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SHAMBALLAH THE GOLDEN CITY OF LIGHT May this serve as a beacon of light to all those who sincerely seek the Path. The Path to Shamballah is one of warriorship, intense devotion, illumination, magic and servitorship. The warrior aspect over your shadow, devotion to your Higher Self, illumination of ever unfolding truths of non-duality/Source, the magic and power of your I AM Presence and service to all mankind. Courage, Love, Wisdom and ultimately true Surrender. Yes, many do shudder and cringe at the mention of the word Surrender. If you would dare, then you would know how sweet the fruits are. We do not ask that you surrender anything but that which you already are not. Surrender is only a word that otherwise is a constant attitude of inner trust and being in tune with Cosmic currents of life, of allowing change to take place for the highest good, of doing your best only for the joy of doing your best. No expectation, no attachment. Constant delight. The Path of Shamballah is indeed fiery and accelerated, not for the faint hearted but for those who are willing to stand up and face their egos and their Real Selves, for those who are to hail in the Aquarian Age. Shamballah is a synthesis of all paths. It is the fountainhead of all religions. From here, beings of light had set forth and returned again, only to be recharged with the flame of immortality. The above is a dictation by the Voice of Shamballah. The Initiations of Shamballah and Your Guide, Counselor, Master The Shamballah Cosmic Fire Experience is the path of initiations into the true Mystery School through your own Heart. The is where your Inner Teacher, the Christ Self as the Three-Fold Flame is located within your very being in your Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra, it is from here you travel to SHAMBALLAH. *The heart is the vehicle which takes the traveler to the Subtle Worlds. When one has a purified heart, a heart free from worldly vipers, free from destructive influences, he can use the psychic energy of the Heart to travel to the Abode of Shamballah. The destination of the heart is the Cosmic Heart. Within every heart there is the presence of the Cosmic Heart. "There are those in Our Abode whose incarnations have been separated by many centuries. It would seem that their mentality would be very different, because after three generations one's thought processes change completely, but in our collaboration this is not noticed." EL MORYA *When ones consciousness is fused with the twelve-petaled Lotus - the Chalice, or with the Heart center in the head - the 1000 petaled Lotus, with his awakened consciousness man can penetrate into in the Ashrams of the Higher Worlds and teach or, is taught by the disciples and the Master; whatever he is taught, he can then translate, write and communicate through his mental apparatus, the Higher Mind - thus the incarnations of those in the Abode, despite a separation of centuries, are united in cooperation and synthesis with the Abode. *In order to serve as a bridge between worlds we must cultivate the qualities of the Heart; we must 1

purify our heart. This can be done with the guidance of one's Teacher and through spiritual discipline *From White Mountains Ass. Joleen Du Bois is a teacher of spiritual science, the Ageless Wisdom, and an accomplished writer, astrologer, composer and musician . There are several parallel paths to be received and allowed into the Great Central Agni Solar Fire of Transmutation and Purification and into the Flame Rooms of Shamballah. The preceptor connects you at a certain time to the energies by the building of a thread as a link of your antahkarana that is yet connected from your heart to your head to points above your head to your Higher Self. This connection links you up with the higher vibrations and cosmic fire energies of Shamballah that is of especially the WILL and POWER of the First Ray, the Blue Ray many times stepped up from ordinary connection with an Ascended Master as in channeling or decreeing. You will be anchoring all the Seven Rays as well as all rays and the special Shamballah Cosmic Fire Energy; this is AGNI Yoga, as foretold by EL MORYA. This Agni Cosmic Fire is an accelerated Path of your Ascension. Ascension Process is the release of all your negative karmic balance and the means to transmute it by the Agni / Cosmic Fires into Light Spheres of your Causal Body of the I AM PRESENCE. *Agni Yoga is a synthesis of all yogas, especially Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga. Agni is the Sanskrit words for Fire--the Creative Fire of the Cosmos--the Fire that is found in varying degrees at the foundation of all Yogas. As such, it is the Yoga of the coming Fiery Epoch that has been predicted in all the ancient Hindu scriptures. Agni Yoga is also referred to as the Teaching of the Maitreya, the next World Teacher, and the Teaching of the Heart, as it is the Heart Center, which is the repository of this Fiery Synthesis of Yogas. Agni Yoga is a fiery baptism; an ancient Yoga, which is brought in periodically in a new form to conform to present world, conditions. It deals with the highest fiery transmutations of all centers through continuous lifetimes of spiritual achievement. This achievement must be attained during everyday life through service to others using a self-imposed discipline, which is externally imperceptible. The pan-Yoga nature of Agni Yoga is rooted in the Teaching of Kalachakra (The Wheel of Time), a Teaching which