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The Reintroduction of Natural Selection (How to Start to Fix the World) There is a pain to being alive that all

creatures experience. Some animals can handle this pain better than others. There is a stress to being a member of the human race that even closely related species do not experience. The pain of life is a reality, but the stress of humankind is self-inflicted. Maybe someday the world will realize that the way things are is by our choice. If you don't like something, say it aloud. If something seems wrong, question it aloud. All good ideas can be logically defended. Only bad ideas have to be protected by words like "policy" and "managerial decision" that are the equivalent of Mother or Father saying "because I said so". Current questionable political and managerial practices exist because our political leaders and corporate managers need them to mask their incompetence. They are weak, useless dinosaurs and should be replaced. I don't doubt that my children will think the same of members of my generation and, for the world's sake, I truly hope that they do. Change is almost always needed. Society does not remain constant, yet our rules and our leaders do. How can a stagnant leader command a dynamic world? In the animal kingdom, a weak leader is killed. In the human kingdom, the weak are coddled, protected, and permitted to rule with their outmoded and non-working beliefs. This can do nothing but weaken us. Maybe its time to practice some natural selection. Humankind, it appears, has much to learn from the lesser beasts.