The question that I hear most frequently from students on bootcamp who want to better themselves with women is: ‘how do I get a woman attracted to me?'. I have decided to write an entire book on Attraction which should be released in a few months. For now, this comprehensive article should help in answering this question. My Background In Attraction I used to have massive problems with attraction. If you have read my bio, you’ll know that I had my first kiss at 20 (almost 21 years old), despite trying for at least 5 years to get a girlfriend. I never wanted to be a ‘pick up artist’ (and I still don't consider myself as one of those weird group of guys). I just wanted to get better with women and understand why I was so terrible with them. Now, I rank amongst the top men in the world in terms of ability with women. Learning to generate attraction was a big part of this. How I Learned Attraction The way that I learned how to create attraction or be attractive was by 'small chunking' attraction routines, attraction techniques and the principles of attraction into my interactions with women. So yes, I did use attraction routines, but only as training wheels. After a while, I started to be able to generate powerful attraction using these techniques and routines. Over time, I was able to develop attraction in women quite consistently. I subsequently developed a conceptual, rather than rote, understanding of Attraction, which soon evolved into an identity based attractiveness. I.e. I got the knowledge, I implemented the actions and then I simply became an attractive person as I repetitively tried to generate attraction in women... or as we say in the new Inner Game Seminar - KNOW, DO, BE.

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Sinn's post on the basic attraction triggers is also a good read for background understanding on Attraction. For those of you who have read Magic Bullets. VALUE is based on SURVIVAL. attraction should follow. Why? Because it is this value that speaks to a woman's reptilian brain i. the part of her mind which generates attraction.Attraction Basics As David DeAngelo says. The reptilian brain bases its decisions on VALUE. makes the decision of whether or not she is attracted to you. See: The Attraction Switches. 'Attraction isn’t a choice'. you will be aware that the key qualities which display survival. rather than her logical brain. REPLICATION AND GOOD EMOTIONS. A woman's 'reptilian brain'. Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual .e. replication and good emotions are: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Health Social Intuition Humor Status Wealth Pre selected Challenging Confident All of these qualities demonstrate high value and are triggers of attraction. If you can convey that you are a man who possesses these qualities.

Value Based Attraction a. dominance Characteristically: You don’t have to talk about yourself at all – the focus is on fun Drawbacks: This type of attraction is transferable and can be easily lost if you lose momentum. Braddock style funny disqualification etc Emphasis on: Humor (particularly push pull). Definition: She is intrigued by talking to you – you have an uncanny understanding of her and other people around her Done by: Cold reading. Buying Temperature a.The Different Types of Attraction There are generally 5 types of attraction. role plays. c. creating further sub categories to aid understanding. b. You are a guy that she could potentially sleep with and even have a relationship with Done by: Framing. social proof. storytelling. storytelling Emphasis on: Social Intuition and showing dominance over her world Characteristically: You talk about her. misinterpretation. d. Intrigue a. e. c. Definition: She wants to get to know you and be around you because you are high value in her eyes. 1. d. b. others and your unique experiences. IVDs (Interactive Value Demonstrations). humor. I have expanded upon his 2 categories of Intrigue and Buying Temperature based attraction below. The focus is on intriguing her. Drawbacks: Can feel contrived as it relies on cold reads. You can also become a dancing monkey or come across as reaction seeking 2. Full credit to The Don for introducing me to the basic concept of the different types of attraction. cocky funny. disqualification. e. kino escalation and dominance. games. It is often not appropriate or practical in many high energy situations 3. pre-selection. palm reads and often constructed methods of impressing a woman etc. Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . Definition: Her state is increased by being around you Done by: Teasing. b.

