Life In TheEyes Of aTeenager By: Tracy Remy

Word of Advice:

I have lived in the world for thirteen long and hard years. They say your childhood is the best part of your life. Maybe in the past this was true but in the present, it is a whole nother story. After this page you will know the troubles of being a child of my time. If you are a parent trying to understand your child, this is the book for you. If you are a parent not wanting to know their flaws this is not the book for you. There are kids out there who doesn t have the guts to stand up to their parents and tell them their problems, so don t expect to find more material like this one. If you are a parent who believes their doing everything right I highly suggest that you read this immediately because I m pretty sure you re not even close to perfect. If you can t even finish this page without being depressed I highly recommend you step away from this writing piece because you re going to see things in OUR perspective NOT YOURS. Remember: I WARNED YOU Tracy Remy

Rule#1: You¶re Not Always Right
There is a famous quote among children around the world. This quote is ³the parent is always right´. To some kids, it¶s a way of survival. To others kids like me it¶s a stupid, ³nice´ and ³cheery´ way of saying ³Don¶t even try because you¶re NEVER going to win´. Here¶s an example: Your child asks for your assistance with their homework so you decide to help them. Once you start helping your child says to you ³that¶s not how you do it. My teacher said so´ these are the three options you will most likely choose; A. ³show me how your teacher does it´ B. ³Shut up I know what I¶m doing´ C. ³fine do it yourself then´

Now you can¶t even lie when you say you don¶t choose either B or C because I¶m a child myself. I have heard answers like B and C all of my life. It is very rare to hear an answer like A come out of a parents mouth. Well here¶s a news flash: WE WANT YOU TO SAY ANSWER CHOICE A!!!!!! We want you to for once admit you¶re wrong and apologize. Is that too hard to ask? We kids give up on arguments because of the rule they heard from their siblings or friends ³THE PARENTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT´. This rule wasn¶t made because we felt bad for you guys. It was made because it¶s a way of making it to another year. It¶s a way of survival.

Rule#2: Yelling is not the Answer
To us kids we believe your favorite activity of the day is yelling your ass off. (See I told you this writing piece is fucked up) Whenever we wake up in the morning we try to avoid you parents since we know that you are going to yell and scream and bitch for no reason whatsoever. If you have a problem with something there is no reason to yell. We hear you loud and clear. You don¶t need to make the neighbors here your stupid rampages. I guarantee you I am not the only child feed up with the yelling and screaming. We couldn¶t have done something so bad that would make you yell and scream on the top of your lungs. Here¶s an example of what would happen; let say your child wanted a cookie but didn¶t ask permission to get one. Once they get the cookie they run as fast as they can not to be caught by you but off course it didn¶t work. Your falcon¶s eye caught them red handed so what do you, as the parent, do: A. Yell and scream making the child feel unwanted B. Pat their head and tell them what they did was wrong C. Yell, scream and hide the cookie jar Now if you¶re a parent I am pretty sure u have never done answer choice B. you would probably go with answer choice A and C. Now if you think those were the best methods a bit of advice: SHUT UP AND THINK FOR A MINUTE. Do you honestly want your child to feel unwanted and depressed? Also do you really think hiding the cookie jar would do anything? WE ALWAYS END UP FINDING IT. I

believe in telling a child what they did was wrong but you don¶t have to yell and scream to make you feelings herd.

Rule#3: Our Feeling Matter Also
I have heard this phrase all of my life and its beginning to get a little old. ³You¶re hurting your mother¶s feelings´ is a ³nice´ way of saying ³SHUT UP BEFORE YOUR MOTHER LEAVES ME´. Well I have one little question; WHAT ABOUT OUR FEELINGS? It seems to me that you parents are so busy worrying about your feelings; you neglect your own child¶s feelings in the process. Here¶s another example of what I¶m talking about: a child comes home from school and shows their parent their report card. It shows only Bs. There are no As or Cs or Ds. It¶s an average report card. What are your responses like as the parent? A. ³what you couldn¶t do better´ B. ³Are you retarded or something´ C. ³I¶m proud of you´ Now parents behonest, how many of you actually say answer choice C. If you say you do I can tell you now you are lying your ass off. I have never heard my father or mother ever say ³I¶m proud of you´ when it came to an average report card. When you say ³You can do better´ it makes our feelings hurt. YES WE HAVE FEELINGS. When you¶re thinking about your feelings, think about ours as well.

