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CCA Proposals p Group 4 (Malaysia)

by Hor Tek Lip

The views expressed in this paper/presentation are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), or its Board of Governors, or the governments they represent. ADB does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this paper and accepts no responsibility for any consequence of their use. Terminology used may not necessarily be consistent with ADB official terms.

Proposal MADA 1 P l
Project Proponent: MADA Project Title: Review of MADA main existing structures and channel with respect to climate p change Project Objectives 1. Ensure that the main irrigation structures can cope with climate change 2. Ensure that the main channel has the capacity to drain the excess water I Increase the spillway capacity of the dam th ill it f th d

Project Partners NAHRIM BPSB(MOA) ( ) Related oversea agencies j Main Project Activities Projection of future climatic rainfall conditions up to 2050 Analysis of all the main structures and channels with respect to future climatic condition Preliminary design of proposed upgraded/modified structures and channel Design of d D i f dam spillway enlargement ill l t Review existing coastal bund

Main P j t O t t M i Project Outputs Future rainfall scenario Status of the main structures and channels with respect to future climatic condition Flood forecasting tools Preliminary design of upgraded/ modified structures and channel New spillway design New coastal bunds height Indicative budget Desktop study RM 0 45 million RM 0.45 Preliminary design-RM 1.3 million

Proposal MADA 2
Project Proponent: MADA Project Title: To develop sufficient water for irrigation needs with respect future droughts g p g Project Objectives To explore new water resources for irrigation To develop and use the new water resources as irrigation water

Project Partners: NAHRIM BPSP(MOA) Overseas expert agencies related to the field Main Project Activities j Projection of future drought up to 2050 R i Review previous propose reservoir sites such as Naok i i it h N k and Reman D t il design Naok dam and Jeniang transfer Detail d i N k d dJ i t f Explore potential storage ponds in the Muda area and its vicinity

Review the existing water recycling capacity and increase its potential Main Project Outputs Detail design of proposed reservoir and dams Preliminary design of potential storage ponds N New recycling pump systems design li t d i Drought forecasting tools Indicatives budget Dams and reservoir designs = RM 12 million Preliminary storage ponds design = RM 3 million New recycling pump station design = RM 1 million

Proposal LUAS
Project Proponent: LUAS j p Project Title: The effect on groundwater regime under climate change scenario for Sungai Selangor Basin (2050) Project Objectives 1. Water quality impact 2. Potential yield Project Partners; JMG NAHRIM DOE Malaysian Meteorology Services Department

Main Project Activities 1. TOR for consultancy 2. Steering committee/technical committee 3. Project Study 4. Workshop Main Project Outputs 1. Development of adaptation /mitigation for ground water resources plan in Selangor Basin. Basin 2. Wetland rehabilitation 3. Ground water artificial recharge. Indicative budget RM 5 mil.

Proposal Putrajaya p j y
Project Proponent: Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) Project Title: Impact to wetland plants species under CC Scenarios (2011/RMK10) Drought Project Objectives To ensure sustainable management of created wetland for CC Exploration of new technology for less maintenance of the wetland plants. Project Partners; LUAS DID/JPS Stakeholder/developer DOE Academic Institution

Main Project Activities 1. Study on plant management and maintenance under CC 2. 2 Experiment on new plant species to tolerate CC conditions conditions. 3. Water storage alternative 4. Public involvement/participation in planning/operation of created wetland tl d Main Project Outputs 1. Report 2. Ensure sustainability of lake/wetland under CC 3.Sustainable use of flora and fauna Indicative budget Study and physical work RM 10 mill/year

Proposal PAAB
Project Proponent: j p Company) PAAB (WAMCO- Water Asset Management ( g Project Title: Ensuring Security/Safety of Water Supply/ Sewerage Assets for CC Impacts (2050) Flood/Drought Project Objectives To ensure security/safety of water/sewerage assets due to CC impact. Project Partners; MOF KTAK SPAN OPERATORS NAHRIM

Main Project Activities 1. Create awareness CC impact to management/operators 2. Setting up Committee to manage development of mitigation/adaptation plan study on impact to river basin. Main Project Outputs 1. Study report 2. Plan Indicative budget Study RM 1 mill Physical Works Water treatment plant expose to flood 350 nos Assume budget for one WTP RM 1 mill Budget for WTP 350 nos x 1 mill = RM 350 mill

STP expose to flood (20% of 9,000 nos) 1,800 nos Assume budget for one STP RM 0.5 mill Budget for STP =1,800 nos x RM 0.5 mill = RM 900 mill Total Overall Budget RM 1.25 billion

Proposal TNB
Project Proponent: j p TNB Project Title: Review of Reservoir Operation for Impact of Climate Change (Flood/Drought) Project Objectives Optimization of resources Dam safety aspect Project Partners; ICOLD KTAK IPTA NAHRIM

Main Project Activities 1. Awareness program to managers/planners with TNB 2. ICOLD as reference + capacity building 3. Study of impact 4. Stakeholder engagement state, community, agent, MKN. Main Project Outputs 1. Report 2. Plan Indicative budget g Overall Budget RM 3.5 mil.