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Canadians were strong, were proud, were free, were polite. We are known for hockey, for lacrosse. We invented basketball, the zipper and the garbage bag.

Can you identify these Canadians?

See how much you know about our Canadian icons

I'm an actor. I was born on January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario. a. Martin Short b. Jim Carrey c. Michael J. Fox d. Mike Myers I am currently under a three-year contact to perform 70 shows a year in Las Vegas. a. Celine Dion b. Michael J. Fox c. Anne Murray d. William Shatner Scotland, the United States, and Canada all take credit for having me as part of their heritage. a. Frederick Banting b.Alexander Graham Bell c. Elijah McCoy d. Charles Best I am the Governor General of Canada a. Prince William b. Michaelle Jean c. David Johnston d. Justin Trudeau I was Canada's first Prime Minister a. William Lyon Mackenzie King b. Alexander Mackenzie c. John A. Macdonald d. Sir John Abbott I won the Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts to peacefully resolve the Suez Crisis. I then went on to become prime minister. a. John Diefenbaker b. Joe Clark c. William Lyon Mackenzie King d. Lester B. Pearson My murder in 1868 was the first assassination of a federal politician in Canada. a. Abraham Lincoln b. Pierre Laporte c. William Lyon Mackenzie King d. Thomas DArcy McGee Im the former Newfoundland premier that spent $13 million in taxpayers money to finance an ultimately unprofitable enterprise hydroponically-grown cucumbers to boost the provinces economy. a. Danny Williams b. Brian Peckford c. Kathy Dunderdale d. Clyde Wells Im an actress who was married to former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. a. Pamela Anderson b. Shania Twain c. Neve Campbell d. Kerri-Lee Halkett During the war of 1812, I made a trek through the bush to warn the British that the Americans were going to attack Canada. a. Laura Secord b. Isaac Brock c. Tecumseh d. Charles de Salaberry I wrote the novel Anne of Green Gables. a. Margaret Atwood b. Farley Mowat c. Alice Munroe d. Lucy Maud Montgomery I am Canadas famous Flying Ace of the First World War. a. Billy Bishop b. John McCrae c. General Arthur Currie d. Sam Hughes I scored the winning goal in the final game of the 1972 CanadaSoviet Union hockey series. a. Phil Esposito b. Paul Henderson c. Peter Mahovlich d. Bobby Clarke

I am an artist famous for my paintings of totem poles. a. Emily Carr b. Ken Danby c. Tom Thomson d. A. Y. Jackson I am Canada's most decorated war hero. a. Billy Bishop b. John McCrae c. Sir Isaac Brock d. William Barker At age fourteen, I joined the Oshawa Generals junior hockey team. a. Bobby Orr b. Wayne Gretzky c. Sidney Crosby d. Maurice Richard My number one song Jagged Little Pill stayed at the top of the chart for 113 weeks. a. Alanis Morissette b. Avril lavigne c. Shania Twain d. Nelly furtado I suffer from mysophobia the fear of germs. Dont ask me to shake your hand. a. Justin Trudeau b. Bryan Adams c. Alex Trebek d. Howie Mandel My most widely known book is Never Cry Wolf. a. Farley Mowat b. Stephen Leacock c. Timothy Findley d. Robertson Davies

I invented the green garbage bag. a. John Glad b. Tom Green c. Harry Wasylyk d. Sam Heft I invented the electric streetcar. a. Wilbur Wright b. Orville Wright c. John Joseph Wright d. Frank Lloyd Wright

I invented the game of basketball in 1891. a. John Smith b. James Naims c. Jim Sansmith d. James Naismith

I composed our national anthem. a. Guy Lombardo b. Theodore Robitaille c. Joseph Vzina d. Calixa Lavalee In 1992, I was the first Canadian woman to be launched into outer space. a. Michaelle Jean b. Belinda Stronach c. Roberta Bondar d. Julie Payette


I sang Hallelujah at the Vancouver Olympics. a. Avril Lavigne b. k.d. lang c. Diana Krall d. Anne Murray

Answers: Answers: 1. b; 2. a; 3. b; 4. c; 5. c; 6. d; 7. c; 8. c; 9. d; 10. d; 11. b; 12. a; 13. a; 14. d; 15. a; 16. b; 17. c; 18. c; 19. a; 20. d; 21. a; 22. a; 23. d; 24. a; 25. b Photos: 1. Sir Frederick Banting; 2. Celine Dion; 3. Wayne Gretzky; 4. Sir John A. Macdonald; 5. Terry Fox; 6. Louis Riel; 7. Michaelle Jean; 8. Pierre Trudeau; 9. Tommy Douglas 10. Gordon Lightfoot