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Landscaping :
Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, including: 1. living elements, such as flora or fauna; or what is commonly referred to as gardening, the art and craft of growing plants with a goal of creating a beautiful environment within the landscape. 2. natural elements such as landforms, terrain shape and elevation, or bodies of water; 3. human elements such as structures, buildings, fences or other material objects created and/or installed by humans; and 4. abstract elements such as the weather and lighting conditions. Landscaping is both science and art, and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction, and blends them accordingly. Thales, an early Greek philosopher known for his view that "all is water," spent a considerable time thinking about the nature and scope of landscaping. Some of his students believed that in order for human activity to be considered landscaping, it must be directed toward modifying the physical features of the land itself, including the cultivation and/or manipulation of plants or other flora. Thales rejected this notion, arguing that any aspect of the material world affecting our visual perception of the land was a proper subject for landscaping. Both Plato and Aristotle praised Thales' analysis as a model for philosophy. In the early 20th century, British philosopher G.E. Moore cited Thales' reasoning as one of the few historical examples of how philosophical inquiry has led to genuine human understanding and progress. Philosophers in the 17th century debated whether visual beauty was a necessary goal of landscaping. With the advent of the positivists by the early 20th century, however, most western philosophers had rejected the notion of an objective esthetic standard for any form of art, including landscaping. Practitioners since the mid-20th century have experimented with jarring visual panoramas that are now generally accepted, at least in western societies, as falling within the scope of landscaping.

What is Xeriscape?
If you live in a drier climate you may have heard the term xeriscape rather than landscape and have wondered exactly what that means. This is actually a very relevant type of landscaping for desert climates in which drought friendly measures are used in the process of landscaping. Literally the word is a combination of the Greek word for dry xeros and the word landscape. It refers to a type of gardening or landscaping that doesn’t require additional irrigation in order to maintain. This is great for desert regions and certain areas that do not get as much rain as other areas in the country or have little access to fresh supplies of water. Drought tolerant landscaping and smart scaping are other terms used in lieu of xeriscaping.


From the borders you use for your boxes to stone paths that line your lawn as well as the rocks and such surrounding your Koi pond (assuming of course that you have one). 0088-01670700323 . little or not lawn mowing. it is a material that can be sealed in order to prolong its life and beauty. In fact. Grouping the plants that require the most water closely together will limit the amount of water you need to ‘spread’ around your plant and garden area. DHAKA 1213. gates. or pavers for our driveways most of us have some sort of hardscape landscaping in our lawn and garden area. conservation of water for other uses. This type of gardening and landscaping is definitely not for everyone. H96. the idea behind it is hardly anything new or revolutionary. While this may be a relatively new form of terminology. Hardscaping goes well beyond that though in reality. most landscaping is a combination of plants and hardscaping of some sort. and gazebos can fall under the title of hardscaping quite accurately. Whether you are using decks. and you will find that these gardens become a natural habitat for other animals and insects that can be quite lovely to watch.LANDSCAPING: Page 5 of 47 Some things you can do in order to make the landscaping process much less painful in drier climates is to choose plants that are native to the area whenever possible. the short answer is that it means to landscape with conservation of resources in mind. Some of the wonderful advantages of xeriscaping include the following: lower water bills. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. are the facts that this material is durable and able in many cases to stand the tests of time. You can have beautiful landscaping through this process if you take the effort during the planning stages. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. This type of landscaping is work but well worth it in areas where you would not otherwise be able to maintain a healthy garden or growing area around your home. arbors. This process will help you choose plants that are far less likely to experience great distress as the result of a lack of water. Even fences. and it is easily formed into many new and amazing shapes. a garden that will survive the water restrictions that will kill other gardens. You should keep in mind how the plants will be grouped when xeriscaping as this will have a large part in how successful your project is. For the grassy areas you should take great care to use drought tolerant species of grass rather than other species that will require much more water in order to maintain. This term can refer to any solid materials you use in landscaping at all. stone patios and walkways. There are several reasons that this material is such a popular choice not the least of which is cost. Even if you can’t find plants that are native to your particular area that you like perhaps you can choose those that are native to similar climates instead. Beyond costs. however. When wondering exactly what it meant to xeriscape. You should also keep ‘turf’ areas limited as much as possible and use drought tolerant plants to create an oasis affect surrounding the areas of turf. What Is A Hardscape? If you are researching your next landscaping project you have probably come across the term hardscape at some point in your studies. Despite all the years and many advances in technology concrete remains the most popular choice of material when it comes to hardscaping. You may also wish to consider placing plants that are more susceptible to a need for water in more shaded areas in order to limit evaporation of that oh so precious supply of water. This is probably one of the most efficient and Earth friendly ways one can landscape his or her home. It requires special planning and pretty regular maintenance in order to keep things lively and looking great throughout the many growing seasons. You will find that concrete can be used for many hardscaping projects both big and small and many sizes in AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Its distinguishing feature is the marriage of landforms. but embraces traditional reclamation. I’m a sucker for river rock and the old ocean side cottage feel that this can add to landscaping. and Civil. H96. Geotechnical. and adjusting designs to meet the declared goals. design. and vegetation throughout all phases of design and construction. In addition to concrete. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Wood to me is the most inviting and natural of all landscaping materials and truly creates the feeling of an outdoor oasis. monitoring performance. It builds on the strengths and history of reclamation practice. Wood also allows you the opportunity to use barrels and picnic tables at will with your landscaping and feel absolutely no guilt or remorse for doing so. management. Agricultural & Irrigation Engineering. predicting performance based on knowledge of the design. It includes scientific disciplines: Agronomy. The second division is landscape design more focused on the design of individual landforms to reliably meet the goals as set out in the closure planning process. It differs from. and training). Others prefer bricks and an Italian countryside feel to their landscaping. The iterative process of planning. substrates. Whatever your preference there is hardscaping material that can assist you in accomplishing your landscaping goals. design. Landscape engineering is the interdisciplinary application of engineering and other applied sciences to the design and creation of anthropogenic landscapes. Botany. It can also be described as green engineering. stones and bricks are also quite popular when it comes to hardscaping. iteratively designing. but the design professionals best known for landscape engineering are landscape architects. The first is closure planning – which includes goal setting and design of the landscape as a whole.LANDSCAPING: Page 6 of 47 between with grace and beauty few other materials could match. 0088-01670700323 . Though landscape engineering embodies all elements of traditional engineering (planning. Landscape engineering Landscape engineering or landscaping is the application of mathematics and science to shape land and waterscapes. and Wildlife Biology. and Mining. Wood however. which previously have been kept as separate disciplines. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. Hydrogeology. Ecology. it is focused on three main areas. construction. Be creative and have fun but remember that you will be the one living in that space so make it truly and uniquely your own. will always remain my personal favorite. Geology. assessment. The important thing to remember when you are planning your landscaping and hardscaping project is that you are the only one that can recognize and implement your vision. It also draws upon applied sciences: Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Geochemistry. and is also important for estimating liability and levels of financial assurance. Engineering Geomorphology. There is something about wood that says this place is home and it is comfortable and lived in. This is one of the primary reasons for its continued popularity. DHAKA 1213. landscape architecture. Landscape performance assessment is critical to both of these. and performance assessment by a multidisciplinary team is the basis of landscape engineering. research. These materials are each beneficial in their own rights and work to achieve certain looks or ‘atmospheres’ within the scope of your landscaping projects. Forestry. You can use anything from old railroad lumber to logs for to encourage a very rustic look with your hardscaping. investigation. Landscape engineering builds on the engineering strengths of declaring goals. determining initial conditions. operation.

south. one sited in harmony with natural phenomena and the physical and psychological needs of man' (Chinese Architecture by Nancy Steinhardt et al. Square plans. Relationships with mountains (the home of the gods) and with rivers (regarded as goddesses) were of particular importance. 255) AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Landscape planners can look beyond the 'closely drawn technical limits' and 'narrowly drawn territorial boundaries' which constrain design projects. In China. for both secular and religious structures. Landscape designers tend to work for clients who wish to commission construction work. the damage caused by unplanned mineral extraction was one of the early reasons for a public demand for landscape planning. These ancient texts set forth principles for planning settlements. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. DHAKA 1213. 0088-01670700323 . temples and other structures in relation to the natural landscape. A mandala explained the relationship between heaven and earth. the history of landscape planning can be traced to the Vedas and to the Vaastu Shastras. p. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. A square form represented the earth and a circular form represented heaven. Yale University Press and New World Press 2002. Urban park systems and greenways of the type planned by Frederick Law Olmsted are key examples of urban landscape planning. east and west. which is translated into English as 'wind and water' and is used to describe a set of general principles for the planning of development in relation to the natural landscape. Landscape planners tend to work on projects which: • • • are of broad geographical scope concern many land uses or many clients are implemented over a long period of time In rural areas. The aim was to find the most auspicious environment possible. In Asia In India. The earliest surviving stone temple set out in this way is Sanchi. were set out with their sides facing north. landscape planning originated with Feng Shui. H96.LANDSCAPING: Page 7 of 47 Landscape planning Landscape planning is a branch of landscape architecture.

In America. unlike Canada and Europe. Frederick Law Olmsted gave momentum to this idea with his proposal for a park systems in Boston . Frederick Law Olmsted and Ian McHarg are the most famous American landscape planners. botany. civic and corporate landscapes.the famous Emerald Necklace. and artisan specialties. They have been planned to a degree but future monitoring of the project is likely to show that better landscape planning and design would have been possible. will have extensive impacts on the landscape. major development projects are taking place and illustrating the need for good landscape planning. the Federal Nature Conservation Act requires the preparation of landscape plans. whereas in landscape architecture . and delegation to contractors AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. the National Environmental Policy Act was influenced by the work of Ian McHarg on Environmental impact assessment. In discussing the planning of towns. the US does not have a national land use planning system. Residential squares were also made in Britain and their planning developed into the idea of incorporating public open space (public parks within towns. In North Europe this developed into the idea that residential squares should planned around green spaces. and a detailed site involvement emphasis from concepts through construction. large scale interdisciplinary projects. In Asia.[citation needed] Design scope Landscape design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it. Landscape design Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition. For the Europe Union as a whole. The Three Gorges Dam. Vitruvius' theories were revived during the renaissance and came to influence the planning of towns throughout Europe and the Americas. soils and civil engineering. practised by Landscape designers. H96. about the planning of streets and about the role of metaphor in design. McHarg's work on overlay landscape planning contributed to the development of GIS and to the foundation of ESRI by Jack Dangermond. In contemporary practice Landscape design bridges between landscape architecture and garden design. 0088-01670700323 . The first space of this type was the Place des Vosges. The practical. In the US Landscape architects in the United States of America are active in landscape planning. combining nature and culture. Alberti wrote on the need for town squares for markets. the history of landscape planning can be traced to the work of Vitruvius. the European Landscape Convention has wide-ranging implications for the design and planning of relationships between development and the landscape. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. But. for example. Design project focus can tend towards: in landscape design . horticultural.focus of urban planning. city and regional parks. Legislation The principles of landscape planning are now incorporated in various types of legislation and policy documents. surveying.LANDSCAPING: Page 8 of 47 In Europe In Europe. and environmental sustainability components merit Landscape design inclusion. he wrote about site planning with regard to microclimate. In Germany. aesthetic. DHAKA 1213. landscape contracting. horticultural finesse and expertise.artistic composition and artisanship. Landscape designers often collaborate with related disciplines such as architecture and geography. Patrick Abercrombie took up this idea and incorporated it in his great 1943-4 Open Space Plan for the County of London.

licensing. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. aesthetic talent. and available to use as borrowed scenery from beyond.[citation needed] Institutional education in landscape design appeared in the early 20th century. the professional section of garden designers in Europe and the Americas went by the name 'Landscape Gardener. recreational amenities (ie: sports and water). Some integrate this scope with their design practice. and specialty strengths to be responsibly matched with specific client and project requirements. the sole woman in the founding group.[citation needed] Design approach Factors in designing include objective qualities. desirable plants and elements to retain on site. There can be significant overlap of talents and skills. native plant habitat botany when present. Since the landscape designer title does not have college degree or licensing requirements to be used. gardeners. spatial development and definition. such as André Le Nôtre to his father before designing the Gardens of Versailles. landscape architects. landscape contractors. soils and irrigation.[citation needed] Other routes of training are through informal apprenticeships with practicing landscape designers. and the appropriate practitioner with talent. such as the climate and microclimates. 0088-01670700323 . while Landscape design software is frequently used now. or replace.[citation needed] Gardening Many landscape designers have an interest and involvement with gardening.' In the 1890s the distinct classification of landscape architect was created. and experience of the professional. furnishings and lighting. Departments of landscape architecture are located within university schools of architecture or environmental design. there is a very wide range of sophistication. construction management. human and vehicular access and circulation. depending on the education. such as in horticultural botany. construction detailing. nurseries and garden centers. with the titular name varying and reputation paramount for a career. Matching the client and technical needs of a project. There are innumerable other design factors and considerations brought to the complex process of designing a garden that is beautiful. landscape designers trained by apprenticing. municipal and resource building codes. legal qualifications. and experienced skills. surmounts title nomenclature. topography and orientation. and landscape design history. fine and applied arts. DHAKA 1213. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Traditionally. and docent programs at botanical and public gardens. with undergraduate and graduate degrees offered. with some beginning to offer garden or landscape design certificates and degrees. technical expertise. with educational and licensing test requirements for using the title legally. Beatrix Farrand. plant palettes in designed layouts. Specialties and 'minors' are available. to accomplished masters in the field. informally or as licensed AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. and thrives over time. horticulture. and other measurable considerations. site drainage and groundwater recharge. well functioning. Over time it became available at various levels. personally or professionally. refused the title preferring Landscape Gardener. H96. Ornamental horticulture programs with design components are offered at community college and universities within schools of agriculture or horticulture. client's needs and preferences. Factors in designing also include subjective qualities such as: genius loci (the special site qualities to emphasize). property safety and security. artistic composition from perspectives of both looking upon and being in the *gardens. natural resources. and artistic focal points for enjoyment.LANDSCAPING: Page 9 of 47 after completing designs. modify. landscape engineering. hand drawn drawings documented the design and position of features for construction.[citation needed] Training Historically.

