Kapampangan Teens on Mall Preference: SM Pampanga versus Robinsons Starmills

(Qualitative) The research focuses on the preferences of Kapampangan teens to SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. The group chose to focus on teens (13- 19 years old of both genders) because: (1) they tend to be heavy users of shopping malls (Baker and Haytko, 2000), (2) they spend disproportionately larger money in those in which they have a high degree of interest and involvement (McCasland, 2004), (3) they have more purchasing power because of continuous financial support from their families and lesser financial responsibilities, (4) there is little research conducted on teen mall preferences (Baker and Haytko, 2000). It is well-known that teens have the spending power, both in terms of personal purchases and influences over the family spending. Hence, retail stores like SM Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills must understand the connection of teen mall preferences and their retail strategies. This study aimed to describe the mall preferences of Kapampangan teens in relation to their mall choice ±SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. A Correlational Analysis through observations, surveys, and questionnaires are going to be used to answer the following areas: 1. What is the ³standard´ shopping mall look like to Kapampangan teens? 2. Why do Kapampangan teens prefer SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills? Sampling techniques, surveys, questionnaires, and other important rating scales were used in previous studies to collect attribute data on mall preferences. But as stated before, there were limited studies conducted for teens¶ mall preferences (particularly on a specific geographic area -Pampanga). The group got interested in doing such research for all of them belong to the same category.

Retailer factors include ³shopping center features. trendiness. assortments of merchandise. al. ³protection´. Tourists are attracted to unique. 2000 cited from Preez. ³comfort´. Research on shopping mall behaviour indicates that age groups differ regarding preferences for mall attributes (Anderson.. According to the study of Ibrahim and Wee (2002). ³atmosphere´ and ³value-added features´. Teens seem to be concerned with how ³cool´ stores are within a mall. 2003). if people of their ages have a common response on the subject matter. and Lee et al. Shoppers in general are attracted to ³novelty´ (Wilhelm et al. 1995). The assortment of different stores is also identified as a decisive issue for teens as well as shoppers in general when choosing a mall (Keep & Lindquist.. and wide selection of goods are other considerations of teens. contemporary. and ³tension´. novelty ±for teens. variety of products. Coolness of the mall is tied to the types of merchandise the stores carriers. Burns & Reid.The members of the group are also curious about their deeper and unrevealed views. 2009). teens are looking for stores that carry specific merchandise. These varieties also include food options (Baker & Haytko. Wang et al.. sophisticated merchandise in stores (Kinley et al. Also entertainment available could influence mall choice and décor of a mall is important for apparel consumers (Baker & Haytko. Mall preferences in relation to mall choice among the general population have been studied and research both quantitatively and qualitatively. In the quantitative study of teen girls and mall shopping experiences of Baker and Haytko (2000). 2002). et. 2000). the results suggested that beside retailer and customer factors. ... Customer factors are ³hedonic-oriented´ and ³utilitarian-oriented´ while transport mode/travel factors incorporate ³effort´. 2004). ³enjoyment´. Aside from number of stores.Uniqueness. transport model/travel factors also play an important role in shoppers¶ entertaining shopping experiences. these are all synonymous terms for ³coolness´. especially the latest fashion.

Finally. al. 2002). Talking to other shoppers and enjoying the crowd are surprising preferences of customers (Kang et al. Ibrahim et. cleanliness.. and even ease of finding car parking lot (Ibrahim et al. 2002. organization. and Ridgway. temperature. Through a survey of visitors. Teens like to ³hang-out´ at malls and meet their friends (Baker & Haytko 2000). (Wee. such as entertainment. 2002. Having adequate aisles and easy to follow layout positively adds to mall choice (Keep et. but also for other activities.. and Ridgway. 2003). and function (Kinley et al. 1995). sensible. 1999).. 2000). spaciousness of internal layout. Other factors that influence the mall environment perceptions are fashion. cited from Dawson. The physical appearance of the mall also contributes to mall preferences. Another worth mentioning preference is finding exactly what you want in the least amount of time (Keep & Lindquist. visiting and shopping with friends are major activities for teens. The friendliness and conduciveness of the mall to these activities affects the level the mall spending on the part of the teens.. al. (Wee. 1995. Interestingly. the results clearly shows that consumers with strong product or experiential motives report the most pleasure and arousal in the marketplace. 2000). Bloch. socializing with friends and browsing with no intention of buying.2000) and assortment of services (Wang et al. consumers who purposely come to the market to experience sights. cited from Dawson. These include availability of unique store design. al. 1990) stated that some consumers have experiential motives for shopping which result from hedonic or recreational motivations.. . Thus... clean. Likewise. 2002). good air quality and lightning. Bloch. Meeting and spending time with friends makes a difference in mall choice (Wang et. they also found differential influence from the environmental factors on excitement and desire to stay. 1990) found that consumers view malls as a place not only for shopping. reflection of local culture. Indeed. sounds and people reported higher arousal and pleasure than those who did not have strong experiential motives. appeal.

