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Thought Hypothesis Jake Scott RJ Klocker In my mind thought is a paralell dimension to space and time seperate.

but far from them only comparable to time in the sense that it is it's own beginning and ending. Wait pause her e when you just read that what is your understanding of it of what I said like the beginning and ending or like do you not get it at all... i get what youare saying, and iagree that time and space and thought are two di fferent entities. However, i believe that your conscience or ego, the voice insi de your head, is what you make it to be, and because of our inept ability to dif ferentiate between the two realities,our reality is what we percieve it to be th rough our thoughts, i believe that it is almost impossible to process reality wi thout making it our own, thus feeding the go. But then again ego is your external self what, in a sense, you want peole to see you as thought is the dimension on which conscience feeds Wouldn't your analysis be bringing both thought (mental) and the external "reali ty" (physical) together, although we both agree they are paralell It'd be conflicting. I didn't mean it like that though, even though that was really good. Shaped from Revolver no doubt, but more original I suppose than Inception giving me the ide a lmao I meant that what I said was a paradox there is no right or wrong answer When you read In my mind thought is a paralell dimension to space and time seperate. but far from them only comparable to time in the sense that it is it's own beginning and ending. My perspective of that last part is that time is not infinite. which is the point of it. To sort, persay, the infinite. without time all is lost according to the ancient Aztecs, referring to the 2012 notion, right? Without space there is no suspension of matter without thought there is neither What if both, although you have to keep in mind they are speerate, of these coul d be what shapes thought though. or at least you can use them as analogies thought is endless. the possibilities, anything can happen in your head. Anythin g can be thought of. 2+2=3 in your head if you want. all code can be broken, not hing is permanent. The same with space. the dimension, mind you, not where you're at right now with stars and Pluto poth ead the dimension of space is inifinite. it's only leveled through Newton's laws, bu

t only when it's brought together with the physical realm (i.e. mass, weight, gr avity) Space = infinite. Thought = infinite Time, now. Also, only when complimented by the physical realm, thought can be seen as not i nfinite. Life. it has a beginning, where thought blossoms, and the end, where it dies. gone. out. Without time though It wouldn't start or finish do you see? the dimensions compliment eachother all when brought into the ego. i nto life. into a physical world. aye i do agree that the realms compliment each other but only the means of man's perception of fact, as you say. 2+2 could equal 3 because in turn that basis o f knowledge started on the basis of perception of a specific language meant to define or label a process of thought. In turn, thuse becoming ones reality or "s aftey mechanism" i see that as man's reliance in proof that he is "living". A w ell defined fact that somehow reaches into his ego, attachs to his thoughts, and becomes part of his reality to bass other forms of thought around. Thus why fai th and science are both separate, for man totake a leap of faith is much harder than to have explainable evidence to feed the mind and to support that those bas is of thought that define that reality of space and time. So in theory from what you just said space and time could not only be complimentary of thought, but it's completely p ossible they're just nonexistant fabrications of thought no no the aspects of them are fabrications, built up by experience, they exisit different for everyone, thats what im saying The unexplainable and undetermined reality of anything that sprouts from it make s it impossible for one to truly know if what sits infront of him is what sits i nfront of him, or if there is a him at all. aye agreed 15:47 and only from what one does know, and as you said of course through the physical experience which all 3 dimensions contribute called human nature and life,does one predetermine ideas and perspectives and, I agree, potentally differently from the next person. For example, you have a room of 50 men you say put your hands together like you pray, thumbs overlapping then ask them which thumb is on top through their subconscious, some habitually will put their left thumb ontop, som e will put their right. repeated experience shapes habit. Althought that experience is the same, it's pe rcieved differently from one individual to another. You're right. nice. i see we compliment each of our definitions of existance, nice indeed Speed and Inception are not the only factors feeding these thoughts as I was originally saying aye

That night I formulated an entire theory to explain Inception, and ended up real izing so much about my mind. I'm in Krussel's World Religion class The saying that every teacher has some exceptionally special and helpful trait t o offer is undermined in generalization because he breaks the surface, half unknowingly, of what I've been talking about does he now he thinks with perspectives, sure. But that's just the beginning, he realizes hi s own mind ? He meditates he can relax it he can just break the surface into what I've been doing because he's so educated about it Zen and Daoism it's brilliant I downloaded a pdf of the like Daoism bible because it's not like religion it is to them, but that's the beauty of it Are you familiar with the Lao Tzu? heard of, yes The founder. He isn't a person. He is the combined wisdom of many people You know what a paradox is right? if not then like I'd be surprised cos you were the first person to come to mind when I found my new obsession that class yes contricition principle on the surface aye contradiction wait what idk what that is that means8 meaning a paradox is a type of contradiction but it's a phrase or phrases that tests an individual to search within them to f ind what it means to them aye indeed Maybe there is two definitions then...... lmfao The unnamable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things. This is the first chapter. of the Tao Te Ching reminded me of what you said earlier and it kind of applies to me, that can be interpereted as everything you know is not really as you know it. it can be something else, this laptop is only a laptop because of my experi ence of someone deciding for me that it is a laptop if the world was unknown then what balance and beauty would there be