This will help you decide on the size and type of features you are going to add to it. The landscaping of a home is something most everyone coming to your home will see as well as those just walking by. and care occurring depend on the professional's and client's needs and inclinations. DHAKA 1213. evolution. Garden design can be fun. Gardens are dynamic and not static after construction and planting are completed. Landscaping Materials Taking the time to landscape your home will be an investment of your time and money that you can be very proud of.' Involvement with landscape management and direction of ongoing garden direction. and so in some ways 'never done. This is the best way to know exactly what you are getting. yet very effective. see how the layout effect changes by simply adding or changing one element. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. 0088-01670700323 . individuals don’t realize that the location of their garden as well as the effect the plants. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. it simply depends on what you want to create. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Cobblestone rock is an excellent choice as it has a classic look that works well with all types of landscaping projects. Next. a garden is a place to relax and feel comfortable with the surroundings.[citation needed] Garden Design The way you want to design your garden says a lot about who you are and your personal taste. It should appeal to those who will be accessing it on a regular basis. some individuals are not physically able to do the work or don’t have the time to commit to the project. There are many great books you can look over to get garden design ideas. and trees have with change with the various seasons. There is no right or wrong way to design a garden. Using a garden design software can be a great way to get a realistic view of your layout. One of the most popular landscaping materials is decorative rock. Using the right tools can take the guess work out of the final results. There are no right or wrong products to use. their can be overlap of services offered under the titles of landscape designer or professional gardener. A landscaping contractor or designer can assist you with making your garden the design you imagined. flowers. Enjoying your landscaping can bring a breath of fresh air to your day when you arrive home. However. draw a rough layout plan for your garden design. Too often. be sure to share this information with the company planning to complete the work to ensure everyone is seeing the vision in the same light. it is important to purchase quality products that will work well for you. There are many wonderful colors and styles of rocks to choose from. As with the other interrelated landscape disciplines. However. Garden design will be less expensive if you do the work yourself. There are many types of landscaping materials to choose from.LANDSCAPING: Page 10 of 47 landscape contractors. This type of software is simple you use. These can be small red lava rocks or white Arkansas River rocks as well as huge boulders. It can also serve as a great place to entertain guests. H96. If you draw up plans or use software to create one. It all depends on the size of your yard and the overall effect you want to have. The internet is also a great resource. With a simple click. It is a good idea to decide how large your garden area is going to be. but it can also be overwhelming trying to find the right combination of equipment and materials to get everything set up as you want it. The ability to design your garden is exciting and fascinating. Like your home.

it also helps to keep from damaging your plants that you so carefully picked and added to your landscaping. and the region you live in. glass. mulch. A wide range of hard landscape materials can be used. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. the type of soil you already have. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. DHAKA 1213. 0088-01670700323 . bitumen. You will also want to consider color patterns for visual appeal. and fertilizer. The corresponding term soft landscape materials is used to describe plant materials. You will find so many options in this area that it can be very difficult to choose. Purchase quality seeds. and landscaping supply companies. fountains. There are many types of top soil. gravel. What Equipment To Use For Landscaping: Five Landscaping Tools You Should Always Have In order to keep your beautifully landscaped yard in tip top condition. Bark is very useful for reducing the amount of weeds that grow. timber. and small trees from garden centers. such as brick. rock or stone. and other decorations add wonders to your landscaping design. plants. It is important to consider how materials look together before purchasing them. Water falls. green houses. There are many types to choose from and each type offers various styles and sizes. planting soil. and flowers will accent any landscaping project. It is extremely important that the ground be penetrable for watering. for fertilization and for oxygen. One thing to consider is how much time you want to spend on maintaining these items. Redwood and cedar bark are a great way to add color and appeal to your landscaping. This tool is also a good idea if you plan on planting annuals. trees. Statues. there are several must have tools to maintain your yards beauty. This is a great tool that allows you to try many options before making a commitment. Statues and pottery don’t require much except a good cleaning a few times a year to keep them looking nice. metals. There are many great landscaping materials to choose from in your efforts to create the perfect landscape design for your home. and ponds are beautiful yet they require continuous upkeep. pottery. Making sure you have the right soil in place will increase the chances of your landscaping flourishing. bulbs. If possible draw up a diagram of your landscaping design or use landscaping design software to visually see how your landscaping material choices will look. This tool is good for breaking up the ground for proper water penetration. It is also a great way to prevent the water from draining away from the area. It is important to find out what types grow well in your region. The one you choose will depend on what you are planting. concrete. weed control and aeration. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. 'Hard landscape' can also describe outdoor furniture and other landscape products. H96. etc. Not only will this make maintenance easier. Hard landscape materials The term hard landscape is used by practitioners of landscape architecture and garden design to describe the construction materials which are used to improve a landscape by design. The first tool you need is a small tiller. so you can prepare the soil in the spring planting season.LANDSCAPING: Page 11 of 47 Various types of plants.

DHAKA 1213. This tool is great for breaking up the ground and keeping the soil loose. H96. The rakes will help you keep your landscaping areas free of debris and dead leaves. To large a sprayer and you may not be able to get it into delicate areas without damaging plants and other landscaping features. hand held tine rakes to motorized tillers. working the soil and prying and loosening the soil. Landscape equipments can be divided into two independent entities. A sixth tool that you could use is a sprayer. Some plants can also have a woody or very fibrous inner core.LANDSCAPING: Page 12 of 47 The second tool that you need is a small trowel. By no means are these listed tools the only tools that will make your gardening experience easier and much more enjoyable. They are used to water hard to reach areas. You will have to trim stems and branches to keep your plants in nice looking form and to trim off dying or dead branches. The third tool that you need if you have shrubs and bushes would be a pruning tool. An eighth tool that is handy is a spring brace rake. also often called a garden shovel. you will need to select the type of weeding tools you will need based on the size of the garden and landscaping area. or for digging up weeds in the hard to reach areas with bigger tools. The fifth tool that you need is a spade. You can see the details about both in this article. so it is more beneficial to use a pruning tool to keep as little damage possible to your plants. To small of a sprayer and you will be constantly refilling. It can be used for edging a garden bed or for compacting soil. This tool can be used to dig the holes to plant your annuals. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. They are used to spray insecticides and they are used to fertilize plants and areas of your landscape. The fourth tool that you need is a weeding tool. They can also be used to even out the ground areas around plants for a not uniform appeal visually. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. They are the most common and recommended tools you should have in your gardening and landscaping tool set. And most of these tools are very simple to use. There are a number of different weeding tools to choose from. 0088-01670700323 . If you are on a budget these tools are also very cost effective for the most part. This type of tool can save you a lot of time in the weeding department. Depending on the area you need to work with will also depend on the size and capacity of the sprayer tool you use. If you would need to transplant some of you plants. A seventh tool to have is a three prong cultivator. this the tool to use so you can carefully dig up your smaller plants with as little root and stalk damage as possible. With a little patience and time you can have your landscaping looking as if a professional had been at work. A cultivating tool can also be used to help control weeds in the more open areas although you need to be careful with such tool so you do not damage the extended roots of trees and plants in your garden. From. This tool would be beneficial for digging up larger areas of ground. One is the landscape making equipments and the other is the landscape maintenance equipments. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Sprayers come in all shapes and sizes.

the desired lakes. H96. and the final outflow for the artificial waterfall) can tested and buried so that it does not show its ugly face on the landscape. After the curbing is done with help of landscape curbing equipments. if required. lake filling. New artificial waterfalls. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. After the land gets the desired hillocks. While the land is getting into its desired shape. DHAKA 1213. the pipe. the next step is getting the pathways and the curbing. All of them are portable equipments that are taken out when the work is complete and an average house owner is not expected to own them for the maintenance of the garden or the landscaping. This requires large-scale movement of the earth & sand and it cannot be done manually. can be added for the desired effect. the electrical accessories that are expected to be permanently underground are put in before construction can proceed further. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. 0088-01670700323 . The pipes for watering the plants and the lawns are also installed at this stage. the pathways can be made of concrete or tar facing can be made for the road. All this is done with the help of large landscaping machines. sand traps are added where none exists and artificial lakes are added for overall effect. In creating landscape. the smaller hills are added. The machinery for the waterfalls (e. and desired shape.g. the landscaping is not disturbed. The storm water drains have also to be designed properly so that when it rains. The landscaping is done with the help of huge trucks and front wheel loaders loading the earth from some places in the garden and putting it in places where it is required. the pump.LANDSCAPING: Page 13 of 47 Capital Landscaping Equipment Landscaping requires many types of equipment to be used when you are planning the landscaping. waterfalls. the landscape is now complete and the finishing touches like electrical decoration. The landscaping machines also include the landscape curbing equipments that can come in when the roads are laid and make the pathways complete and segregate it by making the curbing with help of landscape curbing machines. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. and sand trap filling can be done. Depending on the pathways design.

MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. The list is complete and useful for a small or large garden. The site is worth visiting if you are interested in any of the equipments for the maintenance of your landscape small or vast not withstanding. The six models of the blowers and leaf suckers feature at the top of the list. the growing of the lawns can also be started now. without digging up the whole garden this is a new technique known as HDD (horizontal direct drilling) or landscape horizontal drilling equipment AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD.toro. The saving in money and efforts can pay for the cost of the tractor-mounted equipment in a short period. Your garden can be made to look like a new garden with the tractor-mounted equipment. The site http://www. Toro Landscape Equipment Toro is one of the bigger manufacturers of equipments for the homeowner and makes equipments for maintenance of the home gardens.LANDSCAPING: Page 14 of 47 When the landscape is being completed. DHAKA 1213. the plants continue to grow in the nursery. small or large. lawn tractors and other tractor-mounted equipments. you can use horizontal boring attachments. snow throwers. new hillocks created. The new landscape can then be covered with green garden. mowers and lawn tractors. Landscape Equipments For Maintenance The landscape equipment that a common person needs will consist of the lawn mowers. lawn and garden tractors and utility loaders. hedge trimmers. All this can be done without calling for any contractor. Mounds of earth can be easily is interactive and gives useful information about the products made by the company. the plants can be transplanted and put in position. H96. and at this time. (both corded and cordless types). NEW AIRPORT ROAD. If you wish to change the look of the garden without digging up the whole garden. and the landscape can be changed to suit your imagination. 0088-01670700323 . The list of equipments also includes the sprinkler system. Changes to Landscape Some changes to the landscape can be easily made by digging up an area and filling up other areas. These attachments can create a tunnel for the new cable to be introduced in your garden.

Thus. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. The front-end loader attachment can do changes to the landscape if your requirement is not too large. you can see that there are two distinct types of equipments. Once you complete landscape according to your liking. The tractor-mounted equipments come in handy when the power is cut off during calamities like flood or earthquake etc. If you intend to do this work with smaller equipments.Lesco / John Deere PermaGreen Cub Cadet Commercial Equipment Top Dressers Hydroseeding Equipment Lawn Mower Attachments Trailer Attachments and Accessories AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. you may not need the equipments any time later. Tractors can be used for driving generators during such times. supplying power to various other equipments. Therefore. This is a good technique when you wish to make changes to your landscape. electrical cables. Smaller equipments and innovative solutions can be used to change the landscape to your taste later. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. The lawns remain as they were and you just get a new facility without ghastly scar marks on the well-maintained lawns. and new sprinkler systems without digging up the garden. The money spent on the larger equipments will thus have to be done only once. The tractor can also be used for lawn mowing. Tractor Mounted Landscape Equipments The tractor mounted landscape equipments are useful to the average homeowner and the tractor can do a number of jobs other than just tilling the land. H96. It can be used as a PTO machine for the snow thrower for clearing snow from road leading to your house so that your car can go easily. 0088-01670700323 . you might take a long time.LANDSCAPING: Page 15 of 47 These attachments can change the look of the garden by putting new pipes for water. choose between the larger equipments depending on the time available with you. Tractors with their power take off point are very useful during the time of calamities. Landscape Equipment and Mower Attachments Landscaping Equipment . tiling. DHAKA 1213. imaginative uses can be found for many landscaping equipments. (through power take off point or PTO point) used in the garden. The maintenance of the landscape and smaller changes can be done without asking for the bigger equipments. one for capital changes to your landscape and the other being for maintenance of your landscape. In fact. The larger equipments can do the work in short time.

LANDSCAPING: Page 16 of 47 Fastrap Tie Down System Backpack Blower Rack Xtreme Series Water Cooler Rack Xtreme Series Trimmer Line Spool Rack Hedge Trimmer Rack Open Trailer Hand Tool Rack Small Hand Tool Rack Large Hand Tool Rack Multi-Use Rack for Open and Enclosed Trailers Rope & Hose Rack Siderail Extension . H96.Applicators Granular Applicators Fertilizer Spreaders Salt Spreaders . MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Lawn and Hand Tools Theft Deterrants & Security Testing. Reels.Salt Spreaders .Ice Melt Spreader Landscape & Property Management Tools Kawasaki Handheld Power Products Turf. DHAKA 1213. 0088-01670700323 .4 Commercial Models Compost Tea Catalyst Replacement Mower Parts AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Rollers True Grit Lapping Compound Club Car Replacement Parts EZ Go Replacement Parts Jacobson Replacement Parts John Deere Replacement Parts Toro Replacement Parts Commercial Compost Tea Brewers Compost Tea Brewers .Tree and Stump Removal Arbor and Tree Care Weed / Pest/ Bird Control Golf and Sports Field Equipment Golf Accessories Hand Maintenance Tools Field Maintenance Equipment Replacement Bed Knives. NEW AIRPORT ROAD.Three sizes available Domestic Truck Mounting Kit Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist Trimmer Racks Heavy Equipment Ball and Ring Trailer Hitch Lock Hide a Hitch Heavy Duty Wheel Lock .Boot Wheel Lock Gas Can Storage Racks Sprayer Rack / Multi-Use Rack Fertilizer . Measuring / Calibration Safety Hardware & Accessories Professional Hand Rakes and Shovels Irrigation and Lighting Installation Tools Brush Grubber .

