sulk because he had gotten her pregnant, and she refused to get an abortion to cover up his child molestation. In 2002, Matthew John Wiedeman and his friend Raymond Anthony Soto murdered 16-year old Stephanie Nicole Burnett by stabbing her repeatedly and beating her to death with a heavy steel barbell because Wiedeman believed she was pregnant and she refused to have an abortion. The coroner said "I think it's one of the most gruesome [murders] I've ever seen." The killing just goes on and on.

Of the 302 people we know of who have been killed by "pro-choicers" since Roe v. Wade (not including fatal botched abortions), 287 (95 percent of the victims) have been women and children and only 15 have been men. And any pro-lifer who has spent any time at all praying outside any abortion mill knows that the pro-aborts tend to physically attack women, the elderly, the handicapped, or children, as shown in the state-by-state documentation. Below is a summary of the people killed by pro-abortionists since Roe v. Wade;9

• • • • • •

551 abortion clients (for documentation, click here); 85 other pregnant women [78 pregnant girlfriends, 5 pregnant wives, and 2 other pregnant women]; 15 other women [including one 75-year-old pro-life minister and four elderly women aged 83, 76 and 76]; 74 born children [29 newborn babies and infants, 29 living aborted preborn babies, and 16 other children under the age of ten]; 113 wanted preborn children [remember that even the most heartless "pro- choicers" say that the preborn child is a human being if the mother wants it]; and 15 men [including one pro-life activist, two abortionists, one sheriff's deputy, and three suicides].

The most pitiful deaths of all are the murders of pregnant mothers. As the documentation list shows, “pro-choice” people have raped, tortured, beaten, strangled, poisoned, stabbed, burned, murdered, and even buried alive pregnant women, many of them in their last trimester. It staggers the imagination to realize that "pro-choice” groups rarely denounce this kind of sickening violence. In fact, in several cases, "pro-choice" groups have even opposed charges being brought against the murderer for the killing of the preborn child! The murder of pregnant women by "pro-choice" men happens far more often than most people imagine. At least three studies have shown that the most common cause of fatalities among pregnant women is murder, and statistics show that almost one-third of these are due to pro-abortion men who kill their wives or girlfriends simply because they are pregnant. "But wait!," "pro-choicers" will say. "Men who force women to have abortions are truly "pro-abortion," not "pro-choice!"" Sorry, but that claim doesn't fly in the face of how "pro-choicers" have handled forced abortions in the past. The only "pro-choice" people who have condemned these murders over the past four decades are a half-dozen lesser-known or local feminists, with strictly local audiences. Not one of the huge international or national "pro-choice" groups has EVER condemned these murders. In fact, multi-million dollar "pro-choice" groups and their leaders help enforce the brutal Chinese population control program and have even lavishly praised it. The United Nations Population Fund

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(UNFPA) helped design the Chinese "one-child" program, and its offices are often co-located with Chinese family planning offices. Marie Stopes International (MSI) helps enforce the Chinese program by operating a chain of abortion mills in China. And the former President of the National Organization of Women (NOW) has praised the "one child" program to the skies.10 This database deals only with women who were murdered specifically because they refused to have abortions. However, many other murders of pregnant women were found during research for this Web site. Most pregnant women are killed by drunk drivers, or are stabbed or shot to death for reasons that have nothing to do with abortion. These are not counted as “pro-choice” violence. However, the research supporting this database found a total of 413 pregnant women who were killed by violence directed specifically at them. 95 of these women were murdered specifically because they refused to have abortions. This is 23 percent of all murdered pregnant women, based on a very large sample size. In summary, then, we can say that about one-fourth of all pregnant women who are murdered are killed because they refuse to have abortions. This research is backed up by several major studies;

A March 2001 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the leading cause of death among pregnant women in Maryland is homicide. Using death records and coroner reports, state health department researchers found 247 pregnancy-associated deaths between 1993 and 1998. Among those deaths, 50 were murders. By comparison, homicide was the fifth-leading cause of death among all Maryland women. In Cook County, Illinois, 25 of the 95 pregnant women who died between 1986 and 1989 were murdered. In New York, 73 of the 293 deaths among pregnant women between 1987 and 1991 were homicides.11

If we use the results of these studies and basic information from the Census Bureau, we can easily calculate that about 25 to 30 women are murdered in the United States each year simply because they are pregnant.12

Just to Complete the Record
For the sake of completeness, the following is a list of documented deadly or near-deadly "pro-life" violence committed against abortionists and pro-abortionists, along with other related events;

• •

January 22, 1973: The Supreme Court's decisions Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton legalize abortion nationwide in the United States throughout all nine months of pregnancy. January 1993: Pro-abortion President Bill Clinton takes office, ending twelve years of pro-life presidency. After just two days in office, and without consulting Congress, he signs five pro-abortion Executive Orders (EOs), wiping out years of concerted pro-life progress. February 1993: Congress moves the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE)

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• •

• • • • •

• •

Bill out of committee. There is a general perception for the first time in the pro-life movement that peaceful protest in front of abortion mills is about to be criminalized or greatly restricted. Some pro-lifers begin to debate the idea of "justifiable homicide," stating that the penalties for mere picketing are about to become as severe as those for murder. March 10, 1993: Just one month after FACE is debated, Michael Griffin becomes the first "pro-life" murderer when he kills abortionist David Gunn outside his Pensacola abortuary. He is sentenced to life in prison. August 19, 1993: Rachelle "Shelley" Shannon shoots late-term abortionist George ("Killer") Tiller in both arms as he leaves his Wichita abortuary. Tiller goes back to work the next day, and Shannon is sentenced to 11 years in prison. May 26, 1994: President Clinton signs FACE into law. July 29, 1994: Paul J. Hill kills abortionist John Bayard Britton and his armed "escort," James H. Barrett. Hill is convicted of murder and executed. Pro-abortionists who vocally oppose the death penalty in general tied themselves into logical knots trying to justify it for Hill. November 8, 1994: An unidentified sniper shoots and injures abortionist Garson Romalis at his home in Vancouver, British Columbia. December 30, 1994: John Salvi shoots and kills abortion mill receptionists Lee Ann Nichols and Shannon Lowney, and injures five other people at two Brookline, Massachusetts abortuaries. He hangs himself on November 29, 1996 in his cell in a maximum security prison. November 10, 1995: An unidentified sniper shoots and injures another abortionist at his home in Ancaster, Ontario. November 11, 1997: An unidentified sniper shoots and injures abortionist Jack Fainman at his home in Winnipeg. January 1998: Eric Rudolph bombs a Birmingham, Alabama abortion mill, killing an off-duty police officer and maiming a nurse. October 23, 1998: James Kopp shoots and kills abortionist Barnett Slepian at his home in Buffalo, New York. December 13, 2007: “Pro-choicer” Eric Henry of Milwaukee, Wisconsin murders his step-grandmother, 75-year-old Reverend Anne Gordon, because she told him that she was pro-life and that she would not give him the money he wanted to pay for his girlfriend’s abortion. 2000-2008: Interestingly, there were no "pro-life" murders during the eight years that George W. Bush was President. All of the murders committed by "pro-lifers" took place while "pro-choice" presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama held office. It appears that, when pro-lifers think they have a chance to speak freely, the "frustrated few" who commit violent acts simply disappear. May 31, 2009: Scott Roeder walks into the Lutheran church where late-term abortionist George Tiller was serving as an usher and shoots him dead. A jury convicts Roeder of murder on January 29, 2010. September 11, 2009: “Pro-choicer” Harlan Drake murders pro-lifer Jim Pouillon in front of a school, and then murders gravel pit owner Mike Fuoss. On April 22, 2010, Drake is sentenced to life in prison. Most national "pro-choice" groups refused to condemn Jim's murder.

