46-J, Gulberg III, Lahore-Pakistan Tel: +92-42-8350195, 5880183,

Allah Ditta Town, Kadi Wind Road, Kasur. Tel: +92-492-770820, 763250, 0323-9999999

House # 120 Basement, Main Double Road (Jhelum Road), G-8/1, Islamabad. Tel: +92-51-5892027

Coverage Area
FLARE FM 99 transmits its fragrance (programms) from its station based in Kasur. An aerial distance of 70-80 KM covering more than 100% of Starting from Lahore to Sahiwal on GT Road, Complete Coverage on Kasur District , Kangan pur Bhai Phero, Patoki, Manga Mandi, Okara, Raiwind, Shekhupura, Sahiwal, Complete Coverage on \ Motorway-M2 Lahore to Sail More 80 % Coverage on Lahore City, 100 % Coverage Jhalandhar Amritsar & Jagroh (India) constitute the listener ship of FLARE FM 99


Kasur District District Sahiwal District Shekhupura District Okara Motor Way G.T Road

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100% Dist. Kasur, Teh. Chunian, Teh, Pattoki Covered with 6 Latest Antennas Raiwind City & Surroundings , Manga Mandi, Bhai Phero, Lahore City, Shadrah, , Wagha, Changa Manga, 80 % , 40 % Shekhupura, 60 % Nankana Sahib, 60 % , Potoki 90 %, 50 % 2 Sail More. 70 % 2 Sahiwal. 100% Coverage Jhalandhar 70% &70% Jagroh &100% Feroz pur()

Coverage Map

Kasur – The City
Kasur, the city of Bulleh Shah is situated 45 km southeast of Lahore. It is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. Kasur happens to be a tourist attraction because of the guard changing ceremony held every evening at Ganda singh Border kasur. It is known for its very spicy fish, a sweet dish called Andrassay, Falooda and Kasuri methi. It is also the birthplace of Malika-e-Taranum Noor Jehan.

Literacy Department
After the devolution Power Plan 2001, the Literacy & NFBE Department, was established in District Kasur. The Government of Pakistan is signatory of Dakar Agreement 2001, held in Senegal and the desire to achieve the six goals of the said commitment was made. The Provincial and District Government Kasur established Early Childhood, Adult Literacy & Vocational Education Centers and establishment of Education EFA Unit under ESR & ADP (Punjab) at District level to increase the Literacy rate and eradication of poverty. The main purpose of this department is to ensure quality education for those who are left-outs, drop-outs and the students of those areas where formal schools are not available or established.

District at Glance
Total Population 2.82 million Rural Population 1.96 million Urban Population 0.86 million Literacy Rate (Census 1998) 36.2 % Annual Growth Rate 2.6% Under 1 year population 3.5% 0.098 million Under 5 year population 17% 0.479 million Under 15 years population 45% 1.269 million Female Population(15-49 years) 22% 0.620 million Tehsils 04 Union Councils 113

Future Potential
Commencement of Literate Punjab Programme Project Establishment of District Literacy Management Information System (LitMIS) Cell. Establishment of 6200 Adult Literacy Centers (3-Cycles of 6 months each)-(200 in each 31 Districts). Establishment of 6200 NFBE Schools (200 in each 31 Districts). 20 Adult Literacy Centers and 20 Non Formal Basic Education centers will be established in each UC.

Tomb of Baba Bulleh Shah, Kasuri

Historical Mander of Kot Rukindin Khan Kasuri

Historical Kasur City Railway Station

Ganda Singh Border Kasur

Kasur Museum

Syed Baba Bulleh Shah

Ganda Singh Border Kasur

Beautiful side of Kasur

Beautiful side of Kasur

Ganda Singh Border Flag Ceremony

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