Kawasaki. 0088-01670700323 . H96. Rake Teeth. Kohler.LANDSCAPING: Page 17 of 47 AYP/Craftsman/Sears Replacement Mower Parts Bad Boy Replacement Mower Parts Bobcat Mower Replacement Parts Bunton Replacement Mower Parts Bush Hog Replacement Mower Parts Case Replacement Mower Parts Cub Cadet Replacement Mower Parts Dixie Chopper Replacement Mower Parts Dixon Replacement Mower Parts Encore Replacement Mower Parts EverRide Replacement Mower Parts ExMark Replacement Mower Parts Ferris Replacement Mower Parts Great Dane Replacement Mower Parts Grasshopper Replacement Mower Parts Gravely Replacement Mower Parts Hako Replacement Mower Parts Honda Replacement Mower Parts Husqvarna Replacement Mower Parts Hustler Replacement Mower Parts Jacobsen Replacement Mower Parts John Deere Mower Replacement Parts Kubota Replacement Mower Parts Lastec Replacement Mower Parts Lawn-Boy Replacement Mower Parts Lesco Replacement Mower Parts Maxim Replacement Mower Parts MTD Replacement Mower Parts Murray Replacement Mower Parts Scag Replacement Mower Parts Scotts Replacement Mower Parts Snapper/Massey Replacement Mower Parts Toro Mower Replacement Parts Walker Replacement Mower Parts Yazoo/Kees Replacement Mower Parts Lawn Mower Tools Replacement Trimmer. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Blades TurfCo replacement Tines and Overseeder Blade Set Bluebird replacement Teeth Bluebird replacement Belts page 1 Bluebird replacement Belts page 2 Ryan replacement Belts . Honda Subaru/Robin & Tecumseh Engines and Engine Parts Briggs & Stratton Cummins/Onan Honda Engines Kawasaki Kohler Subaru/Robin Tecumseh Wisconsin Engine Accessories Decorative Concrete Sprayers Hardscape Tools Bon Tools EZ-Set Lifting Frames AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Edger and Blower Parts Trimmer Line Replacement Trimmer Heads Echo Handheld Equipment Replacement Parts Stihl Handheld Equipment Replacement Parts Shindaiwa Handheld Equipment Replacement Parts Kawasaki Parts Husqvarna Replacement parts Red Max Handheld Equipment Replacement Parts Brushcutter BladesHedge Trimmer Blades Replacement Equipment Aerator Tines.1/2 inch Ryan replacement Belts 5/8 inch Ryan replacement Blade and Tines Replacement Tires and Wheels Carlisle Tubeless Turf Tires CST Tubeless Turf Tires CST Tube Type Tires Tire Tubes Replacement Tires and Wheels for Rittenhouse Equipment Briggs & Stratton. DHAKA 1213.

The 32x20 frame fits conveniently on most garden centre carts or utility vehicles. Remove unwanted water from golf course bunkers. gas powered winch with endless uses.anything. flooded yards. It can be used for forestry. koi ponds etc. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. As seen in Martha Stewart's blog regarding Compost Tea. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. window wells. Quick View Paver and Wall Splitter The Bon Tool Paver and Wall Splitter easily cuts paver and retaining wall units. Very mobile piece of equipment. It has a line cutter built in. boats -. H96. Portable Winch A Portable. portable watering unit designed for outdoor or indoor watering. Designed with industrial grade components.LANDSCAPING: Page 18 of 47 Garden Center / Greenhouse Tools Humidification Seeding Tools Disinfection / Cleanup / Various Greenhouse Watering & Irrigation Supply Watering Equipment | Indoor & Outdoor Watering Hand Watering Tools Water Hoses & Accessories Irrigation Tools .Irrigation Supplies Injectors & Timers Kochek Products Waterscaping Fountains and Aerators by Kasco Aeration Systems by Vertex Watergarden and Pond Accessories Algae Control & Water Conditioning Oase Products Water Features for any size property Pumps for Ponds Water Treatments and Fish Food by Microbe-Lift Water Treatments by Bacta Pur Dye for Ponds Pond Balance combats String Algae Fall and Winterizing of your Pond Ropes and Rope Bags for the Portable Winch Snatch Blocks and Shackles for the Portable Winch Slings and Chokers for the Portable Winch Winch anchor mounts for the Portable Winch Storage Cases for the Portable Winch Portable Winch Forestry Assortment for the Portable Winch Multi-Purpose Assortment for the Portable Winch Hunting Assortment for the Portable Winch PortaPump and PortaVibe The Four Stroke Lightweight PortaPump is a unique dewatering pump that has endless uses. No electricity required. 0088-01670700323 . rescue. Xtreme Series Trimmer Line Spool Rack Keep your Line Spool in place with this functional rack. Skid Mount 12 Volt Watering System A 30 gallon. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. DHAKA 1213. game hunting. The PortaVibe is an optional extension for vibrating concrete Compost Tea Brewer & Compost Tea Catalyst Brew a batch of Compost Tea in this 10 gallon 'Brewer' within 24 hours.

remember that all you really need to get the job done is a bench. however. After all of those hours of hard work. After all of that work. You need to build a bench. consider adding a back to your bench. If you have a formal garden and a need for something with an elegant look. you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labors. though. but there is no reason to feel bound by them. or perhaps even armrests. It’s a perfect compliment to your attractive yard. If. Sure. you could drag out a folding lawn chair in which to sit as you watch your flowers bob in the wind. DHAKA 1213. you may be able to build what you need without expending that much effort. Your hard work has paid off. Yes. It could mean two carefully measured posts sunk into the ground and cemented in place with concrete with a seat spanning the gap between them. H96. and one of them might be perfect for you. Expect to pay close attention to detail and to spend plenty of time on your project. The goal is to produce a comfortable and sufficiently stable place from which you can take in a breath of fresh air and enjoy your garden and property. a couple of long enough 2” x 6” planks and a handful of bolts. your work will be cut out for you. You need a bench.LANDSCAPING: Page 19 of 47 HOW TO BUILD A GARDEN BENCH You’ve put together a wonderful garden. If you want to challenge your carpentry skills. You can make the bench-building process as quick and easy or as detailed and complicated as you’d like. two similarly sized supports and some way to fasten them together. The flowers are in bloom and the vegetables are growing. As you plot your bench plan. you are less concerned with impressing foreign dignitaries and would be happy with a simple rustic garden bench that fits nicely with the outdoor experience and possesses a natural feel. Alternatively. seeing it only when you crane your neck toward a window. Additionally. heavy bench or you will be forced to trade cost-consciousness for low quality. There are literally hundreds of tested garden bench plans available commercially. One of two things is likely to happen. Unfortunately. you can build one yourself. if you aren’t interested in overspending for a commercially available garden bench. 0088-01670700323 . but that is an inconvenient solution. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. you can look past the “blueprints” and opt to put together your own original creation. Your exact preferences and needs will vary based upon your aesthetic sensibilities and the overall look and feel of your garden and home. but most of us probably want to go a step further than “nature’s own” bench. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Either you will end up paying a fortune for an ornate. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. You don’t have a bench. a large log on its side might even do the trick. By building a comfortable garden bench. You might use some of the recommendations and ideas within those various plans to guide your own construction. You can build your own garden bench and its construction will be limited only by your own creativity or research. In fact. you can enjoy the scenery from the best seat outside of the house. you could go to the store and buy a bench. However. it seems like a shame to spend every waking moment indoors. you might not be able to find something in the stores that looks “right” for your yard or garden. you have to stand in order to do so. That may involve two overturned planting barrels. It’s also impractical if you’d like to spend some outdoor time with a loved one enjoying the view and your handiwork. You invested countless hours to getting things “just right” in your garden and you are finally pleased with the look of your property.

These will serve as drainage ports and should be filled with small rocks or gravel. however. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. and the unique contours of the property in question and one’s personal needs will dictate the best possible style and construction in each case. The area behind the wall should then be filled. and larger walls necessitate the sturdiest possible construction. Following the cut. retaining wall builders rely upon 2” x 6” or 2” x 12” boards for this purpose.LANDSCAPING: Page 20 of 47 HOW TO BUILD A RETAINING WALL Retaining walls are a common need. for several days. it may not be a preferred solution for those who want to “do it and forget it” indefinitely because even treated lumber has functional lifespan far shorter than stone or concrete alternatives. After determining the desired height for the wall. Those frequent issues can create a practical need for retaining wall construction. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Often. Every situation is different. The boards should be bolted to the posts using large carriage bolts small bolts or nails are inadequate for the job. They also provide opportunities to use retaining walls as an aesthetic landscaping effort. At this point. one fastens boards to the outside of the post frame. this wooden system will meet one’s needs splendidly. there is more work to do. Additionally. DHAKA 1213. the method we’ll discuss is best suited for walls less than three feet in height. building codes will dictate the necessary planting depth. however. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. After the concrete is poured and leveled. This simple retaining wall plan will work wonderfully for smaller jobs. undisturbed. There are many types of retaining walls. one should allow it to sit. In many situations. A wooden retaining wall may not be suited if one needs a particularly tall wall. the wall itself is built. One popular retaining wall plan is wood-based and can be a perfect choice for smaller needs. Crooked posts can affect both the appearance and durability of the retaining wall. Sufficient depth is necessary to provide stability for the wall. Many properties have sloping or uneven yards. you may want to consider stone or concrete alternatives. one then digs the holes for the posts for the wall. It is important to make sure the posts are “true” and that they run straight. One should dig out a series of small tunnels under the wall. one should cut 4” x 4” posts to the desired length. However. This allows the concrete to “cure” and produces a durable. Often. 0088-01670700323 . It is important to make sure the boards are cut in lengths that correspond to the framework formed by the 4” x 4” posts.” This refers to the ditch-like outline that will serve as a roadmap for building the wall itself. If you need a larger retaining wall. the posts are placed within them and concrete is poured around them until the area is filled to the surface level. One can use a shovel to create the cut. The earth behind a retaining wall does exert a great deal of pressure. it is important to remember to consider the depth at which they will be planted into the ground. Once the concrete is cured. H96. The first step in building a retaining wall involves creating the “cut. When cutting the posts. After the holes are ready. Optimal depths will vary based upon the height of the retaining wall and the nature of the property. rigid framework for the retaining wall. Support posts will be placed along the cut in 4’ intervals. One should begin by filling the cut with at least 6” of small rocks or gravel before adding fill dirt and soil to level off the construction.

In addition to their unparalleled aesthetic appeal. However. but if used correctly can deter attacks from snails and slugs. but will grow better when sunlight is available. you should try to limit that exposure to earlier time periods. Hostas will grow without the added nutrients in many cases. nutrient-rich soils with a slightly elevated pH level. Those products tend to be slightly less effective. Let us look at a few tips for growing the best possible hostas for your landscaping needs. If you fail to treat your hostas properly. SUNLIGHT MATTERS The hosta plant is tolerant of shade. It may be a matter of necessity. The plants are quite receptive to that arrangement. These pests often avoid detection until signs of damage emerge.LANDSCAPING: Page 21 of 47 There are many reasons to consider building a retaining wall. Building a wooden retaining wall will require some effort. too. planting considerations and pest control. they are also notoriously hearty. These attractive plants are available in a variety of sizes and colors. for those who prefer to pursue other options. Hostas can become one of the most attractive parts of your overall plan if they are treated correctly. too. The soil itself is important. In any case. PLANTING MATTERS When planting your hostas. These products are widely available at most hardware. it is a good idea to do some specific research regarding the varieties you are considering for your landscape in order to handle planting as effectively as possible. Hostas grow best in well-drained. the plant will not thrive. Different varieties of hostas may have slightly different needs. Hostas can fall prey to pests. you will find a hosta location that provides sunshine in the morning and shade during the hotter afternoon hours. If you place your hostas in a deeply shaded area. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. or it could be an attractive means of implementing a planting or landscaping plan. Ideally. but the process is not complicated and shouldn’t be overwhelming to most property owners. It is a good idea to use special bait/pesticides around the base of your hostas to keep them safe from these predators. garden and home stores. make sure they have adequate room to grow. the process doesn’t need to be difficult. Thus. PEST MATTERS Hostas are tough. There are organic products and deterrents available. One of the most common errors in handling hosta plants is failing to consider the eventual size of the mature plant. but they are not invulnerable to attack. They seem to be particularly attractive to snails and slugs. you can experience disappointing results. Although hosta plants will handle up to six hours of sunlight per day. they can burn. H96. but they are far more likely to reach their full potential when the landscaper optimizes conditions for them. You should plant your hostas in holes that are at least a full foot in depth. the strong hosta is not invincible. DHAKA 1213. We will consider three general areas of hosta plant care: sunlight issues. When hostas are placed in full afternoon sun. However. The hole should be approximately two times the anticipated width of the fully grown plant. 0088-01670700323 . NEW AIRPORT ROAD. making them a fine choice for landscaping projects of all sorts in a wide variety of locations. This decreases their attractiveness and limits their potential for growth. they will not thrive. If you keep quarters too tight. They do require regular watering and application of a good balanced fertilizer (preferably in granular form) is recommended on a regular basis. TIPS FOR GROWING GORGEOUS HOSTA PLANTS Hostas are one of the most frequently used landscaping elements. they may survive. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD.