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The NAF’s Numbers on “Anti-Choice” Violence
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) keeps a running tally of "anti-choice violence and disruption" on its Web site. Many news outlets rely on the NAF's numbers and accept them uncritically. Anyone who takes the time to actually examine the NAF's statistics will find that they are grossly exaggerated. NAF's statistics are shown below;

The National Abortion Federation's Statistics on Violence and Disruption as of December 2009 Murder Attempted Murder Bombing Arson Attempted Bombing/Arson Invasion Vandalism Trespassing Butyric Acid Attacks Anthrax Threats Assault & Battery Death Threats Kidnapping Burglary Stalking Hate Mail/Harassing Calls E-Mail/Internet Harassment Hoax Device/Suspicious Package Bomb Threats Picketing Total Incidents 8 17 41 175 97 391 1,429 2,057 100 661 184 416 4 157 526 14,293 345 160 643 148,303 170,007

Introduction - Page 11 -

NAF’s violence report shows a very impressive 170,007 incidents of "violence and disruption" during the time period 1977-2009, and members of the media often parrot this number unquestioningly, deliberately giving the false impression that thousands of pro-abortionists have been killed or injured in the noble performance of their duties. Unfortunately for pro-lifers, Many members of the press are simply too biased or too lazy to do their jobs properly.13 Now let us take a closer look at the NAF's statistics:

148,303 (87.2%) of the NAF's incidents of "violence and disruption" were picketing. Perhaps we should not be surprised that pro-abortionists lump picketing in with violent acts, since they believe that the "right" to abortion is so sacrosanct that it may not even be violated by people exercising their First Amendment rights. For example, the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) says that classic American means of public dissent are violent — but only if they are done by pro-lifers. The FMF classifies "home picketing" and "clinic blockades" [rescue missions] as "incidents of extreme violence." The FMF's Web site also identifies picketing and leafleting of abortionist's neighborhoods as incidents of "violence."14 14,638 (8.6%) of NAF's listed incidents were "hate mail & harassing phone calls" or "e-mail/Internet harassment." Many of these incidents are trivial indeed, because many pro-abortionists see any attempt to dissuade them from their deadly activities as violence. Some of the activities NAF includes in this category are Christmas cards from pro-lifers, because there have been incidents when pro-lifers have been arrested for sending such cards to abortion mills.15 Other categories that normal people would not consider "deadly" or "extreme" violence include "invasions" and trespassing (2,448); vandalism (1,429); and butyric acid (stink-bomb) attacks (100), for a total of 3,977 incidents, or 2.3 percent of the total.

This means that a total of 166,918 incidents listed by the National Abortion Federation, or 98.2 percent, are not violence at all. But what about the other 1.8 percent of the incidents committed by pro-lifers? The NAF lists the following; • • • 8 murders, which we are all familiar with; 17 attempted murders; 4 cases of kidnapping; 216 arsons and bombings of abortion mills. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), there have been 169 arsons and bombings of abortion mills since 1982, and only 77 of these have been solved. 16 This strongly suggests that many of the acts of violence committed against abortion mills are "inside jobs." 97 attempted bombings and arsons (the vast majority of which are unsolved, but attributed to pro-lifers anyway); 661 anthrax threats, the huge majority of which were committed by a single individual, Clayton Lee Wagner (strange how you never heard from the "mainline" press that he also targeted pro-life crisis pregnancy centers); 184 cases of assault and battery, which is a dubious claim at best (the NAF admits on its chart that these are not "classified as such by the appropriate law enforcement agency"); 1,059 death and bomb threats (the NAF also admits on its chart that these are not "classified as such by the appropriate law enforcement agency"), and 526 cases of stalking. The definition the NAF gives for "stalking" is the "persistent

• • • •

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following, threatening and harassing of an abortion provider, staff member, or patient away from the clinic." Once again, this definition is very vague, and there have been only a handful of pro-lifers actually convicted of this offense.

What Pro-Choicers Think is “Violent”
Professional Victims. Pro-lifers should realize that everything is "terrorism" to the most extreme defenders of abortion, particularly abortion clinic workers. To them, peaceful sit-ins are "terrorism." Quiet picketing and prayer are "terrorism." Cards and letters promising prayer for clinic workers are "terrorism." Of course, "pro-choicers" often play the victim just to obscure or distract attention from the message their pro-life opponents are trying to get out. For instance, Republican candidate Michael Bailey, running for Congress in Indiana's 9th Congressional District in the 1992 Primary, aired advertisements which featured photographs of two late-term aborted babies at the bottom of a bucket. The voiceover said "[this commercial] is not suitable for small children; that is because abortion is so evil it is not suitable for America. When something is so horrifying that we can't stand to look at it, then why are we tolerating it?" Almost all national and local media heads condemned the ads. Jane Johnson, Director of Education for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), said "I think this is psychological terrorism. This kind of tactic is not distinguishable from those who picket clinics and shout at women and throw foul-smelling chemicals into clinics."17 One group of Italian pro-abortion groups complained to the press about one Father Andrea D'Ascanio, who committed "... an act of such violence that it terrifies us." What was the terrible brutality that Father D'Ascanio perpetrated? He set up a tomb for aborted preborn babies at his parish near Aquila, Italy.18 Even doing nothing is "terrorism" to many pro-aborts. For example, the staff at the Portland Feminist Women’s Health Center (FWHC) expected a rescue mission that never happened. One clinic worker remarked that "The lesson I learned is that it's still terrorism whether or not the threat is ever realized."19 This concerted and very public staged fright is very significant, because pro-abortionists would eventually like to officially classify any opposition to abortion as a "hate crime." In fact, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) has called for changes in hate crime legislation to include abortionists and aborting women as an identifiable group, for the purpose of increasing sentences handed down to those found guilty of violent acts against them. 20 This may sound reasonable to some, until we realize that any effective action by pro-lifers is "violence" and "terrorism" to pro-abortionists. Pro-Aborts Say: "Stay Home and Pray!" According to pro-abortionists, abortion is such a basic human right that nobody can be allowed to even question it in public. As Faye Wattleton, former President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), has said "We need to remove the abortion issue forever from the legislative arena. We need a universal recognition that our civil liberties are off-limits to partisan debate!"21 To pro-aborts, then, there is no such thing as a legitimate pro-life activity. This means that, in order to stamp out all pro-life opposition, pro-abortionists must label all pro-life activities either "violent" or "harmful" in some way.

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• • • • •

Pro-abortionists would like to prohibit all pro-life street activity. They say that pro-lifers must not peacefully block clinic doors to save preborn children, because this is "committing direct violence against women."22 Pro-lifers may not picket, because this is "Cromwellian fanaticism."23 Pro-lifers can't sidewalk counsel, because the women "have already made their minds up, and any interference will just cause them pain and distress."24 And we must not quietly pray in front of the clinics, because, as they say, even this "offends and hurts women."25 Pro-aborts would also like to ban all behind-the-scenes activities by pro-lifers. They say that we should not be allowed to offer alternatives to women through crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which NARAL calls "fraudulent and deceptive clinics." These CPCs, of course, may never give women factual biological information on fetal development, because this constitutes a "propaganda tool for the anti-abortion position."26 Remember that these are the people who say that pro-lifers are anti-scientific censors. To many, adoption is off limits, because, as pro-abortionists say, it is "misogynist" and "devastating."27 Pro-lifers must not try to enact any kind of restrictions on abortion, even if they are massively supported by public opinion, because such activity is "a violation of the wall of separation between Church and State." We can't lobby Congress, because this is "partisanship."28 We can't organize, because such activity is a "conspiracy." We must not educate the public, because we are pushing "anti-choice propaganda." We cannot try to convince others to embrace our position through one-on-one dialogue, because that is "shoving our philosophy down other people's throats," and, believe it or not, "spiritual battering!"29 Pro-life clergy may never mention abortion in their sermons or have a Sanctity of Life Sunday, because this may cause "frustration" and "anger" among so-called "pro-choicers."30 Catholic bishops cannot even exert any control over their own property by banning pro-abortionists, because this is "controlling public practices."31 Pro-abortion groups would even deny pro-lifers the right to express their belief that preborn children are human beings, because this encourages "terrorism." 32 In fact, some pro-abortion groups are so extreme that they say that the Catholic Church cannot even refuse to donate money to groups it believes to be promoting abortion because this is "intimidation," "strong arm tactics," and a "dirty little war" against "every good thing."33 Finally, pro-abortionists condemn even pro-life attempts to help women through the aftermath of abortion with programs such as Project Rachel, which they have labeled "offensive" and "dumb."34 Incredibly, pro-abortionists even denounce pro-lifers who offer money and other aid to pregnant women to help them through their pregnancies and beyond, because, as they say, this is "questionable," "manipulative," "unethical," and "dangerous."35 So we have a situation where pro-abortionists not only refuse to offer real help to women in crisis pregnancies, they would deny them help from any other source as well.

In conclusion, pro-abortion claims that they respect the rights of pro-lifers are indefensible, since they condemn every type of pro-life activism without exception.

