29 JUNE 2011

high court misery UK
now truly i could have called my way through the phones. my inner guerilla marketer knows its better to make human contact. as town crier. eventually i'm shouting in the royal courts of justice "does anyone know where the wikileaks hearing is?" deliberately saying wikileaks in favor of "assange" as it is soooooo clear how political his detention is . . . slipping into my sinister kill-torture-american-empire evil-twin character i thank britain for holding assange so we can torture him. to propagandize the fools with the sieg heil-ness of it all. my sarcasm is transparent to the young, as so it was at the vorticists exhibits at tate britain or at westminster security conveyor belt or the royal courts conveyor belt. much as with my los angeles activism, speaking in a tone louder than my usual, i boldly thanked them for handing assange over to be tortured by john yoo who is consulting with our eastern court of virginia espionage ongoing investigation. the issue of superinjunction comes up on the tube witht he grey suited 22-year old who is literally rolling

his eyes as i explain that nobody at the court knows anything about anything. he says its probably on twitter. why no one knows anything about anything. truly i could call gareth peirce's office, or FSI. but i don't want to bother them. i wrote swedenversusassange.com for a press pass or some kind of entry permit. it is my understanding that there are 75 tickets for the 12, 13 july hearing. 25 other tickets. truly no one even knew as much. i expected to find an office with a form, or a person to tell me where that office might be. or answer more extensive questions. the volunteer police guy on the train said, isn't he in sweden?

fellow on train explained info-blackout may be due to super-injunctiona and I should check twitter. fellow at the tube spot says well---they probably dont want there to be a big scene so they keep it quiet. as truly sweden wont even let you walk in their high court. they are extremely closed. kids on the train say it might be belmarsh.

what i read at the catholic worker site was that they would have a pre-planning meeting on the 9th and then convene outside the royal courts of justice on the strand 12, 13. for the external demonstration. finally the 12th person i spoke to told me the case might be moved to a larger court room, a "supercourt" to accommodate the 75 press and 25 other victims. it was truly disturbing how uncentralized and uninformed the staff were at the royal courts of justice. truly i like storming around the beautiful architecture. but labyrinthine halls of justice held no information, other than the condescending press association. i doubt they hold justice either.

High court Misery, UK mistakenly go to the british embassy thru their charming plastic doors . . . find out where is westminster first thing about british court system, no one knows anything to save some misery for other activists and journalists I thought I might relay the empty contents of my wasted afternoon.

first went to westminster court near tate britain where the vorticist show was on. At westminster, I checked with inquiry. They said bail was 200000 and call 02078051178 I spoke to the fellow at general inquiry and then a lawyer on the third floor. I asked him for a press pass for wikileaks. He said now that's a funny request. I complained to the security about the piss smell on the fifth floor toilets.

the security at westminster I thanked for holding him and explained we are consulting our torture experts in the USA. barrister at the bus stop said there will be no problem to send him back and how to get to high court she said that the british system likes to call this terrorism. also About ryan cleary and lulzsec. she said the media has been somewhat silent to protect the media climate, theoretically. she said how unusual that claes borgstrom reps the both. i noticed a peace tent camp out at westminster abbey with at least 20 tents and peace flags. city workers go on strike tomorrow.


The security I told thank you for holding julian assange so he can be tortured in america, we are consulting our best torture lawyer john yoo, with the state department. At the royal courts of justice, no one knew anything and yet they pretended. I was sent to these rooms thru “them arches.” E240 WG07 E307 E308 324 ALL OF WHICH KNEW NOTHING. and finally the press association who truly tried to be helpful by sending me to the justic.co.uk. which i already knew that and didnt want to spend an afternoon on the phone when . . . After a very long wait as a kind fellow sorted thru some emails and failed to find anything, his office mate said, the press passess are already taken. i said thank you for telling me. i was given the number 02079476490 i bambusered some notes in frustration. I asked how I get a british press pass.

one fellow i tried to pull info out truly knew so little that i said i might go to BBC, they could probably tell me more about the british courts than the british courts can. after this I started crying out "does anyone know where the wikileaks trial is?" in the bloody british courts of justice. this mockery of monkey courts. Finally a nice lady explained the listing agency process and suggested it might be moved up chancery court lane to the holburn supercourts on holborn. she said call the listing office at 02079476000 I told her that her dreadful court knew nothing and had wasted my time i took her advice walked up chancery lane to the holburn family court. there a man said well i dont know but if it is moved here we wont have the listing the royal courts will be borrowing our larger room. at holburn they said call james tipp listing office but they didnt know it had moved there or not. at the train i see that a strike should shut down london tomorrow and delay travel etc. a riot alert.

**** death of the hunger striker northern ireland

hunger strike 1981 the start of journalism learned that words can kill tweet grew up with murdered friends growing up in war bill neely at frontline he spoke of the no-killfootage rule i asked about collateral murder
mary eng braingarbage maryeng1@gmail.com

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