constructively unites many domains of Spiritual Knowledge and is ascribed to the various Lords of Shamballah. An example of the futuristic nature of Agni Yoga is found in its teaching of the concept of Infinity. Infinity, formerly avoided by Great Teachers as the "Great Unutterable," is included in the Teaching of Agni Yoga "because it exists and because it is terrifying if it is not at least cognized." Burt Wilson article on AGNI YOGA * Theosophical literature has designated Agni Yoga, or Fire Yoga, as the yoga of the next coming root race. * Nicolas Roerich who in this century channeled a whole series of books on the subject from Ascended Masters El Morya made Agni Yoga famous. . The teachings were dispensation much like those Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey channeled, except that they are probably more of the first ray than the second ray, since El Morya is the chohan of the first ray [1st ray: blue stands for faith, strength, might, protection and will of God]. . Excerpt of Joshua David Stones A excellent Hidden Mysteries section The Sacred Paths of Yoga: *Agni Yoga surpasses the goal of the previous yogas since it is directed to the exploration of the intuitional, atmic, monadic and divine realms in man, in the planet, in the solar system and in the Cosmos. It is the process of building the higher part of the Antahkarana. The first part of the Antahkarana, which extends from the personality to the Soul, is built of mental substance. The second part, which extends from the soul-infused personality to the Spiritual Triad, is built of light substance. The main purpose of this yoga is to raise the awareness of the man to the Spiritual Triad, and 2

through it come in contact with the prime source of fire on the planet which in Oriental books is called the White Island or Shamballah or as Master Morya calls it, the Tower. It deals with energies emanating from the planet, the solar system and the cosmos. This is the yoga of the New Age. (From Torkom Saraydarian book The Science of Meditation) *Shri Aurobindo way of yoga, Integral Yoga or Yoga of Synthesis teaches about the COSMIC FIRE as he called it the Supramental Force as he also discovered that it was the same primordial energy - CHIT AGNI, as stated by the Ancient Rishis of India in their Ancient Vedic Scriptures ,the VEDAS. It was his mission to bring down this Supramental Light Force Consciousness Energy or AGNI to the physical level, to accomplish physical immortality. His co-founderthe Mother" did bring it down in 1956. There were Ten Steps to this Supermind/ Force but he did not reveal his findings when he died. He also discover the dark side of our nature as he try to bring this Supramental Consciousness Truth-Force down to the physical, in-conscious, sub-conscious & un-conscious levels. It is almost exact same way or Path as Shamballah Agni Yoga is and the Ascended Masters Teachings. It is like the real "FORCE" of Life as George Lucass STAR WARS Trilogies. THE FORCE, is Real, it not some made up pseudo concocted spiritual science fiction, but the real thing, but was an accidental coincidence, or was it from some deep unconscious memory from a real past life or was his higher self reveal it to him as intuitive insight / creative pulse to do this phenomena super successful trilogy of movies. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE KI, CHI, PRANIC FORCES; THE FORCE THAT DESCENDS THAT IS CAN BE MANIPULATED AS A REAL SUBSTANCE. TO USE OR MANIPULATED IN ANYWAY BY YOUR OWN WILL, YOU CAN COMMAND IT AT WILL, AS STATED BY SHRI AUROBINDO HIMSELF. From I AM America News Online, 2001 What Is Shamballah? The yearly opening of the ethereal city of Shamballah, also known also as The City of White in Ascended Master Teachings, is a time of intense planning, blessings and continued teaching for chelas and students. According to the I AM America teachings, the Ascended Master ethereal retreat opens its numerous activities on December 17 and remains open for an entire thirty days. During this time many elder brothers and sisters return to this majestic retreat, modeled after the City Of Kumaras on the planet Venus to make their plans for their continued service to humanity. Residing in its perfect radiation, they also receive their new assignments for the coming year. Master Teachers Saint Germain and El Morya have commented many times that during the opening of Shamballah, many Ascended Master Students are contacted during meditation and in the dream state by Master Teachers and taken for instruction at Shamballah during this annual holiday opening. Many festivities are held during this time along with classes for our continued instruction and upliftment. We are also encouraged to make our own plans and set goals for the New Year. Shamballahs physical location on our earth is now over the Gobi desert and is shown on the I AM America Freedom Star Map as the Golden City of Gobi, yet Alice Bailey recorded the first location of the mystical headquarters as the seventeen million year old Mayan temple of Ibez, located in South America. "The first outpost for the Shamballah Fraternity was the original temple of Ibez, and one of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient Maya institutions, and the basic worship of the Sun as the source of life in the hearts of all men. According to Bailey the location was later established in Asia and the Ibezhan work would later be discovered in the lands including Chaldea and Babylon through Turkestan to Manchuria, including the Gobi desert.

