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Metropolis AttAining your goAls: perforMAnce, flexibility, reliAbility

Singapore's North-East Line

Metropolis in Shanghai (China)

With cities worldwide growing rapidly, transport operators today face a tough challenge: how to transport ever-increasing numbers of passengers while ensuring seamless traffic flows. And the challenge is multi-faceted: to provide passengers with a safe, reliable and comfortable means of transport, operators need state-of-the-art technologies at the lowest possible cost, using clean energy solutions to help in the battle against pollution of all kinds and road congestion.

A Metro is one of the best solutions

Acquiring a metro system is no small matter. It means very largescale investment. The right choice high-performance equipment with low manufacturing and maintenance costs - is essential. Whether you are installing completely new lines or just replacing an existing fleet, you must have a reliable, high-performance product tailored to the citys specific constraints and requirements, and delivered on time. And since the future metro will also have a lasting impact on the city's image and personality, the design has to be a perfect match. Drawing on more than a century of experience and an impressive track record in meeting customer expectations, Alstom has developed the Metropolis, a flexible and reliable high-tech rolling stock. Manufactured using standardized, service-proven components, Metropolis trains give operators complete freedom to customize features such as the external and internal design, dimensions and materials. Carrying up to 100,000 passengers per hour and direction, Metropolis is a major asset in keeping masses moving.

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ModulAr options: As you like it

Metropolis comes in a range of different configurations to match every sort of requirement. Operators can choose between medium-gauge or large-gauge cars in aluminum or stainless steel. Train sets can incorporate between 3 and 10 cars, each 16 to 25 meters long and 2.6 to 3.2 meters wide. This modular approach applies to the external style and design as well, enabling operators to tailor their trains according to local tastes and expectations.

optiMized technology
Speed, frequency, safety and accessibility are all part of the winning formula that puts operators and passengers at the centre of innovation. Metropolis is ready to go: fast delivery times are assured thanks to wellestablished industrial processes and a network of high-quality suppliers. All Metropolis models incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to maximize the performance of the Onix IGBT1 traction system, as well as of its bogies and brakes. Each car can also be fitted with a highperformance air-conditioning system to enhance passenger and driver comfort. Metropolis is highly modular to keep passengers moving freely in and out of cars. Each car has two possible seat configurations (lateral or longitudinal) and a choice of three to five side doors. We have also optimized acceleration and deceleration, as well as carefully engineered train doors to make sure they line up perfectly with platform screen doors (in both driverless and driver modes), all key factors in traffic flow.

Lateral seating configuration

Fitting internal electrical equipment

MAde for MAintenAnce

Metropolis has been designed with life-long maintenance in mind. Its modular design and standard subsystems allow for easy, secure access to equipment, thus simplifying maintenance operations. All the equipment installed under the chassis - bogies, traction pack and motors - are standardized to facilitate maintenance logistics and unit replacement. Moreover they are grouped and configured in robust housings to ensure easy access for periodic maintenance operations.

With more than 3,000 metro cars sold and over one billion passengers transported annually, Metropolis is recognized worldwide as a high-performance system. Metropolis combines standard and customized features, and is designed to meet three crucial requirements performance, flexibility and reliability.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

Longitudinal seating configuration

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Metropolis for Barcelona (Spain)

Metropolis for Shanghai (China)

riding in style And coMfort

Alstom relies on its own fully integrated design office, whose job is to ensure that each product offers the optimum blend of technological excellence and unique visual identity. We can offer our customers an unrivalled level of customization and comfort thanks to the close collaboration of all the designers, engineers and suppliers involved from the very start of the project. Drawing on this experience, Metropolis provides passengers and drivers with the highest levels of comfort and on-board amenities. Every last detail has been thought out to make the journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, from the design of the drivers cab, large windows for natural light and visibility, and warm materials and colors to audible door opening and closing signals, carefully selected insulation for impeccable soundproofing, adjustable seats, and soft, original lighting. Designers and engineers work together to create a sense of passenger well being to help keep passengers's spirits up while below ground.

