Health Informatics Output 1 Group 23 Leader: Pao, Christel V.

Members: Magtibay, Arianne Ashley Mina Miclat, Frances Leah D. O Neill, Sabrina Florence Radin, C Philip Teomar II A. Rojas, Bianca B. Siocon, Mariel Yaun, Pilipina Karla Mutya V.


Research Title

The Correlation between number of Children and Parent s Educational Attainment and Work Status


Keywords Educational Attainment y y y Illiteracy Educational Achievement Educational Status y y y y y

Children Offspring Kids Brood Family

Work Status Occupation Job Profession Career Employment

Overpopulation Population Density Crowding Population Size Fertility

Poverty Indigence Low income population Socio-economic status

y y y y

y y y y

y y y


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