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give an example of how to write functional test case.

in this test case can we write all +ve and -ve conditions?
Yeah. All the +ve and -Ve conditions can be written. Eg : 1. Enter the URL : HTTP://WWW.ABC.COM and click on go button 2. Enter the userid and password and click on login. 3. Navigate to the abc menu. 4. Enter the valid data(functionality which you want to check). 5. Click on Insert button. 6. Check if the message is displayed or not

what is not present in the test case? 1>requirment ID 2>test case ID 3>bug ID 4>objective
bug id is not present in the test cases beacuse bug comes afetr testing:)

test cases are generated to discover the functional parts of ant application or say software .firstly see what should be present in test cases pre-condition; test case id test steps expected results actual results

bug id should not be present

if account balance less than 5000 for a month ,account should become in active. if bal greater than 5000 account should b active. Write test cases for the above scenario
Test cases 1..chk for a/c balance >5000 (6000) ,then a/c shld be active 2 chk for a/c balance <5000 (4000),then a/c shlb in active. 3.chk for a/c bal is 5000 (5000),then a/c shld be inactive. 4.chk for zero balance,then a/c shld be inactive. 5.if a/c bal is less than 5000,then the a/c holder have to pay some fee r fine. 6.if the person lost ATM card,then his/her a/c shld be in active upon his request. I think these r the possible cases Or If account balance = 4999 then it should be If account balance = 5000 then it should be if account balance = 5001 then it should be This is the boundary condition which points ares by the developers. If these conditions most of the conditions are passed like 4000, 6000 inactive. inactive. active. the error prone are passed then

in any software company how we got the srs we get it is it available in version control or in mannual we get the document
In any SW Company we 'll get the BRS from clients and SRS will be prepared by Quality analyst people.

need sample case of Login window of USER NAM, PASSWORD It is very urgnt
for writting test cases for login window. start from

1.what is the range of character it accept. 2.what type of char it shoud accept. 3.test with valid and invalid char. check weather it is accepting any inavlid char or not. and check if it is not accepting any valid char. same u can try for password field also..

plz explain vss?

Vss ( Visual source safe ) .It is a common repository where we maintain all our information like documents (FRS,SRS,TP,Test case documents etc). In this all the documents are read-only . If we want to modify that first we need to check out (download ) the required file to our local system then modify the file and then check in (upload) the modified one.

wirte the test cases for triangle by using testing techniques

well the requirement is not clear. no need of wasting time to a=write testcase. reason is... is a traingle is needed to be constructed? is the area is being calculated? is the perimeter nedd to be calculated? or is it the type of traingle is being found out? angles are being measured? etc..... nothing is clear hence you can write on any issue. just get back to the customer and ask him what exactly he requires. or just assume any one scenario and write test cases for that.

write the test cases for date month and year field by using testing techniques
write the test cases for date month and year field by using testing techniques we can write test case in a format like ex-04/04/2006 or u can try in this manner dd/mm/year

ex-april/fourth/2007 or 04/04/06

how to write test cases for testing databases,especially for testing and writing test cases for stored procedures.any real time database testers.please answer me. some real time database tester please answer my question as soon as need is such that. else mail answer at
Is there a functional spec or business requirements document for these processes or not? If yes, go through them and break the procedure down into areas that need to be tested and processes that need to occur. If there is no document, go through the step and note the processes that occur which should assist you in defining the required steps that need to be passed for each test case to pass effectively. Hope this helps

write case for petrol pump?

These are the best cases for a petrol pump 1. a case for a litre of petrol and diesel 2. a case for the count on meter 3. a case for the amount of fuel pumped and the money metered 4. resetting to zero

write the system testcase and functional testcase for the below scenario scenario: view the balance in online account
system tescase will cover functional testcases also. Testcase for the above scenario 'view the balance in online account' 1. Verify whether the correct balance is showing by the application for the correct account number. 2. Verify whether the correct balance is showing by the application for the correct account number when the account balance is increased. 3. Verify whether the correct balance is showing by the application for the correct account number when the account balance is decreased. Here I have not written any negative testcases as well as any validation testcases.I have written only positive system testcases which covers functionality also

What is the role of QA in a company that produces software?

* building the confidence among customers *Collect the requirements from customers *Split the projects into several phases *Defect prevention based technique *its a process oriented

what is the purpose of writing testcases

Test Cases is nothing but an action performed on the application with some input to test the functionality, its usually a step by step procedure. The main purpose of test case is not to miss Testing of any functionality and Requirement.As it is performed in a sequential way,one step by step the second step would be relevant to the previous one so there wont be any chace for the tester to miss any requiremnt or functionality.

Give me a sample test case for an online purchasing system?What testings u do for the same ?
1.Whether the entered item code is valid? 2.Whether the user is registered(in some cases)? For online purchasing sys v must perform load test as well as stress how many user requests can be processed at a time...

For example out of 100 test cases if I ask you to automate how many you can automate? when we should start writing test cases?