First. Second. However. Make sure your purchase enough rope. firmer. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. When tire swings were first built. but they will give way when tension increases as your child swings higher and higher. you need to think about safety. Following these tips for hosta growth will help you get the most out of these wonderful plants. Of course. you will either have to skimp on your knots or have a swing that sits too high. 0088-01670700323 . BUILDING A TIRE SWING Tire swings are an American tradition. there is more to building a tire swing than tying your spare to a tree limb with a rope. Find a piece of hose slightly bigger than the rope and make sure the protected area will be the portion that rests on the tree. Their beauty and resilience make them an attractive part of many plans.LANDSCAPING: Page 22 of 47 In more rural areas. use it. This will increase both safety and durability. You’ll never make a tire swing totally “clean. They are also one of the easiest ways to add another fun dimension to the yard. Protect the rope by using a piece of rubber hose at the area where it will loop around the tree limb. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. Smaller ropes may seem adequate. Deer and other wildlife have a distinct appreciation for hosta plants and can also be a problem. If you get too little.” A well-worn radial will feature exposed (and incredibly sharp wires). let’s look at what you will need to do after finding that perfect branch in order to construct a great tire swing. They have been a fun addition to yards for decades and kids still love them. Unless you make an effort to clean the tire completely. you will want to consider appropriate fencing and protection for the area. you need to think about the cleanliness of the tire. slightly bigger predators may also victimize hostas. but if wildlife is disrupting your landscape. Make sure you choose a tire that won’t result in scratches. they used the same tires that used to be on car. THE ROPE You want to use a rope with a large diameter. and are “steel belted. Select a fat rope that is obviously stronger than what you will probably need. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Wash the tire at high pressure at the car wash and then scrub it down by hand using a high-powered cleaner containing bleach. it all starts with locating an appropriately sized and sufficiently strong tree limb. Hostas make a perfect addition to many landscapes.” but you can cut down on the filth tremendously. This will protect the most critical part of the rope from the elements. H96. Neither of those options is acceptable. DHAKA 1213. Now. Determine the length needed by adding about ten feet to the distance from the limb to where the tire will hang. you can expect to have filthy kids smelling like rubber gathered around your dining room table. They were made out of rubber. You don’t want water to gather within the tire after every rain. Don’t forget to drill a few sizeable holes through the portion of the tire that will form the bottom of the swing. THE TIRE There are two things about which to be concerned when selecting your swing’s tire. There is little you can reasonably do at the point of the actual plant to prevent these intrusions. These were old bias tires with an internal balloon. Today’s radial tires are stronger. cuts and sharp pain! If you can find a used “old school” tire.

Double it up and make it snug. logs. The most important thing to remember are to make sure the knot is incredibly strong and is doubled up. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. That attitude may work in some areas. DHAKA 1213. it can do a great deal of harm. but it certainly is not appropriate for the care and nurturing of your property’s landscape. and ready to explode into growth when things warm up again. if the swing won’t support you. Test it as much as possible and insure its strength before allowing a child to play on the swing. Every year. healthy lawn is a necessity for those seeking landscaping success. Our lawn is a critical part of our overall landscape. It won’t do much good elsewhere. make sure the rubber protective hose is at the point of contact. walk your property and carefully remove any debris from the lawn. Never rely upon a single know. Besides. living thing. H96. 3 LANDSCAPING MAINTENANCE TIPS FOR YOUR LAWN We often have a “do it and forget it” mentality. WINTER CLEANING If your lawn is smothered in any location.LANDSCAPING: Page 23 of 47 THE KNOTS When you knot the rope. as the end of autumn approaches. you won’t need to pull out a nautical manual. we do not give it a second thought. you should apply a final dose of fertilizer to your grass. Great landscaping does not stem exclusively from those days of planning and planting. A good looking. Once a task is completed. The lawn will absorb those nutrients and they will help to keep it strong. Understanding the importance of great grass and the need for regular landscaping maintenance let us look at three things you can do to keep your property attractive and in line with your landscaping vision. It’s a traditional favorite and is one of the quickest and easiest way to add some fun to your property. it’s probably not safe enough for the kids. Things like tree branches. You can set something beautiful into motion. in most cases. The lawn in the canvas upon which landscapers paint. 0088-01670700323 . Your property is a growing. These three lawn care tips are all “out of season” activities you can do to improve your landscape’s health and beauty. You can make do with a common square knot. Take the knot the fastens the tire just as seriously as the high not. you will need to conduct regular maintenance. healthy throughout the winter. FALL FERTILIZATION Fertilization is a perfect example of maintenance for landscapes. When tying your knot at the tree limb. Before the really cold weather sits in. You will need to address the yard’s needs and to be proactive in order to prevent the development of problems that could completely derail your plans. Grass frequently forms the basis from which the rest of our landscaping efforts emerge. we move on to whatever is next in line. you can make a rope swing the kids will love. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Instead. By following a few simple recommendations. Don’t neglect the bottom knot. your children’s toys or that shovel you have been meaning to put back into AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. There is no reason to get too exotic with your tie-off strategy. but in order to get the most out of your landscaping plans. It is one of those regular things that you simply cannot afford to neglect.

you will need to revisit it frequently. There are many great lighting ideas to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your landscaping without taking away the appeal. As winter comes. so you can pick one that blends well with your landscaping. Solar lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance the beauty of your landscaping. There are themed landscaping lights that actually appear to be a part of the landscaping. They provide a great deal of light to the area. including special slip-on shoe cleats. you are sure to find exactly what you are searching for. In order to nurture it effectively. Give your lawn a chance to breathe through the winter and it will thank you in the spring. thatch will accumulate and your lawn can be “choked off. they will switch to electricity. Solar landscaping lights are a great idea. remains in place forever. Not only do they offer lighting. Landscaping lighting is a wonderful way to add color and appeal to your home after dark. Remember. colors. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414.” you run the risk of undoing all of your hard work and encountering disappointing results. Landscaping Lighting Ideas Adding light to illuminate your landscaping is a brilliant way to bring it to life. do reveal why maintenance activity is necessary. but they are either free to operate or cost very little. You certainly do not want to usher in spring with a brown ring in the middle of the yard! AERATION Aerate the grassy area before the year’s first freeze. Choose from birds. if you do not own your own. H96.” A serious aeration and that aforementioned fall fertilization will prepare your lawn to last out the cold and will position in for maximum spring performance. It is. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. once painted. however. in many ways. snails. Pagoda lights come in very low wattage of 12 volts up to 120 volts. With so many options. Pagoda lighting offers a unique décor of its own. They come in an array of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Pathway lights come in many colors and shapes. These are only three of literally thousands of potential landscaping maintenance tasks you can perform. Adjustable flood lights work very well. If you simply “let things go. and frogs. You can rent an aerator at any hardware store. These three means of improving your lawn’s health. As it gets dark. with some even using solar power. Some people claim to get more than satisfactory results from manual aeration strategies. Smothered grass is less disease resilient and may even die completely. The prices vary depending on what you are in the market for. They are available in many shapes. DHAKA 1213. 0088-01670700323 . Each one of these lovely landscaping creatures are ceramic with a hidden light inside to illuminate your landscaping after dark. that energy is converted to light. and sizes. you landscape is not a pretty picture that. Landscaping lights can be purchased at most home improvement stores as well as on the internet. an organism unto itself. turtles. These lights absorb energy from the sun throughout the day and store it. Last year’s landscaping accomplishment can become next year’s embarrassment if maintenance is not taken seriously. It is a constantly growing and changing collection of living things.LANDSCAPING: Page 24 of 47 the garage can do serious damage if left in place through the winter. Most of these lights are very easy to install and operate on a low amount of electricity. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. seashells. If the lights have not absorbed enough power to run all night. That is what maintenance is really all about. They stay in the ground with built in stakes.

Needless to say. I remember going through his vegetable garden. This deciduous shrub is widely known for its winter interests for its stunning red stems. Or like many places traffic on main country roads has picked up so much that you almost have a line of cars going down your road. even though flowers are not in the subject. There is AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. scented oils and air aromatizes. But the choice is yours and yours alone. but with proper trimming and pruning you will be able to maintain the size of this shrub that you desire. So it is very easy to see why this is becoming a very popular shrub. The Leyland Cypress is a shrub that everyone is seeking out. this bush will bless you with three to four feet of vertical every growing season. sitting down and eating vegetables straight from the plant. When I look at these old fashioned shrubs. I would personally prefer the old fashion shrubs myself. This shrub grows 7-9 feet tall with about the same size circumference. bring me back to a time when life was easier. The do remind me of grandmother and great-grandmother. They are essential parts of most plans due to the unique combination of aesthetic and practical value they bring to any situation. it also comes in bluish greens. a family member would take him to his gardens and he would still work in them as much as he could. Or you have new neighbors that like to know all the happenings on your block. gray and bright green. None of the man-made hybrids that have been created in today’s scheme. Not only would you be quieting up your yard and avoiding the neighbors. FAST GROWING TREES Trees are a critical part of landscaping. You are now wondering what kind of shrubs you can purchase that will not only enhance your landscaping but also grow fast to accomplish your main goal. tranquil and when family traditions and standards where at their most important. This shrub can provide a fast mid-size screen in the summer months. DHAKA 1213. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. My grandfather was an avid gardener. This shrub can grow from fifty to seventy feet high. but in the end what ever you decide to add to your landscaping or change. There are many beautiful hybrids shrub out today that are still beautiful and maybe even a little more beautiful. If your into the old fashioned type of shrubs. But wait. The normal color of this shrub is a very dark green. If you Leyland Cypress if very happy. you will have years of enjoyment. carpet deodorizer. gold. This is a must have in my yard as I love lilac. It produces white flowers in the late spring only to give you the gift of stunning white fruit in the late summer. To me the old fashioned shrubs and flowers.LANDSCAPING: Page 25 of 47 Shrubs That Grow The Fastest So you just moved into that new house and want to do some landscaping. They are easily maintained and you get the added benefits of fragrance of the lilacs. You have decided that you would like to plant some shrubs as deterrence or for privacy reasons and to your way of thinking you would like this to happen fast. The lilac is also another good choice in a fast growing shrub. The are very fast growing and grow up rather that out. 0088-01670700323 . you would also be adding additional beauty to your landscaping at the same time. I remember all the beautiful flowers he planted. He did this almost up the day he died. I have lilac candles. H96. this is one aroma that I can’t live without. The choices can be overwhelming. The Redosier Dogwood is a fine example of a fast growing shrub. the are an abundance of nursery’s today that have acquired seeds from all of the true plants. they remind of these very important things. After he became terminally ill.

DHAKA 1213. Luckily. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Trees are a widely recognized means by which to improve a home’s overall energy efficiency. Nurseries. Other fast growing trees are the American Sycamore and different varieties of Hybrid Poplars. Unfortunately. responding to the desires of landscapers. there is a solution to the slow growth problem. A new homeowner who is trying to produce a great landscape may finish paying his or her mortgage long before many varieties of trees will reach the roof of a home. Trees are immensely popular on pragmatic grounds. as well. trees offer some fantastic benefits and it is not surprising that most landscapers and homeowners want to integrate them into landscaping plans. are also working to perfect other strains of fast-growing trees. you may want to take a long hard look at some of the amazing fast growing trees currently available. They serve as a barrier to the harsh elements of winter and provide shade to keep homes cooler during the summer. making them less of a potential problem in terms of disrupting underground piping or foundations. With very little care. The environmental movement has long recommended planting additional trees as a means of staving off various potentially negative environmental scenarios and as a counterpoint to pollution. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. The mighty trees for which so many homeowners long take a great deal of time to grow. You do not have to wait decades to reap the numerous advantages of using trees in your landscaping. Looks. Fast growing trees provide a wonderful way of capturing those benefits without requiring a significant wait. Their oversized leaves provide a great deal of shade. Trees also offer practical environmental advantages. 0088-01670700323 . They also have a root structure that tends to extend downward. the trees involved in the landscaping were probably a large part of the overall appeal. a Royal Empress can reach lofty heights within a single year and can grow over twenty feet in height within three years. Obviously. are just the beginning. Large trees add a feeling of maturity to a property while simultaneously serving as a compositional counterpoint to the landscaping efforts on the ground. there is a problem with using trees--especially in newly developed areas where none are already present. If you consider some of the most beautiful and attractive properties you have encountered. Landscapers can take advantage of fast growing trees. trees do us all a service by “soaking up” unbreathable gases and converting them efficiently into the oxygen we need. These rapid growers can provide all of the advantages associated with incorporating trees into a landscaping plan without subjecting property owners to an extended wait some varieties of fast growing trees can reach impressive heights of up to ten feet within as little as a year! The fastest growing tree is the Royal Empress. The beautiful giants of landscaping can make or break the appearance of a property. That makes trees a wise investment. Those stately massive oaks that line the oldest streets of a city have been in place for decades and may still be growing. insuring additional options for future developers and homeowners. There are also many different kinds of evergreen trees that are notorious for their rapid growth.LANDSCAPING: Page 26 of 47 nothing quite like a tree in terms of appearance. If you are in the process of planning a landscape and have been disappointed by your inability to effectively utilize trees within a reasonable amount of time. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. H96. considering the always-increasing price of energy. As we all learned in grade school science classes. Some estimates claim that the use of trees can decrease overall energy consumption by twenty percent (or more) per year. It also adds another layer of comfort to a home. however.

