Describe your academic interests and reasons for applying.

Detail your career objectives and any relevant non-academic achievements as well as any publications. Outline any other relevant experience including attendance at specialist workshops or short courses. Research (MPhil/PhD etc) applicants should state in which research areas or specific projects being offered by the department they are interested. You may attach a research proposal. LLM applicants should list the four subjects they wish to study. Applicants for other taught programmes, in particular flexible programmes, should indicate, where appropriate, the options/modules in which they are likely to be interested. Continue on a separate sheet if required. Coming from a single parent family and from a small town called Eldoret in Kenya I was very keen at making my place in this world. After we lost our father, we faced a lot of financial problems. Ourfamily and friends didn t want to associate with us out of fear that we may become a financial burden. It was no easy journey to get to where I am at present and I am sure it still won t be very easy to get to where I aspire to be but my dedication and hard work towards it will surely pay off. This I believe in. When I finished my 8th standardI earned a scholarship to study for my O-Levels.This scholarship was granted by the school trustees only to those students with exceptional academic performance. During that year, I was the only student out of 60 to have received this scholarship. I was keen not to lose this one opportunity that I was provided with. I put in my best efforts and came out with flying colors. I was awarded 5 A's (including Chemistry, Mathematics and pure Mathematics). It is said Service to mankind is service to God , which is one of the values instilled in me by my family. While studying for my O-Levels, I was nominated to be the first Leo Club President in my town. Leo Clubs are sponsored by the local Lions Club and are for members between 12 to 18 years of age. The aim of these clubs is to inculcate a sense of community service and involvement among the school children. As President of the club, I organized a fashion show and dance competition to raise funds (HOW MUCH WAS RAISED). The proceeds were then used to donate food to the Kip Keino School for the abandoned children and school for the dumb and deaf children. I was humbled with my achievements when I saw how these less fortunate children were struggling for even the most basic necessities like food and shelter. After achieving good grades in O-Levels, especially in chemistry and mathematics, I was keen to pursue a career in engineering. I was very eager to know how scientific knowledge could be converted into technology. From so many different branches in engineering, I was more drawn towards chemical engineering because I was fascinated by how chemicals could be applied to make usefulindustrial and consumer products. I enrolled for Bachelors course in Chemical Engineering at Curtin University as it was an internationally recognized degree. I am an active member of C.I.T.Y (Curtin Indian TulasiYouth )club of Curtin University(WHAT DO U DO IN TERMS OF RUNNING/MANAGING THIS ORGANISATION).The activities of this club branches into various forms like sports, entertainment, charity etc. Among those activities that have been organized are City Futsal tournament, Curtin Freestyle Dance Battle, LeadershipTalk, and many more. Some of my achievements were being one of the Top 5 bestpool players in the University 9 ball pool competition

Moreover I am a frequent golf. pH. water and silicon in the feed. glue production control and waste water treatment. table tennis and badminton player. power plant. hardness of water. The company manufactures and sells chipboard. Raw materials fed into the extruder and the ratio of dye was under continuous monitoring to ensure product quality. I have also completed 12 weeks of industrial training at a company called Rai Plywood (Kenya) Ltd between December 2010 and February 2011 at its sprawling 30 acre factory in Eldoret. My main focus was monitoring the extruder for producing films for polypropylene bags. I have a drawback which is I stammer sometimes when I talk but this has proved to me that my mind works faster than my body hence it s always a challenge to go a step further each time in terms of my ambition and benchmark. Silicate oxide (SiO2) content and EMSA level. (NEED TO MENTION UR STUDIES IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TILL DATE LIKE MODULES ETC AND WHAT GRADES YOU HAVE ACHIEVED) I would like to join UCL because I can see myself graduating from one of the best universities with a high international reputation in a dynamic city like London which I believe is the correct path to set my first steps in making a strong career. I was assigned to various departments within the company such as. which is calculated using experimentation. C++. conductivity of water. finely finished furniture products and polypropylene bags. I am confident of my choice. Overall. hardwood. glue plant. From here I was finally assigned to the foam plant where foaming occurs and foam mattress/cushions are produced. For the first few weeks. During the last month I was working mainly on process control of 2 units. The modules are all very interesting and relevant to the practical use of the degree. polypropylene plant and the foam plant. It is indeed tough to choose. Orifice plate monitoring for chlorine (ORP) and its Conductivity. This included checking pH value of water. toluene. I amliterate in ProcessModelingSoftwares such as HYSYS and Loop Trainer and also haveknowledge of MATLAB and CHEMCAD.However.2009 as well as participating in cricket. I was assigned to the glue generation plant (UF plant) for glue sample analysis. Phosphorus-value. I have also attended short courses and workshops in Microsoft office. foam mattresses. My ambition is not just to get a degree but rather to be the best among the best. Waste water sample is tested for Flow rate. Magnesium-value. C and Visual Basic programming languages. and the gelling time for the glue so that the hardener can be adjusted accordingly using the digital process control system. plywood line. I had to monitor the process to ensure consistent product quality by manually sampling the products and maintaining the ratio of polypropylene glycol. (WHAT DID U LEARN FROM YOUR INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT) I am now in the phase of completing my final year and have to plan for my future. Glue analysis included various factors such as the solid content of the glue. football andfutsal competitions. given a choice I would like to pursue the following modules(MENTION THE MODULES BY THEIR EXACT NAMES BELOW): . my working experience covered more of lab analysis and quality control. and touching a little on process control. Waste water from the entire factory is treated before it is re-used or discharged. Also knowing that UCL s Chemical engineering programme has been ranked among the best globally.I was assigned at the thermal power plant s lab section where I conducted analysis of water samples before it was fed into the boiler. Thereafter.