The infamous 'holes in jeans' routine is a good example of this Emphasis on: Protector of loved ones. your family and your experiences Drawbacks: Too much of this and you can become boring or one dimensional 5. Emotional Connection/Qualification is vital as it helps to normalize the conversation with the girl and consequently SOLIDIFY or CRYSTALLIZE attraction. This actually amplifies existing attraction. that building an Emotional Connection is ideally done after you have already established other forms of attraction such as Buying Temperature and High Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . Attraction can typically be lost very easily. Note. Too many guys forget that they need to normalize the conversation and end up wondering why an interaction peters out after they are done with their cocky/funny personality/ material. pre-selection.c. ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ attraction a. willingness to emote. b. moving life stories Characteristically: You talk about yourself. but seldom causes sexual aggressiveness from the woman. sexual hoops. Definition: She sees you as an authentic and real person with integrity and a well rounded personality Done by: Storytelling about family. Emotional Connection/Qualification (The bridge between Attraction and Qualification and Comfort) a. What I am trying to describe here is the overlap between Qualification and Attraction. leader of men. Does not work as immediately as something like buying temperature attraction. wealth. challenging. your childhood and vulnerabilities. however. confidence Characteristically: you talk about yourself Drawbacks: This causes sexual receptiveness. leading. However. negs. Definition: She feels that you are on the same wavelength as her. d. d. e. innuendo Emphasis on: Health. then Attraction will 'solidify' or 'crystallize'. This is because it can take time to create high value frames 4. You will rarely ever be able to seduce a girl without having some form of normal conversation with her at some point. friends. c. e. if you have qualified her.

social status. The positive aspect of this is that it may lead to a SNL (especially if you have decent physical escalation). For example. For example. Other types of Attraction have similar drawbacks. it can include rewarding any compliance with verbal or physical feedback Drawbacks: If you do too much 'emotional connecting' without demonstrating buying temperature. finding topics of common interest and starting to talk more deeply about those topics and finding qualities about her that interest you Emphasis on: Social intuition. let's say that all you are doing is creating Buying Temperature attraction by being cocky and funny. you would employ a combination of all types. The Don's / Braddock's definitions may in fact be more useful to use in-field as it is easier to use quickly. social proof etc Note that The Don and Braddock teach that there are only two categories Intrigue and Buying Temperature. the disadvantage is that if for some reason you have to leave her. intrigue. Value Based Attraction. genuinely connecting. using their model. There are other drawbacks. Value Done by: Normalization of conversation. Practical Applications Focusing on one type of attraction leads to different results. but this is not necessary all the time. unless she is already attracted to you based on your looks. For Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . 'Warm and Fuzzy' Attraction and Emotional Connection/ Qualification Attraction would belong in the category of Intrigue based Attraction. if all you are doing is creating an emotional connection.b. she may very well hook up with someone else as Buying Temperature Attraction is transferable. The above list is a slightly expanded method of classification. e. However. However. there is the danger of “going into the friend zone”. Ideally. Another implication is that if you are having difficulty hooking a set using a particular type of attraction. d. On a more advanced level. c. but I can't cover them all here. value based attraction etc. qualification Characteristically: You and her exchange thoughts about your commonalities and you validate her about qualities that she possesses that are important to you (note that there is overlap here with the qualification and comfort stages of the Emotional Progression Model). you may fall into the ‘let’s just be friends’ zone. you can try building another type of attraction with the girl.

Often. Powerful Techniques That Can Be Used To Generate Attraction Below. learning teasing can also be done by learning some generic teases and putting them into practice straight away. but I prefer to think of it as a fun way to create a good vibe between the two of you. Many more advanced techniques are covered on my bootcamps.example. Let's have a look at some of the techniques that are immediately usable to create attraction. However. 1. these techniques occur naturally in normal conversation and generate attraction and fun. However. In particular listen very carefully to what the girl is saying or carefully observe her mannerisms and base your teases off what you hear/see.enough with the theory. if the girl is not responding to Buying Temperature. Teasing This is simply making fun of the girl in a humorous way based off what she says. what she does or her appearance. you can see teasing as a way to change your value relative to her value to create attraction. they can be consciously used so that attraction can be consciously generated. Here are some good ones: ● She acts slightly childish (also can be used in any other occasion when you want to make fun of her): “Wow you’re like a little kid. I cover around seven powerful techniques that can be used to generate attraction. The 'Trigger Words' exercise Braddock and I teach at our bootcamps is a great exercise to learn teasing. I’m gonna give you some crayons and a little helmet and put you in the corner so you can draw some pictures” or “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” ● She says something feisty/challenging: Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . Teasing comes a lot from practice. Yes. OK . you can try using some 'Warm and Fuzzy' Attraction techniques to get her to open up.

