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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Name: Reneer's Guard Overhaul Version: 2.

54 Date: 02/06/2011 Category: NPCs Requires: Oblivion 1.2.0416 / Shivering Isles 1.2.0416 Author: Reneer ( 1. Description 2. Requirements 3. Installing the plug-in 4. Playing the plug-in 5. Save games 6. Conflicts/Known Errors 7. Credits/Permissions received 8. Contact and Information 9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer 10. Changelog 1. Description This mod changes the Guard behavior by modifying how Guards react to player crimes. If you attack a guard, only that Guard will defend himself (no other Guards will attack unless they see the fighting). If you manage to outrun the Guards, they will no longer chase you to the ends of Tamriel. If you are sent to jail, the guards will kill you rather than trying to put you back into your cell if you escape. If you manage to kill all the Guards that witnessed your crime, that crime gold will be removed. If a Guard notices that you are sneaking around, they will follow you closely until you stop sneaking around. Each city now has its own crime gold - meaning that if you attack someone in Chorrol, the guards in Cheydinhal will not attack you because they do not know about the crime in Chorrol. Different crimes will be remembered for different amounts of time (typically anywhere from one game day for stealing to seven game days for murder). These values can be changed by equipping the RGO Config token, located in the Misc Items part of the inventory, and clicking on it. The

Configuration Menu supports multiple languages you can easily select a different language by clicking on 'General Settings -> Language' and choosing which language you prefer. Some languages are not yet supported, even though they are in the menu. If you hurt a guard badly enough, and there are no other guards to back him up, he will flee from you to avoid being killed. You are also able to bribe Guards to leave their posts. Say you want to rob a store, but there is a Guard sitting right outside. Just bribe him, and he will wander off. If he sees you committing a crime, though, he will still come after you. Guards will now arrest NPCs if the NPC has committed a crime and cannot pay their crime gold. The NPC will be escorted to the nearest prison and incarcerated for a period of days depending upon the severity of their crime. If an NPC has the gold to pay for a crime, they will simply pay the fee and not go to jail. Please note: This mod is NOT compatible with my Disguises mod. Though I have tested this mod in several of my own saved games, running this mod could cause your save games to be corrupted, it could crash Oblivion, etc. If it breaks your game... send me a bug report! 2. Requirements None, aside from installing the plugin plus extracting the RenGuardOverhaul.bsa file and checking RenGuardOverhaul.esp in the 'Data Files' dialog in the Oblivion Launcher. 3. Installing the Plugin Just unzip the RenGuardOverhaul.esp and the RenGuardOverhaul.bsa file to your Oblivion\Data folder, overwriting anything already there. Also, if you wish to use the new INI loading feature, you must extract the INI Files folder into your Oblivion\Data folder. 4. Playing the Plugin

When starting Oblivion, go to Data Files and check RenGuardOverhaul.esp. If you want to change any of the mod variables, all you need to do is equip the Guard Overhaul Configuration Ring (it will be immediately unequipped) and exit the Inventory menu. Please note that the Regional Crime System is turned on by default, and must be turned off manually. You do not need to use the Configuration Menu if you don't want to - the mod will work fine if you just load up the ESP and play normally. INI Feature: The INI loader requires that you run OBSE. To enable the feature, equip the Configuration Menu token (in the Misc section of the inventory) and select INI file. If you want to switch back, go into sneak mode and then equip the Configuration Menu token again. 5. Save Games With version 1.0 and above, there should be very little chance that this mod will corrupt save-games (though anything is possible.) You do not need to create a new character / game to use this mod. 6. Conflicts / Known Errors Known Errors: If you experience any issues with RGO, here is a wonderful method for helping me diagnose the problem: 1. Run OBSE and Pluggy alongside RGO. 2. If you encounter a problem, go to the RGO forum thread. 3. Post a copy of the RGODebugFile.txt that is located in your My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User Files\RGODebug folder. RGO may, in certain circumstances, require a 'clean save.' Here is how to perform this: Normal Method: 1. Make sure you don't have any crime-gold. Save and exit. 2. Untick RGO from your 'Data Files' menu.

