This is one of a series of mini social media guides for further education colleges supported by the Association of South

East Colleges (AOSEC) to help
South East Colleges use social media effectively.

What is flickr?
Flickr is an image and video hosting service that lets you manage and share images and videos. It allows you to give each image a title, add a description and tags which make it easy for people to search for images by keywords. The popularity of photo sharing is huge so the potential traffic is very high. You can choose to make images private or public so anyone can see them, opening up your images to a wide audience, and providing an opportunity to engage with people. Flickr allows you to store images in different folders, sets or collections. You might set up different folders for each course or event. You can also create an open group which other users can add images to. Sign up for an account at You can… • • • • • • • • • • • Search for images using flickr Creative Commons Add title, details, change date and tag photos (use an anchor tag to easily retrieve photos) Add notes to a photo Create a flickr slideshow Organize photos, i.e., batch organize, sets, etc. Geotag photos by location Start discussions Upload several photos using the flickr Uploader Send a photo to flickr from a camera phone - flickr Mobile Site Join groups Comment on photos Things to consider
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It’s free! A powerful image and storage site Reach new audiences Solid community focus

Hard to control what other people post without strong moderation You may be ‘tagged’ in images you don’t like

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How can further education colleges use flickr?
Colleges can widen interest in services by uploading images to flickr to give prospective students a visual feel for the college. You can use it to:
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Search for your institution name in Flickr to find photos Add photos of events, buildings, college life, college staff and services You can tag images by keyword and location so that image results appear in Google blended searches Create buzz around upcoming college events & open days Showcase student excellence Promote images on other social networks including facebook and twitter Create a Flickr group (to gather existing users from your college and generate interest among Flickr users to post images Use Flickr to discover great photos for your next publications Launch a contest and invite users to post their best pics of your college. The winners could have their photos published on your website or in your next college magazine…

How are FE Colleges using flickr?

Screendumps of UK Higher and Further Education institutions (universities and colleges), and the academics within, who have developed a presence or resource in Second Life.
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Images of colleges and Universities on flickr

Monitoring & Measurement
Stats are only available to pro account holders but you can see how many people have viewed your images on flickr. You can track visits through Google Analytics.

Similar tools:
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Photobucket Picnik Youtube Vimeo

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Flickr in plain English Tips for flickr beginners Tips to optimise your flickr profile

Any Questions?
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