Where sAfety Meets reliAbility

We benefit from a tool unique in the rail industry: our crash-test facilities in Reichshoffen (France). Numerous tests have demonstrated the superior crash resistance of Metropolis trains. In case of collision, the cabs front end absorbs most of the energy generated by the crash, thanks to its precise structural design. Coupler bearing brackets break, allowing the coupling to move aside and anti-climber devices to take over. Finally, the cars resistance to shock (1,200 kN) is well above the 800 kN required by European standards! Specific body shell components that must withstand high mechanical stress - for example, the cab, pivot bolster or the headstock - are made of steel. Other elements - for example, the chassis, sides and roof are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The Metropoliss modularity is based on this mix of materials and on aluminum units which, when damaged, are easily removed and repaired.

environMentAlly friendly
Alstom understands the customers need to make investments last as long as possible. Thats why we continuously seek to extend the service life of equipment and delay the obsolescence of components used. Our ongoing commitment to sustainable development means that environmental objectives are incorporated into the design and production of all Metropolis trains to limit environmental impact. This includes the use of recyclable materials such as steel, aluminum and copper, the use of "clean" equipment such as oil-free compressors and water-based paints, and advanced research programs to explore new biomaterials. Alstom's innovative thinking has helped to improve the Metropolis recyclability.

Minimum number of cars: 3

Nombre de voitures minimum : 3 Nombre de voitures minimum : 3

Maximum number of cars: 10

Nombre de voitures maximum : 10 Nombre de voitures maximum : 10

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ONIX traction chain

Traction inverter r

ONIX Central Case

Traction inverter r

Input choke


Control Unit

* Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Shipment from Alstom's Santa Perpetua factory (Spain)

Metropolis: technologies thAt MAke the difference

Metropolis is synonymous with modern, high-performance and service-proven technologies. Their reliability and flexibility fulfill three objectives: optimize passenger comfort and safety, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and facilitate traffic and fleet management.

onix pAcks the poWer

Our Onix technology brings the Metropolis range excellent traction and braking performance. Two standard voltages - 750 and 1,500 V DC can power the Onix traction system. It incorporates well-integrated components, at the heart of which is the IGBT inverter. This technology makes it possible to reduce both the size and weight of the modules within our traction system. Onix technology provides the capability for rheostatic and regenerative braking, which reduces energy consumption by 30%. Another Onix advantage is its integrated natural air-cooling system. It optimizes performances across the board, assuring: reduced maintenance, low noise levels, improved reliability and better air circulation. Some 600 Metropolis trains worldwide are equipped with 2,000 Onix power modules.

A bogie for every use

A metro car is only as good as its bogies. That's why Alstom gives particular attention to the design and production of Metropolis bogies, adapting them as necessary to meet the specific performances required: axle loads of 14.5 to 17 t for speeds of 80 to 120 km/h, and a choice of disk or tread brakes. Today, over 6,000 Metropolis bogies are either in operation or in production worldwide.

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Pass en and ger inf o secu rity rmation




Agat e (TC






coMMunicAtion systeMs: A high-tech Metro

Information, control and secutity are top priorities for urban transport operators and authorities. Agate, Alstoms train control and monitoring system, and our passenger information and security system bring together the latest, most technologically advanced on-board technologies such as Ethernet and WiFi. Thanks to Agate, each system is closely supervised, leading to optimized maintenance and an extended lifespan. Electronic sensors monitor subsystems, providing the driver and control centre with real-time information useful in making decisions. Agates open architecture allows it to integrate signaling or control subsystems. It can thus easily integrate Urbalis, Alstoms CBTC solution, or another signaling system and evolve smoothly to driverless operations, an area of expertise for Alstom, the worlds leading supplier of automatic metros. With our passenger information system, operators can send standard voice or visual messages to passengers on the train. The information and security systems are also configured to integrate even more advanced, value-added services. Features include entertainment and instant visual and/or audio
Metropolis for Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

information about journey times, delays and incidents, as well as increased security via an on-board video-surveillance system or a realtime radio communication management system linked to the control centre. All of these elements have been developed to contribute to your passengers comfort and satisfactionanother way of boosting your public transport services popularity. By adding to Agate Alstoms e-maintenance module, real-time information may be sent to the depot on the status of each train in the fleet that is in revenue service. The system analyses anomalies and allows maintenance actions to be prepared in advance thus reducing to the strict minimum the time the train is removed from service for the repair. Thanks to this measure, fleet availability is optimized.