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The Difference between “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” Violence
Figure 1 Comparison Between Violent and Illegal Activities Committed by “Pro-Choicers” and Pro-Lifers Documented Crimes by ”Pro-Choicers” Deadly and extreme crimes against persons (homicides and attempted homicides, kidnapping, torture, rape, incest, forcible sodomy, violent sexual crimes against women and children [marked "[***]" in the detailed table of “pro-choice” violence]: Less serious crimes against persons resulting in actual injury (assault and battery, sexual harassment, coercion, extortion, endangering or wounding others, forced abortions [**]): Property crimes (arson, firebombing, burglary, vandalism, destruction of property, theft, larceny and butyric acid attacks [*]): Alleged Crimes by Pro-Lifers (NAF)







NOTE: Statistics for this table are from the statistical summary of pro-abortion violence and crime. You can view this summary by clicking here. These statistics highlight three vivid contrasts between the pro-life and “pro-choice” movements;


Deadly “pro-choice” violence has been reported at least since 1965, and is escalating rapidly, with an incredible 192 homicides and other killings committed in just the last decade (2001-2010), not including fatal botched abortions. 2003 and 2005 were the bloodiest years, with "pro-choicers" murdering thirty people in each year. “Pro-choicers" also murdered 28 people in 2002. In fact, “pro-choicers” have averaged more murders (not counting fatal botched abortions) per year since 1985 than so-called "pro-lifers" have in the history of the entire conflict over abortion.36 Violence against abortionists only began when the pro-abortion movement started to choke off peaceful means of protest through Congress and the courts (Michael Griffin committed the first “pro-life” murder in March 1993, just a couple of weeks after Congress began to selectively crack down on peaceful protest with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Bill).

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"Pro-life" violence is almost always directed at the burning and destruction of abortion mills. In fact, most clinic bombers have explicitly testified during their trials that they carried out their activities in the middle of the night to avoid hurting anyone. As shown in the comparison above, the vast majority of “pro-choice” violence is directed against human beings. (3) As the state-by-state documentation list shows, many instances of pro-abortion assault are extremely cowardly. In these cases, pro-abortion men kick, punch, slap and spit on small children, women and elderly adults. Hundreds of Attacks. Abortionists and pro-abortion activists have violently attacked those who oppose them in literally hundreds of incidents. They have attacked pro-lifers with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, and other pro-abortionists have applauded and supported these actions. Many abortionists have raped, forcibly aborted and killed their patients. They have tortured and murdered their girlfriends and wives. They have botched third-trimester abortions and callously walked away to leave their victims to die — and then have tried to justify their actions with empty excuses. And then, when an abortion mill burns, they loudly demand with one voice that all pro-lifers condemn the violence. For example, Planned Parenthood distributes a document entitled "10 Things You Can Do To Stop Clinic Violence." Item number 8 reads: Demand of anti-choice leaders that they condemn the murders of reproductive health care providers and disavow those who advocate and justify violence, bombing, stalking, and murder. Let them know their statements must be clear and unequivocal.37 Pro-lifers must demand that these hypocritical pro-abortionists apologize for and condemn the many acts of murderous violence committed by the members of their movement.

Then they say, “The problem doesn’t exist.”
When confronted with this list of violence, “pro-choice” ideologues react the way they always do when faced with unpleasant truths: They simply deny that a problem, and even evidence of the problem, exists. They still claim that partial-birth abortions are so rare as to be nonexistent. They still say that post-abortion syndrome is a myth. They still allege that abortion reduces child abuse. They still say that women want abortion to be available, despite public opinion polls showing the opposite. And they still peddle the lie that thousands of women died of illegal abortion before Roe v. Wade. Even when confronted with hard evidence that abortion mills are concentrated in minority neighborhoods, they allege that the data is an "anti-choice fantasy." And now they are denying that there is such a thing as pro-abortion violence. As one example, Joyce Arthur, president of Canada's Pro-Choice Action Network (P-CAN), says

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that pro-abortion violence is a "myth," a "pious fraud," and "pathetic propaganda." In an article entitled "The Myth of Pro-Abortion Violence," posted on P-CAN's Web site, she spends most of her time justifying physical acts of violence against pro-lifers on sidewalks outside abortion mills (hold on a minute … we thought pro-abortion violence was a "myth").38 Then she callously dismisses as "simply abortion complications" the deaths of more than 550 women, including those cases where abortionists were found guilty of murder because they abandoned the women they aborted to die. This shows how deeply she really cares the lives and health of women. She just pretends they don't exist. Arthur also claims that the reliability of HLI's list (previously published) is "extremely dubious, especially considering the political agenda behind their compilation." Notice that she can't refute the documentation, so she attacks the people who compiled it. Finally, Arthur says that "Most items are very brief, are not sourced adequately or at all." All we need say about this absurd statement is: Check it out for yourself! Go to the state-by-state documentation and look. You can see that every one of the incidents on HLI's list of pro-abortion violence is adequately, and, in many cases, perhaps even excessively documented. Then, once again, check out the National Abortion Federation's list of "anti-choice violence," and all you see is a bare, one-page table — no documentation whatsoever. Arthur, of course, completely ignores the hundreds of murders committed by pro-abortionists. She blithely chooses not to mention the nearly two thousand sex crimes they have committed; the kidnappings, the arsons, the death threats and bomb threats, the tortures, the maiming and the molesting. She also conveniently neglects to mention abortionists like [now imprisoned] Brian Finkel who sexually molested more than 100 women; Bruce Steir, who was convicted of manslaughter after letting Sharon Hamptlon bleed to death; John Baxter Hamilton, who was convicted of murder after beating his wife to death; and Alicia Ruiz Hanna, convicted of murder after killing Angela Sanchez and trying to stuff her dead body into the trunk of her car. We invite serious researchers to compare the data presented on this site with that presented by NAF and other pro-abortion groups.

What about the convenience store clerks?
In the entire history of the struggle over abortion, eight pro-abortion activists (including four abortionists) have been murdered. This has given rise to a great torrent of grief and fear among pro-abortionists, who have held massive rallies and have written tens of thousands of pages of outraged prose condemning the violence. Indeed pro-lifers joined in this condemnation of violence. It has also led to boasting braggarts like abortionist and convicted serial sex molester Brian Finkel of Arizona widely publicizing the fact that he carried a pistol and wore a bullet-proof vest for his protection. The United States Department of Justice has even established a National Task Force on Violence Against Health Care Providers, which includes detailed tips on personal security.39 Just how much danger is an abortionist facing, especially when compared to other professions? The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics gives us the numbers regarding on-the-job fatalities due to assaults and other violent acts during the time period (1993-2009) when abortionists were being murdered;40

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Figure 2 Murders by Occupation, 1993-2009 Fatalities Due to Assaults and Other Violent Acts, 1993-2009 1,151 806 624 415 260 188 131 126 91 74 89 69 48 28 17 4

Occupation Cashiers and sales counter clerks Taxi drivers and chauffeurs Farmers and farm workers Truck drivers Janitors and cleaners Automobile mechanics and apprentices Bartenders Garage and service station-related occupations Lawyers Secretaries Hairdressers and cosmetologists Physicians (non-abortionists) Teachers Registered Nurses Clergy Abortionists

Even being a secretary or a hairdresser is much more dangerous than being an abortionist, but how many secretaries or hairdressers do you see posing for the cameras with bulletproof vests and Glocks? Why are Federal marshals not protecting janitors, taxi drivers and farmers? Why are there no heavily-publicized task forces for them?

Pro-Life—The Most Peaceful Social Movement of All Time

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Introduction. We can't honestly deny that some so-called "pro-lifers" have committed murder, have bombed and burned abortion mills, and are guilty of physical assault. This behavior is inexcusable, although such aberrations may be inevitable when you consider the vast size of the pro-life movement. With more than a million active members, there is absolutely no practical way to screen out every person with violent thoughts or inclinations. One also notices that these acts are always immediately and universally condemned in the pro-life movement, as they are antithetical to the movement’s philosophy and goals. Yet history shows us that the pro-life movement is by far the most peaceful social movement. Many other social movements are guilty of far greater death and destruction, including the civil rights movement, the unionization movement, the anti-apartheid movement, the "gay rights" movement, and, of course, the pro-abortion movement. Violence by Homosexual Activists. Anyone who has dealt with homosexual activists knows that they are extremely violent and sorely lacking in self-control. They lash out savagely at anyone who disagrees with them in even the most inoffensive manner. Homosexual activists routinely use violence and threats of violence to accomplish their objectives. Even the "birth" of the modern "gay-rights" movement happened during a riot. Some of these incidents of violence are described below.