LANDSCAPING: Page 27 of 47 Gardening Tips Gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby. do some research to find out what types of flowers and vegetables grow well in your region. prepare your plants prior to the first frost. You will need to water less because of the moisture in the area this time of year. and it is so easy to make changes to the living canvas of your own garden. You can cover each plant with plastic. Good landscape design can make a lasting impression. Landscape Design Your Garden To Complete Your Home Most people do not give the landscape design of their garden as much thought as the interior design of their home. DHAKA 1213. Generally. Once of the best secrets to gardening success is knowing when to plant the items. Most of the damage during the winter occurs because the ground freezes and the roots can’t absorb water. Regardless of the type of garden you have. It is important to give your garden the attention it needs. Take the time to remove all the rocks and debris. you not only add value. Proper watering. Follow the directions for the particular item you are planting regarding how deep to plant them and how far apart. Nothing looks as attractive as a beautifully designed and maintained garden. Your plants will have plenty of time to grow over the winter. Why? Don’t you think that if you have taken the time to coordinate the décor of your house to look good to your visitors and relatives. You can also find excellent sales on plants and seeds. and pruning will not only make your garden look nice. H96. Properly tilling the soil prior to planting anything in it will make the likelihood of your garden growing very promising. there are some general guidelines to help ensure your garden produces the best results. Following basic gardening tips will help ensure your hard work isn’t in vein. it will help it to thrive. weeding. Creating a barrier with netting can help eliminate pests getting into your garden. mice. but improve the environment you and your family live in. Some gardens are for growing beautiful flowers while others are to grow vegetables. You can dig around the roots after a freeze to help the water seep in. or so they say. Most pesticides contain harsh chemicals. And don’t forget the jealous neighbors!! First impressions count. that doing the same for your garden or backyard is just as important? Your home is more that just the house you live in. To ensure your garden survives the winter. You can find this information on the internet or on the packages of seeds and bulbs for various flowers and vegetables. Some thrive in wet environments while others need plenty of sunlight to grow. The freedom of expression your garden offers allows you to put your own creative ideas into practice for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. and rabbits enjoy eating flowers and vegetables found in gardens. Insects. The weather is often cooler so you won’t feel so drained by the heat. Use a good supplement with nutrients for the soil as well. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Pesticides can damage birds and your crops. consider adding small plastic rings around the area of the plant as it grows above ground. the fall is the best time to plant. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers you planted or enjoy the wonderful taste of the vegetables you grew in your garden. Pests can damage your garden dreams. Gardening can be a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. Once you have decided what type of garden you want to have. Removing dead leaves and scattered leaves that have fallen in your garden will reduce slugs. 0088-01670700323 . To prevent them from bothering yours. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. so avoid using them unless you have no other choice. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. and the first part of your home that your visitors see is your garden. Your home includes your garden and if you landscape design your garden.

Of course. our children. Throughout the ages plants have been used for potions. The rumors surrounding poinsettias may have begun as the result of the fact that many plants in the genus Euphorbia to which poinsettias belong are poisonous. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. DHAKA 1213. A small water run of 18 feet into a small 4 foot pool looks so attractive and attracts the wildlife you love to see in your garden. So don’t have your house looking beautiful but ignore your garden. Poinsettias on the other hand have been rumored to be poisonous when they are in fact not—though I do not suggest eating this particular plant unless you’d like an upset stomach. a pool to lounge by or a source of sweet-smelling fresh flowers just ready to cut for that fantastic table feature you have just designed for your dinner party. There are many landscape design companies who will do the physical work. H96. Be your own landscape designer. Water features are extremely popular with an unlimited range of designs. Good landscape design will make help it to look beautiful outside. You should also take care that your pets do not have access either. Perhaps this is why mistletoe is traditionally hung overhead. then either do it yourself or have it done for you. or our pets if not properly tended. Keep it happy! There are so many possibilities in landscape design that you can let your imagination run riot. and yes. There is a world of difference. This is not one plant you want to allow your children easy access to. Your home is more than just the house you live in. poultices. as well as inside. In fact stop thinking ‘backyard’ and think ‘garden’. have trellises. mistletoe is poisonous and eating the berries can lead to death. Others will do the complete job for you. hedges and shrubbery.LANDSCAPING: Page 28 of 47 You can adjust to the seasons – how often have you seen blooming summer gardens looking dreary and sad in winter? Don’t let your garden look sad. a bit of plastic sheeting and an inexpensive water pump! Just imagine it – all for a few dollars and a weekend of work! Stick a few plants round it and you will be the envy of the neighborhood. cures. These plants are often referred to as poisonous plants and the reactions may come in the form of anything from mild nausea to death. All it takes is some piping. even poisons. transferring your own landscape design into reality. Getting into the Christmas spirit you may find that there are some myths and some realities surrounding what are and are not poisonous plants. When anyone looks at your garden in admiration and asks ‘who designed this garden’ you can answer – ‘I DID’! Common Poisonous Plants Found In Many Homes And Gardens Plants are an important part of the lives of many but there are risks to home and hearth involved in the owning of certain plants. First of all. fountain or even a river with its continually recycling water. these symptoms can seem rather mild when compared with other common poisonous plants. and it’s much more satisfying if you have designed the whole garden yourself. Landscape design can turn a garden from a weed ridden junkyard to a beautiful dining area. and even the smallest of gardens can now be made to look extremely attractive with a small pool. You can achieve what you want with your own garden or backyard with even just a little landscaping. You can choose your own colors. a place to relax and unwind with the sounds of nature around you. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. You can turn it into what you want it to be. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. For this reason it should come as no great shock that some of the very plants we keep in our homes may actually pose a threat to ourselves. leaving you to put the final touches into practice. 0088-01670700323 . Landscape design will transform your house and garden to a home you love and are proud of – indoors and out.

You may find that you will need several different types of grasses or even mixtures of grasses in order to have the nice. at least not that I’m aware of. It is often best to plan for fertilizing and planting at different times. Tulip bulbs are another popular plant that is very dangerous to children and animals alike. The normal side effects of exposure is some degree of tummy troubles though there have been cases of more serious side effects such as comas or even death. which makes them a very popular choice in the northwestern U. This grass is quite lovely and recent advances have made it much more resistant to bugs. These are the ideal time for planting these grasses although anytime that extreme heat or other extreme weather conditions aren’t a factor would be okay just not optimal. and drought. What Is The Best Type of Grass Seed? For those looking for the best type of grass seed for their lawns. disease. H96. Azaleas are yet another of the many common poisonous plants that you should be aware of. Fescues are very drought tolerant. There are many mitigating factors when it comes to grass and they all need to be considered when selecting grass seed for your lawn. You should pay attention to the condition of your soil before planting in order to determine if you will need to use fertilizers in order to properly prepare your lawn for fertilization. Those things are the current seasons and the type of seed you will be using. There are other things you should consider when seeding for grass as well. In the cooler. The plants mentioned above are a small sampling of some of the common poisonous plants you may find in or around your home and you really should take care to check on all of your plants if you have any doubt at all about whether or not you should expose them to your children or pets. Another thing to consider is that some lawns will need more than one type of grass seed in order to live up to its maximum potential. and most importantly green lawn for which you are hoping. which assists in the prevention of soil erosion while the grass is taking root. It seems that there is a grass to suit many needs but not yet. You need to pay attention to areas of light and shade. These grasses are often used as part of mixtures rather than seeded alone. Ingesting the bulb from tulips has been the culprit in poisonings of dogs and humans alike. The best time to plant warm season grass is actually in the spring while the best time to plant cool season grass is in the fall. DHAKA 1213. Any old grass will not do when it comes to seeding your lawn for grass. 0088-01670700323 . the answer is never as simple as the question. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. You do not have to rid your home of plants in order to maintain safety just take the proper precautions to keep potentially harmful plants out of reach whenever possible. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. You should make sure that you fertilize whenever possible ahead of planting as this will mean that the soil is ready to nurture your new seedling grass. and the general and seasonal weather conditions in your climate. humid climates of the northeastern United States Kentucky bluegrass is often the grass of choice. Perennial Ryegrass is a great example of versatility when it comes to grass. heat. I am sure we are not alone in this situation. I know our lawn certainly has areas of dense shade as well as areas that realize the full brunt of the sun’s potential. Some are even so sensitive to the toxins in tulips that they should avoid touching tulips all together. Caution should always be exercised when exposing children and animal to pets. This grass germinates rather quickly. one that will suit all needs.LANDSCAPING: Page 29 of 47 Lilies are a very common houseplant that is very poisonous to cats. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. S. Even in small doses this plant can lead to serious kidney damage. the type of soil you have. lush. The truth of the matter is that even non-toxic plants can lead to serious tummy troubles if eaten by curious little mouths or rashes and allergic reactions when touched by those same tender hands.

A good rule of thumb is one pound for every thousand square feet. There are specialty fertilizers that are available and perhaps once you’ve achieved a more balanced and nutrient rich lawn you can concentrate on some of the more specific fertilizers but these are only necessary if you plan to do serious landscaping in the coming growing season. I then recommend taking your results along with you when you select your grass and choose according to what will work best with your climate and your soil conditions. For most lawns. With so many options it is often quite difficult to know which really is the best brand of lawn fertilizer. The thing to remember is that nitrogen in high dosages can damage your lawn even though you need nitrogen in order to enrich the soil. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Unfortunately. This is one of the reasons that slow release nitrogen fertilizers are so highly recommended. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. There are many factors that effect what kind of nourishment and nutrients your soil will need for particular landscaping projects. Each of these factors will greatly affect which particular type or brand of lawn fertilizer will best suit your needs.LANDSCAPING: Page 30 of 47 Wherever you live there is a seed that will work wonders for your lawn. hectic schedule. In this manner fertilizing a lawn that has been sadly depleted of good nutrient-rich soil is a marathon rather than a race. you have an extremely busy. 0088-01670700323 . but just don’t have the time to devote the maintenance and upkeep that is required to AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Having a plan from the very beginning is always the best course of action when it comes to landscaping or lawn and garden design. Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas If you’re like most people today. Having an idea of what you plan to do immediately and what you hope to do in the future can seriously help narrow down a much better plan of action for all your fertilization and soil restoration needs. When trying to decide which is the best brand of lawn fertilizer for your lawn be sure to discuss with the experts at your local lawn and garden center what the long and short-term goals for your lawn are. nitrogen will be the most important nutrient and should be carefully considered when narrowing down your fertilizing prospects. Other important things that fertilizers add to your soil include phosphorous and potassium. You want to have a beautiful yard. One thing you should keep in mind is that fertilizer serves to enrich the soil and in some cases is a lengthy process that will take several growing seasons in order to properly accomplish. Another way you can minimize the risk of damage is by closely following the instructions on the labeling. even among the all purpose options and may have a little difficulty selecting the best for your lawn. You will see many different types of fertilizers. If you are looking for the best type of grass seed for your lawn you should take several soil samples at different locations in your yard and test the soil in each area. What is the Best Brand of Lawn Fertilizer? When it comes to lawn fertilizers there are many options available on today’s market. H96. These types of fertilizers actually minimize the risk of damaging your lawn. For general lawn care you should look for a lawn fertilizer that is suitable for multi purpose types of lawn care duties. DHAKA 1213. A good rule of thumb for those who are just beginning to repair or restore their lawn is to begin with a slow release granular type of fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. there really is no simple answer to that question as the best brand for your lawn and garden needs may not necessarily be the best brand for all lawn and garden needs.

the aromas they emit can be quite pleasant. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. For starters. The important thing to remember when budgeting repairs and such is that the curb appeal of your home is the deciding factor in whether or not interested parties will want to step inside. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. There are things that can be done to keep your landscaped yard up to the desired look that you have envisioned without much hard work entailed. You would then have to punch holes in the bottoms of the bottles so the water can exit at a slow drip. This type of watering system is extremely cost effective if finances are a concern of yours. You could purchase a self watering. With utilizing this type of watering system you would only have to check the bottles to see if they are low on water and if they are you would of course just fill them up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still lust for that beautifully landscaped manicured yard. This would save you from having to go out and shop for new flowers every spring and then take the time to prepare the soil which would include fertilizing. something always comes up or you are just too exhausted to even think about it much less do it. but there are steps you can take to save you time there also. and that would be pretty much it. People are always coming up with new and creative ideas all the time. So keep looking for help and that should make your landscaping experience just that much nicer and give you more time to enjoy it. tilling and what ever else would be required for the particular plants that would be incorporated into your scheme. If you would like to have a lot of flowers growing in your yard. thus saving you time on having to pull weeds. The good news is that there are many things you can do to increase curb appeal without breaking the budget. DHAKA 1213. You can also decorate used soda or water bottles and use them for watering your plants also. That means they would come back every year. All you would have to do is pretty them up a little bit. barks and colored stones to fill in the exposed areas to cut down on weed production. The types of shrubs and the colors you have to choose from are totally astonishing. Do you enjoy beautiful flowerbeds? You could implement ground cover plants that would cut down on weed development. It never fails. you might want to consider planting plants that are perennials. you could also choose several of them to add to your landscaping. You would then either set them next to ground plants or if you have a lot of planted containers you would set them in the container. The pros of planting shrubs are that you do not have to water them all the time. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of low maintenance shrubs you can choose from. In other words. the exterior of your home is AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Some plants that you may want to incorporate in your landscaping project could require daily tending to. You get the desired look and beauty with these. It is recommended that you do occasional pruning and fertilization. watering system that would alleviate you from having to do that chore on a daily basis. as to not be an eye sore to the viewer. Hopefully I have been helpful in trying to give you some ideas on ways to lighten the burden of labor of having beautifully landscaped yard. H96. How to Increase Curb Appeal of your Home without Breaking Budget For those who are faced with the daunting task of selling their homes I’m sure the term curb appeal has come up when discussing your home with realtors. You could also use any of the wood chips. With all the new tall grasses that are on the market today. There are so many tips and short cuts that you can find with just a little research on the internet that you should have no problems finding more ideas on low maintenance landscape ideas. 0088-01670700323 .LANDSCAPING: Page 31 of 47 keep your landscaping in that majestic condition. you could plant flowering shrubs or coniferous shrubs.

