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Nov/Dec 2010

Moving Forward
summer 2011 Praises
I have begun to sit in on sessions with Lynda as an intercessor. This has given me a new perspective and insight. It has also fueled my hunger to be working with children more now. I am beginning to regularly lead the justice intercessory set at Shiloh House of Prayer where I attend. It is very stretching, but is also providing me with a purpose to do some research into a topic that weighs so heavily on my heart. I recently attended a Crisis Response International responder training. I made it through the whole week!

This past year has had many challenges and blessings. I went from having a lot of time to study and prepare to very little as I became a full time overage teacher. In this position I saw children who so desperately needed someone to intervene for them and bring hope. Yet as a teacher my hands were limited. I would pray for them, but day after day my heart broke.

and rescue, to know some basic first aid, and most importantly to know how to pray for them during traumatic events was invaluable. All of these areas fit perfectly together. I began praying and God began moving my heart that I needed to be spending more time in studying and preparation again. I am currently looking at the options that I have to do this and still be able to responsible and pay my bills. The best option is to work part time and raise more support. Currently I am at 10% of being funded to work only part time and 5% funded in order to fully focus on my calling.

Prayer Request
Please pray for the children of Abba House and their caretakers that all their needs will be met. I am beginning to move more fully into what God is calling me to prepare to do. In order to do this I need to work only part time and raise more support.

I also began to be more involved with our House of Prayer in leading occasional justice sets. This set includes crying out for human trafficking victims, child soldiers, abortion, and adoption. My heart just continued to be stirred and yet there seemed to be no time for me to go out and act There is no doubt in my heart or on my hearts pounding. mind that God is able and willing to provide where He calls. I would Then as I participated in the CRI ask you to prayerfully consider if responders training I felt another He is calling you to be a part of His piece of the puzzle of what I was plan of provision. Thank you for all to do begin to move into place. that you have already done and The training to run into a scene currently continue to do. and know how to perform search

Resources To Grow With

House of Friends at

Orphan Justice Center at Crisis Response International

Summer 2010

Facts To Help Us Pray

Much is being said about human trafficking lately. This travesty of justice has been occurring for many years and an innumerable number of people have been traumatized and even killed. There are 8 major types of human trafficking. Here are a few:

Swahili for You and Me

Im fine, thank you Haya, asante hiya a-sun-ta (long i, short a,u, long a) Good evening Habari za jioni Ha-bar-e za ze-o,knee (as short; es long) How are you? Habari gani? Ha-bar-e goknee (as, o are short, es long ) Good Morning Habari za asubuhi Ha-bar-e za osu-boo-he (short as, o,s long es, us) There are free language courses at If you want to buy additional resources they are not expensive.

Ways to Partner With Me

Prayer Supporter
I can do nothing apart from God enabling, guiding, providing, and inspiring. I depend on prayer partners prayers to help move the mountains that the enemy has set up to keep these precious children in bondage. They need your prayers! I need your prayers! If you are not currently a prayer partner and would like to become one, please email me and I would love to add you to my support team.

Forced Child Labor: This is

often when a child is given to a non-relative and forced to work where the financial benefits go to the non-relative and the child has no option to leave.

Financial Support
There are three ways you can be a financial support partner. First, you can support me personally. This can be done as a one-time gift or an on going monthly gift. If you wish to do this go to the link below and in the comments simply put my name. You may also mail a check to the address below and write my name in the comment section.

Child Sex Trafficking: When a

child is coerced, forced, or deceived into prostitution.

Child Soldiers: The unlawful

recruitment or use of children through force, fraud or coercion- as combatants or for labor or sexual exploitation by armed forces.

Second, you can help me raise my support for upcoming missions trips. I will be going to Uganda sometime in early 2012. This support will be separate from the personal support. If you wish to do this you can follow the same directions as above. In the memo or comments put my name and missions trip. Third, you can go to the House of Friends website and go to the list of needs at the bottom left. These are all worthy investments of the Kingdom of God. Just follow the directions there if you wish to make a donation. Thank you for your support! To become a financial partner you may go to: You may also send donations to: House of Friends PO Box 228 Alma, MO 64001 All gifts are tax deductible.

Bonded Labor: Often used

when a person has been tricked into a debt or told they have to pay off the debts of their ancestors. Please pray and ask the Father what you role is in this crisis. Is it to adopt one of these children? Is it to provide financially for those being rescued? Everyone has a part to play, what is yours? Please join with me in praying for these children.

Quotes To Ponder
Love bears all things! Let us not underestimate how hard it is to be compassionate. Compassion is hard because it requires the inner disposition to go with others to places where they are weak, vulnerable, lonely, and broken. Henri J.M. Nouwen

Contact Info
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