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Solo City, 27/4 - 01/5/2009

Quang Nam Province

Vu Gia – Thu Bon River Basin



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Hoi An

Song Thanh Reserves

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Located in the central region of Vietnam Area approx.10,000 km2. Rainfall 3000-4000 mm. Wet season (Sep- Dec) 70% runoff Dry season (Feb- Mar) 1-2% of runoff Population
– 1.4 million – 173 people/km2

– Da Nang=$US 488 – Quang Nam $US 230

Two existing RBOs

Ref:Ms Kristal Burry and Dr Peter Oliver

Status of IWRM Activities
-VGTB basin has already been in the process of IWRM, National policy & planning initiatives provide platform for overall development. • Enabling environment in place • Conflicts in demands and deteriorating environment and land use attracts proper management • Overall economic development of the province and the state paves path for new infrastructures

Various developments in VGTB

Status of IWRM Activities
Strength • Strategic Environment Assessment completed • Benefit sharing arrangement available • Stakeholders Analysis available • Hydropower development plan prepared, analyzed, recommends for intact rivers Weakness • Multidisciplinary RBO lacks leadership and direction • No comprehensive planning for the basin prepared

Hydropower Development Urbanization Waste Management Infrastructure for Tourism Mining & quarrying


Development & Growth

Land use & Development Environment Biodiversity, health and ecological balance Society, culture and ecology Water pollution, river erosion and sedimentation Affects the coastal zone and plane areas Affects all Development Development

Flooding Land Slides



Vu Gia – Thu Bon

A strong and effective RBO acting as river basin manager should be put in place by end 2009

Vu Gia – Thu Bon RBO
(chaired by Vice Minister/Chairman) VG-TB RBO Office

Kon Tum sub-RBO

Quang Nam sub-RBO

Da Nang sub-RBO

Representatives of provincial departments of natural resources, agriculture, industry, tourism, transport, planning & investment, etc

Other stakeholders Service cooperatives, NGOs, farmers’ unions, etc

Vu Gia –Thu Bon Concept Model

Progress of IWRM

5. Issues 2. Hydropower plans/SEA 2 intact rivers 1. Issues identified 4.Monitoring & evaluating MPA 3. Projects under implementation trainings/benefit sharing proposal

Initial stage

Vu Gia – Thu Bon
Legal framework Institutional arrangement - RBO Master plan Priority development (hydropower and ecotourism)

Planning P

Budgeting Benefit sharing Economic instruments

- Transparency - Equity - Sustainability

Monitoring & evaluation



Sectoral development

Performance Benchmarking

Actions Steering Committee at Provincial level Chaired by the Head of the province to oversee the activities of the RBO Duties and responsibilities for RBO with linkages at all levels Funding arrangement for RBO (sharing of benefits) & activities (Govt.) Empowering the RBO to have regulations for protecting Natural resources and take prohibitive and penal actions Basin & Coastal zone management Plans Pollution control strategy for Natural Resources to be prepared Capacity building at all levels Comprehensive data base Consequences Accountable

Effective Sustainable Authority

Defined goals Safe Environment & Coast Ownership Better management

Focus Groups: Fishermen in the island and Coast, Ethnic people near the reserve, farmers, Contd.

Road map
• Steering Committee to be in place by Dec,09
(Decree passed, first meeting held)

• Duties and responsibilities of RBO by March,10
(Representatives of the Community, Civil Society Organizations & NGOs, line departments of provincial government represented through their heads, representatives from Industries union and neutral research groups to be included in the RBO, Decree passed, People to be in place, May be headed by one specialist from Open market)

• Empowerment of RBO for prohibitive and penal actions by Dec,10 – ( Decree passed) • Preparation of Basin Management Plan by Dec,10
(Prepared through a consultative process, reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee)

Road map
• Pollution control strategy by Mar,11
(Prepared through a consultative process, reviewed, approved by SC)

• Capacity building action plan by June,10
(Consultation, quantification of activities, Community mobilization and micro planning for community development to be prepared)

• Coastal management Plan by June,11 • Flood Management Plan to be prepared by June, 11
(Flood forecasting and warning system, action to be taken by various authorities and community, mitigation measures, inundation map to be prepared)

Monitoring & Evaluation
• Bio physical monitoring & evaluation mechanism to be in place (Water quality, Sedimentation, Toxic substance, salinity ingress) • MIS in place for monitoring the progress on a daily, weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annual basis • Evaluation to be done by the Steering Committee on a monthly basis. • Preparing quarterly and annual reports for wide circulation. • Plans prepared and actions taken to be reviewed every two years and if required modified.

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