Here are some examples: ● Rich wife: “I’m looking for a sugar mummy. It has the effect of the making the girl think she has known you longer than is actually the case.0] 2. it also allows you to become more sexual with the girl in a non-threatening “because it is just play-acting”. I thought you were a nice girl but that’s no way to talk about a guy whose parents just died last night. actually that is bullshit but if that was true it could have been awful so stop being naughty” [credit to Braddock and 5. Role Plays can be manipulated to create a safe environment for sexual escalation to occur on a sub conscious level. Misinterpretation Misinterpretation is a powerful technique used to 'frame' a conversation in a way that is advantageous to you. And of course sex every day. (I teach framing to great depth in my bootcamps). Misinterpretation is best used once the set Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual .” [Note that this is also an example of sexual framing as used in Role Plays .” [PAUSE] “No.a powerful technique I teach on my bootcamps] ● Any traveling role-play: “Lets go to Vegas. get the penthouse suite and spend all our money” or “We’ll go to Greece and sell hotdogs on the beach” 3. Role Plays This is a great technique that can be used to create a “bubble world” between you and the girl where the two of you act out roles to create a fun and playful atmosphere. Obviously I want to try in a few new positions once in a while like doggy. I mean like… sure. For example. inverted razor and flying penguin. Are you rich? Cool because I want a rich wife so I can drink straight vodka and do coke all day. On a deeper level (which I teach on my bootcamps).“Where is your off button?” “That’s cool. Because it is role-playing. you misinterpret something she says and make out THAT SHE IS THE SEXUAL PREDATOR and is trying to come on to you. reverse cowgirl.

Future Projections are also an opportunity to use imaginative language. One other benefit is that it gets the girl picturing you and her doing something together in the future and therefore see you as someone she could see again. The sillier the adventure is. Here are some examples: ● ● ● You future project/role play that you and the girl going to Vegas and getting married You future project/role play that you and the girl traveling anywhere and doing crazy stuff You future project/role play that you and the girl opening an ice cream stall in New Zealand and living in huts Note that you can even string a bunch of these together. Cold Reads Cold reading is where you tell a girl you have just met something about her character and personality which logically only someone who has known her for a while. Here are some examples: ● ● ● “Your cool but I’m trying to snag a rich girl tonight” “OMG. which is a major attraction switch. Cold reads will show her you have strong social intuition. would know. However. it establishes dominance over her world. I’m not just a sausage with feet you know” [credit Swingcat] “Whoa. you describe to her the adventures that the two of you will be doing together sometime in the future. you should start getting a feel Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . I barely know you” 4. creativity and sexual innuendo in a non-threatening. instead of acting out roles. hooked. 5. Once you’ve known enough girls and done enough sets. the better to create attraction (note that you can also use Future Projections in Comfort but these tend to have a more serious edge). slow down. Future Projections Future Projections are similar to role plays in that they create a playful “bubble” between you and the girl. humorous way. If you can show her that you know her almost better than she knows herself.

