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Pg 1 Paragraph 1 Pg 232 Redirection Pg 243 Special Characters Pg 15 3rd Paragraph What is used to customize the user interface X Pg 31 Paragraph 1 What does unix use to page file Pg 38 LVM Pg 888 What c-compiler does unix/linux use Pg 31 which partition is root Pg 28 what basic architecture does linux support Pg 396 what is conquerer Pg 2 Under GNOME desktop; how are shortcuts used? What are they called Pg 1-2 default menus for GNOME Pg 4 Same as 11 Pg 8 What are some of the things that GNOME sets up as default settings Pg 258 Know how to start X-windows from the command line Pg 241 When you get a listing of your jobs displayed, know what s in each column Pg 911 When you have decisions, which choice will allow you to make 3 decisions Pg 520 What are the two different systems came from unix Pg 605 What do you use to configure your wireless network card Pg 598 What utility do you use to automatically detect hardware Pg 551 What do you use to copy files in linux? Pg 149 What do you use to list the name of files in the current directory that you are in Pg 152 What command do you use to rename a file? Pg 180 What vim command do you use to delete a single character Pg 887 What is the extension for any C program in linux? Pg 154 What command would you use to display the last 10 lines of a file? Pg 169 Which utility do you use to display a list of users logged on to a specific terminal? Pg 606 what type of server is used to share files between windows and linux systems? Pg 181 what command or keystrokes are used to exit the editor and save the file that s being edited Pg 196 Which utility do you use to make your home directory the working directory Pg 498 What command do you use to upgrade software packages? Pg 193 How would you type in the absolute address of a file? Pg 243 What do you use to move processes from the background to the foreground? Pg 288 If you create a new script/batch file, what is the command line used to allow all users to use it? Pg 218 What happens if you remove all the hardlinks from a file? Pg 192 What command or utility shows the current working directory? The path Pg 505 What GUI utility is used to remove software packages from Fedora? Pg 236 What operators do you use to append a file to another file? Pg 150 What command do you use to view a file one screen at a time? Pg 180 What VI command would you use to delete an entire line?

Pg 182 Which utility is used to move a file from one directory to another? 48. Pg 863 Which of the directives for Apache displays the directory listing? 44.41.directives 46. Pg 376-77 What utility will let you have access to a computer remotely but you must be trusted? 43.directives 45. Pg 630 What command do you use to copy a file or folder from one system to another system? 47. Pg 180 What command do you use to undo something in VI editor? 42. Pg 868 . Pg 579 50. Pg 153 What utility is used to search for a particular string or group of files? 49. Pg 844 . Pg 241 .

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