Homosexuals and pro-abortionists belonging to the groups ACT-UP and WHAM (Women's Health Action Mobilization) stormed New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral on December 10, 1989, assaulting parishioners, disrupting Cardinal John O'Connor's Mass by screaming and shoving people, and desecrating the consecrated Host by throwing It on the ground and stamping on It. Outside, hundreds of screaming homosexuals burned Cardinal O'Connor in effigy and attacked passersby, all because the Cardinal had refused to toe their immoral "safe sex" line. Some of the placards the homosexuals carried displayed slogans such as; "MARY SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION; "CHRIST WAS A HOMOSEXUAL;" and "DEATH TO THE CHURCH!" After the invasion of St. Patrick's cathedral, ACT-UP issued a press statement saying that its cause is "... important enough [to allow us] to invade any space, to disrupt any speech."41 In December of 1990, in defiance of a court order resulting from the attack one year earlier, homosexuals broke into the Mass once again and made off with consecrated Hosts, which they gleefully displayed and desecrated outside.42 In 1989 and 1990, homosexuals waged a continuing war of vandalism and outright destruction against Catholic churches in Los Angeles. Homosexual attackers calling themselves "Greater Religious Responsibility" claimed responsibility for vicious attacks against Cardinal Roger Mahony, calling him a "murderer" for opposing their "safe sex" programs and for labeling the use of condoms "immoral." They attacked the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in Los Angeles, desecrating it with bloody-red hand prints and pornographic photographs of perverted sex acts plastered on the windows. ACT-UP posters were pasted everywhere. At St. Catherine's, they nailed a ten-foot cross festooned with plastic penises and used condoms to the church door. They smeared the chancery with animal blood and entrails that appeared to be the products of Satanic sacrifices.43 Dr. Chuck McIlhenny was pastor of San Francisco's First Orthodox Presbyterian Church for many years. In 1989, he exercised his Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly and helped engineer the defeat of a domestic partnership law that would have forced the public to accept homosexual immorality by compelling everyone to treat two homosexuals as a family. Anyone who did not willingly comply would be heavily fined

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or jailed. As one of the city's few politically active pastors, McIlhenny and his family became the focus of intense and vicious homosexual hate. For three years, they received thousands of threatening and harassing phone calls 24 hours a day, and many callers swore to sodomize and kill the McIlhenny's three young daughters. McIlhenny's home and church were firebombed. The arsons culminated in their home being firebombed while they were sleeping inside. In 1990, homosexual groups repeatedly vandalized the church and home with graffiti like "Dykes for Choice," and attacked the crisis pregnancy center housed in the church. Cowardly, skulking homosexuals broke the church's windows so many times the parishioners boarded them up permanently.44 When California Governor Pete Wilson vetoed the "gay rights" legislation sent to his desk in 1991, hundreds of screaming homosexuals rioted and overpowered police. They grabbed wooden police barriers and used them to smash the heavy plate glass in several office buildings, and then used the broken glass like Frisbees, pitching them at the knees of police. At least one policeman had his kneecaps shattered by this technique. The rioting homosexuals set fire to one building, causing $250,000 in damages. In keeping with a policy of greater police department "sensitivity" towards "gays," there were no arrests.45

Homosexual activists have become so bold that they know that they can get away with just about anything. Even the secular press reports on their vows of violence, but this reporting has little effect. The average person couldn't care less about homosexual violence until it is directed at him — and, even then, he may be afraid to react for fear of being labeled a "homophobe." Some homosexual threats of violence are shown below.

"I can, in the privacy of my own skull, douse [Senator] Helms with a bucket of gasoline and set his putrid ass on fire or throw [Congressman] William Dannemeyer off the Empire State Building ... [Cardinal John O'Connor] is the world's most active liar about condoms and safer-sex ... This fat cannibal from that house of walking swastikas up on Fifth Avenue should lose his church tax-exempt status and pay retroactive taxes from the last couple centuries. Shut down our clinics and we will shut down your church" — Homosexual activist David Wojnarowicz.46 "It's hard to refrain from taking this man [Pat Buchanan] by the throat and squeezing as hard as you can while you look into his ugly, disgusting face and watch the eyeballs burst and pop out of their sockets. Or maybe you feel like stepping on his face and squishing his demented brain until the rot oozes out of it and onto the pavement. I have no problem with imagining violence against this wacko ..." — Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large of the homosexual magazine Outweek47] "... I think the time for violence has now arrived. I don't personally think I'm the guy with the guts to do it, but I'd like to see an AIDS terrorist army, like the Irgun which led to the state of Israel" — Homosexual playwright Larry Kramer, founder of ACT-UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power).48 "I think we should blow up Gracie Mansion [the New York governor's residence] ... One of my favorite notions is that we make fake blood and throw bottles of it in public places, and shout, "This is AIDS blood!" Let them think that it is. We have to scare people. We have to make their lives uncomfortable. I think we should be tying up whole cities. We should cripple this country. We should throw bombs. We should set fires. We should stop traffic. We should surround the White House" — Larry Kramer.49

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"We should have shut down the subway and burned down city hall. I think rioting is a valid tactic and should be tried ... If someone took out [killed] Jesse Helms or William Dannemeyer of California, I would be the first to stand up and applaud" — ACT-UP member Michael Petrelis.50 "If [AIDS] research money is not forthcoming at a certain level by a certain date, all gay males should give blood. Whatever action is required to get national attention is valid. If that includes blood terrorism, so be it" — Homosexual activist Robert Schwab.51

Violence by Animal Rights and Environmental Activists. Perhaps the closest parallel to the pro-life movement is the animal rights/environmental movement, in that both fight for the rights of other beings instead of for their own rights. Yet even activists in the animal/earth rights movements not only resort to violence much more frequently than pro-lifers, they maintain Web sites boasting about the damage they cause. Just one group ― the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) maintains a Web site that lists more than a thousand violent "actions" it has taken, along with its sister organization, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), during the time period 1984-1999 and 2001. The groups boast of more than 100 acts of arson. Total damages caused by ALF/ELF arsons, window-smashing, tire-slashing, and paint-bombing, in addition to all their other actions, total in excess of $65 million as of 2001. The arsons claimed by the ALF/ELF include many that dwarf those committed by any "pro-life" arsonist: • • • • • • • • arson of the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle, which burned down on May 21, 2001, inflicting $5.6 million in damages; arson of the Coulston Foundation's White Sands Research Center building ($1 million in damages); burning down the offices of United Feeds in Greenbush, Wisconsin, on August 8, 1999 ($1.5 million in damages); total destruction of five buildings and four ski lifts in Vail, Colorado on October 18, 1998 ($14 million in damages); total destruction of the main offices and four trucks owned by the Agricultural Fur Breeders Co-Op in Sandy, Utah, on March 11, 1997 ($1 million in damages); arson of the Alaskan Fur Company in Bloomington, Minnesota on November 12, 1996, causing $2.25 million in damage; destruction of the University of California at Davis animal diagnostics laboratory and twenty vehicles on April 6, 1987, causing $5.1 million in damage and destroying years of critical research that would have benefitted many people; the June 2, 1987 firebombing of Hallmark Furs in St. Louis, Missouri, causing $1 million in damages; the April 3, 1989 "action" at the University of Arizona in Tucson, during which ALF activists smashed medical equipment, spray-painted graffiti like "Nazi" and "Scum," and stole or released 1,231 animals. The raiders then torched two of the research buildings, causing $200,000 in damage. One of the 15 projects halted involved research on creating an effective disinfectant for Cryptosporidium-contaminated water that would save thousands of lives in developing countries. The ALF "commandos" also unwittingly released 30 mice infected with the Cryptosporidium virus, an incurable strain of diarrhea that is invariably fatal to AIDS patients and malnourished children.52

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The Animal/Earth Liberation Front has also engaged in other extreme violence that includes attempted mass murder. In October 1996, the ELF attempted to burn the Detroit Ranger District office while it was occupied by a number of people.53 In September 1984, several California vivisectors received letters postmarked Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, stating that they are on an "A.L.F. Hit List." There was no interest shown by the government or by the media, but a "wanted" poster put out by pro-lifers is subject to a $107 million judgment. These extreme animal-rights and environmental groups also routinely use death and bomb threats to attain their goals. Speaking of "hit lists," the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, attended an Earth First! meeting at the University of Montana where a "hit list" of "enemies of the environment" was distributed. Subsequently, Kaczynski killed two of the people on that list with his bombs. Anti-lifers defended the right of Earth First! to distribute such lists, despite the fact that this particular list had led to two murders. What if, instead of killing "enemies of the environment," the Unabomber had sent bombs to abortion clinics? Would there still be support from the hypocrites of the loony Left?