Everyone wants to take care of the job without calling the professionals. You not only need to rake the leaves you also need to bag them up and get rid of them. You do not want to go to all the effort of keeping your yard and landscaping nice and tidy only to loose points with potential buyers by not properly stowing the tools that were required for the job. As such. You need some lighting in the yard so that they can see the home at night but you do not want to light up the entire neighborhood in the process. H96. 4. 1. However. It’s also a good idea to install some solar powered lighting in your yard to make your home look welcoming and inviting to those driving by at night as well. Landscaping is a perfect example of this. By understanding the errors of others. you might be able to avoid doing the same things! AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. 2. A well-raked yard simply looks better than a yard full of leaves. they know which plants will compliment others. Clean your windows. the first thing the buyer sees is something he or she would have to fix. 5. the elements and what things will actually compliment the design of your home. Mow your lawn. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the windows of your home show the heart beating within. Trim trees and bushes that are close to your home. Even if it is the dead of winter having a nicely mowed lawn looks good to potential buyers. Pressure wash your walkways and driveway as well as dirty siding and any decks you may have as well. DHAKA 1213. Clean your gutters. Let’s look at four common landscaping mistakes. Below you will find several small things that you can do without spending a lot of money that will make your house much more appealing to buyers. several common mistakes are repeated over and over again across the nation’s lawns. Believe it or not.LANDSCAPING: Page 32 of 47 the first impression that buyers have in many cases and they will drive on to the next house on the list if the exterior is not appealing. Professional landscapers know the business inside and out. This really is a big deal. Believe it or not this is one thing that is often neglected and yet can have a serious impact on a potential buyers opinion of your home. AVOIDING COMMON LANDSCAPING MISTAKES We live in a do-it-yourself culture. They understand the soil. but their lack of expertise can create problems. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. 0088-01670700323 . even small changes can do a lot to increase the curb appeal of your home. It makes a huge impression on buyers and makes them think you’ve taken great care of your home. Rake your leaves. You might think you have a “great eye” and you may be a quick study. 3. 6. They understand composition. This is yet another task that will simply leave your home looking well tended and cared for. These are just a few very inexpensive tasks you can do that will help you increase curb appeal of your home for potential buyers. the average do-it-yourselfer is not an expert landscaper. If you have gutters in serious need of cleaning and possibly need of minor repairs. The small things often make the biggest impressions. Make sure there is no litter and that all tools and equipment are put away. 7. The downside is that we sometimes trade expertise and quality for that experience and cost-effectiveness. The upside to that reality is that many of us get tremendous opportunities to try our hands and new skills and to learn interesting things while saving money.

though. Amateurs. DHAKA 1213. and those cute little shrubs will grow ten feet high if not held in check. it does make sense that most landscaping work will occur in the back. right? That’s just an example of a common problem experienced by do-it-yourself landscapers. LIVING IN THE MOMENT--IGNORING FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Those shrubs you plan on planting right under the bay window will look great this year. After that. but it does represent a wasted opportunity to improve the value and attractiveness of your home. They are also nice to have year round for many who may enjoy watching the leaves change colors in the fall but enjoy that nice touch of green year round. too. Consider what others will appreciate and don’t assume your amateur vision is perfect. 0088-01670700323 . It undulates and sways. we also tend to have much larger areas with which to work behind our house. too many amateurs focus on the back yard to the near-exclusion of the front. However. even for the novice gardener. on the other hand. Play with nature as much as you play against it. Your odds of getting the job done right will improve considerably if you learn to avoid some of the common errors of do-it-yourselfers. isn’t flat or square. You can do your own landscaping. Thus. You get the idea. it tends to create an uninviting and severe atmosphere. Make sure you plot a course of landscaping success in the front yard. NEGLECTING THE FRONT--FORGETTING TO PUT YOUR FACE ON Most of us prefer some degree of privacy. often have a preoccupation with trying to make everything square and straight. Planting Evergreens Made Easy Evergreens are a type of tree that many of us love to have in our lawns.LANDSCAPING: Page 33 of 47 RULING WITH A RULER--ERRORS OF LINEARITY Many self-styled landscapers approach their projects as if the world functioned exclusively along the rigid lines of grid. The natural world. You need to understand your plants. Professionals understand that and they try to work within natural lines and to use the “imperfections” of nature to heighten aesthetic appeal. per se. If you work hard enough you may even produce some professional results. That kind of knowledge can help you create better look and can save you tons of work in the end. And the next. H96. however. It’s bumpy and curvy. They aren’t forward thinking enough and that can cause problems. but it may not be attractive to a potential buyer with three small children a few years from now. how they will look now and how they will grow in the future. As a result of that preference. we tend to spend the bulk of our time in our back yards instead of in front of the house. Thus. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. you had better plan on a weekly trimming. That wonderful winding path to the garden might cut right across the kids’ favorite place to play ball. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. If you are considering adding some evergreen trees or shrubs to your landscaping I hope you’ll seriously consider them once you find out how easy planting evergreen trees really is. That five-foot retaining wall may create an attractive vista. You have three feet of clearance between ground and window. IT’S YOUR LAWN--NEGLECTING THE REST OF THE FAMILY (AND THE WORLD) A common amateur error is to design a landscaping plan without taking the usage patterns and desires of other family members into consideration. There is no “harm” in that. They provide valuable shade during the summer months and a festive taste of the holidays during the winter. When everything is straightened.

LANDSCAPING: Page 34 of 47 My personal favorite evergreen is the Blue Spruce. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. Many do it yourself kits are easy to install and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. yet they offer the best features. H96. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. and ponds to create wonderful effects in your garden area. The first step whenever you are planting evergreens or anything that requires digging is to call your utility company to make sure that there are no underground lines that would be at risk or place you at risk in the process of digging. If you live in a cooler climate you should plant the roots a little bit deeper in order to provide extra insulation from the freezing surface. Of the three. Water gardening has evolved as a very popular landscaping staple. The good news is that planting an evergreen such as this isn’t all too difficult a task if the time ever comes when I need to replace this particular tree. You will want to choose an area that gets plenty of direct sunlight. Once that is taken care of and you are all clear to dig in you chosen location you should dig a hole that is at leave twice as wide as the container holding your evergreen. People of all ages enjoy the sound of the water flowing. It can be calming and relaxing. Ponds are the most difficult to maintain of the water gardening options. 0088-01670700323 . Adding fish to your garden pond is easy. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. ponds are the most time consuming. You can add water gardening elements to most any size of landscaping area. yet you must keep the water clean and free from bacteria. It is important to choose plants that do well in this type of environment as well as grow in your region. This will help prevent the drying out of needles in the winter months to which other trees fall victim. Perhaps it is my love of the holidays and the images of Christmas that I can have with me throughout the year but I wouldn’t trade my Blue Spruce for all the oaks in my back yard. If the tree is larger it is quite likely that cutting away the container from the root ball will be the best possible option as lifting the tree from the container may lead to damaging the branches. choosing the right location for the equipment is essential. When considering participating in water gardening. or waterfall you will want to create. When you actually plant the tree into the hole you should be certain that you are not only providing adequate nutrients in the soil but also that you are providing plenty of water in the process. Early autumn is an ideal time of year in which to plant evergreen trees. It is possible to create water gardening yourself. You may choose to have a landscaper install the various equipment for you. it is well worth the hard work you put into it. The most important thing to remember when planting evergreens is that in time this tree will be the stuff that wonderful memories are made of for both you and your family. Water Gardening Water gardening involves using fountains. Water lilies add a very rustic look to any garden pond. waterfalls. the small area you have to work with the smaller pond. consider investing in a lighting system for after dark. fountain. To further enhance the water gardening scene. This is because you will find yourself continually having to remove leaves and other debris from the water. It is also a good idea to steer clear of trees. DHAKA 1213. You should also take great care to make sure you keep your evergreen properly watered throughout the fall. While water gardening requires continuous maintenance. This tree is lovely year round but particularly so when it is covered in a light dusting of snow. Obviously. You should use the opportunity to create a reservoir for water when mulching. You should also be sure that you strip the sod away from the hole in order to provide plenty of room for mulching. You need to be sure that you are planting early enough that the tree has adequate time to take root a bit before the first big freeze tests its strength and resolve.

After see the spectacular pictures of these trees it’s a wonder more people don’t have these trees implemented into their landscaping plans. there is some very important information you should know. It is also recommended that a layer of mulch be added to the ground. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. After a short time the bud starts to grow. You will also want to remember that this tree will end up with a circumference of anywhere between 20 – 40 feet. but have always heard how beautiful it is when the cherry trees are blossoming. If let go for too long and you got to trim the straight branches you will cause unsightly scaring to your tree. but you will have to take extra precautions for the survival of your weeping willow. matching the tree circumference. The recommended planting zone is set for zones 4-8. If done properly and right away. The downfall of this procedure is that your weeping cherry tree will grow branches from the root stock. when you dig the hole for planting. This gives the tree time to re-root itself. but that would require that it be planted in a container and be brought indoors in winter time. What happens is a bud is taken from a cherry tree and is grafted to a compatible tree called the stock root tree. After you have dug you hole it is always a good idea to layer the bottom with a fertilizer. So if you decide to transplant and it is later in the year you just might be better off waiting until spring. You might be able to get away with zone 3. It is also possible to have you weeping willow in colder climates. Because this tree is more susceptible to disease and fungus. After the bud gets to a certain size it is cut from the root stock and ready for the market. You will easily be able to notice which branches these are as they grow straight up from the tree versus the actual willow branches grow down in the hanging position. extra care must be taken. A slit is cut into the stock root tree and the bud is inserted into it.LANDSCAPING: Page 35 of 47 Water gardening offers beauty and tranquility to your garden. H96. you stand a good chance that your tree will not survive the winter. If allowed to grow. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. You can ask your local garden center what fertilizer would be best for you tree. you can always add some sand or gravel to the bottom of the hole for better drainage when watering. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. This tree requires that it be watered frequently. Another important piece of information is that technically this tree is grafted from another tree. the possibilities are unbelievable. I have never been there myself. 0088-01670700323 . If planting is done to late in the season. With so many styles and sizes to choose from. So maybe you have thought of adding a weeping cherry tree or two in your landscaping plan. If the spot you picked it more on the moist side. The branches from the root stock must be pruned. DHAKA 1213. the equipment won’t work well. you can find a permeable container that naturally breaks down in time. When planting you want to disturb the roots as little as possible. Without proper maintenance. Although these are gorgeous trees. When planting or transplanting your tree. they will ruin the whole visual effect of the tree. How To Plant A Weeping Cherry Tree You’ve probably heard to the beautiful cherry trees in Washington DC. This helps with maintaining the moisture that is much needed by this wonderful tree. If you are lucky. Make sure you have the time to dedicate to the type of water gardening you choose. You also need to make sure that the roots are not standing in a water logged hole. As with any tree. Generally the weeping cherry does better in warmer climates. the earlier in the growing season you do it the better. So plan accordingly. there will be very little damage if any to your tree. the hole size should be slightly larger than the container.

and charcoal are great for growing orchids but should be changed often for maximum effectiveness as a growing media. These beautiful flowers are not quite as delicate as you may have been led to believe. fir bark. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. While there are a few things that are common to most orchid varieties. Orchids are definitely not plants that you simply leave to the elements while many orchids do manage in nature without human intervention. These plants are unique and exotic and each one will require a little something different when it comes to the best possible growing environment and conditions. Orchid blooms are simply stunning and can last for quite some time. there is no one size fits all hard and fast rule for properly growing orchids. Each species will have a few idiosyncrasies of its very own and you will need to learn the likes and dislikes of your chosen variety and cater to its every whim for some time in order to receive the maximum performance and beauty from your plant. Of course those who are truly passionate about their orchids are more than willing to take all the time they need in order to learn the best possible way in which to care for these beautiful blooms. Do a little research before you select your plant and choose one that will best suit your living conditions and the level of care you feel you can properly commit to your orchids. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. They might be a little more high maintenance tree. They do however have very specific environments in which they will flourish and thrive. these are some of the requirements of owning one. Hot houses are a great place for orchids to thrive. orchids love sunlight whenever they can get it. Contrary to popular opinion it is actually not a good idea to mist the orchid petals.LANDSCAPING: Page 36 of 47 So if you are contemplating on planting a weeping cherry tree. These plants are after all a significant investment not only in money but also in time and care. osmunda fiber. General Tips For Growing Orchids The best tips anyone can provide when it comes to growing orchids is to choose wisely the orchids you will be growing according to the area in which you live. H96. This keeps the blooms big and lovely. The best tip when it comes to growing orchids is to take the time to learn about the specific variety you are planning to grow. orchids are one of the most versatile flowers you might come across. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Different varieties of orchid prefer different types of sunlight and you should do a little research about the variety you choose in order to provide the best possible living and growing conditions for your floral investment. as this will diminish the life of the bloom. Another great tip to keep in mind when growing orchids is that in addition to warmth and moisture. DHAKA 1213. It is important when cutting the orchids once the bloom has fallen off that you cut at bottom of the leaves rather than the elbows. One great way to keep them humid is by placing them on a saucer of pebbles that are kept moist as much of the time as possible. volcanic rock.000 species of orchids not including all the hybrids that are available. but in the spring it will be all worth while. There are more than 30. Pete moss. 0088-01670700323 . Since this tree has not seen many yards you will probably have your friends and neighbors asking about your new addition to your landscaping. Despite their seeming delicateness. Orchids like humidity and thrive in these sorts of conditions. The truth of the matter is that most orchids require a significant amount of care and tending.

AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. since running water is the natural habitat of many of the plants used to populate rock gardens. 0088-01670700323 . Choose herbs for your garden that you use most frequently if this is something that have any uncertainty about at all. and dill. You should also note that herbs grow best from seeds rather than transported plants. The only requirement is good drainage since rock and mountain-growing plants do not grow well in water-bound soil. parsley. Others grow them outside their homes in fertile soil that has excellent drainage. Growing your own herbs is not only delicious and valuable it is also a great way to get your hands into the good earth and quite therapeutic. growing your own herbs is not only a great way to bring a little green into your kitchen but also a great way to add wonderful flavors to your food year round. Herbs are expensive to purchase in stores so growing your own is not only a fantastic way to lower your grocery expenses over time. It will be tempting to want to pluck the leaves from your plant as soon as they make their appearance. Don’t waste your time and effort on herbs that you will not use instead focus your care on herbs that will be great additions to your home and office. This is not the wisest course of action. In fact. The water cannot remain saturated if you want your herb garden to grow properly. I find that kitchen windowsills or window boxes are great places for growing herbs. Unfortunately they generally come at great expense. sage. The best base for a rock garden is a sloping area whereby surface water can easily run off. but its inability to run off. it can also be constructed on any area of ground you have no other use for. Most of us will agree that herbs add great value and flavor to our food. a small herb garden is a great investment for your home. In fact many excellent rock gardens are associated with natural and artificial streams. or garden) from which to choose a location for your herb garden. yard. H96. A great way to achieve proper drainage is to layer the bottom of your growing area with a layer of gravel. Some tend to overtake gardens and should be potted rather than planted in open soil. basil. You should really allow your plant plenty of time (several months in fact) to establish before enjoying its bounty. There are others of course and you really should choose herbs that you are interested in cooking with.LANDSCAPING: Page 37 of 47 The Greatness Of Growing Your OWn Herbs Believe it or not. Many of us have favorite herbs that we use often and in every day cooking. DHAKA 1213. you should learn a little about the herb and their individual growth tendencies before planting. A Rock Garden Is Easy To Build Although a rock garden is frequently built in garden areas specifically chosen for the purpose. In addition to this. Some of us rely more heavily on herbs than others. mint. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. If you are still at a loss or just beginning to add herbs to your kitchen inventory some great herbs to start your garden with include: rosemary. If you use herbs frequently while cooking. You should also provide individual pots for some of these plants rather than planting them all together in a window box. It is not the presence of water that can be a problem. You will be glad in time that you waited and doing so will allow you to deplete the supply of herbs you have on hand. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. taking a look through your kitchen cabinets and spice racks are a great way of deciding which herbs will be best for you to grow. You have the world (or at least your home.

one that will suit all needs. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. and lead it to a small pool: even a foot or so diameter will do. some 1” plastic piping and a water pump – and don’t forget the water. It seems that there is a grass to suit many needs but not yet. around which other rocks and stones can be laid. at least not that I’m aware of. and Alpine conditions are associated with excellent drainage through loose gritty soil. little soil and running streams. What Is The Best Type of Grass Seed? For those looking for the best type of grass seed for their lawns. The area chosen should be excavated. and also Alpine plants. A rock garden is not a currant bun. though some annuals can be used. and not earth. DHAKA 1213. What you must not do is to build a mound of earth. Another thing to consider is that some lawns will need more than one type of grass seed in order to live up to its maximum potential. I am sure we are not alone in this situation. Drainage is critical for a successful rock garden. but purchase bedding plants such as heathers and other ericaceous plants which do very well in rock gardens. stick in some stones. Perennials are best. 0088-01670700323 . AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Providing you base it on a bed of rocks and stones. Your local garden center will able to help you with the best plants for your area. gardeners call this a currant bun. Do not sow seed. It’s easier than you think. then some plants. and then the drainage and the introduction of gritty soil. H96. Once the garden has been set up. geraniums and verbena all do well in rock gardens. constructed by sticking rocks and stones into a mound of earth. A rock garden is frequently called an Alpine garden. with some gypsophilia to break it up. Think mountains. You can mix the soil with washed sand to remove any residual salt. from which it can be pumped back to the top of the stream. Lay the polythene ( any flexible plastic will do) between lots of rocks and stones with plants enjoying the running water. make pockets among the rocks and stones and fill with good composted soil in which to place the plants. I know our lawn certainly has areas of dense shade as well as areas that realize the full brunt of the sun’s potential. then the excavation of small pockets between the rocks for the plants which should be filled with rich compost. though the plants themselves should initially be bedded in rich soil to help them establish. then the bottom perimeter of the rock garden lined with stones. rocks. though granite and any local stone will probably suffice.LANDSCAPING: Page 38 of 47 The main soil areas should be gritty rather than well composted to simulate the natural environment of the plants. There are many mitigating factors when it comes to grass and they all need to be considered when selecting grass seed for your lawn. Think Alpine. Alyssum. The spaces between all of these rocks should be filled with increasingly smaller stones and finally with gritty easily drained soil. delosperma. The main secret behind a good successful rock garden is to ensure that the rock foundation is built first. Mixing sand with topsoil is a good way to promote drainage. Then one or two large rocks should be laid which will protrude above the surface when the garden has been completed. the answer is never as simple as the question. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. As stated earlier. These are the main rocks. The best stone to use to construct a rock garden is limestone. You have the ideal basis for a rock garden. then finally the plants. You can construct a running stream with some polythene.

You should be able to find many wonderful flowers to add that special little pop of color no matter what your landscaping situation. These grasses are often used as part of mixtures rather than seeded alone. humid climates of the northeastern United States Kentucky bluegrass is often the grass of choice. It always helps if you have a plan in mind when landscaping. A Few Methods For Adding Color To Your Landscaping If you are looking for great ways of adding color to your landscaping then look no further than your local lawn and garden center. By doing this you will know if you need to make plans to add nutrients and minerals to enrich your soil or seek alternatives such as well placed and carefully selected raised beds or planters as homes for your new plants and flowers. I then recommend taking your results along with you when you select your grass and choose according to what will work best with your climate and your soil conditions. heat. I hope this article will serve as a great source of help when it comes to adding color to your landscaping. You may find that you will need several different types of grasses or even mixtures of grasses in order to have the nice. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. 0088-01670700323 . Any old grass will not do when it comes to seeding your lawn for grass. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. If you are looking for the best type of grass seed for your lawn you should take several soil samples at different locations in your yard and test the soil in each area. and the general and seasonal weather conditions in your climate.LANDSCAPING: Page 39 of 47 There are other things you should consider when seeding for grass as well. You need to pay attention to areas of light and shade. Those things are the current seasons and the type of seed you will be using. This grass is quite lovely and recent advances have made it much more resistant to bugs. the type of soil you have. Perennial Ryegrass is a great example of versatility when it comes to grass. and drought. which assists in the prevention of soil erosion while the grass is taking root. lush. This will enable you to group appropriate groups of plants and flowers together for maximum efficiency within your landscaping and minimal waste of precious natural resources and labor. H96. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. The first step you need to take however is actually testing the soil in the areas around your home and garden in which you plan to plant. The best time to plant warm season grass is actually in the spring while the best time to plant cool season grass is in the fall. DHAKA 1213. For early spring I’m such a sucker for tulips and the many brightly colored bulb flowers that sprout up for a short while each season. These flowers are beautiful to watch and bring a little bit of pizzazz to even the most mundane landscaping endeavor. You should pay attention to the condition of your soil before planting in order to determine if you will need to use fertilizers in order to properly prepare your lawn for fertilization. disease. It is often best to plan for fertilizing and planting at different times. Talk with landscaping or gardening experts to find out the best potential layout for your landscaping and placement of your plants and flowers. Wherever you live there is a seed that will work wonders for your lawn. These are the ideal time for planting these grasses although anytime that extreme heat or other extreme weather conditions aren’t a factor would be okay just not optimal. You should make sure that you fertilize whenever possible ahead of planting as this will mean that the soil is ready to nurture your new seedling grass. This grass germinates rather quickly. Fescues are very drought tolerant. In the cooler. and most importantly green lawn for which you are hoping. which makes them a very popular choice in the northwestern U. S. A good plan is something that is often overlooked and under appreciated but very important in the grand scheme of things.

bushes and flowers are all extensions too. Another often neglected way of adding color to your landscaping is by planting trees and shrubs in a manner that invites fine feathered friends to enjoy your private oasis from the world as well. This may not be a flowering tree but it does bring color to your landscaping in a rather unique way. Are there some dead spots. America has really started to take a real pride in maintaining a beautifully landscaped yard. Japanese dogwood trees. cherry trees. Believe it or not this can add a lot of color not only by the flowering shrubs and bushes you plant but also the visits from your feathered friends. This can save you a lot of time in the long run if one of the above is the issue. so to save a lot of hassle it is recommended that you do a thorough investigation of the perceived problem. you will see that the traditional lawn has not been around that long. A Japanese red maple tree is also a great addition to your landscaping. worms or fungus. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. you could consider you lawn as the back drop or canvas of your property.  Is your lawn getting taken over by weeds? AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Everything stems from your lawn. Walk around your yard an really look at your lawn. Some of the determining factors that will help you in determining if your lawn needs a tune-up are:  Approximately 40% to 50% of you lawn is dead. You might also want to have your soil tested to make sure all the proper mineral contents are within the best recommended specifications. You may also consider adding a Koi pond. shrubs. a major part of the American tradition. You can re-seed the bad spots but they will just die off again. The Best Time of The Year To Re-Seed Your Lawn Lawn. Your trees.LANDSCAPING: Page 40 of 47 Another thing you can do is plant small trees that have a little touch of color. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to this task and should always work to continue adding value and enjoyment to your landscaping. These trees generally make a lovely addition to landscaping and bring some nice colors with them as well. Now with that in mind. If you look into the history of lawns. There are so many ways that you can bring color to your landscaping. thin spots. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. H96. you must have a good back round to bring out all the embellishments that have been added to your back round. mis-colored spots? If you do notice any of these types of issues you should go through the process of elimination to find out if you lawn is infected with some kind of insect. 0088-01670700323 . DHAKA 1213. birdbath. or magnolia trees in order to have a little shade and some color at different times throughout the year. or fountain of some sort in addition to some nice bird feeders to complete the bird friendly atmosphere. Some of them are a simple as adding brightly colored wind or son catchers and others by adding flowers and trees that bring color of their own throughout the year.  When walking across the lawn if feels soft and spongy. You house is an extension of your lawn. Some prefer flowering trees such as crepe myrtle. If you really want to put a perspective on landscaping.

We have all looked around for ideas on how we could eliminate this situation. Well placed strategic natural barriers can give you what you crave the most! Peace and quiet can be had with these barriers. The cooler season encourages grass growth. We are talking about privacy in our own homes and yards. DHAKA 1213. some of us try to do it. and is very adaptable to different soil conditions and climates. Remember this is the backdrop for everything on your property. Do you have that snoopy neighbor who is always peeking into your yard much less your windows? When you are trying to relax in your yard. This way you can accomplish two tasks at the same time. do you have those neighbors who feel it is a requirement to come on over and talk for hours keeping you from your peace and quiet time you wanted just for yourself? We have all had a couple of those. There are fewer problems with weeds. You can also use straw or fines netting that would be available at your local home improvement store. Late summer is the preferred time for the following reasons:     The soil is warmer which is better for germination. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. it grows in a majestic pyramid shape. and the majority of us do not have it. This is one of the most popular trees used to create natural barriers because they grow 3-4 feet a year. When you have finished this tedious process. If you are planning to do just some small patch repair (8’ or less) it is recommended that you use 1 part seed with 4 parts of a natural organic fertilizer. One of the trees that have the best coverage is the Leyland Cypress Tree.LANDSCAPING: Page 41 of 47 There are many determining factors. Sometimes just making simple modifications to basic lawn care practices or improving site conditions is all you need to revive your lawn. You can use just any tool you can think of to press the seeds down. we all know our neighbors have those good ears too! By choosing the right tree or shrub for your barrier. You should do your best to keep the soil moist at all times. Depending on the type of grass you decided on planting. this keeps the germination time to a minimal. You want it to look the best it can. And so can your privacy from prying eyes. The seeds are very. The next best time would be in April or May. just a light pressing will do. you can not only block out line of sight but create a nice sound barrier as well. the payoff will be worth the work and effort. the best time to re-seed is in late summer between August 15th to September 20th . and AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. and one very common method that works well is to plant trees that can block their view and keep the noise levels down. very light and will blow away easily. a nuisance they can be. H96. There is less chance of water evaporation as this process requires a lot of water. Once all this is completed the lawn is ready for your enjoyment and the neighbors will be in awe. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. Trees That Provide The Most Privacy Most of us want it. Try working up the soil just a little bit to give the lawn seed just a little more to adhere to. but these three are the major factors. Then comes the hardest part. So if you have determined that you lawn needs a little pick me up or a little bit more. And at the least opportune moments. Oh yes. Leyland Cypress Trees also grow well in the sun or shade. After you have spread the grass seed another recommendation is pressing the seed into the ground. germination can take anywhere from 5-28 days. The daily watering and then getting down on your hands and knees looking for the little green sprouts. is very low maintenance. 0088-01670700323 . doesn’t require much pruning.

relaxation is not one size fits all. If you are one of the many Americans seeking relaxing backyard ideas for your home and garden there are a few ideas below that may help you accomplish your goal. This tree blooms all summer long. a way to avoid those pesky neighbors or something to add beauty to your landscape. The smell they constantly give off can keep the air in your yard smelling clean and fresh year around. You can do many things with your landscaping that will attract birds and other wildlife to your backyard. The mature height is 20-30 feet with a 15 foot spread.LANDSCAPING: Page 42 of 47 handle drought conditions very well. H96. Many people find that bird watching is not only entertaining and enjoyable but also very relaxing as a hobby. DHAKA 1213. Thuja Green Giant Evergreen trees are also very hardy against disease. and providing a nice bird bath from which birds can drink and play. Often by lack of knowledge or even lack of creativity we create formal spaces that really aren’t quite suitable for relaxing. The other plus is that it is sturdy and thick enough to serve as a wind barrier. bushes. Natural Oasis AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Fabulously Relaxing Backyard Ideas If you are like many Americans. Just as many things in life. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. These trees grow 3-5 feet a year and they are one of the hardiest of the hardy. such as the fungus Cerosporidium sequoiae. Not even the deer will bother them. Some of those things include adding bird feeders that are kept well stocked to your backyard. It is a place where you will do a lot of your living. landscaping with plants. giving you the most majestic scarlet reds you have ever seen. These trees are also very resistant to insects. Unfortunately. trees. Can grow in full to partial sun and is also very adaptable to soil and weather condition. These types of backyards are very relaxing to bird lovers and can be enjoyed all seasons if you have a sunroom overlooking your backyard. your backyard is your oasis from the world. This tree is just gorgeous and because of this. This is the spot you choose to spend your time off with your family and friends. planting the right trees can help you create a landscape that is not only beautiful but sure to last for years to come. Leyland Cypress Tree can help keep your privacy all year round because there is continual foliage from this type of tree. Whether your needs are to create a noise barrier. Fairly new to the landscaping arena is the Dynamite Crape Myrtle. and is probably the easiest to maintain in our busy lives. Be sure to have a hammock where you can lie back and relax while waiting for those rare birds to make an appearance. Bird Paradise The first suggestion is to create an area in which birds will come to rest. They require no trimming or pruning because they grow naturally in the cone shape everyone strives for. is the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen. 0088-01670700323 . and shrubs that are attractive to birds. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. has won many awards for landscapers who have utilized this tree in their designs. It is now available to the general public. One other very nice advantage to the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen is the aromatic scent they give off. The first thing you must do however is identify what things you find relaxing. Another common tree that is used. This tree has typically been used in high-end homes or commercial developments. many Americans also find their backyards to be places that aren’t comfortable and relaxing. If you want to add color to your landscaping just plant some of these trees.