ADK Luk, in the book, Law Of Life, also records exact descriptions of the wondrous city and temples. "The central or main Temple with golden dome is somewhat elevated, with steps and terraces leading up to it. There is a Temple for each of the seven rays with its particular color. The Temples are mostly white with domes and spires. They stand along a beautiful wide avenue, lined with trees and bordered with flowers. There are terraces, beautiful flame-fountains and a pool with the blue birds of happiness (the mystic blue bird). The Master Teacher from Venus, Sanat Kumara was Shamballahs first leader and his spiritual teachings inspired volunteers to build the first perfect city nine hundred years before his arrival. His establishment of the three-fold flame is the teaching of inherent divinity in all of us and is the cohesive action for the Earth, and a thread of light from It connects with the Flame in the heart of every individual. It is this action that has sustained each one through the centuries. Unfortunately, Shamballahs beauty and perfection could never be physically sustained on our Earth. It was built three times and destroyed twice by cataclysmic earth changes. The third destruction was brought about by the Master Teachers themselves. According to legend they realized soon after the City was rebuilt for the third time, until humanity evolved to higher states of spiritual consciousness, Shamballahs true purpose would never be understood without distortion, and that its relocation to the finer, ethereal levels would assure entry only for those individuals who had developed, the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Sandlewood logs were stacked around the city and set afire. The City Of White with its temples of Venusian inspired design were sent to the fifth dimension where it still remains. (Today, the I AM America Foundation is a publishing and educational company that is dedicated to disseminating the Ascended Masters message of Earth Changes Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings for self-development. Lenard and Lori and a small staff of volunteers operate it, yet often it is still Lenards friendly voice that will take your order or answer a question. "But be careful, he says with a smile, I can see you over the lines. Their books, maps, tapes and important spiritual message that A Change Of Heart Can Change The World, have been received throughout the United States, and over 30 foreign countries. Their work has been featured on NBCs Ancient Prophecies, FOX's Sightings, UPNs Paranormal Borderline, Londons Carolton Television, Art Bell and in The New York Times and New Age Journal.) The Initiations Process this initiation process in Shamballah where you will be guided to receive the purification from the Great Central Flame of Shamballah. This connection will allow your four lower bodies to be purified of the karmas that have descended (according to the cycles of your cosmic clock) upon you that day. When one goes beyond the point of transmutation of the karma that day, one automatically builds up a reserve of light that will accelerate the dissolution of ones samskaras (i.e.) stored seed future karma in the lower causal body, and the building of ones light body on the physical plane. The immediate tangible results are that aging and sickness is actually decelerated or in the case of very evolved adepts the process of aging is reversed altogether. This however is not the goal but a natural by process of the ultimate goal. Then you are guided by the Ancient Ones (GUIDES) who maintain the focus of the Great Central Flame of Shamballah into the main Temple itself where you reacquaint with many soulmates and friends on the Path. Some you recognize as even those in this very lifetime, others elder brothers and sisters who have transcended your level of perceived physical reality. At this point, you may meet your COUNSELOR who advises you as to your progress and very often a probationary initiate starts to travel, explore and enjoy the many realms of Shamballah, sometimes even taken to etheric retreats of the Ascended Masters to observe the many beings of light at work and witness rituals and classes. One remains outside of these activities but receiving many gifts of beauty. 4

