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FOGHORN September 2022

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Brownells 1-6 x 24mm MPO Donut Reticle

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Brownells 1-6 x 24mm MPO touch that also works to ensure the included flip
open scope cap stays in place.
Donut Reticle
By: Sal Palma

There is no scarcity of LPVO optics on the market

so when Brownells launched the 1-6 x 24 Match
Precision Optic at Shot Show 2022, they entered
an already crowded space recognizing that the
key to success is delivering a product of excellent Magnification adjustment is smooth with no
quality at a competitive price point. Achieving binding and facilitated by a throw lever that is
that intersection is no easy task but the folks at icing on the cake.
Brownells pulled it off with the introduced of the
1-6 x 24 mm MPO with donut reticle. I’ll get to
the donut reticle in a bit because it raises
eyebrows, symptomatic of not understanding its

Brownells had the 1-6 x 24 MPO assembled in

Japan and its build quality is excellent. Optical
clarity and brightness are as good as anything
being offered at its price point, the multicoated
lenses do a great job at light gathering, providing
a sharp image with excellent contrast and color

Brownells offer the 1-6 x 24 LPVO in two variants

scope only and scope plus cantilever mount at a
slightly higher price point. The 30 mm tube provides excellent light
transmission and a very generous 40 MILS of
Starting at the ocular, Brownells included wind and elevation adjustment in 0.1 MIL
serrations along its circumference so adjusting increments. The turrets are capped, large and
diopter is easily done even with gloves on; a nice

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nicely serrated with excellent tactile. This LPVO
is a MIL-MIL rifle scope.

The general feel of this optic is robust with an

overall quality that is outstanding; everything
right down to its anodized finish is first rate.
Now, let’s get to the donut reticle.

The donut reticle traces its origins back to the

Steyr Aug; if memory serves me, its optic was a
Swarovski 1.5x with what was labeled “the donut
of death.” A bit dramatic, but once zeroed at 25
meters you can reach out and touch someone up
to 300 meters with the same hold. Succinctly
stated it was a CQB combat site that leveraged
the 5.56 bullet trajectory.

The 5.56 NATO round has an “axe handle like”

This is a second focal plane optic, so the reticle
trajectory and at close range it is below the bore
remains the same size through its 1x-6x
line then rising to its apogee peaking at 150-175
magnification range.
meters; then descending at 300 meters.
The donut reticle is fast
but not intended for
high precision shooting.
it’s designed for rapid
target acquisition and
engagement. Once
zeroed you keep the
same hold out to 300 meters. Brownells
implemented the donut reticle with some

Once zeroed at 25 meters you can expect the

following points of impact from a 20” barrel and
3300 fps muzzle velocity.

They added a tiny center dot that draws your eye

to the center of the circle, they also changed the

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ring thickness and added horizontal stadia to Final Thoughts
help you quickly correct weapon canting.
Brownells has a longstanding reputation for
Unlike the Steyer’s 1.5X, Brownells included an bringing excellent products to market, their 1-6
illuminated donut reticle powered by a CR2032 x 24 MPO LPVO donut continues that tradition.
battery with 6 brightness settings and an off During my evaluation, I observed no optical
position between levels. anomalies at any magnification, images were
sharp edge-to-edge and color fidelity is
exceptional. The LPVO’s build quality revealed
no shortcuts taken. The included cantilever
mount is solid and built like a tank, you won’t be
losing zero under recoil like with some of the
Chinese made mounts.

The MPO 1-6X Rifle Scope with illuminated

donut reticle, is a professional grade product at
a consumer price point. At its under $500 retail
price, you won’t find a better value proposition
on the market.

Manufacturer Specifications

• Battery: CR-2032
• Click Value: 0.1 MIL
• Eye Relief: 3.50"
• Finish: Black
• Focal Plane: Second
• Illumination: Yes
• Length: 9.3"
• Max Magnification: 6x
• Min. Magnification: 1x
At the range, Brownells LPVO performed well, • Objective Size: 24mm
elevation and wind adjustments were precise • Reticle: Donut
producing tight three shot groups. The turrets • Tube Size: 30mm
are capped so once you’re dialed in at 25 meters, • Weight: 29.2 oz
you’re good to go.

The 1-6 x 24 MPO donut reticle is an outstanding

choice for the 3-gun match shooters. I was able
to rapidly acquire and engage my targets

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