modelling and control are among the newest techniques that not only save on cost but also present smooth.Advanced Safety and Loss Prevention > 4. I believe my current study and future studies will be a great contribution to chemical engineering and in order for it to truly succeed in the real world. and neural network control. Process Dynamics & Control Process control has increased in importance in the process industries over the past 30 years.- Process simulation Modeling& Control Chemical Reaction Engineering Mastering Entrepreneurship. Many have conducted this study using other inferential control methods hence i will focus on doing something new like designing using artificial neural network for better monitoring of product composition. entrepreneurship is a requirement. My final year thesis involves process simulation and modeling of a kinetic based dynamic process of a strongly non-ideal liquid. Process simulation. Fluid Particle Systems > 3. cascade loop. and frequent comparison of capabilities of the major reactor types. I am looking forward to being a part of your prestigious university and assure you to be the pride of the university. more stringent environmental and safety regulations. Research Project or Advanced Design Project > 2.Energy Systems and Sustainability > > THREE TO CHOOSE FROM > > 5. graphical procedures. feed back loop. What are his ambitions &What will you gain from this programme? COMPULSORY > 1. Methods of transport in . safe and fast responding processes. > 7.Physical methods of moving substances or characteristics.Advanced Process Control is a broad term that includes many different kinds of control including statistical process control. Simple ideas are treated first. Advanced Process Engineering . Transport Processes (III) . Process simulation and modeling is one of my major interests. This study is like a black box that has very limited research and literature on it and I look forward to shading light on a new side to this 'black box' study. > 8. feed forward loop. rapidly changing economic conditions. END OF ESSAY Why Do you want to do masters in UCL. This text emphasizes qualitative arguments. and the need for more flexible yet more complex processes to manufacture high valueadded products. and are then extended to the more complex. knowledge of chemical reaction engineering is a must to before conducting any chemical processes(NEED TO IMPROVISE ON WHY CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING). Chemical Reaction Engineering -Chemical reaction engineering is concerned with the exploitation of chemical reactions on a commercial scale. It's goal is the successful design and operation of chemical reactors. > 6. driven by global competition. The second part of my thesis focuses on designing an inexpensive inferential control method in real time. simple design methods. However. model predictive control.

Environmental Systems . Mastering Entrepreneurship . the land surface and the solid earth. We use techniques from the mathematical and physical sciences to solve problems which affect the natural world atmosphere. design and operation.Water and Wastewater Treatment > > ONE FROM THIS > 13.the atmosphere include turbulent transport by eddy winds and advective transport by the mean wind.Advanced Process Modelling (APM) is a technology that uses high-accuracy mathematical models of process equipment and phenomena to provide high-quality information for decision support in process innovation. the oceans. > 12.Project Management > 15. Advanced Bioreactor Engineering > 11. > 10. Advanced Process Modelling .At ESSC we are concerned with gaining a better understanding of the environment by developing new ways of modelling earth system processes using spatial information.Law for Managers > 14. > 9. information that is often sensed remotely.

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