3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss


The 3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss
by Jinjee Talifero

The 3 Keys… 1.) The Raw Vegan Diet 2.) Daily Exercise 3.) Inner Well-Being Each of these is a key, necessary, vital prerequisite for losing weight and keeping it off. In this eBook I'm going to tell you why these three things are so important, what the benefits are, and how to do them! This
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so untested. From these stories it seems you can actually live on vegetable juice for 3-12 months and heal from most illnesses. so uncharted. many of us regular people have had to become pseudo scientists. you generate an incredible momentum that is unstoppable! What I want you to Get out of this eBook I hope this eBook will get you inspired and excited to put these tools into practice and that you will have incredible results using them in your life! KEY #1 to Lasting Weight Loss .com/3keys/3keys. how to develop an exercise habit and I'm going to give you some practical tips for positive thinking which will increase your inner well-being and make it easier for you to adopt healthy habits! Momentum When you start doing all three of these things every day. Why is this? 2 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . more and more people have been sharing stories of healing with vegetable juicing.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet.html eBook will explain how to safely eat a raw vegan diet. The raw vegan diet is so new. Through the void in scientific research on raw food nutrition. using anecdotal evidence that we all share via our websites.DIET The Raw Vegan Diet Key number 1 to lasting weight loss is The Raw Vegan Diet. and social networks. the right way! There are many wrong ways in my view. as well as naturally lose every ounce of unwanted weight. So we are all just experimenting on ourselves. that even though some scientists believe it may have been our original diet. Juicing For instance. blogs. we still don't know much about it. since the Internet came into our homes. forums. which is a raw vegan diet. Almost everyone knows someone who has cured an illness with vegetable juicing.

and rebuild those in to the kinds of molecules we need to power our bodies. and can cause us to look grey and putrid over time. The sun powers our planet. and convert all that energy in to nutrients. This should not be the final fate of such a beautiful creature as the human! Structured by the Intelligence of the Universe However. made by nature's amazing nutrient-factory.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. extract the nutrients. is directly from the plants! There is absolutely no improvement in any way of these plant-manufactured nutrients once they are eaten by the animals! It is not the animals' job to manufacture nutrients for man! It is the plants' job to manufacture nutrients for animals and 3 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM .html Why the Raw Vegan Diet Works Here's an overview of how nutrition works. the plant-world. Then animals eat those nutrients. when humans eat the animals instead of the plants it is like eating recycled nutrients! This was necessary for human survival during phases in our history such as the ice age. uric acid deposits that cause arthritis. and it powers our bodies through that food. and in the northern climates up until very recent times with the advent of shipping food. during food shortages. and a huge load of toxins which our organs have to work very hard to eliminate from our system.com/3keys/3keys. droughts and famines. But unfortunately eating animal products has a lot of unpleasant side effects such as high cholesterol. earth. Plants take in sunlight. the four basic elements. If my Swedish ancestors had not eaten meat I would never have been born! Luckily we have the ability to eat that animal meat and dairy. in years when the crops were not abundant. And this process of eliminating the toxins takes so long that it is unavoidable that we absorb some of these toxins back in to our bodies through our long intestines. it grows our food. the very best way to get these nutrients. These toxins do untold damage. All the energy in our world comes from the sun in some way. water and air. Then humans eat the animals. However.

