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Primary Income MAPATO YA KAYA Mapato ya msingi

1.1 I ncome from employment(in cash 90101 90102 Wages &salaries Allowances eg. Acting traveling(used for household purposes only) etc

90103 90104 90105

Directors fees Bonusese Estimated taxes and social security contributions period (if wage quoted post-tax


Other incomes from employment in cash

1.2 income from imployment (in kind) 90201 Value of payment received in the form of food,crops,and animals Value of payment received in the form of subsidized housing Value jof payment receive in the form of subsidized transport Value of payment received in other forms (eg. Uniforms,wishing soap etc) Employers contribution to social se and similar schemes





1.4 income fro m non-farm self employment 90301 90302 Gross revenue received in csh from service given out Gross revenue received in cash from purchased food (not own produced) Revenue received in cash from sales of goods made by the household Gross revenue receiv e in cash from sales of gathering, hunting and fishing products as well as other activeties as well as ot her activities Revenue received I n the form of and services Value of domestic consumption of output Amount of cash income used for household purposes/domestic consumption



90305 90306 90307

1.5 household agricultural income


Revenue receiv ed in cash from sale grains,field crops and cash crops(including mabua Revenue received in cash from sale of roots,fruits vegetables and ot her crops harvested piecemeal Revenue received in cash from sale of processed or transformed own crop




Re venue received in cash from sale of livestock and livestock products (including samadi) Sumption of own agricultural (and livestock)


1.5 income of members from producers cooperative 90501 Revenue received in cash from non-produ cers cooperatives Revenue received inform of goods service from non-farm producers cooperatives Revenue received in cash from agricultural from producers cooperatives Revenue received in form of goods /services from agricultural fa procucers cooperatives




2. Property income received 2,2 Imputed rent of owner occupied dwelings 91101 2.2 Interests 91201 91202 Imputed rent of occupied Wellings ower

Interests from savings and accounts Other interest received (e.g. from sources as bond as and loans given to other prices Dividends received

2.5 Dividens 91301 2.6 Rent received

91401 91402 91493 91494 91495

Cash income from renting house Cash income from renting land Cash income from renting draught animals Cash income renting agricultural equipments Cash income from renting assets of non-farm enterprises Value of received in form of goods and services Value of imputed rent from own occupied dwellings

91496 91497

3. current transfers and other benefits received 92101 Cash received as accident injury sickness and disability benefits from employer or other authority Cash received as family allowances from emplouyer Cash received from other social assistance grants Cash received from pension schemes and insurance annuity interests Cash received from other current transfers (e.g. kibati/iupatu/mchezo etc) Value remittances received (from abroad) Value remittances received from reslatives (within the countries)

92102 92103 92104


92106 92107

4. Other receipts 93101 Gifts received in cash


Cash from sale of prossessions (e.g. used furniture, household appliances etc) Withdrawal from savings Cash received from lottery prizes Loans obtained Loans payment Compensation received Lump-sum inheritances Maturity payment (other than annuities) of life insurance policies

93103 93104 93105 93106 93107 93108 93109


Money transfers 5030 1 Remittance to relative 50302 Gifts to other not househokd members) 50303 50304 Dowry (bride price) Contributions for weddings funerals and ot her ceremonies Other expenditure on gift and presents Social security and pension funds contributions Insurance premiums Other premium payments

50305 50306

50307 50308

Savings 50 401 Deposits to commercial bank (NBC 1997) CRDB,PBZ,etc) 50402 50403 50404 50405 50406 50407 50408 50409 50410 50411 Deposits to post office savings bandks Savings in credit unions Savings in cooperatives Savings in village development fund Shares ,bond Community trusts Government securities Life insurance Loans given out Informal savings

Investments 50501 Purchase of plot for own house and for own farm


Purchase of iron sheets for building of own house/alteration/extensio n Purchase of asbestos for asbestos building of own house/alteration/extensio n Purchase of roofing tiles for building of own house/alteration/extensio n Purchase of timber tor building of own house/alteration/extensio n Purchase of cement for building of own house/alteration/extensio n Purchase of ot her building material for building of own house/al teration extension Cost of la bour of building of own house alteration extension Other investments


5050 4






Production costs in cash 60101 60102 60103 60104 60105 Purchase of tractor and its tools Purchase of ox-plough and its tools Purchase animals,poultry of

Purchase of animals for draughting purposes Purchase of fishing boats

6010 6 60107 60108 60109 60110 60111 60112 60113 60114 60115

Purchase of fishing gear Purchase of hand cart or wheelbarrow Purchase of ox-cart Purchase of fertilizers Purchase of insecticide Purchase of seeds Purchase of fodder for animals,poultry feeds Purchase of veterinary drugs and services Purchase inputs of materials

Purchase of stock of product sold by households Salary /wage paid out for work done own ent erprise(eg farm etc) and other


Hire of farming equipments 60201 60202 60203 60204

Hire of tractor,plough and ot her farming tools Hire os car/lorry (for carring farm products) Hire of hand-ox-cart Repairs and maintenance of tractors/plough