He has written a letter.

They knew it.

S he was reading a book.

They did not s ing a s ong .

He teaches us Eng lis h.

He has g iven me his book.

They had s ent a mes s ag e.

I kept him waiting .

What do you want?

Open the door.

They elected him minis ter.

He will invite her to the party.

S he will not beat the dog .

S mith buys two books every month.

Who teaches you E ng lis h?

This pot contains ink.

S he has read the book.

They are making the arrang ements .

He will have finis hed the work.

They have broken the chair.

He is telling a s tory.

S omeone cheated John.

All love him.

The s ervant will polis h the s hoes .

Do you know her brother?

Your performance s urpris ed her.

I can win this race.

They have g athered all the thing s .

He plays football well.

S he was reading a novel.

Pleas e tell him about it.

Have they s een the Taj Mahal?

Where did you keep that thing ?

His behavior vexes me.

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