3. exit 4. 5.

Load your latest save with no crime-gold. Save and again. Tick RGO on from your 'Data Files' menu. Load the latest save. RGO will now be 'reset.'

Other method (failsafe, but requires console commands). 6. COC to RenCrimeCell. Follow all the steps outlined above, then COC / Fast Travel back to anywhere you wish. Conflicts: As of version 1.8, RGO has support for OBSE / Pluggy. This does not mean that you need OBSE or Pluggy to play RGO. RGO will run just fine without OBSE or Pluggy installed. OBSE and Pluggy are currently only used to aid in debugging the mod and providing minor features (such as working with TRN One of the Gang). Other mods: As of RGO 2.5, RGO will try its best to deal with other mods adding crime-gold to the player. This functionality has not been extensively tested, and it is certainly not fool-proof. However it will allow other mods to add crimegold and RGO will properly deal with that added bounty. 7. Credits / Permissions Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for giving us this great game. Many thanks to Anviltonge, Big Brother, Strategy Master, Jagur, Anthem, stamdd, Deathless Aphrodite and sarkandar for their help with this mod's development and debugging. A big kudos to the OBSE team and Pluggy teams. With these two wonderful tools I hope to be able to debug RGO much more efficiently. I can't express in words how much throttlekitty and Joben have helped me with debugging RGO - without their help, I doubt I would have been able to debug the mod on my own. A massive thank you to the wonderful members of the B.T.A. Guild over at TES Alliance they helped me debug RGO 2.5 and aided me in correcting some really annoying bugs.

Oh, and a big thanks to all the other modders who frequent the official TES Forums and shake their heads as I do weird and obscene things with the scripting syntax, but try to help me anyway. You guys rock! 8. Contact You can contact me at with any bugs, comments, or suggestions. Or you can send me a message on the ES Forums. 9. Legal Stuff / Disclaimer This mod is NOT to be used in ANY mod compilation without WRITTEN PERMISSION. This mod is not to be updated, patched, or otherwise modified, except for personal, private use, by anyone other than myself (Reneer). If I am absent from the Oblivion modding community, and this mod, or any of my other mods are determined to be 'abandoned' it is my wish that they remain 'abandoned' and that no other modder, except ones specified in this ReadMe, are allowed to create 'patches' or 'updates' or 'add-ons' (or any other types of modifications) to any of my mods, whether 'official' or 'unofficial' and distribute them to the public / Oblivion community. If the ReadMe of the particular mod I created does not mention this notice, it is to be assumed that, unless written otherwise, that mod CAN NOT be modified by anyone else aside from me (Reneer) or someone who I have asked to continue my work, no matter how long the mod has been deemed 'abandoned.' "It's all MINE (even after I'm gone and no longer play Oblivion) BWAHAHAHAHA!" - quote by Alaisiagae, taken completely out of context. :P If this mod breaks your game, your computer, blah blah blah, I'll pay you back what you paid me for this mod, which happens to be $0 USD. If it -isn't- $0 USD, someone, other than me, has probably ripped you off. 10. Changelog 2.54: Added more debug messages, fixed issue where Guards would always follow the player regardless of settings. Other minor changes in mod and ReadMe text.

2.53: Fixed issues with Guards not properly following player. Fixed issue with dead Guards / NPCs still yelling about crimes. Added in new INI file loader and fixed Configuration Menu issues (due to second quest not running properly). Added back in feature where Guards will no longer kill one another after dealing with primary threat. 2.52: Fixed issues with spell effects (lightning) and fixed some issues with Configuration Menu. Added in some more debugging aspects. Also added in an Easter Egg. 2.51: Fixed issues with Guards not following the player, Bribes not working properly and Configuration Menu issues. 2.5: Coded major parts of the mod from scratch, including Crime Node code, a new Crime Gold tracking system, new Guard and Civilian scripts, a new debugging system and a new Civilian arrest system. > 2.5 Ancient history.