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Dark Moon Circle Wicca 101

Course to begin Aug 8th Monday Night This will be a structure course , which will be a year and day. Teacher- Priestess Milli Elder Teacher- High Priestess Lady Shadow Our lineages are in Gardnerian , Alexandrian, Reconstructionist As we have been taught we pass on although with some variances. What is expected from students Commitment dedication work- communication This means homework assignments will be completed in a timely mannerThis means you make time for study.Yes life sometimes gets in way if you need an extra few days Please communicate this with teacher. Participation as able in the online classroom in the chatroom Once a weekThis is basically going over discussion on your weeks work and focus.All Lessons and homework will be sent out on Monday Night right after the class on monday nights and due back the end of week Sat Night.This way your teacher will have time to go over all.You will be expected to still participate in coven activities and rituals as able Homework to be sent to your teacher and elder teacher emails addy to be given soon. Also a Pledge must be signed after signing up You will be given a pre assignment if you pass it you will be accepted into class. As the Teachers put time work in putting this together and will dedicate themselves to you for a year and day.Upon acceptance you will be given a syllabus for the course The Syllabus will cover the first three sections. While the third Section will be focused on mythology, underworld, Life after death, Initiation, You during the first month will also be given your Rites which also must be completed before requesting first degree initiation There will be holdiays off, like Yule Dec 21 st- Jan 4th Holiday The site for this course will be sistersofthedarkmooncirclewiccangrove on yahoo.Link-http://

Wicca 101 Syllabus

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Lessons Pagan History Pagan Pathways Witch Trials Wicca Pt1 Wicca Part 2 Wicca pt 3 Four Powers of the Magus The Elements Pt 1 The Elements pt 2 The Moon Chakras Colors Tools of the Craft pt 1 Tools of the Craft pt 2 Essential Oils Herbal Magick Meditation

Section 2 Lesson # 1

Lessons Charge of the Goddess

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Introduction to Magick Laws of Magick Moon Magick Basics of ritual pt 1 Basics of ritual pt 2 Rites of Passage SpellCasting 191 Divination Candle magick Tools of the Craft pt 1 Tools of the Craft pt 2

Section 3 Lesson # 1 2 3 4 5

Lessons Mythology Otherworld Underworld Life after death Magickal Names Initiation