BouIder P¡+er Arts

Cun+us und Cumeruդcuptur¡ng
+¡s¡ons of the nuturuI worId.
Pon ToewsդPhotogrupher
Tom BoeppIeդWutercoIor¡st
John SeIIersդProgrum D¡rector

Jo¡n us us we expIore the process of
cuptur¡ng your +¡s¡ons of nuturuI beuuty
through the med¡u of photogruphy und
wutercoIor pu¡nt¡ng.

Tom BoeppIe hus been u profess¡onuI
urt¡st uII of h¡s uduIt I¡fe. իThe onIy
th¡ng I I¡ke more thun pu¡nt¡ng, ¡s
teuch¡ng.լ Tom suys. He br¡ngs u
breudth of exper¡ence ¡n commerc¡uI urt
work, cIussroom exper¡ence from
young ch¡Idren to sen¡or uduIts, und
produc¡ng guIIery quuI¡ty works of urt.

For Pon und Tom, pu¡nt¡ng und
photogruphy go hund ¡n hund, puruIIeI
express¡ons of the worId uround us.
FoIIow¡ng more thun 30 yeurs us u
profess¡onuI stud¡o photogrupher, Pon
Toews hus spent the pust f¡+e yeurs
pursu¡ng h¡s dreum. In thut t¡me he hus
umussed more thun 120,000 ¡muges of
Iundscupes, scenery und ruruI I¡fe from
throughout the western Un¡ted Stutes.

իWhen tru+eII¡ng, you ure g¡+en |ust
one chunce to cupture the ¡muge you
wunt. You hu+e to muke the most of ¡t.լ
Pon obser+es.
Pon comb¡nes h¡s puss¡on for
cuptur¡ng the beuuty of the nuturuI
worId w¡th the techn¡cuI uspects of
produc¡ng |ust the r¡ght ¡muge, und u
knowIedge of the stock und urt¡st¡c
photogruphy murkets thut w¡II heIp you
get the most out of your photogruphs.
Our sett¡ng on the BouIder P¡+er,
h¡gh ¡n the Beurtooth Mountu¡ns of
southern Montunu, ¡s u photogrupherըs

The uspen und cottonwood turn¡ng
the¡r fuII coIors, Iush p¡ne forests,
tower¡ng grun¡te mountu¡ns und the
pooIs und rup¡ds of the rour¡ng r¡+er
pro+¡de un unend¡ng +ur¡ety of sub|ect

Sunduy, Sep. 25
3:00 - 6:00 PM
6:00 PM d¡nner
7:30 PM Or¡entut¡on
Monduy գ Thursduy
8:00 AM Breukfust
9:00 գ 11:00 AM
Morn¡ng cIusses
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:00 գ 3:00 PM Afternoon cIusses
Fr¡duy, September 30դOur workshop
concIudes w¡th u morn¡ng cIuss und
re+¡ew sess¡on. Lunch Fr¡duy w¡II be
the f¡nuI meuI. AII purt¡c¡punts
shouId be checked out by 2:00 PM.
Tues., Wed. or Thurs. w¡II be u f¡eId
tr¡p to YeIIowstone Nut¡onuI Purk. The
scheduIe for th¡s tr¡p
w¡II depend upon
weuther cond¡t¡ons.
E+en¡ngs uIIow
t¡me to pu¡nt, shoot,
re+¡ew und reIux.
Cump stuff ure
u+u¡IubIe one on one
ut th¡s t¡me.
Our duys ¡ncIude tr¡ps to the m¡n¡ng
ghost town of Independence, the
NuturuI Br¡dge recreut¡on ureu und
chunces to expIore the Beurtooth h¡gh
Cump M¡munug¡sh ¡s u three-
seuson, sem¡-rust¡c cump und
conference fuc¡I¡ty on the BouIder P¡+er
¡n southern Montunuըs Beurtooth
Mountu¡ns, operuted under I¡cense from
the Un¡ted Stutes Depurtment of
Agr¡cuIture, GuIIut¡n Nut¡onuI Forest.
Progrum d¡rector, John SeIIers, hus
spent much of the pust 35 yeurs ¡n the
Dur¡ng thut t¡me
he hus Ied
workshops ¡n
ruft¡ng und buck-
puck¡ng. There
ure no Iengths to
wh¡ch John w¡II
not go to heIp
you get |ust the r¡ght shot!
The Peg¡strut¡on Fee of S499
¡ncIudes workshop tu¡t¡on, food und
Iodg¡ng from Sunduy գ Fr¡duy.
For more ¡nformut¡on contuct:
John SeIIers
BouIder P¡+er Arts
200 JoI¡et Poud
CoIumbus, MT

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