A guideline for a  Press Release  to be sent along with the  photographs taken of Nirmal Dharm 190611.

      ‐For any Sahaja Yogi to use, to send to their local and national  newspapers,   ‐To the police, to request for forensic tests     This is an attempt to begin a process – everyone’s input is welcomed  – that will lead us to being able to honour Shri Mataji in the manner  befitting our recognition of Her as our Mother, Shri Adi Shakti, the  Holy Ghost, our Guru, and the Founder and Sole Teacher of Sahaja  Yoga. 

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1923-2011 On behalf of many Sahaja Yogis, disciples of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, we wish to bring to your attention that Shri Mataji passed away on February 23 rd 2011.

Shri Mataji had hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world on all the five continents, was interviewed on Television many times, spoke at the UN women’s meeting held in China and attended many UN functions alongside her husband, was honoured by the Russians (etc.) She was the wife of Sir CP Srivastava, retired Chairman of the Maritime Organisation, and a high ranking political figure in Indian politics. Many believe that she was drugged against her wishes and perhaps this may have led to her premature departure. What seems to stand out is the lack of media attention drawn to such a great personality’s death. Even just based on the basis of her husband’s standing in the political world, having been knighted by the Queen (too many accolades to reproduce here) there should have been much more media coverage. This leads many Sahaja Yogis to have lingering doubts about the way she died. Many suspect foul play as she was being given the controversial drug Risperidone. It was her expressed wish, made in private and in public, that she was to be laid to rest in the home that she designed and built in Pune, Maharashtra, India called “Prathisthan” for the benefit of her followers. Meanwhile, such a great personality is waiting in limbo in a hole in the ground under a ramshackle tent, in amongst a building site, since Her burial on 27 th February 2011 at Nirmal Dharm in New Delhi. It appears that her family is now very much involved

with her disciples in what used to be Her sole spiritual work Notably her house in Prathisthan, which should be hosting her body whilst everything is being decided, is now being used as a family home. There is no excuse for such a high ranking spiritual personality to be waiting in a hole in the ground with pending building work to be carried out around her, for who knows how long. We demand that she be moved to a more respectful environment until everything is finalized, notably her stately and beautiful house at Prathisthan. Many of the Sahaja Yogis are also asking for a forensic test to be done to find out the cause of Her death.

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