Options for home gardens do include hand weeding. chances are that you would greatly prefer to enjoy that space without the hassle of weeds. it simply means that using materials that are natural for a good portion of the features is a great way to blend them all together. slate fountains. I find nature in and of itself to be quite relaxing. we would like to enjoy weed free living without spending all of our available free time in that pursuit. First of all. By this I mean that there is no absolute right or wrong way to go about creating your relaxing backyard space. For those of us who have children and pets however this has traditionally been an uphill battle. 0088-01670700323 . If your garden is a labor of love then this practice is one you probably won’t find too terribly burdensome. You only need to scorch the leaves of the weeds in order to achieve your desired results. particularly when landscaping or designing an outdoor living space. We prefer. and wood furniture are also great backyard additions. There are several formulas are treatments that can be recommended that will do the job as well as some fertilizers that have weed resistant agents. While not all tools are created equally. The good news is that today’s gardener (novice and experienced alike) has choices that haven’t always been readily available in days long past for weed control without the chemicals that can cause so much damage. there are some that are quite effective in their own rights. not to use chemicals that can be harmful to our loved ones—human and animal alike. a small torch works plenty well in this instance.LANDSCAPING: Page 43 of 47 Mother Nature is a wise designer. for the most part. DHAKA 1213. I prefer using materials that are natural. How To Control Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals If you plan to really enjoy your outdoor living area. stone tables or birdbaths. That doesn’t mean that I do not find a cedar hot tub relaxing I most certainly do (I also find the cedar to be a great fit for my backyard). Wood fences. It’s well worth the investment and the added time up front for the time it will save later. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. Of course there are other things you can do in order to control weeds without harmful chemicals. Another method of non-chemical weed control is fire. You should take the time to talk with experts in your area if none of the methods mentioned above are appealing to you. H96. Just look around and see what you think will create the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve and remember that some people find a basketball goal as relaxing as you may find a nice quite place to read in the shade. if your garden is something that you would prefer needed less maintenance while also not using chemicals then hand weeding is probably not the best of the available options. Study all your options then AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. When combined with one another they pose a powerful weed prevention network that will create awesome results for your garden in the coming growing season. You may also want to seriously invest in landscaping fabric. This will not kill all weeds but is quite effective when it comes to ridding your lawn of newer weeds that tend to crop up all the time. There are tools available that will make the hand weeding process a little (emphasis on the word little) less tedious but for the most part this is one of the lesser options when it comes to overall attractiveness. There is only the discovery or what is or is not right for you. However. you should always use plenty of organic mulch. This fabric allows your plants to receive plenty of air and water while preventing weeds from growing and receiving the sunlight they would need in order to do so. On the other hand. There are other techniques of course to keep in your arsenal as you wage war on the weeds invading your garden space. There are many other fantastic and relaxing backyard ideas all around you. If you take some of her greatest creations and features and have them in use on some scale in your back yard you should find a very organic and relaxing atmosphere from which to escape your day. This works especially well for weeds growing through cracks in your walkways and is accomplished through the use of a propane torch.

There are many reasons people opt to use mulch in flowerbeds and such. Mulches that are beneficial when it comes to gardening are more organic in nature and will decompose rather rapidly enriching the soil as this occurs. well—perfect. Keep in mind that all organic mulched will eventually decompose and be absorbed into the very ground they cover. How do you choose the right mulch for your flowerbed or any other landscaping project you may have in mind and why do you need mulch in the first place? To make things really simple. minimize erosion. Choosing the right mulch for your flowerbed doesn’t really take a degree in rocket science simply an accounting of your goals for your flowerbed and the overall look or atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. Those are the mulches that will be more immediately beneficial to you for the purpose of enriching your soil. less really is so much more. One thing to remember is that some materials decompose much more quickly than others. you need mulch to help you garden grow. I will answer the second question first. You can also find decorative mulches in the form or rocks and gravel. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. 0088-01670700323 . especially when it comes to mulch. DHAKA 1213. By establishing a ring of mulch around trees. that you choose mulch based on the needs of your flowerbed and the specific flowers you’ll be growing rather than what your brother. Not all of these reasons center around enriching the soil.LANDSCAPING: Page 44 of 47 pick one or a combination of several that seems most appealing to you. and other materials that look quite lovely in a flower bed while adding very little to the soil by way of nutrients. When it comes to the task of choosing the right mulch for your flowerbed you should first consider why you want mulch in the first place. plants. Gardening is largely trial and error it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be. Even those slow movers I mentioned above however have value and add a certain type of beauty to your landscaping project. Be sure. protect your delicate landscaping during winter months. keep plant roots cooler during the summer months. These types of mulches are ideal in settings where water. H96. We need mulch in order to assist in endeavors to conserve soil. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. wood chips. use less water. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. In other words. cousin. Ask yourself what your specific mulching needs are and buy the mulch that will best suit your needs. is a real issue when it comes to landscaping. How To Choose The Right Mulch For Your Flowerbed For many amateur gardeners there is a huge question mark when things such as the proper mulch or fertilizer come to mind. eliminate or at the very least deter weeds. Mulches are also an excellent way to minimize the amount of lawn that you must actually mow believe it or not. or a lack thereof. and countless other things. This is a mark in the plus column. as they will add much needed nutrients to that soil as well. and other landscaping features you are also establishing a barrier for weeds while protecting delicate roots from the damage that lawn more blades can cause to tree trunks and roots along the surface. whatever you do. Keep in mind also that sometimes. Among those you will find mulches made of bark chips. or great uncle twice removed advises you (unless of course they happen to be gardening experts). If you are looking for mulch that is merely decorative thee are many from which to choose. Mulch needs to be applied at the same depth across the board in order to be effective rather than in mounds as you see in some landscaping projects. pine needles.

or even dead patches in your lawn. You should also take great care to insure that the water is evenly distributed across your lawn. mowing at different heights. It is also a time when a little water will go a much longer way. H96. This is the time when your lawn will ‘drink’ up the most water. You may have tried fertilizing. You should keep in mind however that over watering your lawn is equally as damaging as not providing enough water. One such secret is lime. You may also have ruled out all the usual suspects such as insects and funguses. Watering your lawn during the middle of the day in some areas my simply deep-fry your green grass rather than leaving it lush and green. DHAKA 1213. When trying to determine how often you should water your lawn there are many things that play a vital role in that decision. The best time of day to water your lawn is the early morning. Once this happens you should take a little more care with the watering process and water a little more often.LANDSCAPING: Page 45 of 47 How Often Should You Water Your Lawn? When it comes to watering the lawn. pale grass. The hotter and dryer the weather the more often you will need to water. The best advice that can be given when it comes to how often you should water your lawn is to check the lawn itself. If the lawn is dry and in need of water it will not necessarily die but will take on a bluish tint that will be the first indicator. Watering at night may promote the growth of disease because the water simply sits on the lawn all night rather than being absorbed and used. Unfortunately there is no answer that will fit all lawns in all locations. or even mulching and nothing seems to work. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. the truth is that many of us aren’t really all that certain how often or even what time of day is really best for watering our lawns. You will not need to water as much when the weather is cooler and the rainy seasons often provide a fair amount of natural water that will eliminate the need for adding water on a regular basis. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. When you’ve eliminated the normal culprits and all else has failed. 0088-01670700323 . Adding too much water to your lawn will actually wash away important nutrients while removing oxygen from the soil. The weather is the most obvious of all determining factors. not all of us were born blessed with green thumbs and some of us simply lack the education and knowledge of the little things that can be done in order to bring green back to our lawns and gardens. I think stressing the risks of too much water should be considered before watering your lawn or setting up automatic sprinkler systems. The answer to this question is not only regionally different but also different according to the grass you choose and the overall condition of the soil that is providing nourishment (important nutrients and minerals) for your grass. Knowing this should encourage most of us to desire to carefully tend our lawns and gardens. as evaporation is minimal at these early hours. However. In case you are wondering exactly what does lime do for your lawn the answer to that is many things. looked beneath the surface for answers and go underground. Other than that keep an eye on your grass for indicators of when you’ll need water and the weather channel for when the water may arrive through natural processes and water accordingly. When it comes to proper lawn and garden care the cause of problems such as yellow grass. The exact opposite of what I am fairly certain you are hoping for. The removal of oxygen lends itself to shallow roots. What Does Lime Do For Your Yard? Our lawns are an important investment for us to make in the way others perceive us and our families. AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Now there are many areas that are hot and humid and these areas will not require nearly as much water as desert climates. They are the first impressions that many people have of how we live our lives and the care we take of our things. which promotes the invasion of weeds. The proper amount of water is more often than not a lot of common sense combined with a little bit of intuition.

If your soil is very acidic it is a good idea to use around 40 pounds of lime pellets for every thousand square feet of lawn you wish to work with at least 2 if not 3 times a year. There is no reason to suffer through dead and dieing grass or even to have a lawn that is yellowed or patched. The good news is that adding lime to your lawn can repair the damage of time and depleted nutrients or even added nutrients that create a more acidic soil on your property. What a thought! AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. They might tell you tools that you would need and the cost of materials along with a projected time on how long the project should take. the name of the plants or the types of materials that are used to make your creation. These shows more than likely will have a website you can go to if there was something of particular interest and you can view the program via the internet without incurring any charges or fees. H96. A little secret that I have learned via surfing the net that I would like to share with my readers is. the earth needs balance in order to look young. There is an abundance of programs on television that give you great ideas for landscaping. There are many. You can buy kits that will test the acidity of your lawn letting you know whether or not you need to take steps toward adjusting the acidity of your lawn. the newest techniques in landscaping. 0088-01670700323 . They may give you the landscape drawing plan. family. These are a great choice because you actually get to see a picture of what you may like to have or at least an idea and the step by step directions of how to accomplish the project. There is so much free information that there is no reason it has to be paid for. Tips For Getting Landscaping Ideas So you want to do some landscaping. Another good source for ideas is television and home and garden shows.LANDSCAPING: Page 46 of 47 Just like your skin. landscaping plans or articles. additions or alterations but can’t come up with any ideas of what or how to do it. Just think. and figure out how to consolidate those ideas into one scheme. You might come across several ideas that you like. Read the labeling of your testing kit or consult a professional landscaper for assistance when it comes to the proper amount of lime to add to your landscaping in order to achieve the results you desire. and beautiful. many books and magazines out in the market that have wonderful ideas for landscaping ideas and how to accomplish the task at hand. and even coworkers. The pH balance of earth should be neutral in order for grass to grow lush and green. Using lime will replace a lawn that was simply put—unhealthy looking and replace it with a lush and green lawn that you are eager to show off to friends. fresh. that if there is a charge for any type of viewing of programs. They can show you the latest landscaping fades. Driving around in your car is another good way to get ideas. The reason one would need lime for your lawn in short would be for the purpose of restoring the beauty and balance that Mother Nature occasionally needs a hand in achieving. You have thought about it and keep thinking I would like to make some changes. You should also consult with gardening experts at your local supply store or a landscaping contractor for information that is more relevant to your area. you could create a whole new landscaping scheme and share your new ideas with others. new plants that have come out and the newest tools to make any landscaping job quicker and easier. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. There really is no across the board amount of lime to use as this is a situational solution and all situations tend to vary. This also leaves you the option to create a copy of a program of particular interest or purchase the information on DVD. You can see what other people in your area have done and pick up some ideas that way. do some updating or make some changes to landscaping that you have already done. DHAKA 1213. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. pass them on by.

Do searches on horticulture adding “. DHAKA 1213. 0088-01670700323 .edu” extension to you search criteria. MOBILE: 0088-01199414414. some colleges literally give away their college level coursework on their websites! AUTHOR: MOHAMMAD ABDUL KARIM AZAD MANAGER (TRAINING & OPERATION) MASCOT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Not only do you get the most current and up to date information on landscaping and plants. The “. These sites are so loaded with information that it can actually be an overload. NEW AIRPORT ROAD. H96.LANDSCAPING: Page 47 of 47 I think one of the best things I have found is going to college websites. There are so many colleges that implement horticultural” stands for education. Think about it.

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