Procudure fors convension of test cases in to automated testscripts, as follows 1.Select a test case, Study the testing procedure, Record the script according to test procedure, Insert Check points whereever we want to check the expected and actual values, Upload the testscript in to testscript management tool. 2.Another method for experienced software automated testers is Descrptive Programming(DP). In this tester will write the test script by looking at testprocedure of testcase. It is very advanced one,which saves testscript generation time. Do rememeber one thing for record and playback script generation we need complete stable build for script generation. But in the case of Descriptive programming no need of complete stable build.

So Descriptive Programming saves lots of test development time. and also one more importent thing is frame work implementaion for automation.

when we should start writing test cases?

But mostly..When the requirement specifications are complted. We can start writing Test Cases in parrelel with Design phase itself.(but make sure u understand the requirements correctly.

Please can anybody tell me some good ideas to write test case for fan and test case for chair?
1.It should have a hook for hanging in the roof. 2. it should have minium three blades. 3. If should be moving once the electricty pass into it. 4. Speed of the fan should be controlled by the regulator. 5.It should be stop once the electric switch off. 6. The color of the fan should be dark. These are the test cases can be written for the fan . If anybody can give the correct answer then please give.

test case for coffee machine?

1. It should have good look and feel . 2. it should be at comfortable height to use. 3. Button should be flexible to press. 4. button shouold work once we press the button and correct quantity of coffee should come out 5. It shuld have some stand to keep coffee cup. 6.It should work well to mix the powder and water. 7. It should give the proper heated coffe when we press the button.

write a test case for a pen and paper regarding writing steps 1. open the pen cap 2 take a paper 3

expected actual result pri pen cap should be opend paper should observe ink properly put the pen should pen on the have to write smootly paper to on the paper,it should not write spoil the paper and content

should not be spoiled under atmospheric conditions

Describe to me the difference between validation and verification

Verification: *it is the process of evaluating the software in order to determine that the software in the given phase satisfy the condition which was imposed at the beging of the phase. * Non execution base. *coulld be conducted either during any phase or end of the phase. * may be carried out through review(Walk through , inspection) validation: * it is the process of evaluating the software to determine the degree through which software meets the user requirements. *Generally being conducted after varification.

Test cases on uplaoding files

For a single file. 1.Check that how many current records/files are there. 2.Click on add/Upload button by selecting a file. 3.Once again check for the number of records prasent.Check for that has newly uploded file for updatation. U can do checking for multiple files updatation. Negatively... Select a file which is already uploaded and click on Upload Check the application behavior(Like It should display a message that the selected file already uploaded..It will overwrite Yes..No...

How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project
Quality Assurance Manager does the Marketing for the product. Sells the product before its even completed. He basically Assures the customer of a Quality Product. Whereas a Project Manager gathers customer specification through his QA manager and develops the product from start to finish with his team and ensures that the product which is to be rolled out is Defect free (i.e. readily useable). The Project Manager should pay back the faith of his QA Manager in selling the project to the customer.

Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you would define it

The SDLC is divided into 6 stages 1)intialphase or requirement phase 2)analysis phase 3)design phase 4)coding phase 5)devolopment phase 6)deployment and maintainence phase

Imagine that hotmail is the application taht ur going 2 test write 10 critical test case to test it ?
1. Check if login procedure is working correctly. Also check if you can retrieve/reset your password using forgot password link (the whole procedure) 2. Check if there is a proble in the procedure that takes the user to inbox (after login). 3. Check whether you can delete/flag particular messages. 4. Check if message search is working. 5. check if a message (source)can be added the spam list and then try to send a mail from the same ID. 6. Test the usability options like font / background / bold/italics/alignment 7. Reply/reply all to a particular message and check if the reply includes the original mail or not 8. Add an attachment higher/lower than the allowed capacity 9. Forward a message with attachment to ensure that whether or not the attachment is included with the message 10. Access other msn network links and then try to come back to your inbox 11. Select particular messages and press delete 12. Select save a copy in sent folder and see if the sent messages are being saved there 13. Check the appearence on different browsers 14. specify wrong password three times and the account shall be locked out/word verification screen shall appear

How to execute test cases written in excelsheet???

is it in term of manual testing or automation testing? If it is manual testing then u have to follow the steps one by one in the test case then u have to check the expected results with actual result or Follow the steps given in excelsheet and check the expected result and update the actual result in the excel sheet.

How will you review test cases?

Once we complete the preparation of test cases whe have to know whether those are correct or not or any thing we missed out. Then we have to review the test cases. Here we have review the test cases with the reference of functional specificatins by using traceability matrix.Here in traceability matrix we have the specifications according to those specifications we can identify whether we write correctly or not.

what will be the test case for Lift?

Positive Test Cases: 1.Checking the Functionality of Lift by Pressing appropriate buttons.

(The lift should goto the respective floor accordingly) 2.Checking the Functionality of Infrastructure like Doors(grills), light, bell. Negative Test Cases: 1.Pressing downward button when lift is going up.

Write test case for a search engine?

1. select the option in wich you want to see your search result. like Web, Images etc. 2.Type the desired keyword in the search window. 3.and press the search button. 4.all the search results displayed on the window.

What are the properties of a good requirement?

it shoould be complete & correct, testable, achivable, reasonable