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Leaders are not born;

A. Geneva College Commissioned: Fall 2008 Field Placement: The Heritage Foundation.John Jay Institute alumna: Allison Perry College: B. DC Currently: International Justice Mission.. Rwanda . Washington.

John Jay by Gilbert Stuart. A genuine patriot and paragon of public virtue whose service to his country included several governmental and non-governmental roles. 1794 The John Jay Institute is the only faith-based inter-collegiate organization in America exclusively dedicated to developing leaders for public service. Mission To prepare Christians for principled public leadership Strategy Residential and intensive leadership development programs designed for grooming emerging leaders of principle and a professional fraternity for fostering their network and impact.The Vision and Work An IntroductIon to The John Jay Institute Named for the American founder. Jay is a relevant role model for 21st Century leaders. the John Jay Institute is a para-academic center dedicated to preparing Christians for principled public leadership. John Jay (1745-1829). .

2. our country. God endows every person with inherent dignity. and even ourselves. 10. 1. Christianity fosters and cultivates American Democracy. Principled public leadership is the leverage for good government. As a consequence there is confusion about the meaning of our civilization. Freedom of religion is America’s first freedom. Religion and morality are essential foundations of good government. Government has a fiduciary stewardship of the public trust. 7.Core Principles God governs in the affairs of man. The importance of religious faith in our democratic life has been increasingly marginalized and severed from public discourse and debate. 3. The right to ownership and private property is essential to the inalienable rights of life. political civility. America faces a cultural crisis never before seen. 9. The Need & Opportunity American culture has changed significantly since the founding. 6. 8. Humankind is inherently social and created for community. 4. and the pursuit of happiness. 5. Civil government is limited by its nature and purpose. and common decency. liberty. there is an acute need for principled public . More than any other time in history. Our civilization lacks ethical standards.

The current scarcity of principled leaders presents an opportunity for the Institute to develop men and women who are rooted in the wisdom of the Bible.Our time calls for leaders who possess the conviction of truth. . are confident in the integrity of their faith. are confident in the integrity of their faith. the Institute offers leadership development initiatives designed for making new principled leaders at various stages of their educational and vocational development and a professional fraternity for fostering their network and impact. Our time calls for leaders who possess the conviction of truth. There is. and the practical prudence and public virtue of America’s greatest leaders. The Institute’s primary educational programs are patterned after the model of prestigious post-undergraduate and civic leadership development initiatives. Seminars. & Professional Fraternity In addressing America’s leadership crisis. and believe in enduring conservative political principles for the common good of all people. leaders. classic texts of political thought. Fellowships. and believe in enduring conservative political principles for the common good of all people.

. NZ .A. Auckland. Hillsdale College Commissioned: Fall 2008 Field Placement: Maxim Institute.John Jay Institute alumnus: Jonathan Walker College: B.

and education. society. The John Jay Fellows Program™ is especially suited for career aspirants in the fields of religion. Fellowship Programs The Institute recruits college graduates with academic interests in theology. John Jay Fellows Program™ Academic Residency 1st Semester Field Placement (Externship) 2nd Semester Future Graduate/Public Service Saratoga Fellows Program™ Academic Residency Intensive Term Future Military Service . spiritual. The Saratoga Fellows Program™ is tailored for newly commissioned officers in the armed forces of the United States. and law for its Fellowship programs.however. journalism. law. politics. To realize its vision of developing leaders for positions of public influence. and moral commitments. public and international affairs. issue advocacy. social service. the Institute focuses on providing world-class educational programming to key leadership groups at critical stages in their intellectual and professional development. one important difference: the John Jay Institute’s programs are distinctly Christian in their intellectual.

Opportunity International.0 or better (on a 4. Placements vary widely and have included the U. Each Fellowship begins with an intensive academic residency. have maintained a 3. Externships are tailored to each fellow’s vocational interests. Institute on Religion and Democracy. intellectual. Criteria for selection are based upon demonstrated Christian commitment and leadership potential. Candidates for admission should be well-rounded in general knowledge and experience. Saratoga Fellows enter active military service soon after completing their residency. the Institute’s Fellowship programs are designed to inspire men and women with a Christian vision for society and equip them with the spiritual. Heritage Foundation. The academic residency is followed by an “externship” with field placement in a national or international governmental agency or non-governmental organization. International Justice Mission. the Fellowships are merit-based and offer competitive benefits including housing during the academic residency. Ethics and Public Policy Center.0 scale) grade point average. and professional disciplines necessary for effective faith-informed public service. and CARE in London.Believing that leaders are made. not born. Congress. the Institute offers its world-class curriculum and methodology to the working professional through a series of leadership seminars in a setting conducive to . have completed college. and have abilities in oral and written communication. England. Applicants for each Fellows Program compete for limited available seats each semester. Like similar prestigious post-undergraduate programs. Executive Seminar Programs In order to reach the professional man or woman who is wrestling with a call to public service in addition to or as part of their current vocation.S.

