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Maxillary Sinus

Muneerah Al-Saanoni

Introduction :
Are air filled spaces that occupy the maxillary bones bilaterally.
When they become pneumatized ?

Primary pneumatization. Secondary pneumatization

Histology :

The sinus lined by Respiratory epithelium (cilia and ,mucus )

Pneumatized : having air-filled cavities

Anatomy :
Four sided pyramid

DONAL McDONNELL', et al 1992

Pathogeneses of MS :

Non-odontogenic infections : Mucosal changes ,Obstruction and Bacterial growth.

Odontogenic infections:

How to examine ?
Signs and symptoms :

Feeling of pressure +Headache Altered voice Pain on head movement. Swelling and redness Nasal discharge

How to examine ? Tapping Palpation

Radiographically :
Plane Films. CBCT. MRI.

Ct showing ifected maxillary sinus

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References :


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