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ATOM ACTIVITIES BREADCRUMBS TRAIL Getting enough time for everything is one of the most important tasks in our

everyday life. So, it is amazing the amount of responses, 47, we have got for this new survey. We consider this self-evaluation a valuable tool. First of all it encourages our critical spirit, secondly it makes us revise our own work and nally it helps us to change what has not been as expected. A closer study of the results make the survey a pi(e) one, thats to say a circular one linking the beginning with the end. According to responses, partners enter the blog more frequently than the Twinspace. Nevertheless, most students can only comment in the blog, whereas the TwinSpace provides them with a common site to work in a collaborative way. We should facilitate the students active use of the TS. Fibonacci Poems and the Logo Contest, followed by Maths and Food, Traditional Cuisine, are the most popular activities. Quite reasonably, the Riddles and Maths and Food are considered the most interesting activities. Maths and food contents are involved in both. Amusement has been found mainly in Tales and Proverbs, which is not strange because they do not imply big work. Interest and use do not go together for us. Maths and Art taks are useful according to our replies. However, Riddles and Maths and Food, which are rated as the most interesting, are below the standard. We may be living a change in our societies because Carols in Music are considered to be boring. And more amazing, the Photo Gallery is useless for us. Nevertheless, we are using a lot of visual material in our tasks. It is clear participants get formation for the activities. From my point of view, it is something positive, it means there is communication between teachers and students. Creativity is mainly found in Fibonacci Poems, Logo Contest and Riddles. In addition, the same activities in a different order: Riddles, Logo Contest and Fibonacci Poems are said to have taught more. I nd this coincidence very important, it means creativity and teaching are complementary. Such as expected, participants feel more curious about Maths and English, which is not surprising as Maths is the main objective and English the vehicle to work, share and communicate. As a result most people think we are learning about the others culture. Time has come for the circle I mentioned at the beginning to close. The lock is A Taste of Maths blog, qualied as interesting and active. So, here we have the reason why most people would rather enter the blog than the TS. Our options are coherent, nothing seems to need a change, except the communication among students. Flashmeetings are a good tool, but perhaps something else could be agreed. Here we go again!