When one is ready, the chela is summoned to the main hall in the Temple of Shamballah and receives new Initiations. Then one starts to work with the Masters, attend inner retreats and classes with the Master of each Ray, the tests begin to accelerate and intensify. After sufficient integration that may take days, weeks or months the initiate is then ready to receive higher Initiations. From here, one enters the deep void of ones own consciousness and receives initiation on a galactic level from the planets and the stars. Then one is ready to enter the Golden City of Shamballah, where the Ascended beings hold council for the matters involving the evolution of mankind. You will pass from school to school as a chela and learn from different masters until you meet your own Master who will personally guide you on your chosen work/dharma. This Master, who has a deep heart connection with you, is with you to amplify your connection with your own Higher Self, and more often than not, to lead you to a living Master who is embodying the fullness of their I AM Presence. You recognize the Master by the incredible feeling of unconditional love he or she evokes in your heart. The Path of Initiation THRE ARE MANY TYPES OF INITIATIONS AND WAY TO APPROACH TO INITIATIONS IN ASCENDED MASTERS TEACHINGS OF SHAMBALLAH. ALL THE SECRET TEACHINGS AND DIFFERENT LEVELS OF TRUE INITATIONS HAS NOT BEEN REVEAL TO MANKIND YET IT WILL BE DISCOVER IN SHAMBALLAH AS ONE. There are 12 levels of illumination, represented by the 1 thru 4 initiation levels in Shamballah, and these represent the 12 petals of your Egoic Lotus where your first connection with Shamballah begins. When one completes these levels of initiations and when the Lotus is fully open one gains access to the Secret Chamber of the Heart. This is where the real Wish Fulfilling Tree is and the initiate begins his path toward the Fifth Initiation and on the Greater Mysteries. The chela is then constantly aware as being fully his HIGHER SELF and connected to SOURCE, as Christ said I and my Father are One but is not yet firmly anchored in it. The chela is constantly and effortlessly provided by Nature for all good things. The lesser negative tendencies of the 12 good qualities of the petals have been consumed in the Fires of Shamballah. In esoteric terms, the adept by this time has been initiated in all Seven Rays and is now receiving initiation of the Five Secret Rays and full alignment of his four lower bodies. Shamballah also stresses the gift of grace whereby an initiate is able to experience many ecstatic states of existence without actually attaining them. This is the grace that we receive by just opening ourselves to it. This grace exists everywhere, in every realm, because in truth we are already all that is, we are in truth already the One as Self, there is nothing to attain. But back in this reality of beliefs of the physical time/space continuum, we are still limited by our concepts and beliefs in our limitations due to our conditioning. The so-called laws of nature, as we believe are transcended and with them the many paths that lead to Self-Realization. To travel to Shamballah is to travel into the depths of ones own space in the Heart Chakra; this is the eight petal lotus Heart Chakra where the actual three-fold of the heart resides. (See Below Notes). This is where you can travel interdimensionally to the many realms of existence; Angelic realms, Siddhaloka, Ashrams or Retreats of the Seven Rays, and to the higher levels of Nirvana and Maha Nirvana. What is within is without. The Voice of Shamballah is then the voice of your own Heart Flame, a portion of the Great I AM, that is known as the Voice of Silence as H.P. Blavatsky has written in her Theosophy. One of the most important things that you learn is to develop a keen sense of discernment. To discern which aspect of you is talking at any given time for more often than not through your discernment, we would hear all the different voices of the aspects of our lower self. And we would also hear psychic energies projections of thoughts, thought forms not of your own and of attaching astral beings, so we may get confused, then our actions get ruled by our lower emotions or influence by outside agencies. 5

*.The kundalini " she took me on a guided tourin meditation my awareness was brought to the heart chakra. It appeared as a great ancient city on a high plain. The wind blew ceaselessly and a never-ending throbbing, humming sound reverberated, barely audible, in the background. I thought this was the windthrob of Consciousness..OM. The city was illuminated by an ever-changing, colored light which had the power to captivate the mind and body, ..I could see people moving about, enthralled by the play of thoughts and feelings created by the light. My awareness went to the source of the light at the center of the city. A golden pinnacle rose there, and atop it was a divinely radiant orb of light emanating pure, all-embracing, loving Consciousness, Merging into the light, I became flooded with ecstasy. I remained absorbed in an indescribable state for some time. Quoted from Lawence Edwards PhD. "Darshan" magazine of Siddha Yoga SYDA Through discernment, one learns to hear the voice of the Real Self and is then able to make better judgment and to be in tune with lifes synchronicity. Through the Heart, you are able to communicate with any being, as it is an inter-dimensional gateway to all cosmic beings, Ascended Masters and Angels of all levels. It is the Realm of All Possibilities. Shamballah Location Shamballah, in