The goal of the United Kingdom’s “10:10 Project” is to “cut carbon emissions 10% at a time.” In one of its several one-minute promotional videos (they were pulled by 10:10 after great uproar, but are still available on the Web), a perky teacher casually murders students who do not want to cooperate with this program by blowing them up and scattering geysers of blood and body parts all over the rest of the horrified students.

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The widespread violence of the animal/earth rights movement is certainly not confined to the ALF and the ELF. Several other major radical environmental organizations endorse and employ `ecotage' to disable and destroy land-clearing and logging equipment. Such vandalism has caused tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. Earth First! has even published books entitled Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching and How to Sink Whalers, Driftnetters, and Other Environmentally Destructive Ships.54 Environmentalist groups defend the publishing of such volumes under the banner of free speech. Now try to imagine the uproar the same people would raise if a pro-lifer published a book entitled How to Trash Abortion Clinics. One of the favorite tricks of the "ecoteurs" involves "spiking" trees by hammering railroad spikes randomly into trees "threatened" with cutting. When a logger hits one of these spikes with his chain saw, the saw will "kick back" and frequently endanger his life. If the tree is felled and transported to a lumber mill without incident, the large, high-speed bandsaw blades used to cut the logs will explode into shrapnel if they encounter a spike. This tactic has severely injured several mill workers. Environmentalist terrorist Rodney Coronado served time in prison for his eco-terrorist activities. He proudly boasts about his bombings (research laboratories and offices dealing with animal research), vandalism (smashing and spray painting fur dealerships), theft ("releasing" animals from farms), sabotage (sinking whaling ships), and attempts to kill human beings by spiking trees. Despite such a violent legacy, environmental journals such as the Earth First! Journal, No Compromise, and Live Wild or Die have hailed Coronado as a hero.55 We must ask an obvious question: Why doesn't anyone demand that the leadership of the Sierra Club or the organizers of Earth Day apologize every time a major arson or other violent action is carried out by radical environmentalists or animal-rights activists? Violence by Anti-Apartheid Activists. One of the most politically correct social movements of all time is the anti-apartheid movement. Its goals were noble, but it seemed to be insulated against all criticism, even when its leaders resorted to a widespread campaign of torture and murder to achieve their goals. Members of the [South] African National Congress (ANC), also known as the South African Communist Party, murdered hundreds of people during its campaign, most of whom were innocent bystanders. Even some of the movement’s leaders endorsed this violence, and applauded the use of `necklaces' to keep opponents, critics and dissenters in line. This hideous practice consisted of hacking a victim's arms off, placing a car tire around his neck, dousing him with gasoline, and setting him on fire. Between March 1 and June 5 of 1986 alone, a period of only 14 weeks, the ANC and its friends “necklaced” and burned to death 172 Blacks they saw as not cooperating with them enthusiastically enough56 Winnie Mandela boasted in 1986 that "Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country."57 She also alleged that Moscow was the "torchbearer for all our hopes."58 Many pro-abortionists, including the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers, officially proclaimed their support of Winnie Mandela, despite her murderous record.59 Nelson Mandela, thought by many to be an icon of peaceful resistance, stated that We Communist Party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern

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history ... The Communist movement still faces powerful enemies which must be completely crushed and wiped out from the face of the earth before a Communist world can be realized ... The people of South Africa, led by the SACP [South African Communist Party], will destroy capitalism and build in its place socialism.60 To those familiar with Mandela's long record of violence, the spectacle of the American press slobbering over the convicted terrorist during his stay in the United States was deeply sickening — but came as no surprise. Tom Brokaw of NBC called him "a kind of philosopher-king;" to Carole Simpson of ABC, he was "an almost God-like father figure;" and Garry Smith of CBS referred to "the Second Coming" when Mandela hit the beaches. Time Magazine featured him on its cover under the banner "AN AMERICAN HERO." At the climax of his visit, Mandela shared his New York City celebrity's podium with the three Puerto Rican nationalists who burst into the House of Representatives in 1954 and sprayed the chambers with bullets. Mandela had also invited the gunman who tried to assassinate President Harry S Truman in 1950, but the would-be assassin couldn't make it to the event.61 Even anti-apartheid clergymen preach extreme violence. Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has said; I am a Socialist. I hate Capitalism ... One young man with a stone in his hand can achieve far more than I can with a dozen sermons ... the only way to overthrow the government is with force ... Imagine what would happen if only 30 percent of domestic servants would poison their employer's food ... Is it not surprising that Black resistance has not yet blown up a school bus with White children? They are the softest targets!62 Violence by Communists. American Communists denounce as the worst kind of terrorists people who bomb a deserted abortion clinic, and have even called them "agents of genocide," a strange charge considering that Black women abort more than two and a half times more frequently than White women. Naturally, they conveniently ignore the glaring fact that the greatest genocides in history have all been committed by Communists, who have, by conservative estimate, killed more than 100 million individuals in undeclared wars on their own people — Mao (50 million), Pol Pot (3 million), Lenin (6 million), Stalin (25 million), and uncounted millions of others whose names we will never know. American Communists have declared "No forced birth control, no forced sterilization of poor women!" Yet they fully support the population control program in Communist China, which includes widespread forced contraception, forced sterilization, and forced abortion. In fact, the only countries in the world that force women to have abortions and force them to be sterilized are Communist. The only countries in the world that have unleashed the dreaded "Uterus Police" are Communist. And, of course, the only countries in the world that can force women to have babies for the good of the almighty State have had Communist governments (one example is the situation in Romania before the dictator Caucesescu was overthrown in 1989). Not only have American Communists not learned their lesson, they continue to support the violent and murderous Communist regimes that still exist. For example, the Communist Party of Peru — the Sendero Luminoso, or "Shining Path," has fielded death squads that have slaughtered thousands of innocent villagers. Sendero believes that the Khmer Rouge were on the right track as they slaughtered millions of Cambodians in their drive to "create a more perfect society." They rail against public elections, labeling them "parliamentary cretinism," and consider themselves to be the only fit rulers of the nation.63

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One of the Sendero's most pitiful victims was Maria Elena Moyano Delgado (known as Madre Coraje, or "Mother Courage"), who had worked among the poor for years in Villa el Salvador, one of the shantytowns surrounding Lima. She was conducting a children's fundraiser on February 15, 1992, when a Shining Path death squad broke into the building. In front of a hundred screaming children, they shot her in the back, and then destroyed her body via their usual method; by stuffing dynamite sticks into the mouth, anus, and vagina, and then blowing up the corpse, splattering blood and body organs all over the children.64 Not a word of protest against this horror was uttered by any Leftist publication in the United States. The only reporting on Delgado's death was done in America's conservative and religious press. In another incident of extreme violence, Shining Path terrorists were imprisoned in a maximum-security facility, where they rioted. Troops and guards put down the violent uprising, killing many of the terrorists in the process. American Communist organizations, who have ardently supported the Maoists all along, immediately condemned this attack. In fact, they commemorate an earlier murderous uprising of the Maoists as the "Day of Heroism."65 Presumably the Communists also believe that it is "heroism" to slaughter helpless children and unresisting women and priests. After the leader of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, was captured, American Communists went ballistic. They created an "international committee" to free the mass murderer, and open letters were splashed on full-page ads on the major American Communist propaganda newspapers. One example was the full-page demand on the back page of the January 31, 1993 Revolutionary Worker ("Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA"). The obligatory slogan-filled tirade was signed by more than a hundred radicals, including former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark; the "Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru," from (where else?) Berkeley; Jan Kirsch, board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility; Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer William Kunstler, and, inevitably, everyone's favorite baldheaded female trash “artist,” Sinead O'Connor. This is entirely typical. The Shining Path can slaughter thousands of innocent unarmed people, and there is silence on behalf of the victims; but when an abortionist is killed, American Communists devote entire issues of their trashy magazines to condemning the entire pro-life movement. Violence by the Unions. The National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) keeps a detailed Violent Event Data File, which includes media reporting on incidents of union violence. The NILRR has compiled more than 12,000 documented incidents of union violence committed since 1975. This includes at least 203 murders, 5,869 incidents of personal injury, and 6,435 incidents of vandalism and other property damage amounting to tens of millions of dollars of damage.66 Union organizers routinely employ coercion, assault, and murder to enforce their will. During Teamster strikes and other actions such as those carried out against Pittston and Hormel, pro-union snipers routinely kill and wound opponents and innocent bystanders. When truckers strike, union members often stand on overpasses and shoot at any truck they suspect is driven by a "scab." A person bold enough to disagree with the unions and exercise his "free choice" to cross picket lines in many cases risks his life for the privilege of working for a living. Columnist Jack Anderson also tied mobsters and unions to abortion clinics when he stated that "A Federal grand jury testified that some mobsters have used fraud, extortion, arson, assault, and other strong-arm tactics against [abortion] Medicaid practitioners in order to collect kickbacks and for protection against competition."67 Anderson said that some abortion mills had been paying several thousand dollars per month under threats of mob reprisal.]

