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Soul Stuff
Guerilla Journey into Self Discovery & The Soul By Simone Starr

Soul Stuff

Intro Hav y u v r f l as h ugh y ur lif is s wha u fulfill d? ic d ha s p pl drif hr ugh lif h Hav y u s EASILY? ? as h ugh h days, hs a d v y ars ar jus flyi g by D si v rs whil y u r ai feeli g i c mple e?

If y u c c wi h h VOICE i sid y ur i d ( s ul ) A db c ONE . N g agai s bu ac , i a ach d i , R gardl ss f h Y ur s p cl s r k wi g wh YOU ar A d b c i g fullill d wi hi LIKING AND KNOWING YOU. ial par f xis i g his pla a d k wi g y ur plac Or as h y say YOUR PURPO E..

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h lp y u u d r s a d h a b happy a d fill v ids Y u d p A d LOOK WITHIN YOUR ELF.

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rarily, d y u v r ic p pl wh s wi h wha s s lik li l r

hav v ry hi g h y d sir ff r a all?



Par O What i Looki g Withi Yourself? Back to Basics I had spent many years as a young adult thinking to myself when people would get all spiritual like with me, what on earth is her problem and she is so weird. I could never understand anything that was said to me and quite frankly thought anyone spiritual was a little off the air. LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF to me back then , just seemed a little to deep and a little to out there for me to deal with. And I would run in the opposite direction to the next dance party or friends house, whatever was going at the time, and the brief encounter with the weirdo spiritual chick would be so forgotten. Thank God. As I grew older and life took more turns than a formula one driver in a race in Monte Carlo, I started to think to myself that life Must get better than this or is there more to my life than THIS? Didnt go too deep into it, brushed the surface ONLY. That is the problem RIGHT THERE! Brushing the surface to a thought pattern heading down this road was not ENOUGH and the wrong move. That thought I had was there and it was there for a reason and it was there to be explored, WHY? Because it was the door to the answers to my problems I didnt think I had. As we all do , when life is moving fast, moving well and really kind of problem free? right? I myself was exactly like that cruising through, knowing something was a miss but thought hey , its not really effecting my life, its my stoopid thoughts and head space and I just wont go there even though deep down inside I am not really happy and I would love to change so many things about myself but hey stuff it cos I am doing OK. hmmmmmbut let me tell you I was so wrong and it would manifest ( build up ) over time. And OK eventually just doesnt cut it I know.
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Looking Within Yourself is the process of getting to know your inner you your soul. The little man /woman that speaks to you in your mind that NOONE else hears except you. The thoughts in your mind that you sometimes listen to but majority of the time ignore. Sound familiar? Well to start to get some depth into your life and meaning emotionally you need to know yourself inside and out. The good and the bad and deal and face the truth about who you are. Sound too hard? Hell YES. BUT. Here are the options 1. You either deal with it NOW and be DONE dealing with it 2. Or deal with it at a LATER point in your life when its escalated I am not going to go right into the nitty gritty of this subject just yet JUST in case this whole SOUL and SPIRITUALITY thing is new to you, because your not ready . lol. I am probably going to jump here and there with this whole pdf but I need you to know I write to you from my heart and from EXPERIENCE first hand , so I write this free hand RAW and unedited to keep it real. Being a model and a model from a really young age, living a life from a young age POPULAR and socially cool and to other people somewhat attractive , was FUN , YES But rewarding financially YES Rewarding emotionally NO. When your young popular and good looking and cruising through life without a moment to think when you stop and do think .. It is very confronting. Its boring lol, and probably a little too deep but the one thing you cannot escape EVER Your thoughts at that moment are very REAL and as you get older they get deeper and heavier to carry if you dont


LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF to find out who you are and why you have a sense emptiness there or what I say is a VOID? Dont know what it is , I just dont feel 100 percent I would say.. I would say that. And that would be it. Never looked into it. Never bothered thinking about it too much. Just left it like that. Until I had no choice BUT to deal with it and boy it was like only then I went mmmm shouldve done this back THEN! wow. So youre probably going okay Simone I see your point yeah I have off days and moments where I am not 100per cent happy so what.. everyone does.. it is just life! Well let me assure you that the VOID and this thought your feeling is there for a reason and it would be wise to address it and NO You do not have to settle for what you have and put up with what you so much inside WANT TO CHANGE. Because you are entitled to be 100 per cent happy and to have a life that is Not requiring you to SETTLE. We all know what settling is? Lol I have done it. You have done it no doubt. And truth of the matter is IF I ONLY KNEW MYSELF AND LOOKED WITHIN To find my true passion, desires, flaws, needs and wants I wouldnt need to settle at all and I could be a lot more fulfilled than I am NOW! You have to start at the core and work your way through or out so to speak. One of the most self satisfying things in finding out who you are and who you are NOT , is facing the issues within yourself YOU CLEARLY DONT WANT TO ( and I dont blame you because I was a definite NO to that a while back now ) cos When you finally smile because YOU faced YOU no dollar amount could ever give you the joy and respect you feel for
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Facing your fears . Its not a big deal . Trust me . I have been there now and done all that . FEAR GOD. Dont fear who you are, BECOME who you REALLY are and your journey will begin. Like a empty well Slowly you start to fill it With water which will be everlasting running so free transperent and pure. Do you understand what I mean? This whole Spirituality Soul Searching Trip ( Simone Terms lol ) starts with you. Why is it necessary to know this? Well its dont have to listen or read anything I write and in fact go on living and feeling the way you do today , yesterday etc. there is no right nor wrong. But there is a better way to live and think to GET THE MOST OUT OF your physical existence here on this forever changing planet And lets not forget TO FILL THE VOID! The I am not sure what it is but I am not like totally happy I think or There has to be more to this stoopid life than this? or I dont know how I feel because I havent given it much thought even though I have moments thinking about the life I WISH I HAD are sure signs of a emotional crash at some point in your life as it leads to unhappiness and lack of fulfilment. Your probably wondering why I am bothering with this document?


(which I know will take me forever to write and get through to you ) well.. I have my reasons and its not monetary but hey if it ever resulted in that I wouldnt deny myself lol however the main reason I am about to go to this effort is because of two reasons 1. I dont want anyone to go through what I have been through if I can help it, because its just hell 2. And secondly because its the spiritual side of me that CANNOT shy away from doing this. I will explain LATER Without all the weird jargon and spiritual terminology I hope to be able to make a little sense to you and perhaps hold your hand in getting to know your SOUL. It starts with looking within yourself! Whether your 17 or 70 your soul wants five things: Your soul wants to: 1. connect with Source 2. commit to values 3. serve a purpose 4. express itself 5. create a life Whether you like it or not , we are all expectant of the above , because its just how we are and who we are. Like many of us have said before IF I KNEW BACK THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW Things would be GREAT and my life would have taken this road instead of that ROAD.
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Well , do as you please but if your just starting out in this world as a adult or your halfway through and your thinking about your VOID, I recommend addressing it now so you can avoid the bad road and take the good road and change your route QUICK. You cant put a price on your inner happiness. I have tried . lol You cant. It is your biggest and strongest asset which leads to such abundance in other areas of your life . It will blow your mind at the domino effect created just from fixing the VOID in you! I know . Tried , Ignored, Tested, Ignored and Tried again..lolMy journey with me and my soul is DIFFERENT , its long , messy and hard to understand but you will discover the meaning to my madness as I continue with this PDF later on down the track. So basically everyone has innate spiritual intelligence; we just don't know how to activate it. Writing Down Your Soul is a unique writing process that connects you to that Voice of wisdom within. When you write at the soul level, you: get out of your conscious (awake and living), stress-filled mind get in touch with your deep, authentic (private and secret )self--your soul activate limitless intelligence, wisdom, and creativity I conclude with this if you write down HONESTLY on a piece of paper on right side (and I mean HONESTLY) the positives and on the left side the negatives of your existence with a line write down the middle. Read it , think about it. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELING because it NEVER lies by the way , we choose to ignore it cos it doesnt SUIT us at the time lol. and ask yourself DO I HAVE A VOID? Because you will FEEL the VOID and think the VOID. ;)


If your answer is yes. Then I recommend your read the next upload to this upload and follow this yellow brick road I tell you if I had any knowledge of information like this or even listened to my inner me years ago , I could possibly had a different life . I however, DO count my blessings each day, because as we all know there are a lot more other people worse off right? I will upload the next PDF by the 8th July 2011 *Maybe earlier* Talk to you SOON Love and Light Simone Starr

Soul Stuff


PERSONAL VISION STATEMENT: Also called the personal mission statement, philosophy or creed. "It focuses on what you want to be (character) and to do (contributions and achievements) and on 1 the values and principles upon which being and doing are based."


