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Say you want to compare the laws of all 50 states on a specific topic. Unless you have a different idea of fun than we do, you probably don’t want to look them up one by one. In many cases, someone may have already created a 50–state survey on your topic. Use our guide to 50–state surveys to find it fast: hlsl50ss. For research guides to even more topics, see http://bit. ly/hlslguides. In case you hit your quota, remember the New York Times is available in library databases, including LexisNexis and Westlaw. If you’re looking for older material, ProQuest Historical newspapers covers the Times 1923–2007. There’s also a print copy in the casual reading area in the Lemann Lounge. Curious about the intersection of legal info and technology? If your answer is yes, then you should come to LATCamp! Law and Technology Camp is a one–day unconference hosted at HLS on May 16. We welcome everyone involved with legal education in New England– students, professors, librarians, and technologists. For more information and registration, visit How do you spell a problem like ? Lots of ways, as you may have noticed. Here are the top five, according to a recent survey of news articles: Gaddafi 22,898 Gadhafi 15,496 Gadafi 13,705 Kadhafi 12,625 Kaddafi 11,975 Least common? Qadhdhafi.

Volume 2 Issue 3: April 2011
As we continue to head toward summer, the Library will be offering more opportunitues to hone your research skills before you head off for summer work— most sessions are just 15 minutes long! Sign up at hlsltraining.
Friday 4/01, 3:00–4:00 in L233 Tools and Tips for Getting Published Monday 4/04, 12:30–12:45 in L403 Administrative Law Research Wednesday 4/06, 12:30–12:45 in L403 Using 50 State Surveys to Save Time Thursday 4/07, 12:30–12:45 in L403 International & Comparative Quickie Research Friday 4/08, 12:30–12:45 in Areeda 524 Massachusetts Legal Research Thursday 4/14, 12:30–12:45 in L403 Finding Records, Briefs & Court Filings Friday 4/15, 12:30–12:45 in Areeda 524 Shepard’s/Keycite Refresher Sunday 4/17, 12:00–12:30 in Areeda 524 Clerkship Research Tips from a Former Clerk

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