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Minutes of the January 26, 2011 Conference Call of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
January 26, 2011 11:00a.m. Pursuant to section 4729.16 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy convened a telephone conference call for the purpose of considering summary suspensions as required by Section 3719.121 of the Ohio Revised Code with the following members participating: Donald M. Casar, R.Ph.; VicePresident; Edward T. Cain, Public Member; Troy A. Gahm, R.Ph.; Brian M. Joyce, R.Ph.; and Jerome J. Wiesenhahn, R.Ph. Also present were Timothy Benedict, Assistant Executive Director; Tracy Greuel, Assistant Attorney General; Chris Reed, Compliance Supervisor; David Rowland, Legal Affairs Administrator.

R2011146 After hearing Mr. Reed discuss the significant facts regarding the activities of the individual, Mr.
Joyce moved that the Board summarily suspend the license to practice pharmacy belonging to Brian Marcus Kins, R.Ph., (03-3-26775) Norton, Ohio, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3719.121(A). The motion was seconded by Mr. Gahm and approved by a roll-call vote of the Board members participating: Aye 5. 11:05a.m. The business of the meeting thus finished, the telephone conference call was ended.

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy approved these Minutes February 7, 2011