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Who is man? The word who implies unending search to discover the true identity of a person.

This simply means that as long as a person lives, there are plenty of unrealized, undiscovered and hidden gems on him that is worth enough to value him as a person. Man is a rational being and as such he deserves to be treated as the highest form of animal. He is unique himself. Man should be viewed as a subject and not as an object because he has a human body. This human body is a he/she irregardless of status posit ion or condition. He is a value not because of what he has and what he is in life. He is a value as a person. Man is the only being capable of perfection. Thus, a person, as he grows older learns to arrange the things around him to their value, importance and meaning. These things around him can be thought patterns, a belief, ideals, persons or group of persons, anything that are significant to him. This is the world he considers and in turn this world makes up the person he is. It is a matter of a man is influence by his world or the world is influence by man himself. There is a world because there is a man and there is a man because there is a world. A man arranges a world around himself. For instance a nurse cannot appreciate what a psychologist do, the same with a radiologist. This does not mean that a psychologist or a radiologist can never comprehend the meaning of a nurse, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. Only, it is only the nurse who can put full meaning of nursing because this is his world. Man arranges his own world according to his own free choice. He designs his own world. He is free to do what he wants to be in life. However, this is not for himself alone but for others as well. This makes him a unique individual for being what he wants to be. He has a mission to make this world a humanized world. Man does not only act as an engineer or an architect but a master planner of the world because he lives in the world and he is called to build and beautify the place he lives in. Parents become builders when they instill good ideals and values to their families. Lawmakers become builders when proper justice, equality, human rights, freedom is due to the deserving complaints. Scientist and inventors are builders in terms of introducing scientific and technological advancement for progress. Man must actualize himself and should be actualized. To be actualized involves the existence of other beings other than himself. Knowing the other being well is the moment of getting to know ourselves better, too. This is what we call socialization. Man is a social being. He must learn to come along with others. There is a saying No man is an island, no man stands alone. Every human act is an intelligent act wherein the self is conscious of his own free voluntary act, of his intentions and the other self. Man is a social being and this is manifested through the food he eats, the clothes he wear, the house he stays, the group he wants to belong. Through the presence of the others, he becomes what he is now and what he wants to be. Through socialization, a man is able to maintain his own identity from the others by starting to know himself well. Deeper knowledge of himself will free him from confusion and self-doubt. Thus, the objective of socialization is to realize himself and understand himself which does happen through the participation of the others, which are the being other than himself. Man senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight, taste) influence his attitudes in the way how he should react to every situation that confronts him. There are instances when a

man treats the others as objects because they only gain value according to what they have and much more if the man does not have. What a man has or what he has not are mere accidents. These do not belong to the being of a person. What our senses perceive leave impressions to us which sometimes create biases, prejudices and prejudgments. We may perceive one, pretty or ugly, intelligent or dull, sexy or stout, rich or poor. But what one fails to notice is the person behind those accidents. His being is reduced to everything what he has or what he has not and not according to what he is. For example is the treatment given to a person as a friend because he has lots of riches. What that friend has moves a person to his goal or objective until the two became friends. He will cease to become his friend once his riches are gone. In this case no sharing occurs at all. The value that the person possesses remains worthless. He is a meaningless value. There are times when we behave according to what we think others are. These are merely assumptions based on experience that happened in the past. It is an unjustified attitude because it has no basis at all. We behave according to what we believe he is. In this situation, the other is expected to be what the other expects him to be. And once the expectation is not met, the outcome is dissatisfaction. This is true in situations when some couples end up in divorce after realizations of incompatibility. Also is it consider love when someone loves a girl only for sexual pleasure? A relationship becomes mutual when both persons recognize each others need, which is to love and be loved. Love becomes the center in every social encounter and does not fall anymore to the accidentals. A person deserves respect just as you deserve, he deserves dignity as a person wishes to be dignified, honor as you also want to be honored. Everything that you need, he needs. When two different people share each others self, the presence of one is the fulfillment of the others being, this kind of relationship is reciprocal where two people come to express themselves in a unique and fulfilling manner designed by love. You will find his being meaningful to you in this relationship. His presence is more important than anything else. The center of attention is on the things that would make your beloved happy and fulfilled. He finds comfort and happiness for the sake of his beloved. This is a reasoned because it calls for permanence continue to love someone even when there is no feeling of love anymore. It is doing good to someone although that someone is not doing something good to you. In loving, a man can pause for a while and give himself enough time to think if it is the right time to love or the right person to whom he will spend the rest of his life. Love expressed by all the members of the family is a perfect demonstration of love because everybody unconditionally shares each others selves. This love does not expect something in return because the stronger their relationship become when time of trials come along their way. Love is growth. When love is unreciprocated pain is what you get. Sometimes, you may think of not loving at all. But it is a wrong attitude because love means to grow. Growth not only for the one whom you love but also it means to you. When there is pain, there must be a reason for pain. And that reason must lead one to search for solution to alleviate himself from experiencing it. The people involved in the loving experience become creative. Love finds its own way. They come to think of some ways how to maintain and preserve their relationship. Basically in order for relationship to become

successful, open line communication must be assured. Silence would mean many things and it does not promise unambiguous answer for the one who is in search for solution in order to get rid of pain. After every struggle a new insight will come up making their relationship deeper and more meaningful than before. For them loving becomes more intimate an experience where each one becomes close to each others self. For the two people in love, they find comfort from everybodys embrace. As much as possible they avoid saying goodbyes. Instead, every possible word and gestures of love must be expressed. Love is always an action. It seeks every opportunity only to unfold himself for the sake of the other. It is not an indifferent act to be with someone else. Rather love is an active driving force for one to hold on, appreciate life and find ways to make life meaningful. Lastly, mans behavior is influence by his religion. Man should be aware and believe that there is a supernatural being, a God, who created him in His image and likeness. Thus, through mans own religion, he expressed his faith with God, establish his relation with God. Thus, happiness is mans ultimate end and this is attain when man enjoys the presence of God and is only possible when one can find the true meaning of his own existence. A variety of methods can be used either single or in combination to study mans behavior. In this subjective thought, the following methods will prove very useful. One method is objectivity. Objectivity means its freedom from bias and prejudice. The investigator report what is actually observes. He does not allow his wishes or desires to influence his findings or his interpretation of his findings. Naturalistic Observation. As the name implies, this is observation of the subjects in their native environment so that the behavior is observed as it occurs naturally. The subjects are not aware that they are being observed. It is a sort of scientific snooping. In using this method, caution should be taken by investigators that they are not influenced by their own biases when they report their observations. The Survey Method. This method is used when the investigator wants to investigate a larger group within a shorter time. He may use either the questionnaire or the interview, or both. The questionnaire is a set of questions dealing with a single topic or a set of related topics to be answered by the subject or respondent. It is used to measure opinion, interests or problems. It also carries a record of biographical information about the subject. The interview is a face-to-face conversation with the purpose of obtaining factual information for assessing the individuals personality, or for counseling.