truth exists multi-dimensionally. Shamballah has its special Center is where all the 144 dimensions simultaneously exits as it is a Star Gateway to any where in all the possible Universes. In the fifth dimension (beyond the limitations of time and space), Shamballah exists as a focal point between our physical sun and the spiritual sun as a gateway into the experience of the Cosmic Monad. The physical sun represents our own Solar Being otherwise also called our Higher Self, Solar Christ Self. The spiritual sun represents our very own God Presence, the I AM. Within the temple of our own being, Shamballah exists as a matrix on the path of the Ascension, it is a blueprint stamped upon our DNA, the design for our God-Self in the making. In short, our Divine Plan, which can be known now if you dare to know. Nothing is held back from a chela if and when they make the Call. In the fourth dimension, on the etheric planes, Shamballah exists as a great city a focal point of energy for the whole planet Earth and as a powerhouse for all the other retreats and energy centers around and under the Earth. The celestial city of Shamballah is said to be floating over the Gobi Desert on the etheric plane level. One is able to consciously travel to these retreats in their light body after certain initiations or through a dispensation or grace one can be taken out of body by a master to visit. On the third dimension, the physical plane: *On the summits of Sikkim, the foothills of the Himalayas, among the blooming rhododendrons and the fragrant Balu - the healing plant - a lama who looked like a carved image from the middle ages told us, pointing towards the five summits of Kanchenjunga: 'There is the entrance to the holy land of Shamballah. By passages through wonderful ice caves under the earth, a few deserving ones have, even in this life, reached the holy place where all wisdom, all glory, all splendor are gathered.' Nicholas. Roerich. Here Ascended and Angelic Beings work with mankind in their light bodies, adepts who are conscious out of physical body travelers and beings who are no longer living on Earth but have completed enough physical karma and need not take birth again. Here is the city of the Great White Brotherhood working together for the betterment of Earth and also to anchor the new wave stream of energies entering the planet Earth from stellar sources. Shamballah acts as a step down transformer for these powerful cosmic energies as dispensations that are for the bringing in of the Golden Age on Earth. There are other Cosmic Beings who do make direct contact with certain highly evolved individuals on earth and do not necessarily go through Shamballah. If one were to be able to fly over the grand city of Shamballah, one would see that it resembles some of the great cities on Earth. The city extends for miles and is brightly lit against the dark space for there is no actual sky and you can just see the stars above you. Everything in Shamballah is light 6

substance itself and yet when you are there and you touch the buildings they appear very solid indeed. The view is magnificent indeed and everything seems to be in perfect order, it is always clean, beauty and grace abounds The main Temple of Shamballah is made of white marble light substance; the grounds are very bright with a golden glow almost like daylight on Earth. There are white marble steps leading to the hall and there is a drink at the door, a chalice containing some sort of elixir. There are also beautiful gardens all around and a great flame fountain leading to the steps. Inside the main hall, you actually begin to see the sky and the stars outside. Before reaching this temple, on the main grounds, there is a great focus of fire in the center. As we have mentioned earlier, it is a prerequisite to receive purification in this fire before proceeding to the main temple. There are ancient Rishis who guard this fire and perform fire ceremonies. They also appear to be performing the Sun Salutation around the fire. This is one level of perception, on another level they are more like energetic symbols, each posture of the Sun Salutation is an energy symbol anchored around the fire to receive Surya the great SunGod who is believed to be the Kalki Avatar who is coming to Earth to vanquish all evil in this present age. And before reaching this fire itself, there are 1 - 2 guards at the main gate who test you before allowing you entry. Many are caught off guard by these guards. Some believe they work for El Morya himself, the Lord of the First Ray and Discipline. There are many other halls such as the Halls of Learning and the Halls of Wisdom. In the Halls of Learning, there are manuscripts and materials that pertain to the lessons on the level of the initiate. The initiate may absorb these lessons which exist in their natural frequency as light vibrations or one may receive them in their native language