structured to do exactly those things -. We are eating closer to the sun. What Happens By eating Nature-Structured foods. the nutrients in them are corrupted by the heat. and carcinogenic (cancer-causing). You can think of plants (fruits and vegetables) as "high-octane" fuel. to feel connected to all of everything. Nutrient molecules become denatured. fit. shapes. his microscopes. The nutrients in plants are in a form our body has to work the least to absorb and use. real foods.com/3keys/3keys. are structured by the same Intelligence that structured the galaxies of space. All of the time. sounds. There are cellular structures on subatomic levels undiscovered yet by man.to keep us vibrant and optimally healthy. plants have the most nutrients per calorie of all foods. ie fruits and vegetables. unlike supplements. to heal us. smells. Why? Because they are eating foods designed by nature. we are getting nutrients in their purest form. We are eating nutrient dense foods. and sprouts are designed to make us feel good and happy. and by eating and juicing these and/or making them in to smoothies we start to see people losing weight. and his fledgeling knowledge of science. and youthful! These foods are designed to heal us! I think of these foods as God's love in food form! If you have ever experienced the power. All of us. nuts and seeds. natural foods.html humans. And that is exactly what nature-food does when we eat it! Fruits and vegetables. And when you heat the plants. rejuvenating. to soothe us and make us feel peaceful and happy. It is as though the colors. 4 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . They are high-grade nutrients. mutated. Plants. majesty or force of being in nature you have felt its magically healing balm that instantly removes stress from our overstimulated systems. as well as animal products. beautiful. By eating a plant-based diet that is unheated.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. and the whole environment is designed to make us feel good. and healing.

This would be such an interesting area for scientic research. In fact many an aspiring raw foodist has depleted their adrenal glands through daily raw cacao usage.D. long-term health. pregnant and nursing mothers. and at big raw food events can create a fun party-like atmosphere for a while but in the long run this is not a healthy and balanced raw diet.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. At the other end of the spectrum are the extreme raw diets such as those that limit a whole raw food group like fruits. and sprouts. Olives. 100% raw The difference between a 99% raw diet and a 100% raw diet is bigger than the difference between the S. or nuts.A. A raw vegan should partake amply of the five raw vegan food groups: fruits. dried herbs. For most of us. and can make you feel like you must be taking great care of your health just because of how much money you are spending on it. seeds. and especially for growing children. vegetables.com/3keys/3keys. This can act as a wonderful placebo for a while. and athletes. packaged in health food stores. cold pressed olive oil. a balanced raw diet is important. exotic. Healing Raw The social raw scene brings many new people into the raw food movement. raw carob powder and raw honey are also a part of The Garden Diet. sprouted/soaked legumes and grains may also be eaten in moderation. they will always be second-best to fresh green foods. 99% raw vs. Superfood powders and pills are trendy. celtic sea salt. vegetables.html Raw Balance . Fermented foods may also be of value at times. (Standard American Diet) and the vegetarian diet. And many never get to experience the feeling of freedom from food addictions because some of these superfoods are toxic and therefore addictive themselves. or that are like extended fasts. And as healthy as some green powders may be. but does little to contribute to actual. and new. bigger than the difference between the vegetarian and vegan diets. For 5 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM .Social Raw vs. Using dehydrated recipes and stimulants like raw cacao in raw food restaurants. bigger even than the difference between the vegan diet and the raw vegan diet! Our whole inner terrain changes and we therefore react to nutrients differently. nuts. Seaweed.

keeps you toned. makes you shapely. if you want to have a balanced emotional life. makes your skin glow (and not just from the sweat but from really making you healthier). if you want your brain to function. if you want to be 6 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM .It is magic! Always a Good Investment Exercise is always a good investment. Exercise is rejuvenating. slows down the hormonal changes that come with age. extending your life. if you want to have good relationships. gives you energy. healing. I could go on and on and on…. it is positively depressing. improves your digestion. prevents osteoporosis. In fact if you are looking at how many calories you are burning as you ride that exercise bike. there is no quality of life. when commitment is complete. prevents aging and stiffness. decreases your appetite. Not so! Rather.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. hands down!" If you want to succeed in business. if you want to be able to think.com/3keys/3keys. Without exercise. Exercise does so much more for you than burn calories. and improving your quality of life. I had systemic candida. KEY #2 to Lasting Weight Loss EXERCISE Importance and Benefits Exercise isn't just about burning calories.html instance before I went raw. It always pays you back in more time by giving you energy. When I went raw it would get worse at first but then dissappear altogether. if you want a clear mind. "He who gets the most exercise wins. if you want mental health. You've heard the expression "He who dies with the most toys wins". keeps your heart healthy. It is somehow so much easier to do 100% than 90%! As with all things. prevents disease. there is almost no temptation and there is far more momentum in the direction that you wish to go in. If you haven't given 100% raw a chance I highly recommend it. You never lose any time through exercising.