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Pro-Choice Violence
The total number of incidents of “pro-choice” violence documented in this report by category are listed here. Unlike all pro-abortion reports that simply allege 100, 250, 500 (pick a nice round number that sounds good) incidents of "anti-choice" violence but rarely document their claims, this report lists all documentation for more than ten thousand incidents of pro-abortion violence, aggravated murder to torturing animals. So the next time a person shows you a map or graph of "anti-choice violence" and demands that you condemn it, tell him that the apology must be mutual; if you are going to apologize for violence you were not involved in, he must also apologize. If we count just born individuals killed by pro-abortionists, we find that pro-abortion violence far exceeds that of "anti-choice" violence by any measure; People killed by “pro-choice” murders, manslaughters and infanticides (not counting women killed by so-called “safe and legal" abortion) Women killed by "safe and legal" abortion (see this document for names and documentation on the deaths of these women) Total people killed by “pro-choicers”

302 551 853

In summary, then, if we count the murders of only born human beings, the pro-aborts are far ahead of the "pro-lifers" — by a "score" of 853 to 8. “Pro-Choice” Violence the World Over. Introduction. Abortionists and pro-abortionists are cut from the same rotten bolt of cloth the world over. They are insanely violent and completely conscience-free. If anything, pro-aborts are even less civilized in the rest of the world than they are in North America! Click here for just a few examples of the ridiculous antics and the violence committed by pro-aborts in other nations of the world.

Good Sources of Information on “Pro-Choice” Violence
There are many good sources of information on the more current incidents of “pro-choice” violence, lawbreaking and fatal botched abortions. Most of the information in this database was derived from these sources, which are all excellent;

LifeSite News at Daily news articles on abortion, euthanasia,

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• •

• • •

population control and politics. A daily e-mail subscription service is available. LifeNews at Another daily news service that offers an e-mail subscription service. Operation Rescue maintains an excellent news service on the violence and crimes committed by abortion mills and abortion mill workers, including abortionists. OR does its own investigations and posts the results on this news service, which is updated several times weekly at Covenant News at Compilation of news articles on abortion, with other sections on homosexuality and politics. The headlines for this Web site can be shocking and strident, but the links to secular news services are invaluable. Life Dynamics, Inc. at features the “Blackmun Wall,” with the names of all known women who have died as a result of botched abortions. You can also subscribe to LDI’s monthly “LifeTalk” DVD, which has a segment on “pro-choice” violence. Saynsumthn’s Blog at has much up-to-date information and detailed and valuable commentary on “pro-choice” violence and lawbreaking.

End Notes
(1) Michelle Goldberg, Feature Editor. "Rant for Choice." The Spectrum [State University of New (2) (3) (4)
York at Buffalo], quoted in "Student Editors Print Threats Against Pro-Lifers." HLI Update, November 1995, page 1. NBC News Editor Gilbert Millstein. Quoted in Burke Balch. "The Enormous Power of Language." National Right to Life News, December 22, 1980, page 5. January 1995 report of abortionist Warren Hern of Boulder, Colorado, to Janet Reno and Joanne Harris, quoted in William Norman Grigg. "Soviet-Style "Choice"." New American, April 15, 1996, pages 17 to 19. In 1979 and 1980, veteran researchers S. Robert Lichter and Stanley Rothman conducted hour-long interviews with 240 members of the most prestigious media establishments in the United States, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Time and Newsweek Magazines, U.S. News and World Report, all of the news departments at CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and all of the major public broadcasting stations. Their studies included a complete cross-section of the professions at each corporation: Reporters, department and bureau heads, syndicated columnists, anchormen, producers, news executives, and correspondents. S. Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman, and Linda S. Lichter. The Media Elite: America's New Powerbrokers [New York: Hastings House Publishers], 1990. See the Oklahoma State listing for details on the Hamilton case. Pro-abortion resolution of the Newspaper Guild, adopted during its 1986 National Convention, quoted in Todd Ackerman. "Newspaper Union Support of Abortion Spells Trouble." National Catholic Register, September 10, 1989, page 1. The health editor of The New York Times, quoted in Tim Graham and Clay Waters. Special Report "Roe Warriors: The Media's Pro-Abortion Bias." Media Research Center, July 22, 1998. This report is available online at the Web site of the Media Research Center at 722.html. Susanne Millsaps, executive director of the Utah Chapter of NARRAL (now NARAL


(6) (7)


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Pro-Choice America), quoted in the Washington Times, March 13, 1991. Also quoted in Voices for the Unborn (Feasterville, Pennsylvania), October 1991, page 4. (9) These include only cases in which murder, manslaughter or other homicide charges have been brought by the authorities. These numbers include wanted preborn children, such as when a man strangles his pregnant girlfriend when she refuses to have an abortion, or when he deliberately attacks the preborn child by stabbing or kicking its mother in the abdomen. The numbers do not include "unwanted" preborn children, because they would number in the tens of millions. (10) Some of Molly Yard's quotes supporting the Chinese forced abortion program: (1) "We are going to have to face — as China has faced — the policy of controlling the size of families, and to assume that we can go on without facing this responsibility is totally irresponsible. ... I consider the Chinese government's [population control] policy among the most intelligent in the world. ... it is a policy limited to the heavily overpopulated areas and it is an attempt to feed the people of China. I find it very intelligent" [March 1989 "Oprah Winfrey Show"]; (2) "China's population is so enormous that if they didn't control it, they wouldn't be able to feed their people. The Chinese government doesn't coerce people. They use education. It's very clear when you're there. You can't miss it. Even if you can't read the language, you can't miss it" [April 7, 1989 press conference, quoted by Mary Meehan. "Women as Guinea Pigs." National Catholic Register, April 30, 1989, page 4]; (3) "What is moral about denying family planning funds to China, which is what the United States has done, because the Chinese have a policy of allowing abortions and encouraging a one-child family? What is moral about insisting that our point of view should be adopted by the Chinese when the only responsible policy they can have is to control family planning?" [keynote address at the 1990 NOW National Convention. Quoted by Debra J. Saunders, Los Angeles Daily News. "NOW's Shrillness Becomes Embarrassment to Feminism." August 7, 1989, page D4]. (11) Associated Press, April 25, 2003; "Violence against Pregnant Women is Not Uncommon." Steve Ertelt's Pro-Life Infonet, April 26, 2003. (12) This number is derived using a three-step calculation: Step 1: How Many Pregnant Women Die Each Year in the United States? There were 4,028,000 births in the United States in the year 2001 [United States Bureau of Commerce, Department of the Census. National Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States 2002. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2003. Table 66, "Live Births, Deaths Marriages and Divorces: 1950 to 2001" (The entire Statistical Abstract can be downloaded in PDF (printable Adobe Acrobat) format from the Web site of the Department of the Census at]. The maternal mortality rate in the United States is 9.9 deaths per 100,000 live births (the maternal mortality rate is defined as the rate of deaths during pregnancy, delivery, and the two weeks after delivery (the puerperium)) [2002 Statistical Abstract, Table 98, "Infant, Maternal, and Neonatal Mortality Rates by Race: 1980 to 1999"]. This means that about (4,028,000/100,000*9.9) = 400 women die during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium in the United States each year. Step 2: How Many of These Pregnant Women Were Murdered? There were a total of 635 deaths of pregnant women studied in the Maryland, Cook County and New York surveys mentioned in the text, and 148 of these, or 23.3 percent of all of the deaths, were homicides. If we apply this percentage to the 400 pregnant women who die each year, we arrive at a total of (400 X .233) = 93 pregnant women being murdered in this nation each year.

