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ECO312 2011

Assignment 02

You have been approached by Minister Trevor Manuel, (the Presidency, National Planning Commission), to write a critical report (850 - 1000 words) on South African trade policy. He needs to be informed about the current trade policy stance, as well as the economic (and also briefly in some instances, the political and historical) reasons for South Africas current trade policy. He also needs to be advised as to whether or not SA should consider some changes to the current trade policy.

As an economist you will need to draw on all your international trade knowledge: for example comparative advantage; intra-industry trade; the importance of technology; protectionism (arguments for and against as well as new protectionist arguments); pro-interventionist arguments (ie protectionism from a development perspective); the importance of trade for economic growth and economic development; South Africas membership of the WTO as well as of SADC and SACU; and relevant political economy arguments. You will need to read through the additional prescribed material. You will not be able to do this assignment any justice if you rely only on the textbook. And if you want to have insight into the real situation it would also be a good idea to read through SAs New Growth Path Framework. Google Ebrahim Patel new growth path this will take you to a link to politicsweb or go to http;// oid=212533&sn=Detail&pid=71654. This is more of an overview (big picture) type of question. So you need to bring in a bit about many different issues, in other words you cannot go into too much detail on one specific issue.

Write 850 - 1000 words. Please put the name of your tutor on your assignment as well as the usual ie student number, course code, assignment 2 etc.

Due dates:
Draft due date: 25 May 2011

Bring your draft assignment with you to the lecture 25 May 2011. We will go through any questions you have about writing this assignment. You do NOT have to hand anything on this day though.

Final due date: 27 May 2011 12:00 Please put a hardcopy into the ECO312 BOX. You must please meet this due date because those of us who will be doing the marking would like to get the marked assignments back to you by the end of swot week at the latest. Please be aware that marking this type of assignment does take a fair amount of TIME. So if you hand in late you may not get your marked assignment back before you write your exam on the 11th June.

Criteria for this assignment

Have you looked at some of the theories and historical issues that determined the current trade policy? Have you considered the overarching goals of current economic policy and whether or not the trade policy compliments these? Have you clearly explained all the issues that could impact on SA Trade policy? Have you taken South Africas situation in the global economy and its relationships with global institutions and/or regional partners into account? Have you commented on whether or not you think the current trade policy is on the right track? Briefly explain why you think this? Do you think that it could be improved? If so, briefly, how? Have you brought in some own, but substantiated, contribution (briefly or just in the final paragraph)?

Marking standards for this assignment:

Criteria per grade


Description of grade

Puts SA trade policy very clearly into 80% perspective, understands and explains the issues very well; shows deep understanding and insight into the actual problems and issues involved; has incorporated the additional prescribed readings very well; answers the question; made some own contribution; very well written Puts SA trade policy into perspective very 70 well, understands and explains the issues very well; shows a good understanding of the current problems and issues; makes reference to the additional prescribed material; answers the question; very well written Puts SA trade policy well into perspective, 60 explains the issues very well; some understanding of the current problems and issues evident; refers briefly to the additional prescribed material; well written Puts SA trade policy into perspective 50 reasonably well, explains the issues reasonably well; very little evidence of understanding the current problems and issues; very little, if any, evidence of additional prescribed material being used; opinions and arguments are not very clearly expressed SA trade policy not clearly explained, some of 49 the issues mentioned but not really explained very well; very little or no understanding shown; no use of additional prescribed material Very little accurate mention or explanation of 39 SA trade policy, answers have very little (or no) bearing on the relevant material or the question; although some facts may be mentioned there is no evidence of understanding; no use of additional prescribed material

Very good



Not up to third year standard. Student would benefit greatly from attending lectures.

It would appear that student has not been engaging with their studies or completely misunderstood the question.

Consider this exercise as an ideal opportunity to do some serious revision in preparation for the examination which is just around the corner! This is an application of everything that you have learnt this semester.

Also remember that the compulsory essay question in the examination will be set on SA Trade Policy. Dr Doreen Bekker 6 May 2011