doing my taxes. paying my bills. exercise equipment. and when 3:00 rolls around you'll find yourself saying. house cleaning. working. in fact if you want to be alive. We are creatures of habit and our bodies have a rhythm.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. or at least something you enjoy more than most other things. a blissful experience. doing errands. hula hooping. a clock.com/3keys/3keys. doing dishes. a joy! It is play! It is enjoyment! It is pleasure! It is feeling fully alive! It is being all you can be! So. floor exercises. hiking. forcing yourself to exercise and resisting. moving this amazing machine of a body that we are each blessed with. gardening. Once you exercise at 3:00 in the afternoon three days in a row. There are millions of ways to move your body: Sports.html attractive. such as: I don't have time. start doing it every day at the same time each day. video downloads. bike riding. dancing. you have to find exercise you love. martial arts. weight lifting. yoga. hot yoga. let's work out! I want to move! RE-CREATION Excuses may pop up. daily! Finding what You Love If you hate exercise it is just a block that has resulted in coming at it the wrong way. you have to exercise. swimming. husband. playing with children. wife. cardio. zumba. friends. family. answering emails…. is a wonderful feeling. calling my mom. Exercise. isometrics…the list is endless! You just have to keep trying new things until you find your exercise niche! How to Develop an Exercise Habit Once you find something you love. spinning. girlfriend. in which we can literally program our habits.NONE of that is more important than exercise! Ever! Not for anyone! Thomas Jefferson said "Let the afternoons be used for physical 7 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . turning it in to a chore. running. if you want to be fully alive. cleaning. exercise DVDs. I need to spend this time with my kids. boyfriend. your body gets accustomed to this activity.

renewing ourselves! And if the President of the United States could take not just an afternoon but every afternoon off to take care of his physical re-creation. sexier. positive outlook. but we all have an hour. or 60 minutes! The scientific law of inertia and momentum states that "A body at rest tends to stay at rest.html recreation"…That sounds much better than exercise doesn't it: "Physical Recreation"! I like the word recreation. do more. have more and be more! Exercising is an expression of your faith in the fact that you DO have time for everything that is important in your life! KEY #3 to Lasting Weight Loss HAPPINESS Key number 3 could be called happiness. well-being. to trick yourself into working out. mental health. optimism. healthier. positive thinking. more beautiful. joie de vivre. spirit. you are likely to keep going! So. right now. It spells RE CREATION! We are re-creating ourselves. or any number of other things 8 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . commit to even one minute. we all have 20 minutes! And we all have 10 minutes. and more of who you really are! You'll be able to give more. any time! Getting Started Studies show that busy women are more likely to exercise three times a day for 10 minutes than once a day for 30 minutes. joy. then every one of us can too! Maybe we can't afford to take the whole afternoon off. younger looking. happier. A body in motion tends to stay in motion". 40.com/3keys/3keys. more fit. Once you are in motion it is much easier to convince yourself to stay in motion for the next 20. We can use this law to our advantage. inner light. But once you get started. positivity. What to Expect When you Exercise Once you start an exercise habit and keep it going.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. even if it just doing 10 push-ups or sit-ups on the office or living room floor. you will be smarter.

