Include all the sections shown in italics: NOTE This job description does not form part of the employee’s contract of employment but is provided for guidance. The precise duties and responsibilities of any job may be expected to change over time. Job Holders should be consulted over any proposed changes to this job description before implementation.
1. 2.

JOB TITLE: Market Manager Direct Sales (DMM) REPORTS TO:The Director / CEO Indicate here the Line Manager, Section and Department, using job title not individual names. A brief staff tree showing the relevant reporting lines and organisational context should be included or appended.


PURPOSE: To convert the enquiries into sales A single sentence which defines precisely why the job exists, i.e. ‘to…..’

4. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES a)Direct Mktg. through boiler mfgr. & consultatnts b) Mktg. for new installations c) Replacing competitors product completely d) Quotatioh offer in consultation with CEO A numbered list of not more than ten items, each a single sentence beginning with an action verb setting out the primary expectations or deliverables from the jobholder (e.g. ‘to ensure, ‘to provide’) avoid the use of loose terms such as ‘to assist’ or ‘to liase’. Refer to objectives rather than detailed tasks if possible. The last one should be something along the lines of ‘to undertake any other duties as appropriate within their competence, as required by their Head of Unit from time to time’. 5. CONTEXT A brief narrative describing in 2/3 paragraphs, in broad terms, the nature and context of the job (e.g. consequences and sensitivities) and the sort of tasks involved. Any recognised quality standards required by the job may be included or referred to here. It is not necessary to include detailed procedures or standing instructions, although they may be referred to. 6. DIMENSIONS An indication of the size of the job in relation to direct control over e.g. budgets, staffing numbers, or equipment. PREPARED BY…………………………………….


• • • • • • The person specification must be written after the job responsibilities have been defined and the job description written Do list the attributes that are essential to carry out the role Do be specific about your essential requirements Do ensure that your criteria are defensible Do avoid breaching the Sex, Race and Disability Discrimination Acts Remember the skills to undertake the role successfully may be different from those of the present postholder

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