over the past twenty years research has moved from a focus on such basic motivational factors as driving time to more in-depth exploration of mall activity in the form of experiential. celebrations. and being able to find nice and courteous but not pushy sales personnel (Kinley et al. 2003). product at regular retail prices. 2003). much remains unknown about mall choice and mall perceptions among consumers. Entertainment destination adds atmosphere to the mall that is distinctive or evokes certain feelings. many items for sale. entertainment and destination venues. discounted products. it is critical for retailers to determine improved ways to target consumers and thus increase market share. once of little significance to shopping centers and malls. In this competitive environment. Teens and tourist have great value for money and pleased with purchases in reasonable prices (Kinley et al. Malls and lifestyle centers now offer a fun and a social experience. price is another factor that influences mall choice. Considerations for these are being helped by knowledgeable sale personnel. Mall choice is greatly affect by salespeople and staff. Cultural events as mall shows are important for the tourist. According to Lee et al. are now growing in importance as an essential part of the mix.. activities and participation is an emerging consideration of mall preference (Ibrahim & Wee. . Along the way we have identified distinct shopper types and found wide variance in motivation factors for patronage among these different groups.. (2004) in their competitive analysis stated that mall preference affects by being able to find a real bargain. or the mall as a source and venue for recreation. In summary. since in order to attract today¶s consumer. 2002). Motivational factors of customers in mall are to find just prices.The availability of entertainment facilities. to find the best for their money and hunt for real bargain.. being able to find prompt help when needed. 1999).. (Kang et al. 2003). With our financial status today. Entertainment centers. goods alone don¶t work. (Kinley et al. Despite this progress.

The interview consists of two questions that will describe the ideal shopping mall of teens and their mall choice (SM Pampanga or Robinsons Starmills). The questionnaire consists of four surveys to know the ideal shopping mall of teens by checking their preferences. and their preferred mall (SM Pampanga or Robinsons Starmills). performance rate of SM Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills with the given preferences.The group conducted a survey questionnaire (100 respondents. recommended facilities. and leisure for SM Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills. stores. events. According to the results of the study: My ideal shopping mall must have: Specialty stores (branded stores) Variety of stores Goods Assortments Quality of Products Meeting place for friends Mall design and facilities Entertainment Food Stalls Reasonable Price 31 votes 30 votes 30 votes 35 votes 32 votes 30 votes 36 votes 31 votes 28 votes The performance rating of SM Pampanga and Robinsons Starmills: Preferences SM Pampanga Robinsons Starmills Specialty stores (branded stores) Variety of stores 860 856 714 740 . 13. 13-19 years old of both genders) and a survey interview (30 respondents.19 years old of both genders).

To be followed by variety of stores. good and exciting facilities. specialty stores and food stalls on the same position (31 votes). event centers. karaoke booth. the standard requirement for a shopping mall must have entertainment (36 votes). amusements. special stores. reasonable price is last on the rankings (28 votes). Most of Kapampangan teens would go . and mall design. it is very evident that the entertainment has the major impact for teens in their mall choice. etc. And surprisingly. goods assortments. Kapampangan teens enjoy going to the mall with their friends. all on the same position (30 votes). Next to it is a mall having good quality of products (35 votes).Goods Assortments Quality of Products Meeting place for friends Mall design and facilities Entertainment Food Stalls Reasonable Price 850 886 840 864 851 849 766 725 815 780 762 751 731 751 Preferred Mall of Kapampangan Teens (Survey Questionnaire and Survey Interview): MALL CHOICE SM Pampanga Robinsons Starmills NET VOTES 101 votes 21 votes My ideal shopping mall looks like« Based on the survey made by the group. Entertainment here would mean having unusual. followed by meeting place for friends (32 votes). This may also include cinemas. and enticing events and activities. not buying anything. Then. but just enjoy their experience. From the results.