appearing as light words across their foreheads as it normally would during a conscious channeling or dictation. When in difficulty or doubt, one should always remember to invoke the Master that is working with them or simply call to the Voice of Shamballah to guide you or clarify any fog in your mind. The important thing to realize is that you are not all alone and that you can ask for assistance anytime. Within the Halls of Wisdom is a gigantic Golden Flame of Wisdom where the initiate can meditate upon and absorb its radiation into ones being. The momentum of the Wisdom Flame activates ones own crown chakra and increases the flow of wisdom in ones consciousness. There are halls where Akashic Records of the Earth are kept. When an initiate develops third eye vision and discernment they are automatically allowed access to these records through the chelas attainment. Sometimes, in order to understand a situation for oneself or between other individuals where a problem has developed, one may ask a Master to be shown the truth through viewing the Cosmic Mirror or one may invoke the beloved Elohim Cyclopea to place his Third Eye upon yours so that both lies and truths in a situation may be exposed. There is the Great Library where there is a record of every book and every movie that has ever been or will be done. There are shelves and shelves and rows and rows of books. For example, before the undertaking of a project (i.e.) a movie script, all you need do is ask for assistance from one of the Masters to be taken to the Great Library and here you will pick out the script in its original matrix form. When you open the book the pages start to come alive until the entire story unfolds to you in full 3-D color and dimension. Theres the Hall of Inspiration where one can receive ideas and inspirations for ones work. There are also laboratories where a lot of work is done creating technology for the Golden Age. Creative Inventions to support and enhance an enlightened planetary civilization. There are works of art which when manifested through the minds of men, will act as a mandala on Earth to anchor and radiate more light. These are what some of our visionary artists are doing, anchoring mandalas of light on 7

Earth through their brilliant works.

A Short History on Shamballah Many thousands of years ago, the golden city of Shamballah actually existed on the physical plane on a beautiful island over the Gobi Sea called White Island, which is now the Gobi Desert. It was a build by the followers of the Ancient One, Sanat Kumara. All the Light Beings that served Sanat Kumara, were born here in physical bodies, they constructed it. A beautiful white marble bridge connected city of the island to the mainland. Before this happened, millions of years ago when there was great darkness on the Earth, when many had forgotten their God Selves and the Flame within their hearts had almost snuffed out, destruction was about to take place. This is when Sanat Kumara who came from Pleiades with his 144,000 volunteers, also known in India by the same name as he well known in ancient scriptures of India, also known with the names of Lord Murugan, Kartikeya, Kumaraswamy and Skanda, Son of Lord Shiva also as the Ancient of Days (as said in the Bible). SANAT mean holy one, KU means, kill, MARA means demons so he a Holy One that kills Demons. Then he came to Venus and establishes a Shamballah City as from his Home in Pleiades, then from his abode in Venus took up a firm resolution to hold the Flame for the Earth and her inhabitants. He came to Earth 2.5 millions years ago. One hundred and forty four thousand lightbearers had answered his call to keep this flame and together from all different star systems they had come to serve Earth. Sanat Kumara was then also known as the Lord of the World, Head Office of Shamballah. They held a Great Council and each were assigned a certain task to anchor their light on earth. Then in 1956, Lord Guatama Ascended to the throne as the Lord of the World and finally Sanat Kumara then returned to his abode of the Shamballah on Venus but returned again in 1982 as Regent of the World to earth as support. This occurred in 1956, due to the decrees efforts to release Sanat Kumara from karmic obligation by the Bridge to Freedom activity of El Morya by his embodied Twin Flame, Geraldine Innocenti the Messenger for the Ascended Masters from 1952 to 1961 (before Mark Prophet as he was a member of this activity where most of Summit Lighthouse information came from). This is the real date, not in 1996 as Joshua Stone misstated it really old news. The city accelerated it vibration and then de-materialized from the White Island, Gobi Desert from the Earth plane in 9000 BC due to the fall of the last civilization in that area according to the Divine Plan of the Brotherhood and now work from the etheric level. Application of Shamballah to A Persons Belief System Depending