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Bearing Lubrication

Key Words: Bearings; Lubrication; Intervals; Period; Generator; Hydrogenerator; Turbogenerator; Tachogenerator; Induction; Synchronous; Direct Current Classification: Information Grease - Lubricated Bearings The purpose of this maintenance is to lengthen bearing life time. Weg motors are normally supplied with grease lubricated ball or roller bearings. Bearings should be lubricated to avoid metallic contact of the moving parts, and also for protection against corrosion and wear. Lubricant properties deteriorate in the course of time and due to mechanical operation and, furthermore, all lubricants are subject to contamination under working conditions. For this reason, lubricants must be renewed or replaced from time to time.

Lubrication Intervals Lubrication intervals depend on the size of the motor/generator, speed, working conditions, type of grease used and working temperature. The lubrication period and type of bearings are indicated on the motor generator dimensional drawing and/or Data Sheet. Correct lubrication is important for proper bearing operation. It means to say the grease must be applied correctly and in sufficient amount. On the other hand, insufficient or excessive greasing are prejudicial. Excessive greasing causes overheating due to high resistance encountered by the rotating parts and, in particular, by the compacting of the lubricant and its eventual loss of lubricating qualities. This can cause leakage with the grease penetrating into the motor winding, commutator rings or brushes.

Important: Never mix greases with different base components. Example: Lithium base grease should never be mixed with other types having sodium or calcium base. It is not recommended to mix different types of grease before contacting the grease supplier or WEG. Oil - Lubricated Sleeve Bearing The oil change of the bearings must be effected every 8000 operating hours, or every time the oil modifies its characteristics. Viscosity and oil pH must be checked periodically. Oil level must be checked daily which must be kept approximately at the center of the oil level sight glass. The bearing must be filled with the prescribed type of oil through the oil port after removing the pipe plug. All holes and threads not used are to be closed by pipe plugs. Also check all connections for oil leaks. Filling the bearing with lubricant beyond the middie of the oil sight glass does not impair the function of the bearing, but there is a possibility that excess oil may leak out through the shaft seals. In case of circulating oil lubrication, the outlet connection should be screwed into the threaded hole of the oil sight glass. Cares taken with bearing lubrication will determine the life for such bearings as well as the assurance of motor operation. For this reason, it is essential to follow these recommendations: The oil selected must have a viscosity suitable for the bearing operating temperature. This must be checked during eventual oil change or during periodical maintenances. If the bearing is filled with oil below the required oil level, or if the oil level is not checked periodically, insufficient lubrication may lead to damage to the bearing liner. The minimum oil level is reached when the oil can just be seen in the oil sight glass when the machine is not in operation.

Type of oil, amount of grease and bearing type for each motor/generator are given on the dimensional drawing and/or data sheet.