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Step 3: How Many of These 93 Pregnant Women Were Murdered Because They Were Pregnant? First we have to look at how many pregnant women would be murdered if their killings were purely random. There were 3,169 female murder victims in the United States in the year 2000 [2002 Statistical Abstract, Table 288, "Murder Victims by Age, Sex and Race: 2000." There were 144,984,000 females in the United States in the year 2001 [2002 Statistical Abstract, Table 11, "Resident Population by Sex and Age Group: 1990 to 2001"]. This means that the rate of females being murdered was (3,169 X 1,000,000/144,984,000) = 21.9 per million. In the United States, there are at any time (4,028,000 X 9/12) = 3,021,000 pregnant women. The murder rate among pregnant women is (93 X 1,000,000/3,021,000) = 30.8 per million. This means that about (3,021,000 X (30.8-21.9)/1,000,000) = 27 pregnant women are murdered every year because they are pregnant. (13) National Abortion Federation Web site at, section entitled "Violence Statistics." The total number of incidents of violence and disruption include the subtotals under the categories "Violence" and "Disruption." (14) Downloaded from the Web site of the Feminist Majority Foundation at, December 4, 2000. (15) “Pro-choice” people often see the most routine of activities as "terrorism" and "extreme violence." For example, Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian went wild when several pro-lifers sang Christmas carols outside his home on a public sidewalk, on December 5, 1988. Slepian grabbed a baseball bat and severely injured Ronald Breymeier, 48, by beating him on the head, back, and arms, before smashing out all the windows on Breymeier's van. Slepian surrendered to Town of Amherst police at his home a short time afterwards, and was charged with felony assault and criminal mischief. Local pro-abortionists vocally supported this incredibly violent attack, perhaps because Slepian sniveled that the pro-lifers were anti-Semitic. Clinic owner Marilynn Buckham told the Buffalo News; "I think it's [picketing] religious persecution. These "good Christians" don't respect anyone else's religion." She, of course, made no mention of abortionists respecting the health and rights of pro-lifers [Paul Likoudis. "Buffalo Abortionist Attacks Pro-Lifers with Baseball Bat." The Wanderer, December 15, 1988, page 1]. (16) “Abortion Clinic Violence." Web site of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) at, downloaded on June 20, 2003. BATFE statistics show that a total of $1,009,050 in damage was done to abortion mills by bombers during the five-year period 1993-1997, and seven people were injured. By comparison, during the same period, more than a thousand bombings killed 47 people, injured 1,224, and caused more than half a billion dollars of damage at commercial enterprises. At schools, bombings injured 127 people. Mailbox bombs killed forty people. Thirteen people were killed and 74 more injured when they were bombed in their cars ["Total Bombing Incident Fatalities by Target Type." Web site of the BATFE at, downloaded on June 20, 2003. So why do we only hear about the bombings of abortion mills in the media? It is obvious that the media and liberals care much more about abortion mills than they care about synagogues and churches. The National Church Arson Task Force (NCATF) of the BATFE and the FBI has documented 827 actual and attempted arsons and bombings of churches and synagogues during the period January 1, 1995 to October 5, 1999 [National Church Arson Task Force (NCATF) of the BATFE and the FBI. Third Year Report for the President, January 2000. Web site of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

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(BATFE) at, downloaded on June 20, 2003]. Compare this to the NAF's number of 61 actual and attempted arsons and bombings at abortion mills during the same period. In other words, for every abortion mill that is torched, fourteen churches and synagogues burn. And what do we hear the most about? That's right. The abortion mills. Pro-abortionists attempt to implicate the entire pro-life movement when an abortuary burns, and shout endlessly about some vast, organized "anti-choice" conspiracy, but an expert from the BATFE has said that "Overwhelmingly, the fires tend to be the work of a loner. A lot of these people convicted have never had any visible or traceable connection to anti-abortion activity. ... [Investigators have uncovered] no sign of support from anti-abortion organizations for this kind of activity. Many of the bombers rejected the organization. They thought of it as weak, impotent, not serious-minded. These are the kinds of things you hear when you talk to them" [Jack Killorin, BATFE agent, quoted in "Arson Fires Not Linked." Life Advocate [Publication of Advocates for Life Ministries, Portland, Oregon], September 1992, page 21]. (17) Jane Johnson, Director of Education for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, quoted in the Detroit Free Press, July 14, 1992; Letter from Roy J. Stewart, Chief, Mass Media Bureau, to Vincent A. Pepper, Esquire, and Irving Gastfreund, Esquire, 8210-AJZ/MJM (August 21, 1992). ()18 "Children Never Born." The Catholic World Report, February 1992, page 56. ()19 "The Clinic Attack That Wasn't." Feminist Women's Health Center Newsletter [Portland, Oregon], Summer 1993, page 8. ()20 Kim Bolan. "Meeting Pursues Plan to Protect Abortion Workers." Vancouver Sun, July 20, 2000. ()21 Faye Wattleton, former President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). "Reproductive Rights Are Fundamental Rights." The Humanist, January/ February 1991, page 21. ()22 Ellen Carton, New York executive director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), quoted in "Gazette." Conscience, May/June 1988, page 17. ()23 Annie Lally Milhaven. "Fatherly Fanaticism." Conscience, July/August 1988, page 6. ()24 Ellen Carton, New York executive director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), says that " ... commotion outside a clinic increases stress and affects the performance of medical personnel." Quoted in "Gazette." Conscience, May/June 1988, page 17. ()25 Frances Kissling has said that "Protesting or praying outside women's health centers by cardinals and other church leaders, no matter how non-violent it appears, offends and hurts women." Quoted in Cathleen Falsani. "Abortion Foes Gather to Pray: Cardinal Bernardin Leads Mass at Chicago Clinic." Daily Southtown, June 27, 1999, pages 1 and 10 [NOTE: Falsani, the "religion writer" for this newspaper, could not even get the name of the Cardinal right in her article. It was Cardinal George who led the Mass at the abortion mill, not Cardinal Bernardin, who had died more than a year earlier]. CFFC also boasted that "In June, we held a press conference to criticize Cardinal John O'Connor's "prayer picket" in front of a New York City abortion clinic" ["CFFC Notebook." Conscience, Summer 1992, pages 38 and 39]. ()26 Richard Doerflinger. "Who are Catholics for a Free Choice?" America, November 16, 1985, page 313. ()27 Mary Jean Wolch. "An Open Letter from a Catholic Birth Mother." Conscience, Autumn 1996, pages 25 to 28.

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()28 ()29 ()30 ()31
page 22.

“Gazette." Conscience, May/June 1988, page 17. Letter by Rev. E.L. O'Hickey, Conscience, May/June 1988, page 19. Margaret Conway. "State Updates." Conscience, July/August 1989, pages 16 and 17. “In the News: Not in My Building, You Don't." Conscience, January/February 1991,


“In Brief." Conscience, Spring/Summer 1995, page 57 ["If religious leaders sincerely want to deter the terrorists, they must disavow one premise, ... that there is no significant difference between the human life of the unborn and human life of the born human being"]. ()33 Frances Kissling. "The Vatican's Cheap Shot at UNICEF." Conscience, Winter 1996/1997, pages 36 and 37. ()34 Excerpts from Frances Kissling's input to Annie Lally Milhaven's book Inside Stories: 13 Valiant Women Challenging the Church. Conscience, September-December 1987, pages 29 to 37. ()35 Various pro-abortionists, interviewed by Lisa M. Hisel and Patricia Miller. "Bribery or Benevolence: Prochoice Leaders Examine the Generosity of a Scottish Cardinal." Conscience, Winter 1999/2000. ()36 The number of murders, fatal botched abortions and other killing and we know of that have been committed by pro-abortionists, by year, are as follows:

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Annual "Pro-Choice" Homicides and Fatal Botched Abortions, 1973-2010 Fatal Botched Abortions[*] 44 32 32 13 24 18 22 11 13 12 12 12 12 17 15 16 13 8 21 24 15 24 Fatal Botched Abortions[*] 23 5 10 8 7 11 10 9 10 8 7 6 7 6 7 7

Year 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Homicides 1 — 1 — — — 6 1 1 — — — 9 — 5 8 5 3 6 — 5 6

Total Killings 45 32 33 13 24 18 28 12 14 12 12 12 21 17 20 24 18 11 27 24 20 30

Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Homicides 7 6 10 2 23 5 19 28 30 13 30 11 16 18 14 13

Total Killings 30 11 20 10 30 16 29 37 40 21 37 17 23 24 21 20

—— Totals 302

—— 551

—— 853

[*] Seven abortionists have been charged with homicides due to fatal botched abortions. These are not included under the "fatal botched abortions" category so as not to be double-counted. All fatal botched abortions are taken as the greater of (1) the number of deaths actually documented in this database, or (2) the numbers given in the annual CDC Abortion Surveillance Reports. Homicides and fatal botched abortions for the period 18771972 are not listed in this table because they occurred before abortion was legalized all over the USA by Roe v.