on ones own path or religion, one is actually brought closer to the truth of their own teachings through the conscious contact and communication that one can have with the particular Master or Saint of their teachings. Of course, one could approach any Master or Saint and the same one truth prevails. But coming face to face with a Master of their choice creates a bond of trust that they cannot deny. One receives from these Masters the essence of their teachings. For example, a Christian may contact the Ascended Master Jesus, a Catholic may contact Mother Mary, a Hindu may contact the Avatars as Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva or Kriya Babaji and a Buddhist may contact Lord Guatama or Lord Maitreya or Padma Sambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche. Or if one contact Merlin the Wizard of Camelot know Camelot was the Earthly Matrix for a new Shamballah and Ascended Master St. Germain is Merlin, and teaches the way of the White 8

Magician. All different paths are but different facets of one diamond, leading the initiate to One Truth, One God, One Source beyond the boundaries of religions or belief systems. , And from this point of merging with the Infinite, one then begins to consciously and deliberately co-create one's reality in alignment with Nature and always for the Highest good of the Universe. DICTATION FROM SHAMBALLAH, THE MAHA CHOHAN I have come this day with the Causal Body of Lord Shiva! Receive me then into your hearts. There is such great anchoring of light by the preparation work that you have done to receive me and this it will remove all obstacles that stand in your path for you to attain your God Freedom. There are many trails upon this path but if you would call to the I AM Presence within and above you each moment, each second of your day, listen well! There is nothing that cannot be removed! Seek that one Reality, that one Source, one God and you will receive everything else. You have raised questions regarding the Golden City of Shamballah, yes, for in truth it is gold for it imparts the wisdom flame to all who seek to be illuminated to the highest truth. It is not opened to everyone, only to the Adepts and human beings who have made firm resolution to forsake their forbidden ways and to come upon to serve the Light and only the Light. Let the Holy Dove descend upon your heart chakra and let you be filled with new radiance this day! Oh! Listen to the sound of the sky (there was heavy thundering and light rainfall that began with the dictation and stopped as soon the dictation was over). There come with me legions of the Violet Flame Angels for they come wherever they have been called and they do clear the away. Because this is dictation for you, you my seek counsel with me, you my ask what you desire to know and understand. Q: What is the purpose of this Shamballah meditation technique to people? Beware for Shamballah is an accelerated path. Again I do stress it is not for everybody. The purpose is to reawaken the lightbearers themselves who do have tie of light to flame anchored in Shamballah, to reawaken them to their true purpose on Earth. For if these beings re not reawakened, then who will cry the flame for all mankind. This is the purpose of Shamballah, to reawaken lightbearers who have sought the Great Council before descending on Earth, who have come together with beloved Sanat Kumara on that fateful day in cosmos. Yes, this is the purpose. Q: Are they the 144,000 mentioned in the Bible? Are there any more than that? A: There are many more lightbearers than the 144,000 ... for several thousands of the 144,000 have already ascended but there are others here who come from other star systems that come through permission by the Shamballah Great Cosmic Counsel, approximately over 300,000 altogether. Q: Will the Avatar of Synthesis come in physical embodiment or is he surrounding the planet presently is Brian Grattan and Master C.V.V. or others say? Can anyone become vehicle? A: That is correct. The Avatar of Synthesis is forcefield that has descended around and upon the planet. It is, as you would understand from certain Japanese Buddhist comic hero story, the 'Peacock Prince' and so magnified and amplified many times you will have the Avatar of Synthesis. For when two or more do come together, then they can invoke this magnificent forcefield of the Avatar of Synthesis and together they can conquer much darkness and bring much light to the planet. This is gift from the Lords of Karma to assist mankind towards the Aquarian Age. Q: Is the Avatar of Synthesis coming through many people this day? A in certain degrees. The more that you reawaken to your natural state to your one Reality, to your God Presence then the more people will be the vehicles for this forcefield. Until then, they can only transmute certain degrees such as you people as well. But when one is aligned with one's own I AM Presence then that assistance that comes through that alignment s matrix of this forcefield of the Avatar of Synthesis am stupendous! You can make miracles happen upon the planet. The Avatar of Synthesis is the Electronic Presence of all Ascended Masters of all ages past, all the Avatars that have descended on the Earth do now contribute their momentum to the planetary body so that you 9