or even a teenager. you’ve got a very good girl face but every now and again. but it feels to me like that when you were a kid.. The problem with most guys is they tell stories about their house and cars. You want to be telling stories about your life and spike them with subtle hints about the key attractive qualities that you possess. This is one of the main techniques that I used to pick up the Playboy Playmate (see field report here: Picking Up A Celebrity Playboy Playmate (WITH PICTURES)).. Do you ever have difficulty connecting with people?” [Girl answers 'yes'] “Do you ever feel lonely because you have trouble connecting?” ● Growing up early: “I'm going out on a limb here. Do not bombard the girl with multiple and obvious high value qualities within your stories as you will come across as “too try hard”... the story should be about X. but help start to off.for cold reading girls (I went through a phase after teaching about 1000 bootcamps in a row for various seduction/dating companies when I started having extremely sharp intuitions about girls). I like that. DHV Storytelling DHV storytelling is a very effective attraction tool if done well.. It is also important to convey within your storytelling. Outwardly..g. you drop little hints about things which are attractive about you (e. don’t be one of them! Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual .. by casually mentioning an ex-girlfriend or that you recently came back traveling). here are some generic examples: ● Good girl face. Maybe it’s your heart charkra or something. or become an adult before you were ready. Y and Z but as you tell it. you make these little bad girl mannerisms. bad girl mannerisms: “You know.” 6.” ● Connection difficulty: “You know you’ve got a good energy but I can sense a part of you is closed. your passion and purpose in life as well as your identity.something happened. Something made you grow up really fast.

‘These people keep bumping into me’. Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . see: The Basis of Natural Game . See my book on Attraction (soon to be released) for a more in depth look at Attraction. These include techniques such as Games. High compliance includes things like kissing / make out. Framing. Leading Leadership is a huge part of attraction. leading well is about building up compliance momentum. --There are various other techniques which I have not gone through in this article which are crucial for building Attraction.. attraction through social proof. watch out for it! This article is completely basic relative to the book. Examples of leading in the context of pick-up include: ● ● ● Using pattern interrupts (an NLP technique taught on bootcamp) Taking the initiative for topics of conversation (by 'cutting threads' when necessary) Physically lead her Importantly. unreactivity (for a great article on unreactiveness.The Inverted Seduction Principle). before you use other techniques which will require a higher compliance level. If you liked this article. It is necessarily limited in scope. bouncing locations etc. Kino etc are crucial. you'll find the book completely mind blowing. Also.The Secret of Attractive Reactiveness). see: INNER GAME .but difficult to write an article about because it is typically so individualized). In other words you need to first use leading techniques which require only low compliance from the girl. natural game (for a great article on natural game. low compliance would be asking a girl to hold your glass or moving her gently (by touching her elbow) a little to the side saying. I teach these techniques on my bootcamps and I will soon be releasing an E-Book on Advanced Attraction. lifestyle etc. which is crucial to attraction as it is the 'feminine polarity' (a concept Braddock and I cover in the Inner Game Seminar). It is related to dominance.7. A good example of medium compliance would be get her to sit down with you. please note that this article does not cover some of the CRUCIAL aspects of attraction such as sub communications (absolutely crucial to attraction . Disqualification. For example..

Hope to see you on one my of bootcamps soon! Mr M P. Keep in mind that this article does not cover aspects of attraction related to very important concepts such as sub communication.The Inverted Seduction Principle Don't know what to say to her? Get the Routines Manual . It covers some of the concepts in my upcoming book on Attraction. Nonetheless. I hope that this article has given you a deeper understanding on how to convey the different key attractive qualities that women respond to.Conclusion This represents basic but foundational information about attraction. See a great article on Qualification here: Guide To Qualification P. social dominance (click here on a must read article on achieving social dominance) and other factors which are crucial to achieving solid sexual attraction. It should give you a 'kick start' in your attraction game and techniques that you can use straight away. It is CRUCIAL that you read and understand the article on the Basis of Natural Game and keep this in mind when using these Attraction Routines. which is going to be my 'manifesto' when completed.s.p. sexual intent. Qualification is the next phase of the Emotional Progression Model. After Attraction. Here is the key article on Natural Game: The Basis of Natural Game .s.

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