Executive seminars challenge leaders in every field to think more critically and deeply about the good society and the virtues necessary for sustaining republican democracy. . Classic and contemporary texts covering the breadth of western civilization form the starting points of a rich conversation in which the questions posed and explored help to exposit the timeless wisdom of the texts. and • Concerned leaders who want to be challenged to think more deeply and act more justly. The Institute recruits • Top leaders from all walks of life who are looking for a leadership development program that focuses on questions rather than on answers. personal reflection and fellowship. • Successful leaders who want to clarify their core values as they strive to live more significant professional and personal lives. more skilled in making decisions. intensive roundtable discussions led by skilled moderators. • Visionary leaders who are looking to understand better the tensions inherent in conceptions of the good society. Each seminar convenes a diverse group of 15-20 leaders for lively. and transformed by their knowledge and experience. Seminars are designed to leave the participant personally and professionally invigorated.

” Robert P. over 650 “Fellows” from five countries—who share a commitment to faith-informed service and to using their extraordinary creativity. All share the common experience of participating in the John Jay Institute or one of the leadership initiatives . the non-profit sector. Our proven method of text-based dialogue offers participants a forum to reflect upon the classical and Christian virtues. mentoring. energy and resources to tackle the foremost political. career coaching.D. McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. and cultural challenges of our times. the Institute offers life-long membership in a professional fraternity that includes graduate school and job placement assistance. George. cultivate a deeper understanding of the human condition. “The John Jay Institute helps many of our most gifted young people more fully to understand the blessings of liberty bequeathed to us by America’s founding fathers. social. Princeton University Professional Fraternity Upon successful completion of the Fellows Programs or Executive Seminars. J.. networking.The Institute’s executive seminars challenge leaders in every field to think more critically and deeply about the good society and the virtues necessary for sustaining a democratic republic. D.Phil. Leadership Network The John Jay Institute Global Leadership Network is a growing. worldwide community of principled public leaders in government. and be equipped to pursue public moral discourse on common ground. Applicants to the executive seminar programs are typically top leaders from all walks of life who want to be challenged to think more deeply and act more justly in the service of their organizations and communities. and business—currently. and continuing education opportunities.

Judge Advocate General Corps . Jr... State Department.D. Regent University School of Law Commissioned: Fall 2009 Field Placement: U..S. Army.C. D. Currently: U.S. J. M. Washington. Columbia University.John Jay Institute alumnus: John Balonze. College: B.A.A.

Washington. Marquette University Commissioned: Fall 2007 Field Placement: Hudson Institute.. DC Currently: Georgetown University. PhD Candidate .A.John Jay Institute alumna: Karen Rupprecht College: B.

it has inspired in the United States and Europe.hanusfellowship. Slovakia www. George John Jay Society of St. and ideals and institutions necessary to fostering “the good society.” They have solemnly dedicated themselves to putting their ideas into action through a life-long commitment to service in their communities and countries. Fellows are typically undergraduate or post-undergraduate students between the ages of 20 and 30 who have proven themselves through success and have spent weeks in study and dialogue with others in their cohort on principled leadership. Slovakia www. All have participated in one or more of the following initiatives: Collegium Anton John Witherspoon Society of St. George .kolegium. the classical and Christian Ladislav Hanus Fellowship.

conservative principles. The Institute is a registered tax-exempt.johnjayinstitute. non-profit.S.An Invitation to Involvement The Institute seeks partners to help recruit. stock. Persons interested in this strategic effort are invited to learn more about how they can become a part of the John Jay Institute’s compelling vision and plan to transform the landscape of American leadership. and gifts-in-kind are tax deductible. and work of the John Jay Institute are encouraged and invited. and to act accordingly. check. to estimate them aright. political prudence. is to be wise. Internal Revenue Code. research and education organization under section 501(c)3 of the U. “To see things as they are.” —John Jay . Further questions about the vision. develop. securities. Please visit our website: www. Sustained and advanced solely by contributions. donations of cash. and commitment to the common good. and intentionally deploy a new generation of principled public leaders—men and women of Christian character.

. Wilmington. DE Currently: Recently completed M. DC Currently: PhD Candidate. Washington. California Institute of Technology John Jay Institute alumna: Carolyn (Garris) Raney College: B. Claremont Graduate University .S. University of Minnesota Commissioned: Spring 2008 Field Placement: Ethics and Public Policy Center..John Jay Institute alumnus: Jordan Raney College: B.A. DoD National Defense Science & Engineering Fellow.A. Ashland University Commissioned: Spring 2008 Field Placement: The Intercollegiate Studies Institute. in American Politics.

johnjayinstitute.“America’s first Chief Justice is well-honored by an organization committed to perpetuating virtue. The Heritage Foundation 719-471-8900 . My expectations for its alumni are high.” The Honorable Edwin Meese III Former United States Attorney General Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy. public spirit. and intelligence in the future leaders of the republic.