too many raisins. where I had subconsciously flicked the switch marked "die now. and I began to understand that I was unhappy. or eat constantly or overeat. you don't want to be alive if you aren't happy. Together we 9 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . Although I was true to my diet most of the time. And that brought me back to my roots. I suddenly woke up and realized I was "on a suicide" as they say of people who binge on alcohol and drugs. I decided to dedicate myself to my health.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. And we are making choices every moment. even though I knew better. be fully alive. life or death. and they were amazing parents. and live right now"! Every choice we make takes us closer to one of these two directions. I had been brought up in a spiritual household. And not everyone would have reacted to these circumstances the way I did. and of course it ended up being for a reason that I did react the way I did! For by my mid-20's I began to have some minor health troubles that got my attention. or all of the above. our spiritual natures. deep down inside. and I was so fascinated by the spiritual world and the afterlife that I eventually became rather uninterested in all things physical. But the programming behind those choices needed to be realigned. that I was still finding ways to abuse myself with food. I'm tremendously grateful for my grounding in the personal relationship with God and the start my parents gave me in life. love life. and drank water.com/3keys/3keys. our thoughts. or who are otherwise blatantly self-destructive. slowly". I needed to connect to Spirit. Why Happiness is Important Quite simply put. a raw vegan who would become my husband. our minds. exercised.html pertaining to the non-body parts of our being. not drinking water or exercising. including money. our feelings. I needed to flick the other switch marked "embrace your life. I realized after 15 years of eating a raw vegan diet and attempting to exercise regularly. I knew I felt better when I ate right. our emotions. I began to question the origins of my behaviour. and my body. mostly because of my career in teaching about raw foods. and then two weeks later I started dating Storm. I would eat too much salt. material objects.

the whole becomes healthier also. and got me to really embrace my daily life. exercise. but ate parsley and broccoli right out of the bag at work. And by "healthy" I now mean healthy in mind. but that most people work for it! But as inspiring as the many books on the subject can be. he told me that he had realized that there are three prongs to health. And this journey is part of the journey of all of creation becoming ONE. and now I have come full circle. the final 10 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . lumps and all. For the past 18 years I have been focused on my health. Storm's brother Mike was dying of cancer and healed himself with raw foods.html built The Garden Diet raw vegan education business. which taught me how to see the perfection of my life right now.com/3keys/3keys. How to Be Happy Once I realized I needed to work at being happy. Wholeness is a dance between all the different parts of ourselves as they come in to a harmonious inter-related existence. there can not be total health: diet. Where once the body was my missing link. enduring all kinds of unkind comments and curiosity from co-workers. Now this guy did no raw recipes. including Byron Katie's phenomenal book "Loving What Is". and if any one of these is missing. body and spirit. as they become ONE. now spirit was my missing link to health! And what this experience showed me is that the spiritual journey leads to the health journey and vice versa.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. and positive attitude. eventually. or out of balance. the health journey leads to the spiritual journey. lying in the hospital. For as each of us becomes healthy. I tried every trick in every book!!! And I read some great books that helped me immensely. the eternal dance we are all a part of. Reverend Michael Beckwith wrote a great book called "The Answer is You" in which he said that happiness takes work! I was happy to learn that happiness doesn't come naturally to everyone. Health and holistic are words with their root in the word "wholeness". For I believe it is one and the same. But once.

For me it is prayer. brings more oxygen to your cells. It brings out the best in my thoughts. However. or time alone in nature. and so I am asked this question a lot. you won't be able to help taking care of yourself! Frequently Asked Questions Can I go raw if I'm pregnant or nursing? Yes! This is when many women become interested in nutrition. Health Benefits of Happiness Happiness changes your energy. and for others that spiritual practice may be meditation.html outcome and the only thing that always works for me is prayer. drinking alcohol or taking drugs which would 11 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . and literally overflows. The two major concerns I hear are whether toxins will be released into the womb or the milk.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. giving. balances your hormones. By focusing on the amazing blessings in our life. It focuses me on gratitude. so therefore you will naturally take care of yourself! It will be automatic! When you choose to be happy as a way of being. and keeps filling up. it allows us to see all the doorways of possibility all around us. Prayer helps me to be happy. to keep gratitude in focus. etc…And that's just physical! Spiritually the benefits are that you want to be alive and you are enjoying being alive.com/3keys/3keys. However. Once I start practicing being grateful the glass simply becomes half-full. my feeling is that the body's intelligence does not allow it to detox through these organs while they are involved in sustaining another's life. yoga. this is not true of ingesting toxins through eating bad foods. Regarding detoxing through the reproductive organs. this is common when one is not pregnant or nursing. But it comes down to a spiritual practice. improves your ability to handle stress. as witnessed by the high incidences of breast cancer and uterine cancers. and whether the raw diet has enough calories and nutrients for the baby to grow. improves your immune system.