in short a place for ³hang-out´. Aside from sense of belongingness. are the ideal wholesome group gathering and entertainment place. it would be the determinant if they will stay longer or leave. . Malls. With any surprises. A mall providing high quality products would be their choice. Refreshment and relaxation is the main reason for this. They would strive to be one with the group that they think they have the same lifestyle and attitudes. every store reflects different personalities and they would go for the one that reflect theirs. or just roam around. Actually. the result is justifiable because the respondents are the teens. With the age of our respondents. From this study. Teens are looking for entertainment in mall with their friends to be relaxed from tiring school days. availability of food stalls. window shop.to the mall just to watch movies. quality of products is very much important. Because for Kapampangan teens comfort and ease is important as enjoyment. That¶s why one of their preferences is meeting place for friends. Being a Filipino. The comfort (facilities. Kapampangan teens would still prefer to have their own identity. go back or say goodbye. Teens prefer to be belonging to their age group. Teens in general would always love to go malling with their friends and whiling away the hours. place to sit down) that the mall would give is also one of their considerations. Sometimes they would proceed to entertainment facilities. Aside from we don¶t have much local cinemas on our towns. cinemas in malls offers a unique and fulfilling experience for us. And for them. They probably shop to the same store where their group shop or prefer. Variety of stores and assortment of merchandise would satisfy this need. Including the Kapampangan Teens know this which could be proven from the results of the survey. particularly SM Pampanga. most of the teens go to the mall not for shopping but only to be with their friends. the group can now have a clear view and decriptions of a ³standard´ mall based on the preferences of Kapampangan teens. cleanliness. social life is very vital.

coffee shops. The comfort rooms are always clean and functional compared with Robinsons Starmills. lightings. from entertainment. specialty stores. there are many varieties of store you can choose from. it is much bigger than Robinsons. According to Kapampangan teens. you can feel a different ambiance and unique view. internet shops. Others go shopping at SM Pampanga simply because it is famous or its name. accessories. . It is important for malls to have many entertainment places because most of the teens love to hang-out and play with these facilities. Other said that SM is the place where they can meet their friends. Based on study made by the group. ³We got it all for you´. teens are addicted to entertainment places like Tom¶s World. It offers a basket of attractions and never-ending surprising events. they live with their motto. beauty product store. At the Department Store. in SM Pampanga you can have all the things of they wanted and needed. now having more than 433 shops and boutiques to satisfy every shopper¶s needs. dining and fun options as the mall opened its newest Mall Annex. with more than 668 meters sprawl of mall shopping area. Since it is much bigger and longer. book stores. It is a good place to hang-out. They also offer high quality of products. You can see it from the modern designs. supermarket. Nowadays. floorings. They are willing to spend their money just to play from these places. It has 3rd floor which Robinsons Starmills doesn¶t have. Kapampangan teens prefer SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills. department stores. specialty stores. walls and. Quantum.SM Pampanga over Robinsons Starmills SM Pampanga is the very first SM Supermall in Central Luzon when it opened in 2000. Truly. etc. Worlds of Fun and Karaoke Hub. SM Pampanga got it all. First. The arrangements of their products are more presentable and in architectural layout. food stalls. SM Pampanga is now the longest and biggest mall in the region. music stores. Shoppers can only expect more shopping.

Republic of the Philippines Commission on Higher Education DON HONORIO VENTURA TECHNOLOGICAL STATE UNIVERSITY Bacolor.In supermarket. Pampanga RESEARCH PROJECT in CONSUMER BEHAVIOR . lots of goods are there were you can choose from them. SM Pampanga offer more goods and others think that it¶s boring to do grocery in Robinsons Starmills Supermarket. The fish and fruits are fresh.

(Marketing 4) Submitted to: Miss Mharree Joie Shynne P.Marketing Kevin James Alfonso Sharmaine Enriquez Mary Grace Yap . Gomez Submitted by: BSBA 3A.

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