Communication-Based Train Control

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they chose Metropolis

Metropolis in Barcelona (Spain)

Metropolis in Santiago (Chile)

bArcelonA, line 9
In 2002, Barcelonas Metropolitan Transport Authority chose Metropolis to run on what will be the world's longest automatic metro line (46.6 km). The medium-gauge aluminum Metropolis cars for the citys new line were manufactured in Spain. The external and interior design a unique combination of colors and shapes - reflect the modern, vibrant nature of the city itself. Passenger comfort was another priority, with seats for disabled travelers and spaces reserved for bicycles. Passenger security is assured by a CCTV system, with a total of 800 cameras and 250 checkpoints.

sAntiAgo, line 4
Between 2005 and 2007, 60 medium-gauge Metropolis train sets were delivered to Santiago, a total of 180 stainless steel cars for a new metro line. Each train is equipped with ONIX technology and IGBT inverters, ensuring that the Chilean capital benefits from a reliable and safe metro with its performance-assured traction and braking system. Flexibility is also a key benefit, with six cars per train in service during peak hours versus three during off-peak hours.

shAnghAi, lines 1 And 2

China awarded Alstom a contract for more than 1,500 Metropolis cars, basing their choice on the products recognized quality and Alstoms ability to produce them locally. In Shanghai, six of the nine lines are equipped with Metropolis metros. For lines 1 and 2, Alstom manufactured a large-gauge Metropolis in aluminum to fit the constraints of the citys existing infrastructure. Only Alstom has succeeded to put in service an eight-car train on line 1. Each 186 m long train can carry up to 3,500 passengers.

budApest, lines 2 And 4

Some 37 medium-gauge aluminum Metropolis trains will begin serving commuters in Budapest in 2009: conventional trains on the new line and driverless trains adapted for an existing line. In all, 170 cars will carry passengers in the Hungarian capital in high comfort. To give passengers an unobstructed view, the drivers cabs are partially retractable when not in use. The lateral seat configuration also ensures that the Budapest Metropolis is spacious and offers easy access. Each train is made up of 4 or 5 cars, with an 800 and 1,000-passenger capacity respectively.

Metropolis for Shanghai (China)

Metropolis for Budapest (Hungary)

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Metro track-laying in Caracas (Venezuela)

Metropolis in A turnkey solution

Alstom offers a range of turnkey solutions, including rolling stock, signaling systems, infrastructures and services. Through its know-how and the excellence of its products, Alstom is shaping the future of energy and transport infrastructure and contributing to improving the living and working conditions of people throughout the world. Today, more than 60,000 people in 70 countries are making an active contribution to the growth and development of its business.

MAintenAnce service: MiniMizing lifecycle costs

Alstom has in-depth expertise in carrying out maintenance operations on every type of metro car, whatever the manufacturer. With local maintenance teams and Alstomassured quality and reliability standards, operators can enjoy optimum availability and better returns on their investment. This experience is shared with our R&D teams and used to continue to optimize Metropolis for reliability and adaptability.

custoMized Metros
Alstom also offers metro rolling stock that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of existing lines, such as those in Paris, London and New York. That's why nearly 20 major cities have ordered Alstom metro systems over the past ten years. We adapt our trains to meet the constraints of existing infrastructure, such as line profiles, tunnels, platform height and type of tracks and electrical installations (600V, 750V, 1,500V, 3kV or 25kV).

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