animal cells. happy and energetic there is not very likely a problem. from bee pollen.com/3keys/3keys. Victoria Boutenko's excellent and award-winning book in the science category came out showing exactly why this statement is true.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. human cells. losing weight quickly can be an indication that there is a problem with health. Regarding the raw vegan diet having enough nutrients to grow a fetus or baby. and the skin. Later. it is common for raw vegan children to be thinner than other children. I had three raw pregnancies and two cooked-vegan ones. I believe a lot of this is genetic. and through the breath. I believe we obtain the trace amounts of vitamin B12 necessary from dirt on our vegetables from trusted organic farms. This ensures the detox will take place through the elimination organs and the lymphatic drainage system. and from fermented foods. plant cells. and all the babies were the same weight at birth. and they are intelligent. Protein is the cell's basic building block. One can assist in the detox process by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of cardio exercise. In our doctor's opinion there is no health danger in being thin. That means every cell contains it. Regular check-ups and or nutritional testing can help keep you on track with this important task of growing young bodies! Where do you get your B12? We do not show any signs of vitamin B12 deficiency. Where do you get your protein? Storm likes to say he gets his protein from the same place the cows do. 12 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . In a healthy system. However as the children grow. and why dark leafy green vegetables contain a higher quality of more digestable protein than meat. As long as your child is getting a variety of raw foods. B12 is also created by healthy bacteria in the intestines. I have seen infants whose only food was milk from their raw vegan mothers grow as fat as their formula-fed counterparts.html affect every cell in the body. Rather.

These are unneccessary in most cases and harmful in some cases.html How do I go raw? If you commit to eating a raw vegan diet you'll see that you will find a way. a way opens up. motivational 13 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM . There are thousands of books of raw recipes you can find online.com/3keys/3keys. simple raw recipes. The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program and The 21 Day Cleanse. 61 year old raw vegan with 40 years of experience as a raw chef! Key #2 . top fitness model. Once a commitment is made. and go from there. journal exercises. we created The Garden Diet Programs. with 2 shopping lists a week to make your raw diet fresh and easy! Recipes by Storm. THE GARDEN DIET PROGRAMS The Garden Diet Programs (The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program and The 21 Day Cleanse) are built on The Three Keys to Lasting Weight Loss discussed in this eBook! The Segments of the Programs include: Key #1 . Avoid the superfoods and supplements. and raw vegan Koya Webb! Key #3 .Daily Inspiration.Happiness Program: Inspiraton and Support from Jinjee Talifero .3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet. To answer this most asked question.Daily exercise online videos from former American Gladiator.Diet: A Raw Vegan Menu Plan by Storm Talifero Delicious.Exercise: An Effective Exercise Program by Koya Webb . Learn the basics. kid-tested and approved. personal trainer.

and much more! These Programs are really like having Storm and I hold your hand through your first two months of going raw. Cultivating Happiness.html reading on Forgiveness.http://JinjeeTalifero.http://RawVeganWarrior. Working through Emotional Detox.http://28DaysRaw.http://21DaysRaw.3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss http://thegardendiet.com Storm's Blog .com 14 of 14 6/5/11 10:41 AM .com/3keys/3keys.com Jinjee's Blog . Keeping the Seal on.com 21 Day Raw Cleanse . every step of the way! For more information on the raw vegan diet please visit TheGardenDiet. Positive Thinking.com Thank you so much for reading! Be well! Jinjee Talifero Our Websites: 28 Days Raw Program .

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