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Vertical Sleeve Bearings

Key Words: Bearings; Bush; Sleeve; Vertical; Generator; Hydrogenerator; Turbogenerator; Tachogenerator; Induction; Synchronous; Direct Current Classification: Component V Series Vertical Bearings The V series vertical sleeve bearings are normally applied to vertical mounted machines with low to medium speed. The VT bearings are a combination of block and guide bearings, while VG bearings consist of guide bearing only.

VT Bearing

VG Bearing Depending on the type of application and on the operating conditions, V series bearings can have different ways of heat dissipation and lubrication. The most common types are: Natural; cooling; Natural cooling with fan; Cooling with an independent oil circulation system; Water cooling; Water cooling with fan.

Bearing with natural cooling and with water cooling with fan are special V_F bearings. This fan improves the heat dissipation from the bearing housing.

Depending on the quality of the water, the water cooled bearings can have the heat exchanger made of Cu, CuNi10Fe or Titanium. For high speed applications, a fan is mounted on the bearing housing with natural cooling. Bearings fitted with independent oil circulation system are built with retaining valve attached to the frame that maintains enough oil into the frame so as to ensure minimal bearing lubrication in case of a failure on the external oil circulation system.

Special Vertical Bearings VB Bearings VB bearings are suitable to withstand axial thrusts on both directions. These bearings can accommodate a variable number of shoes to increase the withstood axial thrust.

X Bearing with hydrostatic jacking Vertical VX bearings are suitable to withstand higher axial thrusts. Therefore, they have hydrostatic jacking that jets high pressure oil into the shoes before motor starting so as to provide an oil film between shoes and seat. X Bearing with larger shoes The axial thrust withstood can be increased with the use of larger shoes. In some cases, this will reduce the maximum shaft diameter.

Bearing Replacement Parts - VT/VB Bearings 1 2 2.1 2.4 2.5 3 4 4.1 5 6 7 7.1 8 8.2 10 10.2 10.3 14 16 17 Bottom bearing cover. Shoes support. Horizontal guide plate. RTD (optional). Shoes. Frame. Serpentine. Serpentine connection Cup. Guide Block. Guide bearing. RTD (optional). Top cover. Vertical guide plate. Seal housing. Support disc . Seal. Level sight glass. Release with filter. Cable gland.

VG Bearing 3 4 4.1 5 5.3 6 7 7.1 8 Frame. Serpentine. Serpentine connection. Cup. Cup sealing. Guide block. Guide bearing. RTD (optional). Top cover.

8.2 13 14 16 17 22

Vertical guide plate. Thermometer. Oil level sigh glass. Release with filter. Cable gland. Seal.

NOTE: For vertical bearing specification, VT type must be always recommended. While preparing the design, engineering personnel will decide whether to use this type or EV type.