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Remember that these include only cases in which murder, manslaughter or other homicide charges have been brought by the authorities. A fair number of fatal botched abortions would fall into this category, because there are many cases involving an abortionist who wanted an abortion client to die, or of abortionists showing such depraved disregard for an abortion client's safety that murder or manslaughter charges were lodged by authorities (these are still counted under fatal botched abortions in order to preclude confusion or double-counting). These numbers do include wanted preborn children, such as when a man strangles his pregnant girlfriend when she refuses to have an abortion, or when he deliberately attacks the preborn child by stabbing or kicking its mother in the abdomen. The numbers do not include "unwanted" preborn children, because then they would number in the tens of millions. (37) Downloaded from 10things.htm, December 4, 2000. (38) Joyce Arthur. "The Myth of "Pro-Abortion Violence." Pro-Choice Action Press [Pro-Choice Action Network, British Columbia], April 2003. Perhaps Arthur's fanaticism is understandable, since she refuses to even debate pro-lifers. In 1999, she said that Along with most other pro-choice groups, we do not engage in debates with the anti-choice ... Simply put, the right to abortion is not a debatable issue. Access to legal, safe abortion is a fundamental human right, one that should be safeguarded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ... Debating anti-choicers would be an abdication of our responsibility to support abortion providers and help women. Simply having a debate with the anti-choice lends legitimacy and credibility to the so-called "pro-life" position. And it provides a platform for dangerous anti-choice propaganda. We do not recognize as legitimate a position that is characterized by falsehood, hypocrisy, small-mindedness and intolerance. Why should we give the appearance of legitimacy to the anti-choice position, when we have our hands full just trying to counter anti-choice misinformation, lies, threats and violence? Would a Jew debate a Nazi?. ... Being pro-choice is the reasonable, moral, middle ground on which most people stand. The pro-choice position is inherently democratic and protects everyone, because whether you like abortion or not, you're responsible for exercising your own choice. The right to choose abortion should not be subject to the whim of the electorate. ... In North America, the "debate" over abortion happened decades ago in our courtrooms, and the anti-choice movement lost. The debate is over — the task of the pro-choice community now is to protect and enhance the legal right to abortion, and educate people on the necessity of legal abortion [Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network. "Why Pro-Choice Supporters Do Not Debate the Anti-Choice." Quoted in "To Debate or Not to Debate." The Caleb Report [Life Decisions, Inc.], July-August 1999, pages 3 and 4]. Note that the pro-aborts used to debate pro-lifers frequently, but only stopped when they were regularly beaten and embarrassed in these debates. That is the real reason they stopped debating, not the half-baked rationalizations and bloviations we see above. (39) Department of Justice, National Task Force on Violence against Health Care Providers, Web site at (40) Numbers of fatalities by year are extracted from tables on the Web site of the United States Deparment of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, at, in annual reports

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entitled Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, in tables entitled "Fatal Occupational Injuries by Occupation and Event of Exposure, [year]." This table number varies from year to year as follows; 1993: Table A-8; 1994 and 1995: Table 3; 1996: Table 2; 1997 to 2000: Table A-4; and 2001 to 2008: Table A-5. (41) E. Michael Jones. "The Pope and the Condom Worshippers." Fidelity Magazine, October 1987, pages 32-44. Also see Just Out Magazine, January 1990, page 10. (42) John Leo. "The Gay Tide of Catholic-Bashing." U.S. News and World Report, April 1, 1991, page 15. Also reprinted in the April 14, 1991 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, page 19. (43) “Mahony and the Times." National Catholic Register, February 11, 1990, page 4. (44) “The McIlhennys: Victims of Hate." Focus on the Family Citizen, August 20, 1990, pages 14 and 15. (45) As described in an October 1991 letter from Focus on the Family. (46) Homosexual activist David Wojnarowicz, in an art catalog funded by tax dollars provided by the National Endowment for the "Arts" (NEA). Quoted in Congressman Dana Rorahbacher. "Congress Continues Funding Pornographic, Anti-Christian "Art" With Tax Dollars." American Family Association Journal, January 1990, page 20. (47) Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large of the homosexual magazine Outweek, quoted in National Review, June 24, 1991. (48) Homosexual playwright Larry Kramer, founder of ACT-UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), quoted in the Wall Street Journal, May 8, 1990 (the Irgun was a Zionist army originating in the mid-1930s, which slaughtered and maimed hundreds of women and children). (49) Larry Kramer, The Advocate, August 18, 1987, quoted in Kirk Kidwell. "Homosexuals Flex Muscle in Washington." American Family Association Journal, January 1988, pages 6 to 8. (50) ACT-UP member Michael Petrelis, quoted in Michael Willrich. "Uncivil Disobedience." Mother Jones, December 1990, page 16. (51) Homosexual activist Robert Schwab, quoted in Kirk Kidwell. "Homosexuals Flex Muscle in Washington." American Family Association Journal, January 1988, pages 6 to 8. (52) This information was downloaded from 2001 numbers are from the North American Animal Liberation Front's Press Office report entitled 2001 Year-End Direct Action Report, dated January 18, 2002 and downloaded from There does not yet seem to be any published information on ALF/ELF "actions" for the years 2000 and 2002. Also see "Activist Gets Prison Term." The Oregonian, April 18, 1990, page A10. (53) Ibid. (54) Ecodefense was advertised on the Earth First! Web site at Dwight Worker's How to Sink Whalers, Driftnetters, and Other Environmentally Destructive Ships was an on-line book located at (55) Eco Activists Hail Terrorist Bomber." LifeSite Daily News, December 8, 1998. (56) Edie Butler. "In Support of Winnie Mandela." WomenWise (publication of the New Hampshire Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers), Spring 1989, page 8. (57) Winnie Mandela, Soweto, April 11, 1986. Quoted by Agence France-Presse on April 13, 1986, and in National Review, August 29, 1986, page 12. (58) April 30, 1986 speech by Winnie Mandela, quoted in the Munsieville, Transvaal, UCANEWS, September 1986.

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Edie Butler. "In Support of Winnie Mandela." WomenWise (publication of the New Hampshire Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers), Spring 1989, page 8. (60) Nelson Mandela, during his 1962 trial for terrorism. Quoted in The Wanderer, July 1, 1990, page 6. He is also quoted in his book How to Be a Good Communist, in "The ANC/Communist Party Connection." New Dimensions Magazine, September 1990, page 59. (61) “Mandelamania." National Review, July 9, 1990, page 14. (62) Archbishop Desmond Tutu, quoted in the London Sunday Times, December 12, 1985; London Daily Telegraph, November 1984; Argus, April 3, 1986; Volkskrant, Holland, November 15, 1984; London Sunday Times, January 26, 1986. (63) Patrick W. Symmes. "Out to Lunch With Sendero." The American Spectator, December 1991, pages 26 and 27. (64) “A Portrait in Courage." National Catholic Register, April 19, 1992, page 2. (65) “Condemn the Cowardly Attacks on the Revolutionary Prisoners of Peru!" Revolutionary Worker, May 31, 1992, page 5. (66) National Right to Work Committee. “Freedom from Union Violence Act." Downloaded from the Web site of the National Right to Work Committee at on April 16, 2011. (67) Columnist Jack Anderson, in the Torrance [California] Daily Breeze, March 3, 1984.

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