wait, that can be challenged by another paradox though whoa that was weird lmfao I did not mean to say that but when I opened it back up it was right on the paradox........ When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad. Totally unintentional but they do string together. Without the determination tha t "hey, that is beautiful" then you cannot compare it to what is next to it, whi ch may or may not be more beautiful. either way one is less than the other, and balance is replaced by opposition. This was only covered in the last 10 minutes of class because no one at CBC, or anywhere else, is like you and I. and I guess Mike Krussel too. they didn't get it. They just wrote down bullshit. and had everyone else send it to eachother cos they were like "this is fucking r etarded, I have no idea what these are I don't get it" With what Krussel's been teaching me the 86400 seconds I spend thinking and thinking so much differently than I once did I've been sort of I can't say it any other way I know it might be unhealthy. and it's like unheard of. but manipulating my own mind. and in effect It's almost been well no it has been... counted as basically constant practice at manipulation of others Not that I do it all the time. but I don't know I can do things I've been trying out simultaneously now I um have been manipulating and maneuvering my panic attacks I thought that since I've always been taught and taught and taught, then practic ed (x3) techniques for the different side effects breathing for the panic disorder a voice or a song Brothers On A Hotel Bed for schizophrenic anx side effects distraction and mental escape for bipolar severe anxiety which was tried once and when it made me go deeper into one that was never tried again But I've only been able to do those like once in a blue moon and I mean I have all 3 side effects at once And I know this is bad. but I kept making myself have a panic attack. and then t rying to manipulate it down. I wore myself to exhaustion. I didn't think it was possible to do that mentally and then remembered everything is possible. So instead I did what I knew I did know how to do. I went deeper into an attack and just heightened it never did I again like I did then cos I forgot completely what I was even doing I was so overwhelmed by fear, but I knew it was possible. and I've done it a lot since then but the past two times I've exercised acceptance. what you just explained is something that ive been trying to work up the strengt h and the mind power to do something like that

I turned a panic attack into a mental escape the experiene of delving into the extremes of a situation, completely ingulfing myself within it to conquer it I reversed a bipolar negative side effect, into it's positive solution. if I have a bipolar side effect it's real bad I am my own dimethyltryptamine indeed you are sir and then it's gone so basically you placed yourself in the movie "Wanted" I don't know I can't do that. I did it just now control The possibility of me being in the movie Wanted is nonexistant thi sis hard .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .mk ina certain sense 16:30 If I were to think that then I wouldn't be in my mind I would be in control of like Wanted I don't know how to manipulate that I don't remember what its about, explain man suffers from extreme anxiety, he places himself within the anxiety to contro l it and use it to his advantage. Total science fiction curving bullets n such in a movie but, the fact that he taught himself to to delve within the extremes of his anxiety to suppress the pills. Sorry I didn't know that movie was about axiety............ I've seen it a handful of times now indeed

There are complications though self inflicted manipulation isn't anything you, I, or anyone else is familiar wi th only self collectiveness through relaxing activities like yoga and meditation Putting order into a disorder is just as complicated as it sounds and twice as unhealthy as it seems in two ways So I don't trail off and forget like I have this entire time when I just tried to say that whether you accept it , think much of it, believe it, or like it, that night/morning you changed the w ay I live my life entirely now back to the two ways 1) There are still panic attacks that I fail to... access, if you will. and before I can even heighten it, I've no chance to even gain control when cigarettes are involved. I believe nicotine completely fuels some. this is not exaggerated: I have to wait til my parents are asleep. Generally it helps that I get a bit lo st and completely engrossed in my computer so I forget about smoking for a few h ours but when I fiend again for a chainsmoke finally I have to. that isn't the issue it's smoking that is My parents are on to me, as you know. but even before they were I'd start walking from my normal spot and it'd just hit My rents are right below me I sit on the floor if I get up right now they can most likely hear me get up it's just the floor material, layout and sound acoustics with not only vaulted c ielings but some closed and some open rooms, and idk you'd have to see my house but it's completely quiet all the time and at night there are all tehse noises y ou can hear from the other end even in the laundry room thats how fucked the aco usitcs are, plus the fact that they're light sleepers and lay awake for hours so metimes after randomly waking up So every night I sneak downstairs and the past few weeks I've had to smoke in the garage with the window open well the window is close to their room by the front door. their room is next to the front door. the window is the secon d one over from it. and its loud when it opens. and just every sound I make I freak out and just can't do it Only a few times has it not taken me 2 hours to 3 hours to smoke once I didn't even go back inside my stepdad was up getting ready I got up at like 2 and it was 6:15 and I'd smoked 2 cigs but then the smell make s it worse and I wnat another so bad after I have that first cos I chainsmoke 4 or 5 at a t ime That never used to be the case. I'd just walk outside at 9pm while they were up watching tv in their room! I do silly things when I have them. split up my weed cigs and lighters around th e span of the first floor incause i get caught and they find one they won't find all of them stand in the laundry room bathroom for 10 or 20 minutes at a time just listeni ng cos every sound I hear I think is them up coming to get me

It's not healthy when I have ones I can't control cos they're 10 or 20 times wor se than they used to be from manipulation. Plus if I can't find a way to either take control of something or find deeper me aning it's automatically rendered pointless. not worth the time. uninteresting everything is just philosophical. and I try to look so much deeper into everythi ng. which not only worsens panic attacks cos of me thinking of possibilies of ge tting caught or something, but I don't beleive 90 percent of what I hear there's always a reason they said that. always something they want. I forget the simplicity I once knew because it's