* Text in italics need not be included in your report Biology 1 Laboratory Activity # __ TITLE

Group # and section: Members: (CN - SURNAME, Given name M.I.)  Bold-faced  Center-justified

Date performed: Date submitted: (Task list; see legend below) (Signature)

LEGEND:  task was assigned and done;  task was assigned but NOT done;  task was NOT assigned to this person but he/she still did it

By affixing your signature here, you signify that:  the tasks listed under your name are correct  you have seen and that you approve of the submitted version of the lab report

Criteria for format, etc. (6 pts): 1) Paper size: letter/short bond (8.5” x 11”) 2) Report is printed/written on the clean side of USED paper, or printed back-to-back 3) Margins: 1” on all sides 4) Font and size: Arial or Calibri, 11 (approximate only if report is handwritten) 5) Line spacing: 1.5 (approximate only if report is handwritten) 6) Pagination: lower right corner of page, Arial or Calibri, size 11 (approximate only if handwritten) 7) Spaces in between ALL major parts 8) Section headings either in bold typeface (or in CAPITAL LETTERS, if handwritten) 9) Report submitted is neat (e.g., no unnecessary marks, no folds/crumples, etc.) 10) Report includes all required parts at the start (e.g., signature of members, etc.) and the proper sequence of parts is followed (e.g., objectives to bibliography) I. Objectives (2 pts) 11) Complete 12) In bold typeface (or in CAPITAL LETTERS, if handwritten) and in bullet form Methodology (6 pts) 13) Essay form (NOT enumerated) 14) Verbs written in past tense rd st 15) Used 3 person passive voice (e.g., “Temperature was measured…”) instead of 1 person active voice (e.g., “We measured the temperature…”) 16) Complete; includes modifications to the original procedure (if any) 17) Concise, simple, and clear 18) Well-constructed paragraphs, no writing errors, etc.


III. Data and Results (9 pts) 19) Original data worksheet and prelab submitted, with teacher’s signature 20) Data is complete; only data presented to and signed by the teacher is included 21) Data is accurate (correct in all details) 22) Data is presented in an appropriate and orderly manner (e.g., used appropriate type of graph) 23) All figures, drawings, tables, graphs, etc. properly labeled 24) Includes a written summary of the data; analysis of data should NOT be included yet 25) Well-constructed paragraphs, no writing errors, etc.

IV. Analysis and Discussion (15+X pts) 26) Essay form (NOT question-answer format) rd st 27) Used the 3 person passive voice instead of the 1 person active voice 28) Important biological concepts are discussed at appropriate length (e.g., definition of terms, etc.) 29) Analysis of the data is well-researched (NOT just stock knowledge, NOT personal opinion) 30) Relates actual results to theory; possible sources of error are given for missing or unexpected results 31) Clearly and correctly answers the guide questions given, integrating them into the discussion as a whole (i.e., not necessarily answered in the order given) 32) Clearly addresses the objectives of the activity (i.e., Were the objectives satisfied?) 33) ANTI-PLAGIARISM: Sources are properly acknowledged (in-text citation), and paraphrasing is done correctly. (See handout on citing references and paraphrasing) 34) Well-constructed paragraphs, no writing errors, etc. * Score for this criterion depends on the number of guide questions given. V. Conclusion and Recommendations (4 pts) 35) Brief and concise: highlights the biological concept of the activity; just 1-2 sentences to summarize the activity 36) Conclusions are related to the objectives of the activity rd st 37) Used the 3 person passive voice instead of the 1 person active voice 38) Well-constructed paragraphs, no writing errors, etc.   Do not use the phrase, “I therefore conclude that…” Suggestions for improvement and supplementary activities are most welcome!

X pts*

VI. Bibliography (3 pts) 39) Used AT LEAST two book references (your biology text book doesn’t count here), and AT MOST one general reference (dictionary, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc.) 40) Proper format for bibliographic citations is done as in scientific papers (see handout on citing references) 41) References are alphabetically arranged TOTAL POINTS: 45 + X

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