can have Access to their momentum, to be assisted to change the conditions of the world. Q: How do we change the conditions of the world? A: By first changing yourself, by first changing yourself.' That is the only way.' By first bringing yourself to the altar of your I AM Presence everyday, each day of your life that you my garner more and more light into your physical reality. Only through this reality can you change anything around you. Until then you remain helpless to the darkness of the others, you remain helpless to the Dwellers on the Threshold of the others. You cannot fight with the Dwellers you can only conquer through the light of your I AM Presence. So, first, seek to change yourself... Watch that each day you are becoming more and more the replica of your own I AM Presence. If this is not the case then something is amiss. Watch for changes in yourself, in your conduct, in your everyday situation, in your progress, spiritual and material, visions... these are the signposts. In Peace, in the establishment of Perfect Peace. Peace is another signpost for you to measure your level of progress. How you will be able to remain undisturbed by the turbulent storms around you that is measurement of your attainment. That you are able to see through the eyes of your Presence that such things are mere games that dwellers do involve in just to satisfy their carnal desires. Then do not be caught up in that, I pray, we all do pray. Ever be steady, be steady in your focus. Q: How many etheric levels or planes are there in Shamballah? What is Shamballah exactly? A: The word Shamballah is another word for Source therefore you will find Shamballah anywhere and everywhere but the Golden City over the Gobi desert is named such because it acts as a Source points of focus for all the other energy centers around the earth. And in this particular realm of existence, there are 12 planes of etheric levels. Top of the 33 etheric levels. But I do seek to counsel you that these are only structures and matrixes of energy. They serve to guide you and for you to go beyond them for we exist multidimensional. Yes there is Shamballah city in Venus as well, the bode of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus: Then there is Shamballah, matrix of the city four square in the spiritual sun and the spiritual sun is but the heart of your I AM Presence, that is the spiritual sun and as you enter into the heart of your own God Presence then you do enter into the spiritual sun. It is, as you would imagine like 3-D Hologram. There appears to be many millions of individualized monads, the I Am Presence, but each one is only reflection of the greater One God. Q: The I AM Presence, even though it is above us, even though we are supposed to be aware of it, even though we try to be aware of it, it seems it is not so effective, how is it useful in our lives? A: When your substance rise out of your subconscious, you are too overwhelmed to even recognize the Presence above you but all you need to do is to reach out your hand, command and make call. Do you make call each day of your life? Do you make call each hour of your day? This is very simple teaching. All it requires is firm determination that no matter what happens, I KNOW AND I TRUST THAT MY MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE AND THE LIGHT OF MY I AM PRESENCE WILL AND CAN OVERCOME ALL. - That is all you need to anchor in yourself, the firm resolution, the firm determination, that nothing can shake your faith. It is only fear and doubt that prevents the Presence from reveling itself to you. Because you fear and doubt, it cannot appear to you. All you need do is call, make your calls! And make your fiats! Be steady and anchored as you give your calls. Do not give them as mere word repetitions. Give them as fire from your heart and feel the fire leap from your Presence to your heart. When you feel that, you know that your Presence has answered you. Yes, there is tangible leap and the flame does go higher and higher until the entire momentum is given unto you. And then you and your Presence are no longer separated and you do be your Presence and you do see your Presence in all of its glory. I bid you to receive now the fire of the Holy Spirit and s you focus on the threefold flame in your heart, let this fire descend upon you. Let the angels chant with us, EEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO UUUUUUUUUUU COPY RIGHT @ 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Shree Jnanadev Yogi aka John V. Ladalski 10