It's the last day of the community service prescription. Hour 79 of 80.

His supplies are all cleaned and returned to their shelves. Himself, paintcovered and filth-covered from another monotenous four hours of pretending to work. His time, evenly disperesed amongst the couches in the history departments lounge. Idle and numb as he has been for the last four weeks, resting1 on the waxed tile floor without pants to encumber him, a public radio podcast buzzing in his ear so he can assure himself of his intelligence2. A few moments until noon arrives and he can take off agaHave I pissed on the roof yet? He sits up in a rush to something. Composed, he retrieves his pants and reunites leg hair and denim as he walks/jumps/changes3 towards the roof access ladder. The horizontal door jams a bit but yields as soon as his intentions are internally clarified. This is the highest point of the school, on a hill, a thousand feet4 above sea level. Traffic and shopping centers continue their intentions as does he, admiring the view of gentrefication. He drops his pants5, and lets his body adjust to the new sensation of being half-naked on a rooftop. The stream comes without hesitation6 and strikes the rough surface of the roof. Richocheted droplets strike and cling to his shins. The summer wind moves between his legs and flairs his shirt-tails. Smiling at the relief from urinating7, He steps down the ladder and returns to the air-conditioned cell he was told he would be improving several weeks ago. Without the burden of metaphorical concepts, he was free to return to his podcast and couch(es) passing up personal reflection. No significant purpose formed, for the motivation was to say that he had.

1. from what? 2. He fell to the belief that one's taste in media defined a persons intellectual merit. Otherwise known as the WWE Therom published by Dr. Casey Esel in 1998. Dr. Esel's theorey is challenged by a 2001 New York Times article, by Gregor Blbec, that states "... the connection between the I.Q. of an average person and thier taste in romantic-era painting's can be contradicted by the cases of the Ted Kaczynski, the una-bomber and mathmatical prodigy, or Hulk Hogan, a primary critic of David Caspar Friedrich and #1 professional wrestler of all time." 3. it's very stupid looking to change your pants while walking 4. 1010 feet for you factual bastards 5. There is a clarification required to address the difference between "dropping your pants to urinate" and "pissing" as the two actions have significant differance. The act of unfastening your belt, and shuffling your pants and undergarment down to your ankles so your genitals are openly exposed to the enviornment, and then relieving yourself require a greater demand of effort and confidance than just whipping it out from the folds and zipper and pissing as quickly as your sphincter allows it. There's almost a hint of shame of while pissing in the traditional sense, as if you wanted the process to be done as quickly as possible and hope that the fellow in the stall to the left of you isn't a sex-offender. While pissing with your pants around your ankles is a proud act, symbolic maybe, but kind of awesome all arounda. Then it occurs to you how drafty it is up here.
a And I do feel sorry that evolution has disabled half of the population from expieriencing this male-exlusive joy.

6. isn't it awesome not having prostate cancer? 7. His pants are at this point in the upright and fastened position.

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