Rule#4: Defend us Once in A While
For as long as I could remember my father always protected my mother side of an argument. Well what about my side? Is the only reason why you don¶t

support my side is because that¶s your wife. If that¶s true well news flash: IM YOUR OWN BLOOD. Your support towards your wife¶s side is going to drive your own child away from you. Now do you want that? I¶m pretty sure you don¶t. Here¶s an example; your child and your wife are arguing you go to see what¶s wrong. Turns out that your wife and your daughter are arguing about whether she should be allowed to go to the mall by herself or not. Now you think about it for a minute about the facts of this problem. Your daughter is 15 and has never been out in the world on her own. It might give her a chance to experience things she has never witnessed before. On the other hand your wife seems really pissed and u might regret going on your daughter¶s side. You can choose either: A. Choose your daughters side cause you want her to have a life also B. Choose your wife¶s side cause she might kick you out of the bedroom C. Choose to stay out of it cause its none of your business I am pretty sure if you¶re a father reading this you would be smart enough to choose answer choice C. believe it or not there are father out there that choose answer choice B. Just because she¶s your wife doesn¶t mean you have the right to bring your children down. They are just as important as your wife. I¶m not saying that you shouldn¶t go on your wife¶s side I just believe that you go on our side once in a while because you know that we have a point once in a while.

Rule#5: Let Us Have a Life
Now when it comes to being a teenager, your greatest fear is letting us have a social life. You make sure we stay home under your roof no matter what, even if it means you have to have a high electric bill. When you guys here movies you hear movies+noparents+teenagers=DISASTER. You expect something bad is going to happen. We aren¶t going to leave your house to go to the movies and come back with a dui and a pregnancy test. Here¶s an example to make it easier on you. Your teenage daughter wants to go to the mall with her friends. The mall is just a few miles always and you won¶t be very far. You know that your daughter isn¶t going

to do anything that you will be disappointed in but you still worry. What do you do? A. ³She¶ll be fine. She is a responsible child´ B. ³Nope I¶m too young to be a grandpa´ C. ³I don¶t know maybe if an adult is with you´ If you choice B there must be something wrong with you. If you know your daughter or son is responsible they wouldn¶t do something as stupid as stealing or causing trouble. If you don¶t let your teens out by themselves they¶ll never be prepared for life¶s problems at all. But hey what do I know. I¶m just a thirteen year old teen who has low self-esteem cause she hasn¶t been outside with people.

Rule#6:Hitting is Really Not Necessary
Some parents believe that the only way to make their child behave is by hurting them with an over exaggerated beating. Now I have a simple question that will change you view on beatings. Do you like to get hit with a belt or shoe or a stick. If you don¶t then WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE DO. Does it look like when you¶re giving us a beating it seems entertaining to us? Are we smiling throughout the whole process? Yes we may look calm during a beating but inside we are naturally cursing you out. We are wondering whether we should beat the shit outa you guys but unfortunately kids never fight back. So instead of fighting back they either call the police or they just run away and NEVER come back. Here¶s an example if you¶re too slow to comprehend: a girl came home from school and threw her muddy shoes on the floor. You just washed the floor and now the floor is completely dirty what do you do? A. ³Get in your room. Beating Time´ B. ³You stupid child what the fuck did you do that for´ C. ³just start your homework and when you¶re done clean up the mess´

Now if you choose answer choice A I bet you your child has already threatened to call the police or run away. Now if you choose answer choice B you might think your right but you¶re wrong. You forgot rule# 3;our feelings Matter also. The correct answer is answer choice C acknowledges your child has done something wrong but there is no need to put any hands on the child.

