On boarding with Syntel Family

Syntel On-Boarding Docket

This is an important document for processing your pay. No other costs related to lodging. boarding etc. As per policy. Kindly note that you will be frisked at the entry by our security team. which is scheduled for 7-8 weeks. which will be communicated to you towards the end of the training program. the same will have to be surrendered. and if you are found carrying any of the above items.com . Pl e a s e e ns ur e yo u a r r iv e o n t im e a t th e in d uct ion v e nu e . and hence your guest house bookings are accordingly made. All outstation candidates are advised to be at your joining location a day in advance to avoid any delays. for completing your joining formalities. • • • Y ou mu s t b e in c on ta ct wi t h y our c a m pu s r ecr ui tme n t S P OC < campusrecruitmentteam@syntelinc. In case you do not hold a PAN card.com> for an y c l ar if ic at io n s R ead about Synte l on www. CD/ DVD disks etc. Points to Help You!!! • • • • • • Y ou w i ll b e co v e r e d un d er th e Sy nt e l I n duc ti on Pro gr am o n y our d a t e of joi n in g. D r e s s co d e o n In d uct ion D a y i s bu si n e s s fo rm a l s. For Security Reasons you are not allowed to carry the following gadgets/ items alongwith you while reporting at Syntel for your joining. for a period of seven business days only.This docket will provide you with the basic guidelines on the joining formalities to ensure that you have a smooth on-boarding experience with Syntel. outstation candidates can avail the guest house accommodation facility if required. Laptops MP3 Players/ I Pods Iron Box Hot water Kettle / toasters Or any other electrical or electronic appliances However you may carry your mobile phone. Camera Pen drives/ Storage devices like external Hard disc. you are required to mandatorily apply for the same before joining and submit the Acknowledgement Copy on your date of joining. Travel cost incurred on this travel would be reimbursed as per policy. would be reimbursed.s yntel inc. You need to carry all the documents listed below on your date of joining. Post completion of training program. The travel cost incurred for reporting to your training location will not be reimbursed. You need to submit your PAN card on the date of joining. you will be transferred to any of the Syntel development centers across India.

Marriage Certificate. (2 Photocopies and Original) 3. Education Proof 1. Hence you are advised to carry your PAN card or apply for the same immediately and carry the acknowledgement receipt. This is a very critical document for salary processing.NEW JOINEE CHECKLIST This i s the most im portan t foundat ion for se tting E mploym ent with Synt el. Xth & XIIth marksheets and passing certificates (2 Photocopies and Original) 2. if applicable / Application copy (2 Photocopies and Original). Date of birth proof (Birth Cert/License/Pan Card/ School Leaving Certificate) (2 Photocopies and Original) 2. PG marksheets and Degree certificate (2 Photocopies and Original) 4. 7. Others Character certificate from the College Kindly Carry photocopies of the above documents along with the originals for verification. 6. Marksheets for all Semester including the final Semester (2 Photocopies and Original) Personal Details 1. Copy of Pan card / Application Acknowledgment Receipt (2 Photocopies and Original). Note: All documents are MANDATORY . Permanent Address Proof (Ration Card/License/Affidavit/Passport/ Bankers Verification letter/Electricity Bill/ Landline Telephone Bill). Y ou must sub mit all th e D ocumentation prior to joining Syntel or at least on the Day of joining Syntel:- Job Application Form – Please fill this form and affix your photograph & signature. for submission on your date of joining. 5. Copy of Passport/ Application Acknowledgment Receipt (2 Photocopies and Original). 9 passport size coloured photographs. Current Address Proof (Ration Card/License/Affidavit/Passport/ Bankers Verification letter/Electricity Bill/ Landline Telephone Bill) (2 Photocopies and Original) 4. Software certification (if any) (2 Photocopies and Original) 3. These documents needs be self attested & attested by Gazette Officer. Graduation.

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