Climate Change Adaptation in Asian River Basins

1-5 December 2008, Selangor, Malaysia

The Case of the RED River Basin


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Presentation by: Name LE Quang TUAN g Designation Deputy Chief of Administrative Office
Organization Department of Water Resources Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Introduction Water and Climate Change Adaptation
Water available in Vietnam:
• Mean Annual Runoff of 847 billion m3, 533 billion m3 originated outside, 313 billion m3 from internal sources.

• Unequal distribution by space and time • 14 largest river Basin in which 10 RBs > 10.000 km2.

Introduction Water and Cli d limate Ch Change Ad Adaptation i
National level: - A national target program on Climate change mitigation and adaptation has been built and considered to enact by Prime Minister. - Vietnam Politic Bureau has directed MARD and MONRE to co-develop an Action plan on disaster risk mitigation in consideration with climate change impact (finished and submitted to be approved) approved). -Minister of MARD has a decision to promulgated the Framework on action p plan for Climate change mitigation and adaptation in Agriculture Sector; g g p g ; - MARD has already established an ministerial Standing Office for CCA in agriculture sector under MARD control; - MARD now develops a Sector program on enhancement of sea Dike system from North to the South.

Introduction Water and Cli t Change Ad t ti t d limate Ch Adaptation
Role of DWR- MARD + DWR is an agencies under MARD to assist Minister of MARD to implement state management of water resources and rural water supply and sanitation: - Management of water resources planning; - Management of hydraulic works exploitation, utilization and integrated d i t t d development of river b i l t f i basin; - Management of protecting drought, inundation and saline intrusion - Management of rural water supply works under the state management scope of MARD. - Develop program specialized in CCA in water resources sector align with MARD’s framework for CCA;


• Catchment figures:
– In Vietnam: 81.200 km2, ( Total area, includes RP China area in China: 169 000 km2) 169.000 – Main rivers in Basin: Da, Thao, Lo, Cau , Thuong, g Luc Nam, Duong, Luoc.

• Population: 23 mil. of people. Hà Nội g • Big reservoirs: Hoa Binh (9500mil.m3), Thac Ba

(1830 mil.m3), Tuyen Quang, Cam Son, Nui Coc, etc.

Main Issues on Water and Climate Change Adaptation in the RED River Basin
- Flood (including flash flood and mud flood; ( g - Salinity intrusion ( impact to hydraulic works in river mouths); - Inundation; - Drought; - Rain storm, heavy rain (over expected); - Landslides; - Sea water level rise, etc.
Consequences of natural disasters to regional defends and public security:

- Destroy defense and security constructions. - Reduce the national reserve.
Sus. Development

- Cause social instability. - Cause problems in public security and order.

SWL rise +0,69m SWL rise +1,0m

Ongoing / Planned Water and Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in the RED River Basin

Model output on sea water level rising in Red river Basin. At present: - Partial inundation: 14,000 ha - Completed inundation: 1,400 ha Scenario 0,69m SWL rise: - Partial inundation: 37,000 ha -Completed inundation: 18,500ha Scenario 1m SWL rise: - Partial inundation: 43,500 ha -Completed inundation: 2400 ha

Ongoing / Planned Water and Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in the RED River Basin
Ongoing activities: - Hold workshops for improve awareness for staffs in 3 regions: North, Middle, South of Vietnam. - From 2000: Re-forestation National program to reach 5 mil. ha of forest area (not yet finished) finished). - Review water resources planning in all provinces and sub-river basin, especially for flood protection. - Upgrade old system works and construct new dam reservoirs; system, dam, - Improve river dyke system in the basin to cope with extreme flood; - Develop and apply operation regulation of inter-reservoirs; - Study on vulnerable area assessment and review the most impacted area in river basin. - Some studies has been conducted to define methane (NH4) emission from rice plant plant. - etc…

Ongoing / Planned Water and Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in the RED River Basin
Proposed adaptation Initiatives in RB:
- To develop multipurpose reservoirs and their operation regulation such as: Hoa Binh, Thac Ba, Tuyen Quang, Son La, Lai Chau, Huoi Quang, Ban Chat. - T study on construction saline i t i works i some river i RB such To t d t ti li intrusion k in i in RB, h as: Hoa river, Do Han dam, Tra Ly dam,etc. - To study and apply alternation for water taking measures in downstream which i effected b salted water. hi h is ff t d by lt d t - To upgrade or newly construct gravity drainage system; sea dike and river dike system; - T study and construct new works which will cope with extreme To t d d t t k hi h ill ith t phenomenon, such as: special dam to temporally water rise, water storage area in coastal area, etc... - To change purpose of land use, crop patterns, apply new crop which can adapt with drought, inundation and saline intrusion, etc...

Expectations from the Regional Knowledge Hub (NAHRIM) and its Network ( )
Climate change projections a. D Develop project on remote control on reservoir operation l j l i i based on its automatically water level observation. pp j y g b. Develop project on early warning facilities in flash flood area Impact Assessment: a. To assess the vulnerable area of CC and mapping in each river basin basin. b. Extent study on impact assessment of CC on Agriculture sector to have better estimation on agriculture production in the future. th f t Adaptation strategies p ; a. Data collection and develop criteria for selection; b. Benchmark projects.

Proposed collaboration with NAHRIM p
• 1.Develop model downscaling for sea water level in downstream in big RB: Red, lower Mekong;

2. Build up a pilot emergency respond operating station to CC in coastal region (can be located in middle costal of g ( Vietnam?)
3. Co-develop project on mapping vulnerable area due to heavy rain, e.g: flash flood area, inundation area, 4. Training: - People: Reservoir operator; staffs who work in disaster management field; researchers,… - Subject: General information, impact and how to have information emergency responds, etc…


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