Relationships (Mate &Children)



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An objective self-evaluation is a healthy exercise that allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once this is done, you can go about putting together a winning career strategy. You should plan to capitalize on those things you do extremely well. For those areas you identify which need improvement, make an effort to attack them one at a time.

1. What in your background shows your persistence?

2. Why did you choose your major subject?

3. Why did you go to college?

4. Where have you shown leadership potential?

5. How have you changed since beginning college?

6. What course has excited you the most and why?

7. What are the characteristics in a friend that you admire?

8. To what personal characteristics in your teachers have you responded?

9. Do you posses a strong, mild, gruff, loud, or wavering voice?

10. What events in your background suggest that you are an extrovert?

11. What type of temperament do you possess?

12. Are you an emotional or a very private person?

13. What social activities appeal to you? Why?

14. What activities excite you? School, sports, work, politics, etc.?

15. Is your conversation usually organized or often disjointed?

16. Do you prefer team or individual projects?

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17. Is your speech clear? 18. What importance do you place on appearance? 19. Why do you think you are ambitious? What evidence can you show? 20. What degree of confidence do you show in your abilities? 21. Do work supervisors and teachers praise your speed rather than your quality? 22. Do you attend to or overlook details? 23. Which past accomplishments have you taken pride in? 24. Are prestige and status important to you? 25. How materialistic are you? How can you tell?


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25. How materialistic are you? How can you tell? 26. Does money, fear, or praise motivate you? 27. Do you crave independence or association? 28. What do you do with your leisure tune? 29. Are your abilities more mechanical than creative? 30. Give examples of your creative abilities. 31. Give examples of you mechanical abilities. 32. When you are not in school or working, what do you do? Why? 33. Do you enjoy making decisions? 34. Show examples of how you have motivated others.

Soul Stuff



The following is a list of characteristics which are looked for in leaders. Do you feel you possess any of them? Indicate your level of leadership readi ness by assessing yourself as follows: 1. Which ones most closely fit you today? Indicate with a " T". 2. Which ones do you currently not possess, but are you willing to develop because they match your personal value system? Indicate with a " D". 3. Which ones do you feel are not important to you and your life goals? Indicate with an "NI".

A person who wants to be a positive leader will indicate at least 75% (44) of the traits with a
1. Enthusiastic 2. Imaginative 3. Straightforward 4. Broad-minded 5. Fair-minded 6. Intelligent
7. Inspiring

8. Forward-looking 9. Competent 10. Honest 11. Independent 12. Loyal 13. Self-controlled 14. Determined 15. Ambitious 16. Mature 17. Cooperative 18. Rjsk taker 19. Visionary 20. Communicator 21. Participative 22. High Achiever 23. Warm 24. Has virtues 25. Inspires trust 26. Is always ready 27. Takes initiative 28. Has candor 29 Has good judgment 30, Has a global perspective 31. Caring 32. Courageous 33. Supportive 34. Adaptable 35 Alert to social environment 36. Assertive 37. Decisive 38. Dominant (situational trait) 39. Energetic 40 Persistent 41. Self-confidant 42. Tolerant of stress

[SOUL STUFF] 42. Tolerant of stress 43. Willing to assume responsibility 44 Relaxed 45. Tough-minded 46. Aggressive (situational trait) 47. Self-critical 48. Organized 49. Optimistic 50. Sensitive 51. Has values 52. Has character 53. Has a passion in life 54. Has drive for success 55. Has high integrity 56. Has curiosity 57. Has good taste 58. Is committed to excellence 59. Concern for humanity 60. Dependable
This is a personal exercise that you should perform at least twice a year. As people change, values change. Effective leaders ALWAYS know who they are and what they value in life. Because leadership is a science as well as an art and leaders can be made as well as be born, you may be pleasantly surprised at your ability to develop additional positive leadership traits if you make a conscious effort to make them a part of your valu e system.

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Soul Stuff