Rule#7: Don¶t Compare Us
I know when you¶re mad at us your emotions talk for you. Although this may be true I don¶t recommend you should ever compare us to anyone. We hate it when you compare us to either our siblings or someone else¶s child. It is called being different. We don¶t want to be like everyone else. It makes us feel like you don¶t like us the way we are. Yea so maybe we do some stupid things but there is no reason to compare us to someone else. Here¶s an example: your child has gotten a bad grade on their test. Your oldest child has also taken the test in the past and passed. You expected you¶re youngest to do the same. What do you say to your child? A. ³Well how come your sister could pass it but you can¶t?´ B. ³okay beating time´ C. ³as long as you did your best´ Now if you picked answer choice B then that means you haven¶t actually read the last chapter at all. Now if you choose answer choice A, well that just shows that you actually compare your children to others. That hurts the child¶s feelings and makes them feel unwanted. So think before you compare us or else what your child get father and father away from you.

Rule#8: Hello We Want Your Attention
When you come home from work, us kids are always there to help with whatever you need. But if you don¶t do the same for us well what¶s the point in helping you? If we want your attention we do it in one simple way ³Daddy Daddy guess what´ or ³Mommy Mommy let me tell you what happened´. We expect and answer like this; ³Yes dear what is it?´ instead we get a response ³Not right now I busy´. We try really hard to let you guys hear the updates on our lives but you never pay attention. Here¶s a good example to explain what I mean your child is failing a class and is trying to tell you before the teacher does. When she asks for your attention what do you say? A. ³Maybe later I¶m a little busy right now´ B. ³Can¶t you see I¶m busy now move!!!!´ C. ³Yea sure what¶s up´ Now if you chose answer choice B I can tell you now that you might be the stupidest parent I know. This actually proves that you don¶t care about what your child has to say. It could be a life threatening thing they want to tell you about. But instead of listening to the child you continue on about your business like nothing was even said. Now if you choice answer choice A I can respect you as a parent. You actually care about the child¶s feelings and about what they have to say. Even though you¶re not going to be able to talk to them right at that moment, you always try to make time for your child later in the future. Now if you choose answer choice C I fully respect you. It means that you would take time out of your busy schedule to talk to your child for a few minutes.

Rule #9: Believe your Child First
Now if you read the title im sure you know what I¶m about to say. You parents spend so much time listening to the teacher you don¶t even think for a second that your child is right at all. You automatically think that since the teacher is as

old as you guys, you trust their word over ours. This causes the child to think that you only the trust the teacher and not the child themselves. Here¶s an example to help your slow minds comprehend. Your child comes home with a note saying they got into a fight. You want to know what happened and why there was a fight do you: A. Talk to the teacher first because you can¶t believe a word that comes into your child¶s mouth B. Talk to both the teacher and your child to see if the stories are close enough to each other C. Don¶t worry about the story at all and just punish the child Now if you chose answer choice C I am sorry to tell you this but I have no respect for you whatsoever. If you don¶t listen to the whole story how would you know if it was your child who started the fight or not? What if they fought to stop the teasing of their own family? Haven¶t thought of that huh. Now if you chose answer chose B I respect most of the decisions you make for your child life. You know that you have to find out the whole story and figure out who is right and who is wrong.

Rule #10: HELLO!!!!Were Right Here
Now normally I wouldn¶t be writing about this but this is an important topic. Now here¶s the problem, we kids don¶t want to hear you guys complaining about us RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES. It makes us feel that you don¶t even appreciate our feelings enough to keep your comments about us to themselves. Now usually I would love an honest parent but when it comes to parents talking harshly about a child I strongly recommend this tip; KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Here¶s an example. A child asked her mother if she looked good would you, as the parent, say: A. ³you look beautiful no matter how many imperfections you have´ B. ³ ughhhh good lord no have you seen your pimple and ughhh look at those blackheads..ughhh just hideous´

C. ³ you look just fine but at least work on the lil pimples´ Now if you picked answer choice B I can promise you that if I was your child, I would have ran away a LOOONG time ago. Now if you chose answer choice C I have a little respect for you...not that much just a little. It is good that you are telling this truth but even though you¶re being nice about it you¶re still going to hurt the child¶s feelings. If you chose answer choice A I am PROUD of you. You helped keep your child¶s self-esteem.

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